Thursday, September 5, 2019

Advice: Free Yourself.You Don't Have to Always Be Right.

*This following was a draft from 2017*

Believe it or not... I am a former "argue my point til the last word (which will be mine!)" gal.  Now, if I care enough about how the person I am engaged in conversation with thinks of me, you just might catch me still being that "former" self, but in general, I've left baby girl in the past.

The pressure and complete exhaustion of "I AM RIGHT AND GONNA FORCE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" is too damn heavy and constrictive!

I used to argue my point until I could argue no more!  And even after the argument was over, for days, it would remain on my mind and in many cases, when I saw the person again the conversation would inevitably be rehashed.  A nasty, frustrating loop of nerve wreck that never ends.   A nasty, frustrating scenario in which my anxiety would be all the way live and in full effect!

And I hate anxiety!  It depresses me.  

So, to curb it all, the past few years, (about 3 now), I've adapted a new way to deal with differing opinions: Put my beliefs out there, back them up with facts and just leave it.  BOOM!

Really, it is that easy.

And with the same token, I've stopped responding to off-the-wall stuff.  In life, as they say, "Misery loves company.".  And you got to be careful of the company you keep (or that you allow to keep you).

Whether the setting be professional, casual or relaxed to the max, I will straight up ignore irrelevant statements and questions.  In other words, I do't take the bait.  And I'm breathing much easier on a daily basis because of it.

If you find yourself regularly wound up and defensive, consider just letting go. What do you gain by exhausting yourself in attempts to make everyone "get" your perceptions/thoughts? Majority of the time you get nothing at all. Take a chill pill, buddy.

A Love Story: As Told By A Meal (Photos)

Food + Photography. A match MADE!

Found the cutest multicolored peppers at a farmer’s stand. Here’s their journey:

Photos shot on Canon T5i

Photos edited in Photos (iPad Pro)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Life Is Not Your Enemy

Regretting mistakes. Carrying the past with you into the uncharted unknowns of tomorrow, of the next hour or even minute. Fearing beginnings. Fearing ends. Where does joy fit in here? On the great spectrum, Where is life valued here? 

One thing is for sure: Life is LOVE. Love isn’t fearful, anxious, angry, prideful. Life is a journey which we are all on; one gigantic string of experiences, which we learn from. We learn: This works, that doesn’t. Doing or saying this renders good results, and that, bad results. I favor this and not that. Large scale. Small scale. Life is a string of experiences in which you can only add more beads. You cannot remove beads already strung. The past is done. Don’t hate it. I hope you learned from it. The future is not known. What looks sure can fall through. What looks bleak can turn around in the last second and usher you into one of the greatest periods, or most the beautiful pattern, in/on your string of life.

Life is not your enemy. Check your thoughts. Check your ego. Check yourself.

Monday, November 12, 2018

This Holiday Season Treat Yourself Well

The holidays are near, and while most of us see this as a time for celebration and good feels, there are those that unfortunately, no matter the time of year, just see this as yet another opportunity to rain on parades and spread yuck emotions such as misery.

These people come in the form of “friends“, family, and even strangers. With this acknowledgment we all must protect ourselves. 

Most of us have been raised to believe that we must love and interact with family no matter what. No matter if a family member is toxic. No matter if a family member has harmed us, and when I say harm I don’t just mean a physical harm I think there is harm that is even worse than physical and that is emotional and psychological harm. A hurt that is difficult to heal and oftentimes has effects more long-lasting than broken bones. We all know the saying: “ sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.“ LIES!! Words hurt; especially when they come from one that is a master of hurt because that is what they have marinated in for an entire lifetime, from birth or (early) childhood to present day. Masters of hurt are pretty proficient when it comes to delivering.. emitting hurt.

As is the case with a few people in my family, imagine being hurt in every interaction with this person imagine going through psychological warfare and emotional pain with a person in every interaction for years from childhood to adult hood and then imagine why anyone would subject themselves to spending any time with this person or people, especially a time during which society has told us is a time for good feels. A time for sugar, spice and all things nice. A time to feel true joy. It’s a time to reflect on all things for which you are thankful.

So it is begs the question “WHY?!” Why choose to share physical and mind space with the very beings and energy for which you are not thankful?

