Thursday, September 30, 2010

C'mon, Bishop... *sideEye* Truth Now, PLEASE!

2 of Eddie Long's accusers speak out. I've just about had ENUFF of this dude!

Two Stories in Which One's Preference Equates to Suicide

Now, this shit is RIDICULOUS!! I hate that this is a world in which folks are still afraid to be who/what the fuck they are. The two vids below are of two young men that killed themselves because others around them would not let these boys just be who they are. Being gay is simply One’s preference. Who they hell is anyone to put another down for their personal preferences?!! As I write this shit my emotions and temper is hittin’ like a Thousand Trillion!! And everybody run around this motherfucka hollerin’ bout people bein’ fake and who’s bein’ real. The truth is on a whole the world don’t want real. This is simply because individuals already have preconceived thoughts of what real should be and whoever or whatever does not fit in those guidelines is automatically discarded. Ridiculed, reminded at every bend that they aren’t normal. Yes, we all have our own way of doing things. What’s normal to me, may not be normal to the next and what the next finds normal may not be normal to yet another next and so on and so on... And then the question is: What exactly is normal? “Normal” is a relative term. Based on the individual its expectations change. Just sad that these young men allowed others to make them feel so worthless that they took their own lives.

People please be confident in who YOU are and what YOU stand for.

13 year old boy's story

Rutgers Freshman's Story

Ciara "Speechless"

Ain't this reminiscent of ole Ms. Jackson sometime in the early 90's? CiCi ain't really tryna drop them Janet Jackson comparisons....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Look!!... It's Drag-On!

Where this brotha been?? My senior year (high school) Them Ruff Ryders was da shit!!

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Beyonce Line Dancin' in Da Skreetz

I saw this on Necole Bitchie's Blog and HAD to post this one!! Blurry but cute.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Situation on Lopez Tonight

I did not know ole Mike was on this season. Him AND Brandy! I gots ta start tuning in!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Racism in America...IT'S STILL ALIVE!!

So, an experiment was done involving a young man stealing a bicycle from a park. The variable: RACE. One dude was white. One dude was black. This shit is disgusting, but VERY REAL! I am so glad that this experiment was done. Not that it will change anything, but still... Fuckin' shame!

Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin "Most Kingz"




Friday, September 24, 2010

Garina Fearon, a Prison guard and Single Mother of Two, wins $54 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot -

I LOVE stories like this!! Blessings, indeed! Ms. Fearon, if you out there and you see this.. Leh'me borrow sum'n! LOL. (seriously though)

Janet Jackson Spotted in MYC WIth Her New Man

Janet and New Beau Wissam al Mana 

Janet got a new man. A FINE, TALL, RICH (Billionaire)...New MAN!! Some girls have it all! See the pics. This dude is more Janet's speed. Jermaine Dupree?? Idk WTF kind of mid-life crisis Janet was experiencing during that hook up... We all slip... We. ALL. SLIP. LMAO!
Ms. Jackson is lookin' good herself! Get it, mama!!

You Ain't Trill Forreal

It has always puzzled and amazed me how people will just adopt another’s personality and reality as if it were their own. I’m super confident about myself and I accept my upbringing and all that has molded me. And honestly, it irks the fuck outta me when I come across folk that ALL OF THE SUDDEN turned HOOD. LMAO!! 
Quite a few people that I have come across do this shit. It is Sooooo LAME. On a 1-10 scale of Lameness I give this offense a 22. I mean.. Really. How you grow up in the church ALL yo life! And never even stepped on the wrong side of any town before... Start hanging out with some folk in the hood. Probably just ONE friend that you done met at work an’ shit... And now all the sudden u fa sho’ nuff a GANGSTA. How does that work?? Please. Someone give me the answer to that one. Boggles the mind right?
Y’all all know someone that ain’t built like that but they try to act as if they are. The ones that constantly start shit off like, “My cousin” or “My homeboy” or “My man”... LOL. NIgga stop sittin’ around wishin’ you were somebody else and tryin’ to take notes on the next man’s life. SMH.
And the worst are the dudes that grew up in a middle class or better family and ain’t never want for shit! Start hanging with some folks and now they wanna be chillin’ on the block smokin’, slangin’ and fake bangin’ (cause most of ‘em be scared like that). I just don’t understand.
These wannabes irk me so, because they usually go way overboard with trying to prove “This is really me”. When we all know it ain’t. When you act yourself it comes off as natural, because it is. When one attempts to take on another’s personality, it comes off as fake and that person most likely overdo it. All extra wit it and shit. Just lookin’ stupid!
Maybe these people are looking for acceptance. Maybe they listen to too much rap and want to live what they constantly hear about... Who da hell knows?! Either way, the shit is lame. 
There is no such thing as “Hood by Association”. No such things as actually BEING anything by association! Basically, stop fakin’ and BE YOURSELF!
This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Ms. P Nunya.

Kanye West - So Appalled (Feat. Jay-Z, RZA, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi ...

'Ye posted this about 7:30 on FRIDAY!! Woop! Woop!

Download on Kanye's Blog <<Click Here

Chick Throws The First Blow w/ Baby Strapped To Her

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Anti-Gay or Down to Play??

*Disclaimer: I have NOTHING against any one's sexual preference. I DO HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST THIS WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

See now... I ain't neva heard of this dude before. Neva!! Maybe I live under a rock. Eh!! Whateva..

This guy, Bishop Eddie Long is a pastor (I think that's his title)that is extremely Anti-Gay and hella fuckin' PAID!! The leader of a Mega Church with over 25,000 members. This dude has recently been exposed as a molester of lil young teenage boys. I label him as a molester. In my mind, a grown man fuckin' anything under 18 is a MOLESTER!! Apparently, the law in his neck of the Georgia woods states that at the age 15 sexual contact with an adult can be considered legal. Umm.. Molester. 

How can one march the streets of Atlanta with a mass following and denounce Gay rights and marriage and be (probably) the biggest gay that he personally knows??! Talk about hypocritical!! Then.. How can you stand on the pulpit EVERYDAY! EVERY SUNDAY or whatever other DAY OF THE WEEK and claim to represent God and all things Holy and conduct yourself this way? Use your influence to mislead your entire congregation. Especially the young men that have stated that this guy gave them lavish gifts such as jewelry, trips abroad, cars... The WHOLE NINE! What is that? Is that anyway to represent God?

