Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does Your Partner Make you Happy? ..Yes??.. So..Why Are People Still Buggin’ Over INTERRACIAL DATING?!

So, recently the lil cutie Brian White from films such as "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" and "Stomp the Yard", the latter of which I never watched, 'cause I hate those kind of films.. got married.. to... (Duhn Duhn Duuuuuuuhhhh *A'Gasp!*) A LATINA!!!!!! Oooooo! Reportedly, there are some African Americans giving this man grief for being "One of the few black men that made it and got hitched to a woman of another race". Tsk tsk! People..People...People... When does it Stop?!! Seriously..When?! Just a month or so ago, the same words and view were thrown Chad Ochocinco's way because of his cast full of caucasian and latina women for his reality dating show. Since when should we, as humans, pass judgement on an individual’s preference? I don’t mean an individual that has a preference to kill, rape, steal or be a nuisance to society in any other way..I’m simply speaking of one’s preference of who they’d like to love, share their life with, wake up and go to sleep with every day. C’mon, folks! Sheesh!! So, here’s a POP QUIZ for y’all.. What ultimately defines race?? Huh??? You give yet?... You can take all day and rack yo brain, but I’m ‘bout to tell you. It’s as simple as this: If two of an opposite sex have the ability to mate and produce (viable) offspring… Guess the fuck what???... Those two are of the same fuckin’ RACE!! THE SAME!! Don’t give me the screwface. Give that to GOD. That’s the way in which he made the World. All Dogs can mate with one another, no matter the breed and produce offspring. All bovine, all felines, etc, etc… 
With that being said, we should all be in agreement that humans date humans. Point, blank, PERIOD! We all like what we like. Noone complains when one likes coupes over sedans, icecream over italian ice, tall over short,  black over red, to own over renting... Y’all get my drift? As individuals, we all like WHAT WE LIKE. 
I, personally, do not discriminate.  My preference happens to be: An employed male that’s ‘bout his business with a wild sense of humor and a cute smile that has no drama and no bitchassedNess! If this man is black, white, asian, latino, whateva! As long as he fits into what I have specified, I’m giving him a chance. That is my individual preference.
In conclusion: If your partner makes you happy, that is all that matters. Seek what you like in a partner, just as you seek what you like in all else you (strive to) obtain in life.

And BTW I am lovin' this pic of Mr. and Mrs. White. Real cute! If I ever get the chance, I'm jackin' this picture idea. :^)

Bey's givin' her hubby the reins??... I LOVE It!!

According to MTO, Beyonce will be dropping her father as a manager and allowing Jay's management company to "TakeOver" lol. Pun intended...Y'all get it?... Anywho..I sense that some folks may try to hate on this move. (The MTO article said something to the effect of her leaving from under her father to under her husband. I sensed a negative tone. I may be wrong. *Shrugs*) And to that I say: STOP IT!! Jay and Beyonce are a definite Power Couple! I love their love, their ambition, their success.. *sigh* If she links her career to one of his (their) companies, AWESOME!! A smart buisness move, if you ask me.

Monthly Goodies??...

Hello, to all!!Thanks for coming through and enjoying my blog filled with random thoughts and my one true love (besides my Evo).. MUSIC! I truly appreciate it. Please leave comments for me, y'all. I'm new at this and just goin' for what I know. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. The destructive type IS NOT and can remain within. LOL. I just wanna share my mind with as many folks as possible. Thanks to the internet, my lifelong dream is being fulfilled! LOL ;^) Ahahaha... Seriously, though, this morning on my way to work I decided that I should drop a nice lil nugget on a monthly basis on this blog. Kinda give you guys (and myself) something to look forward to. So, at this point, I am thinking up a title for these monthly blogs. Nothing at all has come to mind yet. These monthly blogs will kind of be a wrap-up of sorts(for each given month) as well as, possibly a bit of venting from myself. I am not yet certain how I will organize the two to intertwine, but I can make it happen! If anyone has suggestions on a title, please comment at the bottom of this blog or hit me on Twitter @ImaRocstarBaby


-Ms. P NunYa

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)

NEW Jazmine Sullivan!!! I love this vid! In the midst of all these vidz that have ventured away from a storyline..This is a breath of fresh air!!! *INHALE***EXHALE*** :^)

Kelly Rowland Discusses and Performs "Rose Colored Glasses" (LIVE) at ih...

Glad to see Kelly coming back to the scene. She's my fave brownskin pop star!!! :^)

"I Should Tell Your Mama on You" --Original lyrics by RED

Thanks to my Twitter homey @SkeeDaGreat for pointing me in Youtube's direction. Dude may still be MIA in real life,but hey... Meanwhile he can be found on Youtube! Whoever swapped the lyrics around to "I'ma tell Yo Baby Mama on You" for Cam's track... They good. I likes it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cam'ron - Yo Momma on Ya (Feat. Snoop & Red)

I like this song. Cam, you back, my brotha?? Jim Jones and his goons let u out to play, huh? LOL Anywho... The dude "Red" on the hook.. Ms. Info says that dude is homeless he's disappeared??? Snoop and Cam looking for dude to give him his (monetary)just dues... Hmm.. If y'all spot "Red", let 'im know!

