Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Now Remember Why I DO NOT Like Theme Parks!: My Day At Six Flags For Fright Fest

Usually, every summer  I make sure my son gets out to Six Flags in Bowie, MD at least twice. His summer camp goes every summer as an end-of the-summer activity and I take him myself at least once. Then, before the park closes (until the Spring season), I take him out there for one night to enjoy the Fright Fest activities. Well, last year was the first year (out of the last 6) that we did not do Fright Fest. I at first wasn't so sure on why we missed it. I just figured we missed it just because. Maybe we were busy last October or something....After about 20 minutes in the park last night, I soon realized EXACTLY why I chose to skip out on it last year and will most likely continue to steer clear of it in the future! As I like to do, here's a list for y'all:

1.  Too many unsupervised bad ass kids and teens milling 'round!
TOO MANY!! I saw enough PDA between 13-17 year olds yesterday to last me a LIFETIME!! Get a motherfuckin' room and not 2 Six Flag admission tickets the next damn time! These kids need to worry bout school and their future more than shaming themselves and parents in public. (Take it from someone that knows. We all know I was/am no angel.)

Then you have the groups of teens that are out there RUNNING and playing tag and cursing all over the damn place! OMG where are y'all parents?!!

I also saw two little boys that seemed to be totally on their own. One was about 8 and the other maybe no older than 11. The oldest one had a crusty ring around his mouth and was in desperate need of a haircut. The younger needed a cut bad too. His nose was ready to drip at any moment. They were in front of us in line while waiting for a ride. As we waited, the oldest one kept looking back at my son and my lil cuz. Maybe he was in awe of how clean their faces were compared to his and his lil homey... Who knows. He was really annoying. He was talking loud as ever to his friend and I was trying my best to tune his little ass out and was successful at doing so until... He turns around and watches the Terror of Doom operate. This lil dude goes, "Awwwww!!! Look at that hoe! Awww hoe! Awww hoe! Aww hoe!!" Our eyes met. I am sure I was wearing the "WTF Face" (My face involuntarily wear my thoughts. I try to control it, but...). He turned around. Him and his friend continued talking.. Before the ride for those before us ended, the two left the line. THANK YOU!! Really. Were the fuck was their parents??

2. The clothing.
I know... I know... Clothes ain't everything. And we all have the right to dress as we wish. After all, the event was Fright Fest. Maybe some of these people had Halloween in mind when they stepped out the house. I don't know.Some of the crazy shit I saw: About 30 more matching (entire)sweatsuits and sneakers than I needed to see, girlfriends and boyfriends...husbands and wives matching... chicks in heels, chicks in matching pleather jackets and (Batman and Robin-style) pleather boots.... One chick had on a Northface with a belt that snaps around the waist. Those lil coats are cute. HOWEVER, why the fuck was she like 5'2", 220 pounds and the jacket appeared to be a sizeeeeeee.... Medium. Hope y'all can picture this... She had the jacket zipped up by maybe 2 inches. The two sides of the coat were at either side of her ta tas. That thang couldn't fully zip if that was her last wish on earth. And she then has the belt snapped across her gut! OHHHHHHHH! I liked'ta holla'd!! Girrrl Stooooppp!

OMG!!! It was all too much for me! Too much!  And let's not forget about the ratchet ass weaves!!! I wish I was quick enough to grab pictures of some of this shit. Just... Unforgivable!

3. 25-40 minute waits to get on a one minute ride. Just... WTF is that?!

4. Sitting on rides beside strangers is the WORST!!
It was 3 of us (me, son, cuz). I let them sit together and I was always the "odd man out". Sitting beside an absolute stranger on these scary ass rides that drop your gut to the soles of your feet is NO fun!!  On tow such rides I had my eyes closed the entire time! Screamin' all the while! I mean, these were tear-inducing rides. I don't know what that stranger is over there doing while I am trying to keep my senses from going absolutely insane, by closing my eyes while I am on this wild ass ride. Well, the most they can do is be staring at me. I don't want nor like that shit!

5. So repetitive
Like I said, for the past 6 years we have been doing Fright Night. Ain't shit change! The folks walking around to "scare" you have the same costumes I recall from years past. I ain't gonna lie, a dude got me good. Ole fucka! He better be glad my son and cuz was there to laugh, indicating that it was not that serious, 'cause my initial thought was to kick his ass. He got me good...

Although the shit is the same every damn year, every damn visit.. I do have to give credit where it is due. ALL THE RIDES were in operation. That is rare! Anyone that frequents this Six Flags know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

coulda done with $68 in da club???! I'll break it down for y'all. Free admission. Oh, hellz yeah! I go to clubs that allow ladies (or those with a pass) to enter for free. This usually has a time limit. Before 11 or before 12. Yep. I'm there! $68 left to go. 2 drinks and tips (I love Zombies) $28. Look at that! I still got $40! A jumbo slice after the club: $5.25. I got... $34.75 still, right? That's what I'm going home with. This is now turned into lunch money for my son, laundry money, and maybe even one lunch for me. Now, if I can do all this shit with the amount of money it costs for two of us to get into Six Flags to witness ratched shit and be on our feet all damn day, there is definitely something wrong! Especially when we done seen this all before! At least they changed up the Halloween play this year. *shrug*. All I can say, is after adding snacks and those trips to the basketball shooting booths... "I WANT SOME MONEY BACK!"