In addition to this foolishness that has been brought to the light, Mr. Long had also been catching flack for living the High Life. While many in his congregation may barely be able to rub two dimes together. The driver of a Bentley. A BENTLEY!! C'mon now!! Nothing about this man is God-Like. How can he take from the po' and line his pockets like that??! Take folks that he is to lead in the footsteps of the LORD and take 'em astray? Where's the God in any of that?

Far too many times folks join a cause and follow others just because they think it is the thing to do. Unfortunately, I am certain, many of his "flock" followed him because they genuinely thought he was something of a savior. Umm. Umm. Um!! Whether these accusations are the truth or not, I hope this opens many folks eyes. If you are religious and you choose to follow and put your trust in something or someone... Seek God. Put your trust in God. Follow God. AND NO MAN!! Again.. NO MAN!! Sheesh!


Check out this vid. This is my kind of lady! LOL

Nature, Myths and Complaints

Earthquake in MD, tornado in Brooklyn, tsunamis… What has the world come to??! This is the question on everyone’s minds. Everyone is looking in awe and amazement. Wrongfully so. The earth began out unscathed. Think about that. UNSCATHED! Then what happens, man makes tall buildings, various modes of transportation, all sorts of technology… Pollutants. In the seas, air, on the land… Come ON!! Is change not due at this point? Everything evolves. Why would anyone think weather patterns are exempt from this truth?

A lot of people believe in the Bible. If there’s any truth to the gospel… As a whole do you think God is happy with this Earth? This great present that he has provided… Set rules to.. I don’t think so. And if you think so I got a couple words for you: STOP PLAYIN’!!

Even if you are not religious or do not believe in the Bible, let’s just use a bit of logic.. Earthquakes and tsunamis… There are plates below the sea floor and below dry land. The earth spins on its axis…How old is the Earth again??? Over 4.5 billion years old??? And folk thing that a big ass rock with all this shit on it, in it and around it (the rest of the universe) will just remain the same, huh? Ain’t shit gonna change, huh? Delusional ass folk. If you want positive change do something positive. Something like recycle, car pool, ride on Metro, cut the lights out when you leave a room, avoid littering, you know…. Things of that nature. Otherwise, STFU ‘bout days are coming to an end and all that bull frightening the younger generation and shit. You do your part and teach your kids to do the same. If everyone did this, it would probably be a better world.

I know some of y’all gonna read this and be all like “You can’t do shit about plates moving beneath the Earth!!” (in an annoying nerd voice). LOL. PLEASE!! No you cannot. I know this. You know this.. We all know this. That’s just nature. Although humans think they are the utmost superior, we are not. Yet another truth many choose to ignore.

Possibly, even without human influence the Earth would have still experienced many phenomenons that we have come across. I, personally, doubt it. But, for the sake of argument I can say we’d honestly never know. Inhabitating the Earth is not an experiment in a controlled environment with variables A and B. We only got one. We can simply live by trial and error. Unfortunately, the masses lean towards error more than correction.

As everything else posted on this blog, THIS IS SIMPLY MY THOUGHTS.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Proof That You CANNOT Talk Shit to Any 'N Everybody.

So, this white lady in a Rascal thought she could call this dude that is mindin' his biz, watering his grass, a NIGGER... He proved her wrong. There is a lil somethin' I like to call repercussions. Just dues... He got her. SMH

Whaaaaa!!! K Ci and JoJo were/is Substance Dependent??! Now I've heard it all!

According to WorldstarHipHop K Ci and Jo Jo have a reality show coming. A show about sobering up. Talented dudes. Really talented. What makes them wanna pop out now?? We'll never know. But, I wish them success on that journey.

Dude Does Nicki Minaj "Monster" Verse LOL

Kid Cudi in This Month's Complex

Necole Bitchie has a post on her blog about Cudi's interview with Complex. She's posted excerpts. It looks like an interesting read. When I get off today, I'm going to grab that one. And once I read the entire interview for myself, I'll post what I think. 'Til then, Click here and see Necole's post for yourself.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

9/17/10 GOOD Friday: "Lord Lord Lord" Kanye West ft. Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon & Charlie Wilson

I woke up this morning (Saturday) to see that Kanye ain't post this til like 4:45 am (via Twitter). SMH!! LORD! Good thing I ain't wait up for this one! He had tweeted Friday night that Swizz was laying his verse. Hope that ain't what held the release up. Dude got THEE worst flow! IMO he don't belong on the track. Eh... But, who am I? lol

Download all the Good Fridays songs 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Illumi-Who?? Free What??! Get Da Fuck Outta Here!!!