Jazmine Sullivan Feat. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beatz - Holding You Down [C...

Jaz and Ms. MJB on the same record!!! Fi'yahh!!!

Kanye's Most Recent Good Friday Drop "Monster" ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Bon Ivers

As promised, Yeezy dropped another single Friday. I LOVE it!!!
vvv CLICK BELOW vvvv

Don't Settle. Know YOUR Worth!!

We all know someone that has settled when it comes to finding a significant other. Possibly, you are the person that has settled for just any ole mate. We all know this is sad!! We all must know our worth and pick someone that is comparable for a companion. WE MUST!
No matter if you are a man or a woman, if you have certain beliefs and standards, the person you choose to share your life with must value the same things as you. If you wake up every morning and go to work... You need a partner that does the same. If you take care of your children and home..You need a partner that does the same!!! If you are educated..You need a partner that is educated as well. When you converse with your partner, with anyone, your mind needs to be challenged. Don’t “Dumb Down” to make someone else feel comfortable. AND absolutely Do Not work hard so some other grown ass motherfucker can reap all the benefits!
I think some people deal with folks that are not in a better position in life because they feel as though that is the best they can do. Maybe that person is overweight or they may see themselves as ugly, etc. You cannot put yourself down and make excuses for you why you deserve less than your worth. There is no excuse for that. There is always someone out there that looks better than, has a better shape than, is smarter than the next. As individuals, we cannot worry about that. We can simply live our lives to the best of our own ability. In doing so we must love and respect ourselves. This definitely includes sharing your life with one that is worthy.
Do not get me wrong, there are folks out there that are progressively working towards better for themselves. If you are already established and find a person that is in the process of becoming established, if that person suits you in all other areas, by all means, give that person a chance. HOWEVER.. If you are established and meet up with a person that is not established and ain’t working towards nothing but becoming a dependent of yours... RUN THE OTHER FUCKIN’ WAY!! It never gets better once you allow this person to latch on and do nothing. You’ll be miserable for the life of that relationship. Trust.
And what’s with these folks that are absolutely terrified of being single??? 
Pop Quiz: Would you rather A. Be single and drama free or B. Be in a relationship riddled with hella problems??
I (and all other sane people) choose A. Those that chose B need therapy. These are the people that are often in horrible relationships that find themselves saying things like, “At least I got a man/girl.” And just WTF does that mean if your man/lady is trash? I’ll tell you. That means absolutely NOTHING! It also means that you are a fool and may deserve better. I say may, b/c there are also couples out there with neither partner being worth shit. And those fools do belong together. But, if you are ‘bout something, please surround yourself with the same. Especially your partner.
If you cannot find a person (at the moment) that’s comparable, so be it. Be alone. You will not die. Your first born won’t be hit with a plague.... You won’t suffer a lifetime of bad luck. You will simply have a much happier life and time to reflect and take care of yourself and your home. When you do find someone that complements you, you will know. Until then DO NOT SETTLE! and ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF YOUR WORTH.

Diggy Simmons | Made You Look Freestyle HD www.beatsconnect.com

OMG!! Lil Diggz got skillz! So cute... I looked through his You Tube vidz after seeing his AT&T commercial. I wish him success. He's such a cool lil kid.

All Girl Prep Choir Sings "B*tches Aint Sh*t"!

I find this hilarious! LMAO Talented group of girls.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Antoine Dodson and Sis give a Post-interview "Run 'n tell THAT, homeBOY!"

They really milkin' this cow! I cannot say that I blame 'em. Antoine seems to be doing well. Well.. His hair, at least. Why da hell is his shit 1 trillion times better than his sister's??? Are those blue and pink gnarly ass braids in ha head???! #ImDone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keith Murray.. Mr. Strong island... Whaaaaa???

Keith.. WTF u talkin' bout??! Mr. Strong Island.. Mr. Most Beautifullest... Just WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN' BOUT??! You squared up wit Pac... Bust Dame in the head wit bottles.. Is this talk from da 90's??? Hmmm. What's your drug of choice, hun? Obviously he on sum'n!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lies & Betrayal... Not just Ole Tasia's Story

Sitting here at work, thinking about my damn package that was delivered Monday and I have YET to see, Fantasia came to mind. I totally missed the last 8 minutes of her Behind the Music episode on VH1 last night. The juiciest of the entire damn program, no doubt! I’m sure she dished on her lil public relationship with that married guy. I really wanted to hear her words for myself. I’ve heard reports of things she’s been saying, but I really wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Why? I’ve asked myself this. Mainly, because I’m nosy. No need to lie ‘bout that fact any longer. LOL.

So, sleep cheated me out of the chance to hear her actual words and thoughts on this whole media-hyped fiasco. But, I’ve heard that she says Antwaun Cook (the adulterous negro) told her that he was separated from his wife. I do not know either party, personally, but if this is actually Fantasia’s words, I believe her! I am sure that at least 90% of the women AND men that read this knows for a fact these are the types of lies told when a man wants to have the cake and EAT IT TOO! Hell!! Some women may have even told this lie a time or two in their lifetime! I have actually experienced such a scenario myself. And I have friends and family members that have fallen prey to a dude’s lies, only to have an explosive situation as the ending result.