It’s really sad and unfortunate that some people look at a word such as loyalty and they think that the definition of loyalty means to stick it out through thick, thin and ongoing hurts from the past, present and inevitably the future (if you stick around and allow it). To continue to subject yourself to abuse. And I’m here to tell, that’s not the definition of loyalty, love or family.  Not even close.  Do not subject yourself to pain for anyone’s pleasure.

This holiday season begin a new tradition. Begin to put yourself first. Begin to put your safety first. Begin to love yourself enough that you will not allow any evils or negativity have priority over your well-being.

If this means celebrating holidays with fewer people or even alone, you owe it to yourself to do so. And when others question your choices feel confident in knowing that you owe no one an explanation; especially those that love to play mind games with you. Especially those that love to be in your presence only to put you down and make you feel pain and sadness and unworthiness and anger. Those people deserve no explanation from you about a thing. They’re already aware of their intentions and behavior. Demanding that you give them anything (including an explanation as to why you prefer not to deal with their abuse is yet more of their desire to control you. You owe them nothing. Give them exactly that: NOTHING.) Be mindful to always stop games that you do not wish to participate in dead in their tracks. Nip it early. Nip it fast.

This holiday season give yourself the priceless gift of peace.

Monday, September 17, 2018

5 AM Conversation With Myself

I haven't met a person yet that deserves my level of understanding.

The one deserving of this would first have to be conscious to some degree. Not as conscious as me, but at least be trying to see and understand some shit. Especially his own shit. 

What does hurt + hurt equal? A complete shit show. 

I need someone that at least understands that. If they understand that and they ain't about the drama. Not internal or external drama, they've already begun the work on themselves and have maybe even completed it. 

That's what i need. Someone in control of themselves.

I'm exhausted from helping niggas find they way. And ain't even trying to think about all the many years we both were blind mice walking in circles. No clue about nothing. No destination. The heart had no real plan. Nor did the mind. Everything ran on instant gratification. And this is how I now realize I was out of control. As were they. 

How would that look? As a still visual?

"Untitled." Created in Samsung Notes 

See? Chaos. I drew this shit and I'm still trying to figure it out. Many silent, staring minutes later and it just makes no sense. Is this considered abstract? The words are accurate, but they only come later. Not while in the midst of. They come much later. Like over a decade later. So I've merged past with present here.

I think i know why i choose red. It's the universal color for anger and danger. That's fitting. But why did i choose blue? What does my mind associate that with? Blue for boy? Blue for feelings? Depression? Blue for the sea that I drowned in?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I Tried Essence Cosmetics Mascara. Here's What I Think.

A couple of weeks ago I visited my local Ulta to re-up on some of my most used beauty products (*Cough* brow pencils *Cough*) and came across a section of a brand that I had never heard of: Essence Cosmetics. There was a nice little selection of mascara in cute packaging, and of course because I am a complete sucker for packaging, I had to try it out. Initially I picked up a single mascara (though I don't recall the type--results promised, i.e. lengthening, volume, both..). When I got to the register I asked the cashier if she'd ever heard anything about the products since I'd never even heard of the brand before and she picked up the double pack shown, saying that she'd used the Curl and Hold mascara and likes it because it gave the low lid the appearance of having been lined. She said it isn't her daily mascara, but has no problem with it.

The pack shown retails for $8 and with the infamous $3.50 off Ulta coupon it came down to a little over $6. Not bad for 2 full size tubes of mascara.  Immediately I tried some on, on the ride back home and I wasn't impressed. I thought it was because I lacked all the other makeup: LINER!!! and also foundation, etc. (You know how your whole face has to be made to make a final decision. LOL) But when the day came that I got all dolled up and went to finish my look with this mascara it was a FLOP! I tried one and then the other and then applied another coat of the first and then the second, and again and again and.. It was just a "NO!"I like my lashes to be full and long and these mascaras just were not taking me to LashTown.

Now, my regular lash cocktail is ac couple of layers of Lancome's Drama Hypnose followed by a couple layers of Maybelline's Falsies Push Up Angel. This is how my current duo is looking below because my full size tub of Drama Hypnose ran out so I'm using every bit my trial size. (Don't you go hatin'.)