So... I may be a little late with this all, but for maybe about a year or so, I have been hearing about this Free Mason/”Illuminati” shit and the stars that supposedly partake in these societies.  ***Warning: A lot of y'all may beg to differ on the following. Please know that I don't give a fuck. Create your own damn blog**(this shit is free)
I don’t understand this shit(and DO NOT want to).So, I won’t pretend to in this posting, but I WILL give my thoughts on all this “HATE”... Yes. Fuckin’ HATE that stupid ass people are spewing simply because they are not as financially well-set as those they make these claims against. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the vid I posted of Jennifer Hudson’s (murdered) nephew’s father... The one in which the wanna-be, BROKE ASS rapper, said that he “heard” that Jennifer was down with this shit and had to “do some thangs to get to where she at...” Read my blog on that (click the link in this paragraph). Even thinking about that ignorant ass motherfucker got me HEATED!!! Just when I thought these accusations were pinned on folks that have really “Made it”.. The ones that are raking in tens or hundreds of millions per year... Here comes this dude accusing Jennifer Hudson of this shit. Why? Cause she is 1,000,000 times more famous than you(shows you just how much of a nobody his ass is)? Cause she actually got out of that grimey ass area of Chicago and used her real talent to make a better life for herself??? I really do not understand these claims. SMH!!
Everyone that knows me..Even just a tiny, little bit...Knows that I absolutely LOVE Jay-Z!! I mean.. ABSOLUTELY! I love his strugggle. His success. The same goes for his wife. They are both the best at what they do. The other day I read some comments under a pic of Beyonce with her new honey and black curly fro look. Some weirdo placed like 3 seperate comments about how Bey and her mom work voodoo, Jay and Bey are devil worshippers... I mean... It went on and fuckin’ on!! Why?? 
Ever wonder why no one ever says these acts that don’t quite make it to the top (and many rightfully so) are down with the Illuminati or Free Masons? Huh?... I have. And I think I got the answer.. CAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE THE SUCCESS. THE MONEY. We’re not seeing these lesser stars plastered all over magazines....Their “success” isn’t thrown in our faces. This is what I think. It all comes down to the Haves and the Have Nots. Those without cannot understand how and why certain folks have and yet they, themselves do not. Very much like Jen’s lil nephew’s pops. He cannot understand how he and Jennifer are from the exact same city, conditions and they actually know eachother. He is soooo close to success. Jennifer’s success. But, why can he not touch that? Why can he not reach that? Is it because he has no talent?? ..Nah!! Couldn’t be; could it? I wonder if he ever heard of the old saying that goes a lil something like “you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Sour, much??? Possibly, had he gone to Jennifer off some “Can you help me out” shit, she may have tried to introduce him to some folks. Would his career have taken off? I doubt it. He’s has no skills. But still... Instead he decides to go hard and make up silly ass rumors about the girl.
AND why are all the posts and long ass YouTube vids that I have come across the product of black people???! That shit KILLS me! “The Crabs in a Barrel” effect. Let’s take this even to a lesser degree: Let’s say 3 dudes grew up together. One gets a job, cops a nice whip. The other 2 dudes are in a conversation and one says “Man! Dude whip is nice!!” Smile on his face. Glad that his mans is doing well (or at least seems to be )for himself. The 3rd dude responds on some ole hatin’ ass shit, “He only got that shit cause I heard his uncle helped him get it!... I could have that same shit if my peoples helped me out.. shit...” What??? Boy, STFU!! 
This is the same train of thought when people accuse Jay, Beyonce, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Oprah of worshipping the devil to obtain the wealth and stature that they have. Since folks cannot or have not achieved what these folks have they say shit like: “if I sold my soul like them, I’d be rich too. I’d be famous too....” Pure fuckin ignorance laced with hella hate. We don’t all HAVE IT! We cannot all be successful rappers, tv talk show hosts, pop stars, actors/actresses, CEO’s... That’s just the way it is. The world... Life is all balanced on extremes and all in between.  If you want to be rich or famous... Work towards it. Maybe, the dude that created a 30 minute fuckin’ Power Point presentation on this topic and slapped it on YouTube can take his talent and sit on the board of a Fortune 500 company. All that fuckin’ time and energy tearing someone else down.. They still waaaaayyy up there and yo ass is waaaaayyy down there!! WTF is he point?! Think ‘bout it. 
In the famous words of Jay-Z “Jealousy is a weak emotion/You gotta overcome that...” Aha Ha Ha Haha!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 MTV VMA's

Getting ready for school and work this morning, my son asked me who won this award and that last night on the VMA's. I had NO answers for him.. Womp! Womp! I then realized that I do not watch that awards show for the awards. I can give a pretty good recap on the outfits and performances that I liked though. LOL

This year's show was just..okay for me. No one performance made me sit up on the edge of my seat or anything like that. MTV always has great backgrounds and settings for the performers. And I just LOVE that!! Never a fail in that department. Performance highlights for me were MJB's performance with Swizz Beats and Drake. Honey gave us the honey flipped wig and all. Took me right back to her beginnings. Mary from the block. (Jenny need to stop--LOL) I think every lil girl that grew up in an urban setting truly looks up to Mary. At least I and a few of my friends do. She's the shit. No way around that. I also LOVED Kanye's performance and his song. The chorus went a lil something like this: "Lets Have A Toast For The: Douchebags, Assholes, Scumbags, Jerkoffs...." His art is so emotionally fueled. I absolutely love him for that! That's the best kind. No pretenses.No gimmicks. I could go on forever. And the crowd was lovin' him!! The encore was On and Poppin' for ole 'Ye. I hear that a few people are like "WTF?!" I don't get that. Less is more in some instances. His performance was a prime example of that. I don't know if they were seeking a herd of background dancers, some backup singers or WTF they were expecting. I was expecting Kanye and that's what I got. 'Ye in a Miami Vice inspired blazer and pants accessorized by several gold chains. On the stage, spilling his heart out. Pusha T performed with him. It was nice and simple. He's on that now. *shrug* I
I also loved (lil) Justin Bieber's performance!! I usually hate on this kid. When I first saw the "Baby" video I was not convinced. He seemed manufactured to me. I didn't feel as though the dance and style were really IN HIM. Either I was totally off the mark or he's lived and perfected that until it is totally believable. He did his thang! I loved it!! Yeah. I gots the Bieber Fever now! *See the tab labeled: Best 2010 VMA Performances (My Opinion) for videos of these performances.
Alexander McQueen dress

Gaga accepting one of her 8 awards from Ellen Degeneres at the MTV VMA's 2010
Lady Gaga had on two really cute dresses! On the Pre Award Show she wore an Alexander McQueen dress pictured above. GORGEOUS!! (R.I.P McQueen-- My heart bleeds). She then wore another huge black dress that was aparently too heavy for her itty bitty tiny lil frame and was damn near knocked back down into her seat upon standing to accept. LOL. It was still a cute number. But as y'all know... One wardrobe change too many can be damn near fatal. The last dress completely accessorized by a matching hat and purse was uh.... A No-No! Behold: THE MEAT COLLECTION! "Ga Gaaaaa!!!" SMH! LOL!
Gaga's MeatDress. Eeek! Cher: Fab!!

This about sums up my highlights of the show. Yep!

If you missed it, stay tuned to MTV for the next week or so. They will undoubtedly re-air several times over the next week or two. Below I have listed the nominations and winners.

2010 MTV VMA Nominees & * Winners


* Video Phone (Extended Remix) Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga

Airplanes, B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams

Telephone, Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé

My First Kiss, 3OH!3 featuring Kesha

Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys


* Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Tik Tok, Ke$ha

California Gurls, Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg

Video Phone (Extended Remix), Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga

Fifteen, Taylor Swift


* Not Afraid, Eminem

OMG, Usher featuring Will.I.Am

Airplanes, B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams

Find Your Love, Drake

In My Head, Jason Derulo


* Not Afraid, Eminem

Airplanes, B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams

Forever, Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

On To The Next One, Jay-Z & Swizz Beats

Pursuit of Happiness, Kid Cudi featuring MGMT & Ratatat


* Baby, Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris

Tik Tok,, Ke$ha

In My Head, Jason Derulo

Massive Attack, Nicki Minaj featuring Sean Garrett

The Ghost Inside, Broken Bells


* Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

California Gurls, Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dog

Tik Tok, Ke$ha

Video Phone (Extended Remix), Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga

Nothing On You, B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars


* 30 Seconds To Mars, Kings and Queens

Uprising, Muse

Ignorance, Paramore

Dog Days Are Over, Florence + the Machine

Flash Delirium, MGMT


* Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

I Like It, Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull

Evacuate the Dancefloor, Cascada

Sexy Chick, David Guetta featuring Akon

OMB, Usher featuring Will.I.Am


* Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Dog Days Are Over, Florence + The Machine

30 Seconds To Mars, Kings and Queens

Telephone, Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé

Not Afraid, Eminem

Airplanes, B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams


*Tighten Up, The Black Keys

Symphonies, Dan Black

Stylo, Gorillaz featuring Bobby Womack & Mos Def

Strawberry Swing, Coldplay

List courtesy of

Petey Pablo Talks About His Recent Arrest On a Gun Charge

Petey Pablo
This morning, on my way to work, I was listing to The Russ Parr Morning Show, as usual. I am GLAD that I left out the house on time to catch this one! Petey Pablo was arrested over the weekend for attempting to carry a gun onto a plane headed to LA from Raleigh. Supposedly, he was on his way to the VMA's. I find that kind of amazing in itself. I did not know that, you know... folks that haven't been relevant for quite some time were still invited to such functions. I wonder if they would actually have to pay for a seat or what. *Shrugs*

Anyways... Russ gets Petey on the line this morning to get his side of the story.Russ says he knows Petey to be a good dude and thought that somewhere behind this all was a misunderstanding..... I KNOW that man WAS NOT prepared for the story Mr. Pablo aired on his show this morning! SMH!!!

Petey reveals a rather unbelievable tale of him taking this firearm from a friend about 3 months ago to keep that friend out of trouble. He hid the gun somewhere his friend would neeeeevvveerrrr think to look: A CARRY-ON BAG!!! So the story goes, he quickly grabbed a bag for his trip, packed and headed to the airport. Security says, "This is a No-No, my brother. Firearms that are stolen cannot come on this plane" (I'm guessing that's what was said. The whole story seems so unreal and fairytale like, why not, right...LOL) And thus he was carted away to jail.

Petey also did what ANY good dude would do when he KNOW he done FUCKED UP. He brought God and his (every one's)enemy, the Devil into this mess. He said that he is a God-fearing man and every time a brother try to do something positive, Mr. Devil always rears his ugly ass head. *cough cough*<Clears my throat> Is that right, my brother? So, leh'me get this right: (Just to be sure we on the same page) The only thing you want us to believe that you are guilty of is forgetting to take this heavy ass gun out of your carry-on bag. The gun that you took from a friend, which he stole from somewhere. That is the only thing??? If it is, you are also guilty of disrespecting everybody that you tell that story to. Petey. You fucked up, bruh! Who you tryna protect yoself from?? You musta had the Bloods and Crips in mind when you made that move. Or is there some kind of beef between you and Suge? We all know how "they" say he can get down.

I'm just really surprised at this fuckery. Really surprised. I, myself, have never held a gun, so I'm going purely on hear-say, but ain't those thangs heavy? If you pick up a bag which should be empty, would the extra weight not make you say, "Hol' up!! Something's in this bag." Search the bag...Find the gun.. Put it away..Pack ya clothes and go enjoy LA. That makes sense. What Petey was talkin' on Russ Parr don't.

Point is: We Don't Believe You. You Need More People! *In my Jay Hov Voice*

Follow The Russ Parr Morning Show on Twitter @RussParrShow

The Father of Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Claims She is a Free Mason AND Promotes His "album"

This greasy, triple neck, untalented, funky ass, gorilla-lookin’, nappy-faced, broke ass motherfucker RIGHT HERE!! WTF is this motherfucker talkin’ bout???!! WHAT?! So he gonna put this girl name in the dirt to promote his wack ass shit?! Is that him rappin’ in the intro? WACK!! Still got the sticker on the lens of those ugly ass shades he just bought from the convenience store ‘n shit. OMG!!! Listening to this fool tryna do a quick come-up just gave me an instant fuckin’ headache!! “Na’mSayin”.. “Na’WhatIMean”!  Dude is using his son’s death as a come-up maneuver. His son. No fuckin’ type of respect. As uncouth as they come. Ole funky ass bastard! Off the strength of this stupid ass move, he shall never have no (good) luck. That’s right. Motherfuckin’ #Backfire BITCH!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pure Talent: Dude Rhymes on "Hello Good Morning" Beat

2010 Fashion's Night Out Georgetown-Style

I’d like to begin this post by saying a big, loud and enthusiastic “Heeeeeyyy!” to you all reading. It has been a busy weekend for me (FINALLY! A LIFE!) and I had no time to update my blog. :-( My full weekend began with... Georgetown’s Fashion’s Night Out 2010 Friday. Read on, please. *Exasperated sigh**
Well, to begin... this event was nothing like the glitz and glamour I imagined would be associated with it. I had grand delusions of an event like that which I read about from NYC’s event last year. I Imagined M St to be what Kanye West experienced and tweeted about all night in Manhattan...Beautiful girls in skyscraper heels and designer dresses. Men in designer suits and shiny shoes. Beautiful deals in all the stores... Just a walking party!!!! Uh... That’s NOT what I got! What I got instead was little to NO deals. Lots of flip flops and flats, groups of people randomly huddling in the middle of the narrow ass sidewalks, lots of cobblestone, which I twisted my ankle on twice. Tiny twists, but, still.. I coulda freakin’ broke my NECK!!
I REALLY wanted a t-shirt as remembrance of the night. The event hours were 6-11pm and I arrived around 8:15 or so. Parked in the garage for a mere $8 and immediately found the “block party” nestled between Dean Deluca and InterMix. The DJ was pretty nice, I must admit. They were giving away free Vitamin Waters and D. Deluca had a nice little deal on a stuffed chicken breast for just $2! I purchased the chicken breast and a small water for $1.75! Imagine my surprise when I found out that Vitamin Waters that EVERYONE in the vicinity were holding were FREE!!! Ugh! I shoulda got one anyway! Vitamin Water and a small ass water for $1.75 wouldn’t have made me feel like such an ass. That’s how I woulda looked at it. Would have eased my mind a bit. Hehe! 