I just can't deal! Perhaps, I need to swap up on the park. I hear Jersey's park is nicer than this local one. Or to keep it local (in a sense) maybe I should start visiting Kings Dominion. Maybe.

Who am I kidding? In general, theme parks suck!! (For me)

OH!!!! It's Coming OFF!

Okay! The weight is steady coming down! I recently found a new spot to jog at, I've been steadily watching my consumption.. I am loving this! I lost so much faith in the whole Weight Loss thing at one point, it's not even funny! My fatih was lost because I thought this would be an easy win. WRONG!! I had to keep with it. 100%. I once wrote a post saying that I couldn't NOT exercise or watch my calories. The one week when I think "Okay.. I don't feel like jogging today." or "I can eat a slice of red velvet cake and a couple slices of pizza..." I would instantly see a pound or two of weight gain. That's just the way my body functions, unfortunately. I know a lot of folks whose body works the same way. I have friends that can exercise and be consistent with it for a few weeks, then begin to lack and the weight comes right back! Even a small change from exercising everyday to just 2 or three times a week can make all the difference. Instead of losing faith in exercising and dieting, keep at it. Don't give up. Maybe you should even step it up. Your body needs a challenge.

I am down to.... 148.6!! Yayyyyy!

4 Loko Is That Dangerous???!

This summer my lil cuzzo fresh out of college (Woop! Woop! Shout to L'z) introduced me to 4 Loko and Joose. These drinks are a cheap buzz that will definitely get you there! Less than $3.00 for one tall ass can. They taste just like a combo of Kool-Aid and beer. Needless to say, I couldn't hang. After about 1/4 of a can, I gave up and was knocked out for the night! It is news to me that the drink is infused with caffeine and alcohol. I knew about the alcoholic part, but not the other at the time of consumption. See that shit. Don't know what the fuck I was giving my body.

Peep this story CBS 4 News ran about the drink and others like it.

The Confederates LOST!...Check Da Memo.

You see that Confederate pride this dude carries one? He looks to not even be old enough to have lived the ignorant shit he tries to carry on. #FAIL!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heart "Barracuda"

This song pumps me up! Been in my head the past few days. #LetsGetIt

I Knew It Was No Way A "Star" Would Not Be Able To Afford A Camaro


Diamond gets her yellow Camaro back. Apparently there was a "computer glitch"...

.. Get it GIRL!! $40,000 worth of Camaros right DERRRR! Yeah. She confirmed that.

Ron Artest Raffles His Championship Ring For Mental Health Awareness

This is what I'm talkin' bout!! #GiveBack

Asian Lady Goes Ham In A Bar

She used my all-time favorite come-back "Your mother..." LMAO

Tiny May Face Jail Time... Diz'ZAM!

Just a week or so after we learn that T.I would not be prosecuted for the drug charges he and his wife Tiny were arrested on last month in Cali, media has leaked that Tiny has now been charged with possession of ecstasy and could face up to a year in jail. (TMZ)

Interesting Tatt

This dude must got some fucked up BM's! But then again... He ain't too kosher his damn self.


Janet Jackson's Interesting Costume is thee funniest at times!! They surely made me laugh quite ALOUD this morning off'a this one!

...I could not stop laughin'!! I've seen this look somewhere before, but cannot quite put my finger on it! That mustache is from the Adams Family father, right?..

President Obama Addresses Thwarted Terror Act

GOOD Friday: "The Joy" Kanye West Ft.....

Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & Kid Cudi

When I saw Jay's name, blood rushed to my head. I know.. I'm soooo pressed! I wish he'd drop somethin' already!! 
In other mentions, Mr. West had a consistently good roster of featured folk on these G.O.O.D Friday drops.

JYJ Ft. Kanye West "Ayyy Girl"

JYJ is a boy band from the (Far) East making their way onto the American Pop scene.

According to Yahoo:
Their popularity in their homeland landed them in Guinness in 2008 and 2009 for having the world's largest official fanclub (more than 800,000 members in Seoul alone) and for being the most photographed celebrities on the planet (they've been snapped professionally approximately 500 million times).

I wish my infatuation wit 'Ye would stop already! I just gotta say it: I LOVE ME SOME KANYE!! AND COME BACK JAY! lol

New Domain, New Name, New Look...New Err'thang!

Hey, y'all! I FINALLY got my custom domain up and running yesterday. It took me ALL morning long! Seriously, all damn morning! I perused soooo many google and blogger forums it ain't funny! I was so scared that this thang would not work for me by the weekend, I ain't know what to do wit myself. Some of you may have visited the MsPNunya site and got directed to a google page that said the page couldn't be found. This began Thursday night. I though by yesterday morning the site would have corrected itself. Wrong thought, there. At one point yesterday I switched it back to the .blogspot address so that those visiting could at least have access to my posts. Sometime before lunch I saw a suggestion on a forum to switch between custom domain and the blogger domain a time or two and that should set me straight. I did that and it worked!! I was soooo happy! I needs my words read! Yeah, I know....