I love this combination because the Lancome mascara gives you DRAH-MAAAH!: Full, dark lashes. Go over that with the Maybelline brush and you get lash separation and plenty of elongation! Looks just like a false set of lashes. I promise you! I get compliments on it all the time. A few times my lashes have been mistaken for fakes, even. If you are looking for this sort of result, give it a try.  I apply these mascaras with the brush held horizontally.

Now, I give the orientation of the brush when applying because just this morning I discovered a neat little trick for the Curl and Hold mascara from Essence Cosmetics: Hold the brush vertically when applying. I'm stuck with these mascaras because I trashed or otherwise lost my receipt. Since I have them, why not use them, you know? So, today was my chance. I lined my eyes up in a proper cat eye and applied a coat (horizontally). Got the same old... Unimpressed!!!

Then a thought came to me: try vertically. And it worked!! (Woooo!) I actually held the brush vertically at a slant and sort of wiggle swept. I'm satisfied with the results. It's not the dramatic lash that I go for when getting all jazzy wit it, but it's a good look for a chill day, like running errands or something.

This mascara is good for those that aren't looking for a dramatic look, but maybe just a darkening of their natural lashes. Just a lil pop. Two mascaras for $8 (or less) is a good deal, and the package is cute.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Movie Talk: Sorry to Bother You

I recently watched the movie Sorry To Bother You starring Lakeith Stanfield. If you are on the fence about this one, or have been planning to see it but just haven't found the time to visit the theater yet, my suggestion is that you definitely get out to see it.  It's "woke" (lol) and funny.

And with that said....


I'm getting detailed from here on out, so if you are the type that doesn't like to learn details before you get to check it out for yourself, back on out the room now. 


Cassius Green (played by Stanfield) is a 20-something year old black man down on his luck just trying to make it in America. He lives in the garage of his uncle's house, which is actually close to being foreclosed on. Drives a vehicle that I am pretty sure is illegal to operate on American roads (in all 50 states); it's that beat down. And he's unemployed. The movie begins with him interviewing with a position as a Telemarketer, and boy do they have that whole environment down pat! From the dump of an office space to the managers that look and act anything but professional to the impossible quotas, unbearable pressure and crappy pay! If you have ever had the displeasure of working as a Telemarketer, you may be able to relate. (Bottom line: IT SUCKS!!)

So, anyways, he gets the job. It's difficult, he's not making anything, he's frustrated. He truly is trying, but to get these unsolicited sales calls aren't where it's at. (Just believe me on this one.)

One day an older coworker (played by Danny Glover) tells him that to excel in this position he has to use a "white voice", which he describes is a voice that says to the person on the other end of the line that life is swell. You have no cares in the world and your life/livelihood is not dependent on how this call goes. To be white is just to be. You're not vested in anything b/c, well.. life is good regardless.  He takes the old man's advice and it works!

Cassius becomes the star around the call center and even though he seemed to be giving his all, there comes a point when the most straggly looking manager tells him he's doing great, but he needs to give more. And I'm thinking like... Ain't this some $#%*! He's The Man in this hellhole and still you ask for MORE?! I'm incredulous over this. Like, don't you just hate when you are successful at something and someone sitting on the sidelines is all like, "But you could do better." Like.. Ugh!

Welp, he works his way up to be one of a few elite Telemarketers that have a great workspace which is accessible only by a golden elevator secured with a ridiculously long code. He's making bank! Cuts his  uncle a check to save the house, moves into his own apartment with a great view and buys a Maserati.  He's feeling accomplished, but at the same time a bit troubled about this new role: He's selling prison labor, though the company isn't actually labeled a prison.  It's known as just a regular old employer that gives you 3 square meals and a bunk bed to sleep in, in exchange for your labor.

The name of the company is Worry Free and it's advertising makes it seem like a legit alternative to living in your own, personal environment and working everyday.  It's so appealing that even Cassius' uncle considers it in the event that he loses his home. And I saw deeper into that. I related it to "desperate people do desperate things". When you have nothing and even your shelter is threatened because of this, a lot of people end up in jail (or in this case, Worry Free.) That desperation of trying to make a way out of seemingly no way.  It's a very sad reality here in America, the world capital of incarceration, where you can be attacked by the government's foot soldiers (cops) and even lose your life for selling cigarettes or DVDs to make ends meet.