So, in the front of the lil party was a table manned by two chicks that held the event’s t-shirts, bags, pins and maps/pamphlets. The t’s were $15. I (silly ass me) had NO CASH on me! I walked about 8 freakin’ blocks to the Bank of America that one of the girl’s directed me was “Right up the block”. Well, Sweety! IT WASN’T!!! That was a long, sweaty, hurried walk!  I got back to the table and the chick tries to sell me a 2XL tee!! I am 5’ 3”, 150 pounds. What the hell am I gonna do with a 2XL?!!  I told her that I ain’t want that shit! Too big! Being the greatly-trained salesperson that she was, the chick then tells me “Oh, they run small..” She was about my size. A lil less boobies. So, I ask her what size she has on. She lets me look at her tag.... A medium! What the fuck I thought! Grrrr! So, I left without any memorabilia. The bag looked pretty thin and light.. No thanks. How the hell did they run out of the most common size around in less than 3 hours from the start of the event????That is all I wanna know! The store directly to the left of the table, Intermix, had the official NYC FNO shirts on display in the window. I went inside and there they were. Only about 5 white ones left. Only one remaining in a medium, white, short-sleeved.... But, I didn’t attend that event (unfortunately). I am here in Georgetown... I was determined to put my hands on a G’Town FNO tee that fit!! I had seen a chick walking around selling items earlier on my way to the ATM. I’ll run into another walking salesperson... Neva happened! At about 10:57, just before the participating stores were to close, I decided to run back into InterMix and just grab the NYC tee. All the short-sleeved, white tees were gone. Only an XL gray, long-sleeved shirt remained. :-( <<<Huge SadFACE!! I asked if I could have the tee off the mannequin. It looked to be about a medium. Maybe a large. The fit of that tee I would not have mind to be a bit larger than usual. The salesman said that I could not buy it off the mannequin. Why the hell NOT??! I suspect that another chick that works up in there already called dibbs on it. That shit sucks!! So, all I have is my memories, a vid and pictures (which I have posted here for you all).Unfortunately, the vid would not upload :(... It was funny too!! AND it held up this posting by 2 days! What a waste!

I stepped into a few stores and found nothing of interest. The one store that I definitely wanted to hop around in was H & M. They closed at 9 pm. Regular time. What the hell?!!That’s the MOST affordable fashion-forward stores in existence!! Why would they NOT participate?? That soured my mood. I then decided to visit a not so affordable, but one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson’s store. I heard they were having a party in their garden behind the store. Of course, Betsey’s style is so eclectic. The store was jam packed with Punk-style Prom dresses. I asked a saleslady about the “Garden Party”. She told me that I must purchase something to partake in the activities in the back. Drinks and a DJ. Unfortunately,I was not interested in purchasing a $500 prom dress to drink and listen to music for free. LOL I left quickly. I darted into quite a few forgettable stores. I saw very few sale signs. Georgetown cupcake was giving one free FNOSMH!!
Pumphouse for drinks and a thrift store that sold nothing under like $45. The video below is courtesy of the thrift store’s display widow. (OMG!!! Laughter is great for the soul) We ended the night with dinner at Uno’s. I am NOT an Uno’s fan!! They did have a $5 drink that night. I was cool wit that. LOL. We left out of there about and they walked me to the garage. The garage which was CLOSED!!!! I forgot all about the attendant telling me the garage closed at 12 midnight. The time was 12:47!! Luckily for me the garage happened to be situated under an apartment building and less than 20 minutes of “What-the-fuck!”ing amongst the 3 of us, the garage gate rises and out comes a car. I ran like nobody’s biz to my car. As I approached the gate, which had closed, I felt defeat once again. And then.... The gate began to rise again!!! Yay!! A motion-sensored gate. A wack end to a wack night! 
I was feeling as if I wasted my time on this FNO. I should have known it couldn’t and wouldn’t hold a candle to the NYC event. After all the actual designers and superstar celebrities attend the event in New York. How can Georgetown compete with that? Simply, they cannot. I shouldn’t have ever suspected anything else but what I received. Riding down M Street to exit Georgetown, I passed a truck pumpin’ the great Michael Jackson’s “Butterfly”. That kinda made it all worthwhile. Put a smile on my face and everything in perspective for me. I honestly did enjoy the atmosphere with my fam. We walked around a bit, conversed, laughed. In that aspect the night was not a complete bust. I definitely WILL NOT be back next year. NYC HERE I COME!!

*I promise this vid WILL make you laugh! I tried to change my privacy settings so everyone can see it, but... *shrug* Ain't work. Sign in to FB for a lil chuckle.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kanye West - GOOD Friday feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson 9/10/2010 Release

Sooo... I was trying to enjoy G'Town when Ye dropped this at bout 11:00pm Friday, Sept 10, 2010. My cuz was loving some of the lines. That's what all these dudes are known for: Pusha T., Cudi, Ye, AND Common (Sense- LOL).

Kanye delivered on FRIDAY!! :^)

Enjoy, y'all!!!

Download song from Kanye's Blog

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Struggle(s) Some Face

Look at what I found on WSHH today! I saw the time on this vid and I wasn't going to view it. Over 6 minutes..I consider that too long. Going against my own time restraints (lol), I viewed the vid. I LOVE IT!! This story hits so close to home. Although I am not in church every Sunday (nor the days in between), I was raised as a Christian. We ALL believe in a Higher Power and for the most part (I think) all beliefs view that Power as Positive.

This video portrays a young woman that begins with a character that represents all that is good. This being gives the girl life, teaches her and feeds her. And unfotunately, she strays from All that is Good to partake in all that is EVIL. She chases money, turns to alcohol and drugs... damaging herself all the while. At the brink of literally killing herself she decides that she wants to go back to the being that gave her a better life. When she tries to go back, all that was ill continued to grab at her and through her down. She struggles hella hard to get back to where she knows she should be and where she wants to be. She makes it back to the "Bright Side" (so I've dubbed it). End of the story.

I know I have told the entire story above, but I encourage y'all to view it. It's well put-together. And the message is powerful. I, personally know people with addictions. Drug addictions, alcohol addictions, shopping addictions, etc... Many times,I see these folks with their addictive behaviors and I speak ill of them. I cannot understand addictions nor those that I consider to have a weak mind. Viewing this vid sort of gave me a different view on those folks. Sort of... I still view addictions as habits of the weak. I don't think that will ever change, but seeing this act on stage makes me feel just a twinge bad for the type.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Stronger Than Pride" (Sade Remake) Nivea aka One of Weezy's BM's

I can't even talk shit bout ole Niv. I love this song! Her vocals and the acoustic guitar!!! Certified Winner.