A lot of people may read this and say, “Uh uh.. You know…. You can tell if dude is messing with somebody else.. If he’s married or got a girl…” Do you?? Really?...To those naïve people, I shake my head and tsk tsk. This is not always true. Some dudes… A LOT of dudes are messy as all hell and you can peep game from 5 states away, they so fuckin’ messy! On the other hand.. You have men, that are so smooth wit it they never miss a beat between the mistress and the wife/girl. I admit, these guys seem far and in between, but they do exist. Believe me!

Here are some general “signs” that most women look for and think “He can’t be fuckin’ wit nobody but me”:

-“I been to his house. Ain’t no way a bitch living up in here! “

-Well, you just may be right. It may not be a chick living up in the house that he has taken you to a few times. I have seen situations where a nigga will do some shit like have a chick believe the house he been takin’ her to is his, but it’s actually his cuz spot or one of his homey’s spot. Meanwhile, he live ‘cross town with his 3 kids and baby mama.

Now…That’s a slick move fo’ dat ass!

Or what about…

-“He introduced me to all his friends and fam. Ain’t no way I’m not his only girl!”

-This is the most unfortunate of all circumstances. I mean.. Now you have an entire group of folks going along with this façade he puttin’ on. Makes me cringe.All the while, the chick is looking a fool. You, his actual girl and whateva other chicks he fuckin’ on da side on da side done met his peeps. That is NOTHING special. Idk why a lot of chicks speak those words as if they have actual weight. They don’t.

“He always answer my calls..I call him anytime of the day..We always be out together..” I mean.. I can go on and on, but y’all get my drift. Dudes lie. (Women do too, but that’s not really the subject at hand in this post). When you meet that dude that plays it just right.. It’s a a horrible ass mess that actually has 2 main victims. The wife/girl and the side chick. The perp. is this due that feeds both women lies.

I do realize that within a year, It may have been some signs that Fanny may have caught a glimpse of, but ignored. This can be very true. Have you ever wanted something sooo bad that you let shit slide to keep it? Kind of like my Sprint bill with this Evo (My one true love). I wanted this thang so bad that I jumped to a fam plan about $30 more than the plan pre-Evo and I pay an additional $10/mo for the 4G capability (which does not even work in my area), but I REALLY WANTED THIS EVO! Do I really want to spend so much on a damn phone bill each month??? Hell nah! But.. For the possession of this Evo… I let that shit ride!! LMAO. This is just human nature.

Unfortunately for Tasia, she met this married man, still living with his wife and kids that told her things were in shambles and the marriage was over. She believed him. Should she have? Who knows.. There’s always two sides to every story. The wife says they were good and very much together. Antwaun says otherwise. One or both parties may be delusional. Maybe he was a man trying to have the best of both worlds. Or maybe he was truly a man in a miserable marriage that was in the throes of divorce well before Fantasia.. Who da hell knows?? All I know is that 99.9% of the people that bash Fantasia don’t know the situation 100%. Yes, we’ve all heard what the media is saying. And even quoted words of Mrs. Cook, Mr. Cook and Tasia herself, but NONE of us were there for the beginning to the end and all in-between. So, do yaselves justice and Shut the hell up when attempting to talk shit ya don’t know!

And as stated above, please be careful of the “She knew that man was still wit his wife..It couldn’t be me..” attitude. Everyday women and men go through the very same shit. It’s honestly much easier to put your trust in no one but yourself and your God.

Soulja Boy allows Kat Stacks to Expose Him???!

Okay.. This shit right here....*In my Pretty Girl Swag Voice* Idk even know WHY lil Soulja allowed this shit! He know wtf this thang 'bout. This lil hoe just tryna run this Entertainment Industry Hooker position into the ground! After she "exposed" Nelly, Fabolous, Bow Wow, Wayne and the Young Money crew...I mean.. The shit's kinda played now. Why Soulja would even entertain this attention whore is beyond me! She puttin' dude on blast 'bout his sexual performance and an alleged coke habit. I say "alleged" b/c he isn't seen actually doing the drug. She just shows us what appears to be coke on a table/bar. That shit is probably hers. Regardless. Even if it is his, who is she to point out anybody's motherfuckin' flaws??!! Hhhhhhh*Big ASS sigh**He is a youngin. He's entitled to a few mishaps. As for this chick..She been ran outta steam and needs to fall da fuck back!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fantasia - First ever TV interview after her recent suicide attempt! Liv...

I am in NO WAY trying to make light of her recent transgressions... In NO WAY. But.. Fanny, u was my Short Cut Idol. WTF iz this nod-to the-90's nonsense on yo head, baby gurl??!
On a serious note.. I honestly hope Fantasia gets her life together and finds the strength to do that cleansing that we all must do once in awhile to better our own selves and our lives. Tune in to see her Behind the Music episode on VH1 at 9pm tonight!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quote Monster: Fantasia Finally Explains Her Suicide Attempt | VIBE

Click Here> Quote Monster: Fantasia Finally Explains Her Suicide Attempt VIBE <<Click Here**

Damn, 'Tasia!!! Supposedly this was said in a recent interview with People magazine. Pray for this talented young mother. All parents should know, if they have nothing else to live for... They DO have their child(ren). Regardless of all else that is going on. Sad words to read. :-(


The following is a list of things certain groups of folk SHOULD NOT indulge in. Although they are self-explanatory, I shall elaborate on each. I just want it to be absolutely clear that such thangs should be avoided at all costs!! So, here we go:

1. 25+ year old men DO NOT wear cornrows.