With my new domain up and running, I felt as though I needed a new look. As you can see, I got this cute lil retro design going. And the side bar, tabs and footer are now transparent. I wanted my posts to be transparent sooo bad! I tried. It was cute, but I believe the letters would have been kinda of hard to read for some folks against that background. I changed the text colors and all. No color really worked. Hey. I wear glasses, myself, no shade to the vision impaired. LOL I also added a new tab: "Contact". I have an email address specifically for any tips, comments and/or suggestions anyone may have to offer. I'd appreciate it. So, shoot me a few lines sometime. 

I just began this blog in August 2010 and I'm still learning and feeling things out. Thanks for taking this ride with me, y'all! It'll just keep getting better.

Diddy Dirty Money ft Drake "Loving You Nomore"

That fronts in yo mouth, Diddy??? THIS GUY! I really posted this for all you Total fans out there. LOL That Puff. Total worked for him in the 90's. I mean.. once you find out what works, might as well stick wit it. But, how he gonna make himself the lead singer this time around? I know Kesha and dem sittin' somewhere mad as hell. He coulda at least offered them another shot.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Diamond's Camaro Is Repo'd At a Video Shoot

Remember Crime Mob?.. The recent BET cypher?... Yeah, that Diamond. A Chevy Camaro is repossessed though???.. That is Wizzy-Wow STAMPED!! Certified CRAZY!I saw on NecoleBitchie that Diamond said she just purchased the car about 2 weeks ago. That would mean the note isn't even due yet.. Hmmm.

Kandi "Leave U" Video

She's an awesome songwriter!

Ashanti's Leggings at Nelly's Listening Party

Ashanti looks good. Look at those leggings!! I WANT 'EM!!! #Inspiration! Time to hit the mall.

Sooo.. She's Really A Woman??

Remember the two different posts about this tranney that claimed to have been in a 2 year relationship with Chingy? Well, MTO has pictures of her as a kid. Nothing boyish here. What do y'all think?
As a toddler. Cute lil girl.
As a teen

Some people are sooo fuckin' desperate. I think this one tops the "Will do anything for publicity" list. I mean.. it ain't enough to just be a jumpoff anymo'?!

What (or Who) Are You Raising?

Recently, I was engaged in a conversation with someone about their child that has a bad lying problem. Even though this person says that they tell their child all the time not to lie about things, this child still lies. About any.  And EVERYthing. This made me think of some lessons that my mother has taught me. As a child, I could not see that she was molding me to become a respectful and respected woman. Now, as an adult, I recognize that and I am soooo thankful! Have y'all ever met an adult that you seriously just avoid at all costs?? The type that are Habitual liars... Will tell you they just came back from a week in Paris and they were on the other side of town all along... Gossipers... You be afraid to even say "Hi" to them because that will undoubtedly lead to an hour and a half long one-sided conversation bout what everybody but them (speaking) been doing lately... Thieves... Will take anything not nailed down. I MEAN ANYTHING!!... Those that think the WORLD owes them... When, truthfully they ain't never done shit to deserve a damn thang! (in some cases, not even life)... I know I've come across each type listed at least once and in some cases several times in life. They are family members, "friends", associates, coworkers, classmates, etc. Anyone person can fall into such an ugly category or two or more.

Ever really given thought to.. "It ain't NO WAY this person is so out there like this at the age of 23, 30 or 50 just all of the sudden." I have. I give thought to it all the time. Habits form over time. It's not like your coworker that starts shit all over the office just began this practice when he/she began working there at the age of 21. This person didn't just wake up one day at the age of 18 and say... "You know what?.. I'ma just go around and stir up chaos. I think that'll be cool." Nope. Chances are this person has been this way all their life. Since a little child in the elementary schoolyard hopping from clique to clique, telling who said what and when and where. If this child's parents knew of this behavior and did nothing to correct it... That's where they have failed their child as a parent.

Kids are innocent. When born they do not know what's right from what is wrong. It is up to that child's parent to mold that kid. When I was a child I did quite a bit. I gossiped, I once told mom, "I didn't spill anything on the (white fabric) sofa", and actually I did. Red Kool-Aid at that. Whipping of my LIFE! And as a teen I kept things from my mom because there came a time when I thought "It's MY business". Mom set me straight on all that and more! For that I am grateful!
Here are some of the things she dropped on me which I still carry in my person right now today:

-NOBODY LIKES,TRUSTS OR RESPECTS A LIAR!! -Absolute truth!! At least I know I don't. I know a few people that lie. And it be about the most petty things ever! Each one, once I discovered they lie recreationally, I totally avoid them. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking they could and probably would easily tell a lie about me. They might try to steal from me.... And most of all: THEY ARE A JOKE!! I'm not going to believe shit else you say after about 2 lies. You could tell me the sky is blue...JFK was shot...1+1 equals 2... All these things are known facts, but coming from a liar, I'm going to pause on believing that. You liars out there reading this... A lot of people feel this way. Consider this a PSA.

-Don't Give Nobody Nothing to Talk About-How many times have you heard, "I wish so-and-so would stay out of my business!" Tell me something.. How does so-and-so know about ya biz from the start? Your business is YOUR business.. You don't have to be all in the streets talkin' (or DOING) ya biz to your fam, your homegirls, your coworkers, the chick that's standing in line behind you at the Burger King... Keep it to yourself and you have little to no chance of hearing about it coming out of another person's mouth. Especially, if you doing some shit you ain't supposed to be doing. Either that, or stop doing ill shit all-together! Think about it!