...Hold up.. Forgive me, but I gots to ask this: Where da fuck do those ratchet ass red and purple streaks fit in??? Dang Niv!! (I still love the song 100%!)

And I wonder... Is this a "Can't Get over Wayne" tune? Hmmmm?...

Willow Smith and Jay-Z on Ryan Seacrest's Radio Show (audio clip)

Yesterday I posted the Youtube vid of Willow's song "Whip My Hair". Listen to this lil chick in the below clip. She speaks well and is very mature-minded (it seems). This girl is only nine years old. Hopefully she can hone her skills and be here to entertain for the longhaul.

"You can’t be afraid to be yourself..You have to be yourself…Lots of ppl don’t act like themselves, so they’re not happy.” —wise words. A lot of adults need this advice. Take it from 9 year old Ms. Smith. #PoW!

1st Edition of "Where Are They Now"--Michel'le

Per the description in my header, I am a (self-proclaimed) MUSICHEAD!! I’m an 80’s baby and every now and then an entertainer from the (late) 80’s/90’s pops into my head. And I think to myself “I wonder what the hell the doin’ now!” You know, since their one or two years of fame a decade or more ago. I know I am not the only one that has thought this. So, I am going to bring y’all info on some folks whose careers sadly fizzled out that we ALL have the second of “Hmmm…Where are they Now.”

First up is the cute, tiny lil thing with the tiny speaking voice to match and the singing voice that was on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum: Michel’le.

When her first album hit the airwaves I was just 8 years old. I remember seeing her video on Video Soul and thinking, “She is pretty. AND can sing!” Hearing her speak during interviews annoyed the hell out of me, though. That voice gets under my skin worse than Janet’s (Jackson). All-in-all, I still admired this cool lady that reminded me of an auntie and some of my older cousins.

Being so young, I didn’t know, nor care about her beginnings or personal life outside of the entertainment. The creation of this post caused me to search the net for a bit more info on Ms. Michel’le and found quite a few things out that made me say “Whaaaaa?!”

According to Wikipedia: (paraphrasing)

Michel’le Toussant was born in 1970. She was signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records and originally the featured female vocalist on World Class Wreckin ‘ Cru’s 1987 single "Turn Off the Lights". In 1989, she released her self-titled debut album produced entirely by Dr. Dre. The album contained "No More Lies" and the hit singles "Nicety" and "Something in My Heart." Michel'le sold 2.7 million copies worldwide.

Apparently, during her time with Ruthless Records, she was involved (romantically) with Dr. Dre(1990-1996). A son by the name of Marcel resulted from that relationship. Following that split, she began a relationship with Death Row Records founder Suge Knight and they have a daughter together named, Balei.

In 1998, she released her second album named Hung Jury. I (and probably everyone reading this) never heard of this album! And I am sure no one can name a single, because, supposedly none were released (or made it to the charts). The Jury wasn't Hung..I think the jury spoke (pun intended).And thus… THE DEATH OF MICHEL’LE TOUSSANT’S SINGING CAREEER. :^(

What Michel’le did bring in those couple of years (1989-1991 or 92) that she was relevant, I truly appreciated! Unfortunately, all that enter the entertainment biz do not have what it takes to remain in the spotlight…That longevity…The stamina to keep up. It’s sad, but… Hey. She’s probably way more than okay (financially).

Enjoy this Soul Train clip (courtesy Youtube). She explains her squeaky (talking) voice.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Vision for Ms. P Nunya's Blog

Hello. Since I began this blog last month, I have been kinda winging it. Posting whatever comes to mind. Really random... Eclectic. Welcome to my mind. Usually I log in and type whatever comes to mind, but this week I began a different process by actually gathering what material I want to post and putting much more thought into the words given. Currently, I have roughly 4 topics that I want to touch and elaborate on.  Of course they deal with music, emotions and LIFE. Stay Tuned for these posts within the next few days. I will try to translate my thoughts into actual words ASAP. But, as my son often reminds me... "You can't rush perfection." ;^)

Thanks for visiting my blog and please continue to visit in the future. Writing is truly therapeutic for me. I write for myself, but it's nice to know that somebody, somewhere gets to enjoy what I present as well.

Find Me on Facebook: Ms. P Nunya Reporting

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Fabolous and Lil Soulja TwitterBang It Out???

“Pretty boy swag, never coke in my nose though...”

This is the line that began it all. A line that Fabolous spit in a Hot 97 freestlye. Check out the video below for the full freestyle. Who woulda known that lil Soulja was to get ALL in his feelin's over this??? It's a freestyle. Dude just flowin' off the top of his head... The line was pretty clever, no?? I mean... Who Soulja should be mad at is Kat Stacks ole anything ass! Instead he decided to lash out at Mr. F-A-B-O.... He deleted his initial tweets goin' in on Fab. Unfortunately for him, that did not halt the storm of shots comin' his way from Fab and his huge Twitter following. Fab even created a #TT (Trending Topic) in Mr. Pretty Boy Swagg's honor. #SouljasCokeHabit. SMH. Fabo, if you readin' this... Just know P Nunya says: You ain't have to go O.D.- hard on da boy. HE'S JUST A CHILD!!! lol

**Screenshots below are of Fab's Twitter Page. Click on them to enlarge.**
As you can see from the very first tweet at the bottom, Soulja 'pearently posted some foul tweets and erased them. Shame that didn't stop the wrath. #Death

Moral of this story... Rap is an art. Especially freestylin'. Respect it. LOL

Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

The ‘net has been buzzin’ bout this one right here! Will and Jada’s lil baby girl, Willow Smith has a single called “Whip My Hair”. Grown folks all over have been giving this song big PRAISE! I even saw some tweets warning great entertainers such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Ciara to “watch out”. LOL. I don’t think these ladies have anything to worry about anytime soon. HOWEVER!! If lil Willow decides to allow this talent she has mature... Yeah... It may be a problem. ;^) Anyway, the song is very cute and the vocals are pretty mature for a child her age, but it’s not something I’d put in my music Library. Check it out for yaself.
P.S. I love this lil chick’s style! I love that her parents allow it even mo’!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Fashion's Night Out in Georgetown!!!