So, not to get too into the lil twist, I'll just end this by saying he learns of a really messed up plan the owner of Worry Free has to gain more product output and profit from this extremely cheap labor and he foils the guy's plans, but it may be a tad too late to save himself.

This movie touches on human nature/behavior and society as a whole and reflects how at the end of it all, most are all out for themselves, naturally. You can begin as a part of a pack, but once your time comes, you gone! Those you once rocked with are left to fend for themselves. Your morals twist to find things acceptable that you usually would not. And this is all for a buck (and in this day and digital age just plain old fame with no fortune attached at all).

Money. Success.  What drives the ego kills the self.

Is that last line too deep??

Anyways, there is more to the movie. Other characters add to the plot and all. This post is just really what stood out the most to me while viewing it.

Go see for yourself and let me know what you think. Did you like it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I'm Back!... Let's Gets'ta Entertaining! [Video]

If there is anyone that has visited this site in my initial days as a blogger back in... (I don't quite remember.. but it was yeaaaaaaarzz ago), you may recall my weekly entertainment videos on current events as well as reality television shows. Vlogging in this manner was fun for me back then.  I have a great sense of humor and I like knowing what's going on in the world. To blog and vlog about this stuff are just natural activities.  Unfortunately, I had gotten away from this dealing with life. Sometime other ventures. Sometimes just a waning of interest or maybe even laziness. I do have a narrow attention span most times. I'll love doing something and suddenly it's like the most uninteresting thing to ever do, you know?  Many (people, places, things) have been victim of this mindset of mine thousands of times.


Wouldn't you know... I've picked right back up like I never left.

During my breast cancer battle last year, I blogged and vlogged quite a bit, covering my diagnosis and treatment, but that wasn't fun. Wasn't entertaining. I hope it was informative, but it's not the kind of topic I like to cover, you know.

My opinion on reality TV drama?.. That's fun(ny). So, the past 2-3 weeks I've been watching Basketball Wives and trying desperately to catch up on Season 10 of Real Housewives of NY to bring the world laughs with my opinions.

RHW of NY really crept up on me and right on past me. The week of episode 13 is when I found out about the new season. Just... HOW?!! (I'm actually mortified.)

I'm on episode 5 currently. I hoped to binge up-to-date by the time the reunion began, but I don't know. It's looking a lil unlikely, but just know, I am trying. LOL

Click here to check out my Youtube Channel: Mckenzie Lacroix on da Tube

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Here's my latest vid. It's a lil long & rambly (think I made that word up), but enjoy my thoughts on the latest episode of Basketball Wives.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

West World Season 2 Finale [Video]

Sunday night I watched the West World Season 2 finale all the way through and only realized it was the finale at the end of the episode. (Imagine the horror!)  It was a really good episode, and I guess a good place to leave viewers suspended and all, but... WHY WASN'T IT LABELED AS THE SEASON FINALE ON HBO GO?!! Some people suffer from anxiety (and possibly other things) that just makes this failure of announcement a pretty big deal internally.

Did y'all watch? Where is the show to go after this? If this were a movie, I feel as though Sunday's episode would be the final scene before the credits roll. Season 3 gotta be quite the follow up.

I recorded a vlog 'bout it. Here it goes:


Trauma, Love, Trauma...Oftentimes You Just Gotta Let Go & Let God! [Video]

A lot of us that have experienced trauma have a special place in our hearts for others that have also experienced trauma. No matter what the trauma is. If we have a sad story and meet someone else that has a sad story, we often think that we can pair up with this fellow trauma survivor and the two of us will just love each other well and live happily ever after. Sounds good, but sadly, this is rarely how it plays out in reality.

Two people that have unresolved issues (usually) cannot get together and live a blissful life.  And worst yet, many people in these situations think that the unhappy home is not only "just the way love goes", but also worth it. All of the bickering, disrespect, physical fights, it's all worth the price paid, because many times hurt is what both parties know and expect from life situations.

I'm here to tell you that is NOT healthy. It's not love. It's not right.