-This is especially a NO NO for those men that may be balding.. Receding hairlines… Thin ass hair.. Gray ass, salt n pepper ass hair… JUST STOP IT!! You look foolish! In my opinion, 25 years old is the age limit for that mess. And that’s kinda pushing it. The style is that of a youngin’ and only youngins should rock it. My opinion. Y’all 40 and 50 year old men that wear this style think y’all are “Cool Cats”. NO! WRONG!! When young folks laugh and chuckle bout your hair it is AT YOU! NOT WITH YOU! Keep that in mind, please!

*sidenote: Dreads are okay for all ages***--my opinion.

2. DO NOT dress inappropriate for your age

-This one goes for any and all age groups. Little girls should dress like little girls. This means, if you are under 15/16 years old and are not in charge of buying your own clothes, your parent(s)/guardian(s) should dress you as such!! This means, no booty shorts with the ass meat hanging out. No mini skirts. No half shirts exposing your belly. No low cut tops exposing cleavage. No 2 pc. bikinis. Etc…. Most young girls now these days do not have the bodies of a young girl. The minds of a young girl, yes. The bodies of such… NO!! WTF do these parents be thinking when they allow their daughter(s) to go out the house in such items??! I believe this is the first step to raising a… Let’s just say, it definitely isn’t the raising of a (young)lady… Keep that in mind.

-Now on the other end of the spectrum… Grown ass women.. Dress as such!!! If ya ass is over 25, DO NOT try to dress like a fuckin’ Harajuku Barbie! That’s right. To all you Minaj fans. STOP IT!! 1st off, why do you fuckin’ idolize this chick anyway??? Ain’t y’all a lil too old for that BS?! Also, do not try to dress like you straight out of a Soulja Boy vid either! Stay away from loud colored jeans and sneakers. #ImjustSayin. Replace that Jordan fetish with a heels fetish. Try it out. Old(er) women, if you got kids in their 20’s.. Please do not take fashion tips from them and their friends. They are in their 20’s. You are in your 40’s and possibly 50’s. I wanna just smack a lady that got bad knees, walkin all bent over, wearin’ a baby Phat tee (which is a label “young” folk don’t even wear anymore), skinny jeans and high top sneakers!! “Miss… You are 55 years old! Cut that shit out!!!” Again, this would be a LAUGHING AT YOU, NOT WITH YOU situation. Keep this in mind the next time your kids or grandkids friends laugh and say some shit like “Go head Ms______! Look at you…” Ahahaha… *whispers** Laughin’ at you. NOT with you…

-Grown ass men! Dress like you a grown man! PLEASE!! Sagging is not cute on any man. (MPO:My personal opinion) But.. I can excuse this action on a teenager. I CANNOT and WILL NOT excuse this foolishness on a grown man!! Also, y’all need to get the memo.. All you grandfathers out there that still wear big, baggy clothes: THIS IS YEAR 2010. BAGGY SAGGY BENNY DAYS HAVE DIED!! THAT WAS LONG AGO! CUT THAT SHIT OUT!

3. To all my senoritas: DO NOT wear pants (jeans and slacks) from the little girl section!!! I understand that your legs are short’a than a mothafuck! Your waist is still that of a grown woman! Keep this shit in mind!! You bout to cut ya funny shaped body in half with this move!! STOP IT!! In case y’all ain’t know… you can get jeans just as cheap in the juniors section. Catch them sales. Make it a day out. Take all ya homeys, cuzzos and who da hell eva else. Whateva! Just please stop wearing little girl jeans and you are older than 14. STOP!!! Oh.. There’s also this section in all department stores called: PETITE!! Visit it once in a while!

4. This is a DO NOT that I peeped just yesterday: Grown men climbing out the back of coupes! Don’t Do It!!! It just don’t look manly. (MPO). I mean.. I think it was an Accord coupe. The driver got out and folded the seat down and out hops this dude, like he climbing up outta a cave or some shit… If you can’t sit in the front, don’t ride at all. Stick some bitches back there or sum’n!! I’d rather have seen the brother hop down off a city bus #nshit.

5. DO NOT recycle Crown Royal (or any other liquor) bags and use them as change purses and shit! This goes for men and women! When I was younger, a family friend use to do this bamma shit!! Nigga would have his whole fuckin’ check in this damn bag, hanging off his wrist. WTF iz dat???! And although I have not actually witnessed this eva (Thank tha Lord).. I can just see a chick in the club with a gold and/or purple ‘fit in the club with this damn Crown Royal bag hanging off her wrist. Bitch! That ain’t a wristlet!!! I am not certain its purpose, but.. Just keep that shit in the house! Put rocks in it and beat a bitch! Do whatever! Just DO NOT actually put shit in it as if it’s a clutch or a change purse!