-You Can't Talk To or Around Everybody!!(Gossip)-This one I learned the hard way. After being confronted several times up to about the age of 16, with "Did you say?" or "I heard you said"... What my mama had been telling me all along finally sunk in! You can't talk freely with everybody. A lot of times you may think that because your friend initiated a conversation about another mutual friend, it's okay to join in. STOP! What kind of friend is this that you are talking with? Has she in the past went back and stirred up commotion by telling all you or someone else has said about another, while leaving out things that she had said during that same conversation? It's a lot of people like that. And the conversation could actually be innocent enough. Maybe the two of you are conversing about how y'all done told Shelly time and time again that she need to leave her man that's been beating one her... By the time this chick tells Shelly how the conversation went down, your words have been twisted to the max and you're the villain. The other option is to not speak about anyone other than yourself all together. That's not an option for me. If I'm talking with my mother, sister or a two of my trusted cuzzos, I'ma let them in on some things I know. I can trust that it goes no further than that conversation.

And Lastly:

-This one kinda ties into not giving people anything to talk about and Honesty... Never Let a Mo'fo think they got something over you. By this she meant, don't do things you are ashamed of. If you do, do them discreetly. LOL. If that fails, own up to your mess. Blackmailers are every damn where!! I mean EVERYWHERE!! Here's a lil story for y'all:

When I was about 12 years old or so, there once lived a lil dude across the street from me that got on my nerves sooo bad!! Well, one day, he hit me and ran. I called him all types of "Fat, ugly, funky bitches and bastards". The lil dyke that lived on the other side of the lil lot heard me. She came into the street and was like, "Who was that cussing like that?" Of course all the kids ratted me out. So, she of all people gonna tell me that's not ladylike and if she ever heard me cussing like that again, she was going to tell my mother. I was like.. "Okay".. Time went on. Maybe about a week. Me and my mother was walking to the store. Here goes the neighborhood patrol, sippin' on cans of beer with one of her ladyfriends in her frontyard... She called me over to her and brought up the cursing incident again, telling me once again that she'll tell my mom next time... As I was walking away this heifer had the nerve to say loud enough for my mama to hear, "NEXT TIME, I'MA TELL YA MOM, YA HEAR!" Bitch, what?!! I wanted to spit in her eye I was so mad that she was being so petty. Dude hit me and ran!! He deserved that and much more!

Well, of course my mom was like "Tell me what?" Then ole girl tried to back out talkin' bout I knew what she was talkin' bout. Mom was mad and I could see it. She made me tell her right in front of the lady what the woman was talkin' bout. I told her. She assured the do-good neighbor that she would set me straight. When we came back from the store I got a whippin'. Not because I cursed dude out, but my mom explained to me that it was because I was out doing something I should not have been doing, someone else saw it and then tried to use it against me... Against her(my mom), as if they had something over us.  The lady's lil threat was meant to scare me (I guess) and my mom took it as the woman felt she knew something about my mom's child (me) that my mom didn't even know. Mama ain't like that. And I can dig it. That was a lesson like no other! When I became a teenager and started feelin' myself and tried to be "cool" like other teens in my area, I ALWAYS told my mama what I was doing. At the same time, I kept my biz to myself as much as possible. We lived in a really small community, so at times that was impossible, but I never wanted my mom to feel bad again like she did that day when someone else had come to tell her "Oh, you ain't know... your daughter's doing this..."

My mom taught me a lot more along the way. But, as for character, these are my favorite! I'm honest as hell (almost to a fault), I keep my biz MY biz, I don't do nothing that I'm ashamed of and I love and respect my mama! Parents, mold ya kids. They can't mold themselves. And if you're in denial about your child's crazy behavior, trust... You're in for a WORLD OF PAIN (and possibly regret).
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's Interested In My FUCKED Up Day?...Anyone??

Hey, guys… I’d like to just document my not-so-Awesome beginnings of a day. Do some “venting” as they say. Well, my lil kittens. Jake and Bella (pictured in my Twitpic Roll over to the right), were meowing and scratching at my door bright and early as they always do! Some mornings I let them in and others I do not. Depends on my mood. Well, this morning, my mood was not for them running all over the bed and chasing eachother while I try to iron clothes and whatnot. So, as for them coming in..That was a NO!! Well, I have a lil visitor in my home right now. A kid that’s a family member. I cracked open my door, so that I could shoo the kittens away so that I may get out without them getting in. What does this lil grown ass kid do, but bend down and PUSH Bella into my room!!! I was LIVID!! It’s not just that one act alone. This lil kid is just blatantly disrespectful on the regular! What did I do but holler “WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUSH THE CAT IN THE DOOR?! THAT SHIT’S JUST IGNORANT!!” I then continued out of my room and slammed the fuck out the room door. I tried to take that bitch off the hinges! Just last week, I kept the kittens out while I hopped in the shower. I came back out to my bedroom door open and Bellz and Jake lounging on my bed. Who the fuck let the CATS innnnn??! That’s just disrespectful. My apartment. My rules!! Anyways… HalleluJAH! For Monday!... So, that whole scenario left me seething! I mean… REALLY! And moving along..