If you find yourself in an emotionally, psychologically, physically abusive cycle; waiting for and anticipating your next bout of trauma, get out and get professional help.

Leave the "fixing people" to those that actually get paid to do it. Clear your life of dusty spirits. Of any beings with a dusty outlook on life. And most importantly, love yourself enough to be done with unnecessary trauma and drama.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Any Photographer's Best Tool: Editing Software

I've been dabbling, very, very, very, quite amateurishly in photography for about a year now and just caught on to the very real relevance of EDITING! I have to all caps that, because, like... For-freakin' real??

How have I been soooo oblivious for so long?!

I mean, of course we all use filters on social media pics.  It ain't a selfie out there of me without a nice touch up from the digital Gods! This goes without saying.  So, why then, did it take me so long to recognize the necessity of a good digital alteration on pictures shot with my Canon (t5i)?  Since I got the camera I usually tweak the lightness/darkness or the color depth with iPhotos tools and that was really about it... Correct blemishes.. Small stuff. Usually, I'd add a crispness to the photos, but still many were not as amazing as I thought they could be.

Something was missing.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks over the weekend: Photo Editing!  As I admired some photography work on Twitter, I came across a guy that showed some before and afters of photos (edited vs unedited).  His edited photos are gorgeous! And not overly tweaked.  A bit of lightening, and maybe a few other subtle changes, but absolutely something I believe I could produce.  This gave me answers and inspiration.

Sometimes I need a push, ya know.

Well, I got all happy and checked out reviews on various beginner friendly editing software and ran out to purchase Paintshop Pro Ultimate 2018 from my local Best Buy.  I liked what I saw online of edited photos and everyone raved about how uncomplicated it was to learn, which is a biggie for me, because I purchased Adobe PhotoShop software over 5 years ago and never had the patience to figure it out.  I used it a few times and put together some ugly photos.  The failures and frustration got the best of me on that one, and eventually I uninstalled it.

But, getting back to Paintshop Pro... This is a PC product! (crying actual tears) Not Mac compatible, so I gotta return it, which may be for the best, since I am on somewhat of a financial diet at this time. That $60 can go towards my grocery bill or gas or something a bit more everyday practical.

Ok. So, Can't use this great software and after consideration, have decided that if anything, I'll search the attic for the Adobe Photoshop disc(s), reinstall that and give it a go at learning the ropes on my own.  But then! (*suspense*) I came across a few articles that gave it up for iPhotos' built in editing tool (which I have already been using for years) and saw pictures of manipulation tools I don't ever bother, such as the RGB Levels, Noise reduction, sharpness, etc. and this got my wheels going again:  Why not just toy around with what you are already familiar with??

I chose some lackluster pics and got to editing and I love it!

Here is a sample of what I've been up to:

Graduation Season 2018 "Head to the Sky"

Shut down Department Store "Good Bye to Yesteryear"

"Bordwalk Grub"

See more over on Instagram

**All photos belong to me. Use Contact Me link to seek permissions.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I'm New to the Freelancer World, And I LOVE It!

In early April 2018 the job that I worked for 8 years ended. It was a government contract that had been possessed by at least 4 different companies through my time on the contract. When I first got the job back in Spring 2010, it was my first ever employment with a government contractor. I told friends about the job and had been warned: "The jobs are usually good, but once the contract ends, you're left looking for something else." (sad face) Basically, I pretty much expected that it was more so a temp position only good for a couple years.

Once the first few years passed and companies had merged or were acquired by other companies and offices just changed location, and every few years the company I was employed with won the contract once again.. I gave no thought to "temporary".  I'd settled into the monotonous work life that I'd created for myself (due to some unwise, hasty decisions straight out of college).  And although it wasn't my dream position, it was comfortable and familiar and best of all, didn't require much, really, but my time.

Eight years ago, I didn't think much of time. Everyone has to work, right? Forty hours a week is the usual. 9-5. But, as my great Godmother, Miss Dolly Parton reminded us in her song, We work hard to make some man richer. (It's something like that. I never professed to be the lyrics queen.) And when you think of it in that context, it can surely drive you crazy!