6. *Update** TO ALL MY THUGS.. DO NOT be all leanin' to da side blastin' Gucci Mane in your girl's or ya mama's or ya auntie's lilac, baby blue, yellow, fuchsia, tea time green, etc car that you have borrowed for a few hours!! Vehicles that this foolishness absolutely cannot be done in, NO MATTER THE COLOR.. The shit can be jet black paint and tint.. (It's still a no-no).. are: Ford Focus, Toyota Prius, Buick Enclave, Buick Rendevzous, Nissan Murano, Nissan Sentra, Versa and any Hyundai.
I don't think that men who carry out such a lameass offense realize how fuckin'.... *lookin for the word*** LAME they appear doin' this shit! I'm here to shed light. I'm bout to paint y'all a vivid ass picture: You sittin' at the light, mindin' yo biz and all the sudden you hear Rick Ross blastin'! Off instinct, of course, your head whips up and looks towards the direction from whence the sound comes. What do you see??? A spring green Toyota Prius creeping up to the light. Inside the lil matchbox is a dude wit dreads in a wife beater. The seat is leaned back, touching the backseat (damn near), but his body is up on the steering wheel, sorta hunched over, with his left shoulder just about touching the inside of the door. AND he got the nerve to be rapping just as loud as the car stereo. Let's sice it up.. He even got on a big, stupid ass fake chain that matches his big stupid ass fake diamond stud that he got from the Beauty Mart... Fellas... If this sounds like you.. STOP THAT SHIT! Read this paragraph again and again. Understand that you look STUPID!! AND the stock stereo sounds stupid up that damn loud! All ashy #nshit!
Some of y'all probably like, .."those Buick Enclave, Rendevzous and the Nissan Murano ain't no chick car..." Yes.. They are. If you are a 35+ year old man with a wife and kids... Okay. You can slide. I'd understand you coppin' those rides. HOWEVER, if you do not fit into that category, WTF would you actually go to a dealership... Fuck that... WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CONSIDER any of the 3 being a young male??? YOU WOULDN'T!! Us ladies know this. So, please don't try to holler while in one. And don't try to stunt. We know the shit ain't yo's!! And if it is.. I'd like to think that something is wrong wit that. Really WRONG!

As always, this is AS I See It. You may read this and not agree. You may even get upset or angry.. If you do, that is because you are guilty as hell of some of the shit listed above. That is sad and UNACCEPTABLE. To those of you that agree, please pass the word along! LMAO ;^)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions (Original) Lyrics

I absolutely LOVE me some Ms. Hill!! If she come back forreal, forreal (LOL) she will smack da fuck outta all these lil chicks' careers in the biz. Seriously! I am so happy that she has this new single out, but... L Boogz.. The production on this track sound like something from yo' hayday. You know.. The late 90's. *Shrugs* Oh well, I sho' did miss them vocals. WELCOME BACK!!!

This Week's Jersery Shore

I can honestly say that I do like the folks on MTv's Jersey Shore. But, that damn Sam and Roni! I got 3 words.. No 4 words for them: CUT THAT SHIT OUT!! OMG! If y'all gonna be together; be together. If not.. Shut the fuck up and leave eachother the fuck ALONE! Please!..And... Thank YOU!! Uggh!

Well, last night was the typical days in the life of.. They were clubbin' and partyin' as usual. The 1st night Sam decides to stay in and await Roni's return. Well... Roni ain't come in tile 8 sum'n in the morning!! Surprise. Motherfuckin' surprise... Sam continuously asks questions similar to "Where were you?" "Why are you just getting in?...I was here waiting for you.." Sam. Oh, Sam. Ahhh...*sigh*What it is to be young (and dumb).  Let that man be. He's doing things she obviously doesn't like. At this point, she can continue to be with him and STFU about the shit OR she can drop his ass and live her life out there in Miami. If I were her, I'd get me a fine ass cuban and call it a day. Eh.. That's just me, personally. Anyway, throughout the episode he kinda like carries the fuck outta poor ole Sam.

The following night the entire house went to a club and Sam and Roni are arguing. At a club?? Forrealzz though?? Give me a damn break ALREADY! So, in this scene, Roni tells her that he just can't do the relationship and she should have fun with the girls. Well, she cries and her "girls" comfort her and everyone then decides to go to B.E.D (A club I absolutely MUST get to soon) and they leave Roni back at the other club. LMAO. I have no idea what that was all about. But, I find it funny. Anyway, this chick Sam, walks all these blocks to the club, gets there, then decides she wants to make sure Roni is okay... WHAT??! I'm lost on that one. Especially since on her way to B.E.D she was hollerin' bout she was done with the boy! By the time her, J Wow (and I believe Snooki) got back to the first club, Roni was getting in a cab. This heifer tried to get him to talk to her. He locked the cab door on her and the cab rolled out. EMBARRASSING! See... This is exactly why he do the shit he do to her ass. She shows this man that she is extremely too pressed! She needs to knock it down a few levels. When folks know they are in control, then tend to act out. Roni is a perfect example of this.