Last year I thumbed through magazines such as Lucky and Vogue in awe of this Fashion Night Out event held in NYC. I WISHED that I could have partook in the events, glitz and glamour of the night. Ever since I had my hopes set on attending the event in NYC this year. Well, unfortunately for me an impromptu trip the Big Apple is absolutely out of the question! (Only impromptu b/c I failed to prepare friends, travel and lodging well ahead of time--Last minute kind of gal.) Luckily for ME Georgetown, which is a mere 15 minutes or less from my lil apartment will be a hosting city this year!! *Screaming in the Inside*** Per the

 "...retailers are featuring creative promotions in addition to the goodies. Juicy Couture shoppers, for example, will be greeted by “Juicy Boys”—who likely won’t be wearing very much—Lacoste is hosting a Nintendo Wii tournament, and, Carrie Bradshaw fans, take note: Urban Chic will be holding a Halston Heritage show. Charm Georgetown has scheduled a Mija jewelry trunk show, and former Washingtonian Style Setter Brooke Kao will be walking the Tsyndyma runway at Darrel Dean. Free cupcakes, totes, and tees (with purchase) will be snapped up quick at Georgetown Cupcake, Diesel, and Cusp, and our favorite men’s store, Lost Boys will host a special “pregame” with straight-razor shaves and top-shelf-bourbon tastings."

Hopefully, if you are located in the DMV, you'll find the time to make it out Friday night. The event begins 6pm and ends 11 pm. Sounds like Fun, Fashion and Good Times!!

*Photo courtesy of

Year 2010... Gender Pay Gap stil Exists??

Fox 5 DC hit on a topic (briefly) this morning that is a bit disturbing : THE GENDER PAY GAP. This is honestly a
topic that I have never given thought at all. When I heard it on the news this morning, memories can back to me from the early 90’s when in elementary a teacher would say things like “It’s typical for a man to be paid more than women.” Yeah.. Yeah… But, that was back then. I had many years left before I’d even enter the work field and have to think of such trivial(to me as an 8 year old kid) matters… WRONG! Sad to know that hasn’t much changed in the last couple of decades. :^(

So… the workforce is still sexist, huh? Even with the HUGE curve of evolution in the household. Back in the day… The times of my grandmother or even her mother… I can understand a man making more money than his female counterpart. Morally, it’s not right, because if two people can perform the very same tasks, both in a reasonable amount of time, they deserve the exact same reward. That is my belief. However, there was a time when the man was THE MAN of a household. He went out every day and worked to provide for his family. Most of the work (if not all) was that of manual labor for majority of the men in the workfield. The wife stayed at home and tended to household duties and their children (if there were any). IF the lady ventured out and became employed, it was jobs that “seemed” not a tough as that of a man. Positions such as nanny, housekeeper, receptionist, telephone operator, etc… Compared to hard labor in the varying elements of nature, I can see why the pay may be less than that of their male counterparts.
Somehow this train of thought became static whilst the world continued to turn and bring about males and females working alongside one another. Same positions, same education and training… Different pay??? Makes absolutely no sense! In the state of Virginia, for example, currently women are paid an average $.89 per $1.00 for a man. This pay gap isn’t exclusive to good ole VA. It is nationwide. Global, even. Luckily, the pay gap has been said to be shrinking as the years progress. However… At present it kinda makes you wonder exactly how much your male coworker is taking home, huh, ladies? Hmmmm…


Sunday, September 5, 2010

WTF??!! Dude Punches Random Chick After Pulling Her Dress Down

I woke up to check out one of my favorite sites, and found the below video. This shit... OMG!! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THIS?!! So, this chick walks through a crowd of dudes with a Hooker Dress on and gets assaulted. So many things wrong with this video! 
The first is.... THIS CHICK WEARING THIS DRESS AND WALKING RIGHT THROUGH A CROWD OF DUDES. She certainly did not deserve what she received behind that action, but...obviously, she was looking for some attention. I am a woman. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER walk through a pack of dudes by myself from the jump. No matter what I am wearing. I could have on a freakin’ skirt to my knees. If I do not know these dudes, why walk straight through them? You don’t know what the hell these strange men are thinking. And this vid is a good example of exactly why a woman should not do that shit.At the end of the vid you can see the street. There are people walking in the street. Why did she not do the same? Maybe she thought one of the dudes would try to holler at her or something. Maybe the chick is Space-style high outta her mind!.... Who knows what the fuck she was thinking... I KNOW she was not thinking that stupid ass move was gonna result in her being hit to the ground. 
The second thing wrong with this scene is: Of all the dudes out there, only one dude is physically fucking with this chick. When he pulls her dress up they all laugh and hype the situation up. I remember one of ‘em telling the dude to keep fucking with the broad. He then pulls the top of her dress down and when she turns around, he bust her in the face (it looks as though. The angle this was shot at, it's hard to tell, but his hand cocks back and she falls to the ground). You can hear a dude say, “That’s fucked up”.  MY QUESTION: Why ain’t none of y’all niggas tell dude to chill?! Really. The dude that said that’s fucked up, at least knows wrong from right. And I know there has to be at least a few more out there that knows this is a fucked up situation.  So... Why ain’t NOBODY speak up when dude first pulled her dress up? Had one or some of the guys out there told ol’ boy to leave the girl alone, she would have simply walked down the street without being further humiliated. That’s all it would have taken. Is for AT LEAST ONE of dude’s “homies” to intervene. No one did. And sadly, that is the kind of world we live in. Where a dude thinks that he can touch on a woman that he does not know and furthermore knock her to the ground and it is okay. A world in which that young man’s friends/associates don’t even speak up. This shit is wild!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kanye Gives a "Stream of Consciousness" on Twitter

This morning I awoke to @KanyeWest pouring his heart out. This is something that he does in his music all the time. And I love that about him. He just is who he is. After reading each tweet, sitting in front of this ‘book like I was waiting for the Lotto numbers to be called... LOL At 10:28 am I took screenshots of all he tweeted this morning once he began with his emotions and view on the whole MTV Awards incident.Click on The tab above labeled Mr. West (or click this link)for those. 

It’s nice to know (from what he's tweeting) that he’s touched the fire and learned it can and will scorch that ass. I, personally, hate that was a lesson that he learned the hard way. The offense just didn’t match the persecution, if you ask me. This man said there are folks out there that HATE him. He was getting booed at concerts. The media murdered him(as we all know). That’s wild. Really wild. For all the people that were in an uproar to that extent over THAT incident... They hated the man from the jump. They had to! Those were (most likely) the folks that were thinking, “Just give me a reason!” Kinda like when ya mom would whip yo ass and stare at you cry... Just waiting for you to huff, roll ya eyes..kick the wall...cry too loud or long... She woulda picked any reason to jump on yo ass again! That’s the exact position Ye found himself in. 