A time came when I did begin to think, not so much that I am making someone richer while I toil hard on the front line... I had that thought when I was a college kid working retail. Getting mere pennies to deal with rude customers and clean up behind them after they leave tons of clothes in the fitting room, all off the hanger, of course, and meanwhile I couldn't even afford anything out of the store that I worked in! Talk about anger!

But, no. This time, with this job, I began to beat myself up about the lack of challenge the position presented. I really began to think, "You're too smart for this.", maybe about 5 years in.  On my team I was the only one with a Bachelor's degree, which obviously, wasn't even needed for the position. But, I'd squandered my post undergrad years worried more about saving money on a commute (and maybe fear of working alongside people that I'd probably feel were smarter than me-- but that's for a psychiatrist--another time..) and had no desire to begin an entry level position in the field of Biology by the time that I had begun to feel like jumping into any old field for pay and ease was a stupid idea.

So, for years, I dreaded Monday through Friday, 9-5, but I NEEDED it. And honestly, it wasn't the job.  It was me. The job was easy! Very 'laxed position. For the last 6 years of it I worked from home. Out of the 7 hours that I was expected to work, (excluding lunch and breaks), majority of the year I may work a solid 2 hours a day.  I had to remain available the remainder of the work hours, but if there was nothing that needed to be done, there was just nothing that needed to be done, you know. But I wanted more. I wanted to be on my own time, exclusively.  I didn't want to "punch the clock" so to speak or have regular, preset hours every damn day!

What's that saying, "Be careful what you wish for."?

Well, since we lost the contract, I've gotten my wish. Along with that wish comes: no health benefits (Thank God for Obama Care!) and lesser pay, but I get to do something I'm totally into: (fashion) styling and I create my own schedule! Every. Day!

Freelancing is the life!  Really.

I'd encourage anyone that has a passion or a talent to freelance, if possible. Even if only as a way to make additional money on the side.  It's a great release to share your talent and knowledge with others,  and to be monetarily compensated for it definitely doesn't hurt.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Samsung Note 8 Vs. iPhone 7 Plus [Video]

The great mobile phone debate in America:  #TeamiPhone or #TeamSamsung?

Well, I was a proud #TeamiPhone ride or die for many years.  Actually, an android device's malfunctioning pushed me into the arms of Apple's cellular.  Back in 2011 I was on about my 3rd or 4th HTC phone. The very 1st operated on Windows, (another story), but all the rest were Android and I was fairly okay with the experience. The thing I recall from back then with all of those phones was that I dealt with a lot of freezing and shutting my phone down and removing and reinserting the battery, broken battery doors.. These issues overshadowed the cool customizations that the phones offered and the last straw was when my fairly new HTC Evo 3D went bonkers on me and began to restart repeatedly on it own and the battery failed to keep a charge, not that I could do anything with it anyways, since it wasn't operable other than to repeatedly turn itself off and on over and over again.

Anyways, I ended up at the Sprint store, fed up to the max!!  Probably breathing fire and steaming from the ears, I'm sure. That day I bought a cute, small little white square with the glass front and back: iPhone 4. And I was in love with the gadget! It paired nicely with my MacBook and somehow I felt like I'd created for myself a nice little Apple system. Yeah, it was just 2 devices strong, but still.. I was part of something... "Elite", if you will.  You guys know what I mean, right?  And then I got an iPad. (Whaaaaaaat?!) Couldn't tell me nothing at that point. 3 Devices strong. Like... whatevzz! I was synced all 'round. I was never out of the Apple electronic loop and I basked in it! (I'll have to make a post on my thoughts about this level of dependency some day.)

So... long story semi-short.. I yearned for the Samsung Note 8 since its release. That S-Pen!! I just had to have this handwriting capability. And I wanted to draw and write on pictures. I wanted something new. Plus, the Android OS had to have come a long way since 2011, right?! I needed this phone, but I knew it would be a wasteful investment. I currently owned an iPhone 7 Plus and I was extremely happy with it. Fulfilled all my handheld device needs. Why go switching it?? But for months and months the acquirement of the Note 8 remained in the back of my mind. Plus, I met a whole team of developers that were all Android. (Like.. why?)