So, the girls then walk back to B.E.D and they're dancing, having a good time, I suppose and in walks Roni. He tells Sam "I hate you..I love you.." Dude is trashed, okay! Sam decides to take him home. Once there she places a pot by the bed to barf in (I guess). Ewww. If he gave that thang some upchuck, I hope they threw that shit away. Who da hell is gonna eat out of some shit that has once been thrown up in??! Just who??? Well, Sam takes care of him throughout the night. How freakin' nice..

Meanwhile.. suspicions of Ron's infidelity are brewing in Sam's cute lil head. She begins asking the other girls of the house if Roni has been "hooking up" with other girls and just kinda what have they been seeing Ron do at these clubs. Her 2 homegirls J Woww and Snooki don't tell her anything. They then take Angelina out with them for lunch or whatever and try to turn the shit around and drop the ball in Angelina's lap to dish the dirt on Roni. Angelina doesn't fall for it. She knows the exact same info that they do. The other 3 girls don't even like Angelina... Why then should the loyalty all of the sudden fall on her shoulders. Them bitches buggin'. Ole Ang ain't tell shit. I don't blame her. It's not her place.

Later in the show J Woww and Snooki write a letter to Sam (anonymously) giving the complete scoop on Roni's behavior when she is not around. While that was being typed up, Sam and Angleina were alone and Sam's pressuring the poor girl more saying things like, "You're my friend, right?.. I would be so mad if I found out you knew something and weren't telling me..." Now she's your friend... Just a few episodes ago you wanted to bust the chick in the face (it seemed to me you couldn't stand her).Angelina points it out to her.. J Woww and Snooki are your friends.. What if they know something and aren't telling. Would the same apply to them. Sam replies that it would. Yeah right. Angelina sees right through these broads and she don't want a thing to do with this shit. Rightfully so. When Snook and J return from writing the letter they tell Angelina she's in the mix too. How the hell they gonna tell that girl that?! She sat right there in that kitchen and told them she ain't want nothing to do with it! Even prior to that she has said she has nothing to do with it. Poor Angelina. Sucked right smack into the middle of some BULLSHIT! LOL.

Well, in this episode the letter is never given to Sam. I believe they said something about if she cries one more time, then they will expose Roni. Anonymously, of course. I'm kinda shocked that J Woww would take this approach. She's one tough bitch. She seems like the straight up, in ya face, "This is what it is" type of broad. Writing an anonymous letter to Sam behind Roni's back is a sucka move. I wonder if maybe production made that suggestion or something. If I were in this situation and the chick was truly someone I considered a friend, I'd let dude know.. "You're cool with me, but you know you're doin' my ole girl wrong. If this shit keeps up, I'ma tell her." Point blank. Period. Nothing to hide on that note.

Aside from that relationship drama which was the bulk of the show... The Situation orchestrated a nice sit-down dinner for the house. He seems to have some skills on the stove. Mr. Situation also gathered his homies and they all tried to go do one shopping bagful of laundry each. That shit kills me. WTF?! Y'all just washing the fit you had on yesterday to wear tonight to the club or some shit? They never go to the laundromat with like a hamper or basket of clothes. Just this single shopping bag of shit. #Conserve, won't cha?! Huh?...OMG and Snooki's boyfriend totally cursed her ass out and later called to say he fucked a girl. Crazy.

Overall conclusion: Sam and Roni should have their own damn show. Think.. I'm Just Being Bobby Brown #nshit! LMAO! Ha!
Well.. til next week...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feels Sooo Good!!!

Have you ever had an issue with someone and held it in? We ALL have at some point in our lives. When this issue is with a friend or family, it kills us to keep this issue bottled up inside!! At least it kills me! Seriously, when you have to look at this person, attend the same events as them, share the same friends and/or fam as them, it's hard as hell! The whole while you remain cordial with the person you have an issue with, but in your mind there's a war brewing. It's nothing worse than an internal battle. I know this all too well. Many times bottled up emotions result in an ultimate explosion. These explosions can have lasting effects on relationships. For relationships that you never cared for in the first place, this method is great! But... If you honestly care for the person you are having a problem with, you may want to avoid this.

The best way to handle an issue that you have with a loved one is to nip it in the bud ASAP! Don't bite your tongue and hold back your true emotions. While you may not want to address the issue to save their feelings, guess whose emotions and peace of mind is getting jacked the fuck up in the meantime??? That's right. YOURS! Sit the other party down for a talk, shoot them an email, a Twitter DM, a FB message, text or even a letter! No matter which mode of communication you choose, choose one and do it fast!

Sometimes others do not receive the facts or opinions we have to offer well. This is fine. If what we have to say is true and sensibe, they cannot be mad for long. Say what needs to be said and give that person space. Have peace in knowing that you did what was right for your mind and well-being.

Trust me. No matter that person's reaction, your own peace of mind FEELS SO GOOOOOOD!!!

The Other Guys --My Review

I saw The Other Guys yesterday. FUNNY!! Will Ferrell is HILARIOUS!! I must admit that since I had not seen him on the silver screen in a lil minute, I went into seeing the movie with little faith in the fact that I would laugh much. I laughed from the beginning to the very end! Honest laughter. I loved this movie!