Today my kittens have appointments for to be spayed and neutered. (Po’ babies!) Well, I was given (what seemed to be at the time) very strict instructions to have them there between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning. For some odd reason, maybe because I was seeing red prior to leaving out my apartment this morning, I thought I had to be there by 7:30. I got in my car in Alexandria City at about 6:50 am. OMG!!! I’m thinking I am going to be late and have to wait a whole ‘notha month to make it so these kittens will not be the parents of some lil kittens off an incestuous affair. I don’t NEED THIS SHT!!  I hit the ramp for 395 N and what do I see through my foggy ass windows??? Brake Lights! For as far as the eye can see! I’m thinking, “No way, I’m going to make it to L St. SE by 7:30!!” Luckily, the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it to be. I got there, asked a dude to move his car up some, so that I could be parked within the signs that allow parking on the street (cause I don’t fuck with DC motor Vehicle like dat. They real fuckin’ petty! AND they need to round up all that ticket money and fix some streets every once in a while!) and at this time it was only 7:20 AM. Woop! Woop! Boo’ya KAH Booy’ya KAH! I MADE IT!! I grab my kittens (in their carriers) and noticed that the paper says what?? Drop off between 7:30 and 8:30. So… I’m sweating bullets. Rushing round and I still got over an hour left before I am considered late??? Jesus, save me. My mind, in particular. Thanks and AMEN!

So, I get up to the door and there are already two dudes waiting with their leashed dogs. Cool. I’m third. LET’S GET IT! 7:30 rolls around… Still no lights on in the building. I’m thinking the staff would slide in through a side or back door or something… 7:36, I ring the bell, b/c I was closest to the door and NOTHING! Okay… Bout 10 minutes later someone else comes up with their pet in-hand and they ring the bell. NOTHING. Okay.. where the hell are these ppl that were on the phone telling me how IMPORTANT it is to not be late??! Finally, a dude with a pretty light brownish/gray pit bust up to the front of the line with his Washington Human Society blue scrubs on. FINALLY! He goes to unlock the door and NOTHING! He explained that the keypad unlocks the door and he would then use the key to actually unlock it. However that works. We were locked out. Staff and all! The lil dude thought that maybe the battery in the keypad died. He gave us all the option to leave our pets or wait another 30 minutes for someone else to come with another key to get us in.  One lady said she would leave the pet because she was late getting to work. This brother then says “Well, I would let you leave the dog, butttttt.. You have to sign a waiver and those are inside. So, if you leave her, we won’t be able to do the surgery anyway without the waiver. So, if you want to come tomorrow, we’ll squeeze your dog in then.” WTF?!! Did you not just give us an option to leave our pets??? This just gets better and better.

Another dude that works there came(not the person dude was waiting on) and he thought to try the side door with a key that should not have worked on the building, but to the gate and that worked. Thanks, but uh…. Could someone please cut on the lights in here?... THE FUCKIN’ POWER was OUT!! WTF is this??! All of us there, about 7 in total, filled out the forms and signed and left our pets.

On my way back to VA my car signals that I only have 19 miles to empty. I ain’t makin’ it to Fairfaz on dat! So… I zoomin’ back down 395. I told my boss I’d be in no later than 10 am! As I’m zooming along, my phone is beepin’ like crazy. My battery is down for the count. I stop and get gas. Wait about 10 minutes for my turn at the register and dude tells me the pump I’m on ain’t working. The fact that my card “couldn’t be read” at the pump should have told me that!! I then have to go back outside and snatch the one pump left before someone else comes up in this tight lot!! Arrrgggh! I finally get to my building, park, and visit that cafĂ© wit the crazy out of this world prices. I grab my food and get upstairs at 10:03! Yay!!! 

I unwrap my sandwich wit the avocado slices, tomato, lettuce, grilled chicken breast and mayo on grilled sourdough.. Take that first bite and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD once again! That is…

Until my phone beeps and I pull my jacked up charger out my purse, plug it in and… NOTHING! My charger has finally decided to bow all the way the hell out after my lil nephew accidentally ran over it last month. Since then I had been placing the phone and cord in all sorts of precarious positions to get this thing to charge!! Now, it’s all OVA! My phone died not soon after…

Around 2 pm, I decided to check my phone with it's lil bit of charge (about 10%) for any messages that the Humane Society may have left. Oh...They left messages alright! 3, to be exact. The power was on and off all day and the surgeries were not done. :-( 


When I return on Monday, I'll be paying for for only one of the kitten's procedure. The other is free... Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Right Thru Me" Nicki Minaj

Da Nix'sta looks cuter in this mode (regular). And the dude is cute, Tall and ALL!!! *clears throat and takes a breath*

Where Does Responsibility Lie In The Case of The Down-Low Man??

The topic on Russ Parr’s Morning Show was about men on the DL. This is a topic that has been around for forever! And the feelings about this topic will always remain the same.  There are those that think this is the foulest of the foul men out there and then there are some that believe a man has a choice to disclose their sexual preference. Well, I agree with both arguments to a degree.
I believe that as an individual, we all have the right to pick and choose what information we’d like to disclose.  This is absolutely true. Think about things about yourself that you would like to keep private. It could be the amount of money you make, a fear that you have, a dumb move you have made, etc. You usually do not tell strangers, family or friends these things. I feel as though that is the same with someone’s sexual preference. If there is a bi-sexual man that meets a chick and takes her on a few dates, why should he reveal to her his sexual preference if he is not comfortable with letting her know this just yet? I can totally understand if this guy wants to wait it out and see if things will progress or not before he reveals something to her that is quite honestly still taboo in this day and age. So, this is the extent that I agree with it being up to an individual if he wants to share his sexual preference or not.