Well, the time for an upgrade came round and I went for it, and (here's something y'all have heard before), I love it!! In the beginning I felt ashamed, as if I committed an act of betrayal against iPhone. I'd been down for so long and I LOVED the iOS and the recent text message animations and swiping the screen to navigate on apps and the internet. I truly believe I was content, but yet, I still disrupted it.

I've got a new love now.

Friday, March 16, 2018

A Review: Uncle B's All Natural Cold, Cough & Flu Syrup

This is a good ole testimonial for the peoples!

Uncle B's All Natural Syrup came through for me in my time of runny nose and congested need! Let me tell y'all all about it:

Last Tuesday I woke up with a runny nose and sneezing all over the place! During the work day I felt pretty well, but by nightfall the sneezing and runny nose began again.  Wednesday morning my symptoms were full blown and RAGING! The congestion began and one nostril was blocked. It was a full day of nose blowing, tired eyes and fatigue.  Midway through the day I remembered: Uncle B's (miracle) syrup!

I whipped up a cup of Sleepytime Detox Tea and put 2 teaspoons of the syrup in. It was a bit spicy, but the concoction tasted good overall.  Anyways, I feel like I needed that kick of spice. Kind of like that good kick pho soup gives the ailing. I repeated this another time or two on Wednesday as well as on Thursday.


I accredit that to plenty of water intake, sleep and UNCLE B'S SYRUP! Really. Who has a case of the sniffles for just 3 days?? Who????

My cases of the sniffles and congestion usually run for about 5-7 days.  I think if I had began to use the syrup the first day symptoms showed up I could have cut the duration down to maybe just 1 or two days.  I truly believe that.

This is definitely a good product to keep on hand. Pay $16.99 for 6 oz and receive free shipping! You really have nothing to lose with their money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Click the link below to get your very own miracle in a jar.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Review: Omega 8004 Juicer

I told you all about the great deal I got on this juicer at Kohl's in the last post. And I'm back to tell you of my experience with using it.

For a first time user of a juicer of any kind, I found this machine easy to use.  I did not use the white hopper part shown at the top of the clear chute. I just fed my fruits and veggies straight into the clear part and used the little stick/wand that comes with the juicer to push them down.

This machine is extremely quiet and produces a lot of juice! I watched a Youtube vid in which the vlogger said a good indicator of a decent juicer is how dry the pulp is.  This pulp that spits out from the Omega is dry! It looked moist, but when I rubbed it between my fingers it left no moisture.  I was surprised! Pleasantly surprised. The assembly was easy, just a few clicks and ready to go, and so was the clean up. Everything just rinsed clean, although I did follow the instructions in the manual and soaked the detachable parts in a large bowl of water and a little dish detergent.

The most time consuming part of it all was the preparation of my produce.  For this first juice I chose to include:

1 large beet (leaves and root)
1 large cucumber
1 medium sized Granny Smith apple
2 small Gala apples
4 carrots
1/2 bundle of parsley

I knew from checking out some juicing articles that I had to quarter the apples. Well... that turned into slicing the quarters further into 8ths for the fruit to make it into the chute. And then, came the beet. That thing was a bit massive, I guess. I've never dealt with beets in any way prior to this juicing, so I was a bit overwhelmed when I had to divide it further and further to get sizes that finally fit.  Here's some pictures from the process:

Thought that was kind of cool.

I juiced it all and I actually had a blast doing it! There ya go for some stress relief: Just juice some stuff. 

After just a few minutes I was done:

The sieve over the juice container caught all of the icky foam. And you may be able to see that the other container caught all the waste. 

As for the juice... The beet leaves were an overstep. A major overstep. This concoction tasted how fresh cut grass smells. Moist, fresh cut grass. I added some agave sweetener to it and as one would imagine, it did nothing for the grass taste. It made the mix sweeter, but it was still grassy. Then, as a last-ditch effort to make it bearable, I added a few ice cubes. Took me over an hour to slowly sip the 12 oz glass empty. With every sip I did not breathe from my nose. I swallowed and then took a deep breath. 

So, 12 ounces down and about another 16 ounces to go, I think (I'd really like to know the capacity of the juice container). I refrigerated the rest of the juice and think it'll be best blended with ice and a banana.