The movie opens with Samueal L Jackson and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson??) going on this insane police chase which involved shooting in busy NYC streets, crashing into a tour bus and blowing up a truck... Really wild. These two are partners (police). They are like the rockstars of their precinct. Everyone kind of worships them. They actually end up dying in the line of duty. All the other policemen see this as their (and their partner's) chance to become the rockstars of the precinct.

Will and Mark are partners. With the passing of Samuel and The Rock, Mark really wants to jump in and fill that void. Will would rather stay in and do paperwork. The one arrest that Will is willing to do actually turns out to be a huge case. Much bigger than what the dude's arrest was for. So, the entire movie they work towards figuring out the big scheme and bringing this guy down. Along the way Will gives flashbacks into his life before becoming a cop. Funny stuff. I do not want to give away too much on the film, for those that have not yet seen it, but this is an absolute MUST SEE!!

Two Thumbs up!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HTC EVO Trumps!!

I hope this sheds some light on this so-called Team Evo, Team iPhone 4 nonsense. Nonsense, because the Evo is clearly the best phone! >^p



Things (Straight) Males Should NOT Do!!

There are sooo many things that I have seen men doing lately that has disturbed me quite a bit. Very feminine things. Things which have confused the hell outta me even. If you are a straight male, here's a list of THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO!!!:

1. Place "cute" tatts on your body!!

By "Cute tatts" I mean anything tiny and "cute"! Fellas, please say Hell NO to the following and anything that may be similar:
-trail of stars behind your ear(s),
-tiny fairy at the nape of your neck,
-little symbol in the area between your pointer finger and thumb,
-TRAMP STAMPS!!! The tatt that was very popular quite a few years ago that females got on the lower back, just above the crack in most cases...
-single flower or rose on your damn leg

2. I know that sometimes when one interacts often with the opposite sex, mannerisms and phrases may rub off a bit. This happens, undoubtedly. HOWEVER!! Please don't bring shit you heard your lil sis, cuz or girlfriend and her friends say into your vocab. For instance.. "Child, boo!!" "Girl, Byyyye!" or anyother variation of the sort. You can look like DeeBo and love women TO DEATH!!! If you utter these phrases... You kinda suspect. Sorry. *Shrug*


All the above is shit that I and the rest of the damn WORLD just do NOT want to see!! So, do us all a favor and cut this shit out! Please! And Thank you!! As I peep mo' Male Do Not's. I will post them. Readers, if you have some of your own, please leave a comment. I will add these to the list as well(and of course list your name as the contributor). Let's help these men stay in their lane and the hell up outta ours!!

Bad Girls Club (BGC) Recap 8/17/2010 View

Umm Hmm Hmm Hmmmmmm *Clears throat*.
Bad Girls'Club. I would really like the name of this show to change to something a tad more properly fitting. Seriously.Every episode there is a lot of whining, crying, screaming, spitting, etc. If left to me it would be called Manic Depressive, Miserable Lil Bitches:Gunnin' Fo' That 15 Minutes of Shine (MDMLB for short). Ahhh.. If only I could be in charge. But, I ain't! Oh schwellzz...

So, last night's episode was the same old drama that I cannot seem to turn from. They all went out to a club, Danielle (I beleive she may be the youngest in the house at 21)invited her lil youngin'. He couldn't get in due to his young age. He told her he is 20.. I beg to differ. I'm guessing he may be about 18. Possibly 19. Why does he even bother?? It's not like they are going to some back alley clubs 'round Miami. They appear to go to spots on a main strip. This dude ain't offering no money to "grease palms". Why would he think these bouncers would let him in??? This is the 2nd episode I have seen with lil Zach up to this foolishness! So.. He kinda hangs around while the girls of the house are inside and on the patio of the establishment.... LAME! Cute lil guy, but... LAME! Oh yeah... And Danielle slept wit dudes homey. "Danielle! She smashed a homey!" Bwhahaha! Nasty ass!

And now comes the really juicy event: Cat and Jeff. Jeff is the boyfriend of one of the chicks in the house. I don't even remember his girlfriend's name...Whatev! So... Cat, whom I have liked since the beginning,went absolutely BESERK on dude. I mean.. like WHOA!!! Honestly, I feel her on her view of the situation, but she wetted it like WAAAYYYY too much! This is the situation: The girls are at the bar getting drinks and Jeff is sitting next to Cat. She says to him to give her money on the drinks. He says "No" (basically), gets up and walks away. She pays for all the drinks, which she later says totalled $32. She also later says that he offered $10 on the drinks, which I suppose would have covered his girl's drink (or maybe even more). Prior to her dishing those tidbits of info later, I was feeling her 100%. I mean, a drink included in the total was for HIS GIRL. What?? She not good for a drink?! What kinda shit is that?! So. I was all for Cat speaking her mind and having an attitude on that. Plus the fact that usually, when there are men in the midst of ladies while having a night on the town, it is customary for the men (Jeff and his homies in this case) to treat the ladies (or at least help out on the bill). That is the way I and, I am certain, many other females have been raised. I am almost 100% certain this is the treatment Cat has experienced in the past as well. So... I can totally see her reason for being taken aback. I really can, but she then went a few steps too far on letting Jeff know exactly what her beef was.