Now comes the explanation on when I DO NOT agree with a man being on the DL…. Let me begin this with a caller this morning on the show that said he has been with his girl for years, but he “Like girls and boys..A hole is a hole”. Say whaaaaaa???! Okay.. You got that. You like both genders. Good for you. Why then are you afraid to let your girlfriend of years know this about you? This is what I cannot respect. He is not the only bisexual or gay man (that sleeps with woman as to mask their actual preference) that thinks like this. And that is what’s crazy. And something that I cannot respect!
Of course the biggest fear of DL men is the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Yes, we can blame them all day long. But, what about taking responsibility into our own hands ladies? The use of condoms goes both ways. Let’s speak on the men that aren’t on the DL with men, but creep around with other women. Do they not also pose the same threat? A much lower threat, but a threat all the same. I do understand there have been cases in which a (bisexual) married man passed this on to his wife. Those are the most unfortunate of cases. It is understandable that a husband and wife may not want to use protection. After all, their union is supposed to be a monogamous one… Shame. Basically, everyone must be responsible for themselves at the end of the day.
I feel a tad hypocritical in writing this, because I have a kid. Obviously, at some point in my life I haven’t practiced what I preach. But, this is a message that cannot be delivered enough. When shit goes down, it’s always nice to point the finger, like “Hey.. It wasn’t my fault”..But then too, it’s always nice to dodge a bullet by being proactive.

'On The DownLow' is a movie.  No association claimed.

J Hud Continues To Shed Pounds

...And I ain't mad bout dat!

MTO seems to think Jen has taken her weight loss to the extreme. I think she looks GOOD! They constantly remind us this is a "damn if you do; damn if you don't" world. When the girl was thick that was a joke. Now she's slim and that's a joke. C'mom, SON!

Psst! I want to look like that in a catsuit!!!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Forgive And Forget

...This is a concept that is hard for me. Really hard. I think I have the forget part down. Does acting like a motherfucker don't exist after their offense count for the "forget" part of that saying? I practice that all the time. Really. Ask anyone that once was cool wit me, but did some shit to make me lose whatever respect I did have for them. They'll let ya know. "Oh, she don't fuck wit me..." Sho' don't!! I treat everyone like I want to be treated. Everybody. I respect others. Their property, their feelings, thoughts, etc. A lot of thoughts and opinions of others I do not understand or agree with, buuuuttt... It still belongs to that individual and we can always agree to disagree. Works for me.

As for the forgive.. Work with me y'all. How exactly how does one forgive? I must be missing the genetic code for that. Once someone crosses me I CANNOT forgive that shit! As I said, I treat everyone right. Everyone. So, why then would one treat me any less?? I do not understand this at all and therefore I lose all respect for that individual . This person could even try to smooth things over in the future. Maybe even go out of their way to do something nice for me. By the time the "future" comes, I am totally done!! You can bring me the moon! Unfortunately for that ass, I have already begun to act as if you do not exist. (The forgetting part of the saying. At least my interpretation.) I am just void of all emotional attachment to any person that cannot reciprocate the respect I give them.

Nah. For real, I know the forget part means forgetting about the offense committed against you. I cannot do that. I don't believe anyone can. I mean really. If I am your good friend and I do some foul shit to you, how the fuck can you ever forget that?! I'm not talking a stranger accidentally spilling their drink on your favorite pair of heels in the club..That, you can forget. By the end of the night the event is out of your head. But, to have a person that you thought to be cool with you disrespect your property, thoughts, or feelings (or whatever else).. That is shit that CANNOT be forgiven or forgotten.

C'mon y'all. I know I am not the only one missing this "Forgive and Forget" gene.

Ryan Leslie Offers $20,000 For The Return Of His Laptop

...You in Germany?.. Yeah? Well, you have a chance at $20,000. I know Ryan going crazy!!

Swizz Beatz To Release A New Record Every Monday

...Takin' 'Ye's lead, huh? I guess if it works, might as well jump in there. LOL Yeezy even tweeted it for him. I hope this means he's just producing and NOT RAPPING!! #IaintLyin'!

**Click To Enlarge**

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4: ”I would consider myself a truuuuuuue Equestrian..”