This is the man that said on national televised program that George Bush doesn’t care for black people.The same man that we all witnessed go super fuckin' hard on Punk’d cause nobody was gonna take the reels that he purchased and worked hard for...I get him. I KNOW alot of people get him. The masses just wasn’t (probably still ain't)ready for  a dude that was totally real. Kanye is just Kanye. Alot of times rappers, especially those that have crossed the racial and cultural lines such as himself, walk that thin line very carefully. Because that’s what they are "supposed to do". And this keeps everyone happy. Kanye walks to the beat of his own drum and he’s for the TRUTH. (At least that is the perception he has given me.) The words he said at the MTV awards were not directed to Taylor as a personal jab. I get that. Once again, alot of ppl got that, but there was already a group of ppl that thought of him as an asshole. That group of ppl were praying for his downfall. Those few words of absolute TRUTH at an awards show was just the fuel they needed to ignite the fire. Shame. The only thing I believe he is guilty of on that night is being RUDE. Unfortunatley, for him, THE TRUTH HURTS. And he popped the truth at the most inopportune of times.

Reading his tweets hurt a lil. I don’t think he means anyone any harm. He simply admires art. Music’s at the tops of that list for him. We are all passionate about something. And when we see that thing go askew; do we not speak out on it? We live in a society based on the common rule: “If you have nothing nice to say; don’t say anything at all”.  And Ye is saying it ALL. Whether it be offensive or not. Eh. *Kanye West Shrug* We are all human, equipped with the same emotions. Even entertainers. And yes... Even Kanye West. 

Besides him allowing us into his head this morning, I look forward to his tweets. He tweets on fashion, he gives us his arrogance, and I love it!! Follow him on Twitter @kanyeWest .

Good Saturday??? Kanye's latest Single "Devil In a New Dress"

Sir Ye had his fans waiting since last Friday for another nugget of his ever-dispalyed talent. And when Friday comes...He fails the East Coast. :^( I, myself has been checking my phone all day for him to announce on Twitter that the single has dropped. No word from this dude until 10:11 pm. He tweeted that he'd post it "in a few minutes". We wait and we wait... 12:16 am he posts the link to his blog and tell us all to "Have a great weekend". *Smilez* Kanye! I will refrain from any ill phrases, b/c I love your genius so much!!! Enjoy, y'all.
And click the link below the video to download the song. (On Kanye's Blog)

Visit Kanye's Blog to Download Song

Friday, September 3, 2010

Trying to get the Hang of This

I just found out how to add pages to this blog! I LOVE it!!! Just like a REAL page. As of now, the additional pages across the top are empty, but I will work hard over the weekend to categorize my blogs and have the site nice and tidy for you guys by Monday morning. It's a slow process. Work wit me.
...Now if Kanye would just drop this damn single today, all would be right in the World! lol

***Fast Update... Nix this. I don't think I can turn it into what I need it to be. :^(... *sigh* Oh schwellz!

Runaway Love Remix « Kanye West, Justin Bieber & Raekwon

This how Bieber do?? Raekwon and the ol' Skool beat??? This remix gotta grow on me. It definitely has potential. The beat and JB's vocals just don't seem to pair well. *shrugs* Otherwise the song's alright. This post is for my nephew Mikey. Biggest BeiberHead 'round! ;^)

In other Irrelevant News: "It" (from "I Love New York") Disses Brian Pumper

Do y'all remember "It" from I Love New York? The alright-lookin' dude that was either actually slow (mentally) or a good ass actor.. Well, he has made a rather funny song and video dissin' Brian Pumper. Brian is the dude in porn that made a video with Montana Fishburne (Ole Larry's young woman-child). In this vid,(that he sips on the same 4Lokos through its entirety---LMAO. 4 Lokos though??? Okay...) he claims that Brian Pumper is a lover of transvestites. Some of the wording is clever and made me chuckle a bit, but overall I'm thinking: Why??? What's the point? Well.. It must have read my mind, because at the end of the video he sheds light on exactly why he has penned this diss record. (This boy's DELUSIONAL!) He says that Laurence is his dude and told "It" to get at Brian Pumper for dissing his daughter (Montana). Really? He also says that Larry sent the flowers to the "I Love New York" house that he gave New York. C'mon now, It!! Those flowers were not sent by anyone but the florist whom Tailor Made purchased them from!All of America knows that YOU had NOTHING to do with the delivery of them flowers! And neither did Mr. Fishburne, who I am certain is NOT your "dude"!

It posing with Tailor's flowers. Look at that expression.... (I'm 'bout DEAD from laughin'!!)

Sir It.. the reality show is now over. If this slow shit is all just an act.. You can stop now. Please and THANK YOU! Uggh!

**It's Brian Pumper Diss. Check it out**

Thursday, September 2, 2010

T.I and his wife Tiny Arrested Last Night

So... I wasn't going to blog about T.I and Tiny's (@tinymajorMama) misfortune out in L.A last night because the 'net was jumpin' bout this story and I felt that everyone has already heard about it and wouldn't want to come to my site to see it once again, but... I have actually spoke to someone that totally missed this news and I heard an erroneous report on the radio after work today, so here I am blogging bout it. According to the pair made an illegal U-turn sometime (a little) before 11:00 pm, PST in a gray and black Maybach (which was fi'yah!) and was stopped by the Po-Po. The coppers smelled marijuana and commenced to searching the car, finding methamphetamines and ecstasy. Damn!!! 
Well, the two were arrested and bail was set at $10,000 each (I believe). They both paid bail this morning and were released. Unfortunately, Mr. Tip is still on probation and the last report I read on TMZ states that his probation officer has ordered him back to Atlanta ASAP. Of course, this arrest also puts him in direct violation. :^( Looks like the brother may be on his way BACK IN! Horrible news! Jail is no place for anyone, much less a father and newlywed. I am hoping that he's granted a little leniency. 
As we all know I am a Twitterhead. I've actually seen a few tweets suggesting that Tiny take the charge for him. Hmmm... I wouldn't suggest that for a mother. And didn't T.I take a charge for her once before??.. He seems like a stand-up type of dude. I HOPE he'd never put his wife and the mother of his kids in the position to even fathom that as an option.
We'll see how this unfolds.
The drug found was ecstasy. Not methamphetamines. Tiny addressed this in a tweet by saying, "...I don't even no wat meth look like! How bout let's c what da test say!"