She approaches him and his girl and she's all like... (paraphrasing)'You can't buy no drinks, you ain't fuckin' up in here tonight!' This is the #pause sentence. I'm like "WOW!" How is she the Pussy Patrol?? LMAO. If that girl wants to give it up to her man that don't buy her drinks, that's totally up to her.I wouldn't advise it, but.. To each her own. Jeff tells her to chill out, sit down, whatnot. And that pisses her way off! She spit at him, he spit at her, she spit at him... She throws water on him... She tries to hit him several times... Just Oh Emmm Geeeee!!! CatMama! Cool it! She was really upset. I just feel as though her level of upset didn't match the offense. The original offense of the whole drink buying ordeal. Had I been her, I would have taken his $10. Thank you. Put it towards the tab and only been $22 out of pocket. I'd then lock it in the back of my mind to NEVA go out drinking again with this dude and his loser friends that don't know how to act in the presence of ladies. By "act" I mean "treat" "Handle the bill", etc. LMAO

At the end of it all, Cat is still my bestie of this season. I don't agree with her actions on that episode, but, she had been drinking...I know there have been times when I was under the influence a bit and I have taken things too far. Really simple shit. I'd feel like an ass later, but hey... Such is life. Ya know.

Who I have absolutely loathed from the very beginning is BRANDI!!! And I still hate that fake ass girl! Last night, she was doing her usual: Being a fuckin' LoudMouth! She actually ain't get much talk time on camera. Which I ♥!! What she did do was tell one of the girls to "Go have Cat's back" while Cat was on her rampage through the house, hunting down Jeff. Bitch, WTF?!! Have Cat's back??? She was the one on the offensive. Cat had her own back pretty well if you ask me. And while, she's ordering others to "Have Cat's back." Just WTF was her anorexic ass doin'?!! Not a motherfuckin' thang! Except running her mouth and breaking shit in the house that don't belong to her ass! Ugggh!!! Aye yi yi!!! Give me a break!

Another "highlight" of last night's episode was that the chick that (I think) looks like Jessica Simpson was sent home. :-( Yes. That earned the sadface. She was a cool lil chick. I liked her as well. Sad to see her go home, HOWEVA!!! She came in stumbling drunk, fuckin' with Jeff's girlfriend (that's what I'll call her 'cause who da fuck knows what her name is... Sure as hell not I!). A verbal altercation ensued and she (J Simpson look-a-like) started breaking up shit that ain't belong to her. SMH!!! Absolute craziness!! And Danielle then came in screaming and ranting while security was holding the other chick down and had her sitting in the van. Danielle??? Do I have to now stick you under the same label as Brandi??? What label is that you ask?... Oh, yeah. The "Fake Bitches" one. Stop the stuntin ' and da frontin'! Okaaaay!

We shall see what these fine young women dish us the next edition of: THE LIVES OF MDMLB's. Ahahaha ha! El Crazy a Loco!

Tune in to Bad Girls' Club on Oxygen.Tuesday Nights @ 9pm.


One place I SHALL NOT VISIT ANYTIME SOON... That's right. NYC. Used to be a time when all you had to worry about was not taking a wrong turn or asking the wrong person for directions... Roaches, even. NOW THIS!! Bedbugs in the movie theater, though??? An infestation, they say. As they say in The Big Apple: "C'mon, Sonnn!" CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR DETAILS... Uggh!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Antoine Dodson Song Auto-tune BEST-ORIGINAL

Funniest YouTube Video Eva!!!- "Hide Ya Kids.Hide Ya wife.." Auto Tunes Mix

This shit is 1000 x's FUNNY!!! My favorite part is the dude on the piano at the end of the vid. Dude can sing!!! LOL

This is some mo' foolery. I need to act a fool on film and become an OVERNIGHT SENSATION like Sir Dodson! Hmph!!

Foolery is RAMPANT!!!-Wacka Flocka FELL HARD IN DA MOTHAF****N PAINT!! (concert clip)


Click the link above to see the madness at Flocka's Concert. Okay... There are sooo many thangs wrong with this clip. Here's an organized list for y'all:
#1... Flocka's waistband.
-That thang went up a few sizes, did it not?? Now, I happen to like this lil dude and I am soooo happy on his success! So happy. Wish it were I. (I ain't lyin') However... DO NOT SPEND ALL YA NEWLY EARNED MONEY AT THE LOCAL CARRYOUT, my brotha!! LMAO.
#2... Half-assed jump into the crowd by Flocka followed by a real ass jump onto HIM by his mans.
-Yes. Mr. W. Flocka..get new friends. How dude just gon' jump on you like that?? Didn't he see the shit was just failed from the jump? One is supposed to help their brotha. Not add to the madness. Sheesh.
#3... Okay.. the star (Mr. Flocka), himself is now under all these folk feet and the music continues. While a bodyguard/security attempts to recover the star, yet ANOTHER HOMEY throws his body into the mayhem! WTF is going on????!

I just got one question: WHAT KINDS'A DRUGS Y'ALL BOYS INDULGE IN???

AND WACKA! I hope ya good, my dude!!! LOL