Alright, y’all. The Real Housewives of Atlanta was back at it, as always.. Every monday night on Bravo at 9 pm and 11 pm EST. This year is not as drama-filled as prior seasons (thus far). Whatev.. I got my take on the show for y’all nonetheless.
I shall start with Nene. Okay. She got some cosmetic surgeries done during this episode. Nose, boobs and liposuction. I didn’t know her boobies were fake from the jump. I’m probably late with that one. But, she went a size or two down with the implants. She then took some meat off them nostrils and got some of that tummy area sucked out. I could use some work on my tummy area myself. She really got me thinking. Umm hmm. I’m just totally confused as to #1: Why she allowed the cameras to document her surgeries (before and immediately after) and #2 WHY WHY WHY did she allow them in her home during that recovery?! She looked horrible!! I mean, this is understandable, she was all drugged up and barely conscious. I get that. Sooooo.. With that in mind, why allow these cameras in yo house?!! I just don’t get that. Maybe she was bound by a contract or something. 
I’m tellin’ y’all. That Nene is a mess! Straight out of surgery she got her homegirl that accompanied her on that day to call up all her other homies. She called Kim and Sheree. Groggy and barely understandable. I don’t know why her homey agreed to even call those people for Nene. They could not understand the words she slurred outta her mouth! LOL She is looking slightly better though. And I was wondering why she recently exposed the fact that she had some nips and tucks done in an interview with one of those lil supermarket mags. Guess she wanted to put it out there before this episode aired. *shrug*
Kim. She still a certified ass MESS! She says that her and Big Poppa are back together. Good for you, Kim. Did he leave his wife for yo ass yet?... Or... is he still milking the cow fa free? Hmm. In this episode her parents came over for dinner or whatever. I know that parents should be supportive of their kids endeavors, but uh... Her po’ parents are a tad delusional, I think. Her father was talkin’ bout he knew she had some talent from when she was a kid and sang some Christmas song or something. Daddy, WHAT?!!! OMG! What is he talkin’ bout? That girl cannot sing!
Sheree. She is still giving this “Dr.” Ty or whatever his name is a chance. She went to see him speak about why women can’t find a man or something like that. I must admit.. The things he was saying were very true. But, uhhhh... Shit that is common sense and that we have all heard before. I don’t know..I wasn’t extremely impressed. At least not as impressed as Sheree’s washed up ass. 
Kandi wasn’t seen of much in this episode. At least not in the sense that I have something to add about just her in this post. Kandi is my favorite. 
You know I ALWAYS save the worst for last! Phaedra. That motherfuckin’ Phaedra. This bitch! She just be doin’ THEE MOST! Okay.. She took invited Cynthia, her man and Dwight to some horse event. I don’t know if that shit was a race or what. Anyway, on their way there in the limo that she paid for, Phaedra started talkin’ bout Apollo ain’t got no kids and she prayed for God to send her a pure man. Girlll!! Shut the FUCK UP!! Her saying that was all the more crazy because Cynthia’s old ass boo, Peter had just revealed that he has 5 kids. What the hell made her carry on like that talkin’ bout her man is pure and all this and that? That bitch is crazy and she need to be glad she deal wit the folk she deal wit, cause anyone else would have gave her the tongue-lashing of the century!! She swear she is up on the moon status somewhere! Somebody send her the memo, please! Ugggh!! 
Anyway, The quoted title of this blog is thanks to Phaedra’s snooty patooty ass.”I would consider myself a truuuuuuue Equestrian..” Yeah. She said that. Girl, PLEASE!!
And then... her babyshower. Goodness. Let me tell ya. This chick! She enforced a dress code!! Everyone in attendance must wear a hat. She was the only one that should have not had a hat on her head. Kim messed that up for her. Not only did she come late but she also came sans headgear. Oop! She also requested that everyone dress up. I don’t mean casually. I mean real legit, dress up. I think I heard Kandi and Cynthia talkin’ about she wanted everyone to wear gloves too??! Yeah.. She’s just that fuckin’ crazy!  There was traditional dancing performed by her and Dwight...She has some ballerinas or praise dancers, something..perform. I mean, really, chica. Really!! When describing the upcoming event to Cynthia and her b/f, Phaedra and Dwight says that the babyshower is going to be like her wedding. Big and extravagant. LMAO. They say that her wedding was really a “Who’s who” event. “lawyers...governors...doctors..judges...” Oh, fuckin’ spare me! And then she says that she had to cut her guest list back from 1,000 to about 300. Really? What happened Long Money? Pockets weren’t quite that deep? Oh, nooooo!! Not you! Ugh! GAG, BITCH!

"Check It Out"

They performed this on the VMA’s this year. I loved Will.I.Am’s pink and black latex suit and matching head mask then and I love it NOW! Favorite quote: “I don’t sympathize. Cause you a simple bitch”

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Nigga Can't Even Joke Nomo'!

WOW! So, I came across this on MTO, a story of the demand for a reporter that works with Tom Joyner to be fired. Jawn Murray tweeted “militant, nappy-headed #angryblackwoman (women)”... See the screenshots I picked up from

The demand for this guy to be fired from his job kinda bewilders me. From the two screenshots posted, it seems as if the guy is joking. I mean.. For cryin’ out LOUD!!! His own damn hair is NAPPY! How could he possibly mean to offend nappy-headed folks, when he, himself is one?? (Think about it mad ladies!-LOL) Is there almost ALWAYS the truth under a joke?.. Absolutely! But, if something is said as a joke, why take it seriously? Hmm?? Then on the other hand.. Is it possible for these same words to be taken lightly if they came from someone not of the African-American race? Absolutely not! Could this be the reason folks are reacting so harshly to this man’s comical thoughts? BTW I’m on the side of those not interested in the film, For Colored Girls Only. Mr. Perry always finds a way to push several of the same moral stories (from his past movies) down our throats in the least bit of time possible(the length of a movie). It’s sickening. I say, BRING THE PLAYS BACK!! At least those were funny.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet The New Blog: Mckenzie Lacroix

Yes! As I promised, I acquired my own domain!!! Yay!

Let me tell y'all, it was....interesting. First, I went through I purchased a one year domain for $11.99. Somehow, by the time I checked out I paid $24.16. Whatever. It was my own domain!!! I was too thrilled. Well, trying to get the contents of my blog to recognize that domain (or vice versa) was a bit of a task for me. Eventually, I think I got the DNS and CNAME and all that other technical crap straight (there was a message that said it was successful) and I changed my blogger setting to a custom domain. ANNNNNNNDD...NOTHING! I was too through! Especially after I clicked on the Blogger option to create a custom domain and found that it was only $10 for a year and it includes an email!!

I called up GoDaddy and canceled my domain. A guy walked me through handling this on their site. My refund should be coming soon and I signed up via Blogger for a GoDaddy domain (how weird) for just 10 bucks!

So, the entire name change... I had already registered with GoDaddy earlier this morning, so when I set up the custom domain with Blogger, that domain was taken. I then started thinking on what other creative way I could kind of tweak the name so that it remain recognizable to my audience (you all) that have been checking me out from day one. I came up with: ItsMsPnunya...MsPNunyasWorld...WorldofPNunya...even TarajiPNunya ( Taraji P Henson). The last one I thought of because tiny changes to stars names have worked for others before me, such as Perez Hilton (Paris Hilton) and Necole Bitchie (Nicole Ritchie). But, then, because I really oppose the whole "following" thing, I decided to simply pick a name that I love. My real name, I will not reveal here, but I really did not like it until I was a full-grown woman. This blog is my own lil corner of the world and that means that I can be named whatever I'd like. If I were to birth a daughter what would I name her?.... Hmmmm... Birth To:

MCKENZIE LACROIX (pronounced La Kwah)
...Coming soon

"Another Planet" Jawan Harris Ft. Chris Brown

This song and vid is so cute!! Jawan is just 13!

Swimmer Dies During Open Water Event

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, 26 year old American, Olympic swimmer named Fran Crippen died during a World Cup race in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. It’s been reported that he comes from a family of swimmers and (obviously, because of the race he was participating in at the time of death), he was very experienced. I know nothing about swimming professionally, but a lot of reports I have come across blame the temperature of the water that day for causing his death.  After doing a bit of research, I have found that the water temperature of an open water event should not be above 30 degrees Celsius. The winner of the race has said the temperature was above that (he believes) and he, too places blame on the conditions during the race.
FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation; administration for international competition in the aquatic sports) President states simply that Crippen overexerted himself and that is to blame for his death. When it all boils down, this may have been. His body could not stand to finish the race. HOWEVER!! Could this be due to the water’s conditions (temp.)?? Folks need to recognize and accept blame. This young man is DEAD!! A few others that participated in this race had to visit the hospital afterwards. Unfortunately, Crippen’s case was the most severe of them all, but the fact that he was not the only one affected (in some way) proves that there was an obvious issue in the water on that day.  Hopefully, in the future more will be done to ensure swimmers safety during these open water events.

Paranormal Activity 2.. Don’t Believe Da Hype. Please!!

So.. Me and my kid had a pretty nice lil dinner and a movie date Saturday. For the movie, we chose Paranormal Activity 2. That crap was HORRIBLE!! I did not watch the 1st one. So, I, myself cannot compare for y’all, but my son did and he said the 1st one was SCARY! Now.. I don’t know if he found it so scary because he was just 10 at the time he watched it or if it was because it actually was scary.. *shrug*. What I do know, it based on this sequel, the Paranormal Activity brand is Wiggity-Wiggity-Wiggity WACK!! I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda happy that it was so wack. At least I won’t be scared to use the bathroom in the middle of the night for the next few weeks (which happens when something scares the hell outta me).
Let me give y’all details that build up to my opinion of this movie:
-The build-up to action took too long! Damn near half the movie it ain’t nothing scary going on
-They fired the mature Latina nanny for trying to drive the ghosts/demon/spirit out. Shiiiit! She was tryna do y’all a favor! Idiots.
-When shit did start getting scary, it wasn’t scary enough! 
-Every time a lil something happened on the screen dude behind me hollered “Damn!” Real sudden and loud! This caused me and my son to laugh EVERY TIME!! 
I mean… maybe this isn’t exactly in the “horror” genre. Possibly this is a... I guess “thriller” or “suspense”.. Whatever the case, I give this 5 thumbs down. Yeah.. I borrowed some thumbs for emphasis. This flick is just that awful!!

The Melanin-Rich Are Taking Over The WORLD!!!!...

...Well, not really... BUT.. They(we) can be found in some rather prestigious positions. About two years ago the U.S appointed its first black president, Mr. Barack Obama. This was a huge step, (in my mind and the mind of many others). And since then, Piran(in Eastern Europe) has elected its first black mayor, Peter Bossman! This guy's nickname is.... "Obama of Piran". Cute!

I was hard-pressed to find a picture of Mayor Bossman online. This is the only one I could find. (Hope it's really him-lol)

Excerpt of article at

Peter Bossman, 54, became mayor of the picturesque seaside city of Piran in the second round of local elections after beating the centre-right incumbent, according to preliminary results.
"My victory shows a high level of democracy in Slovenia," Bossman, who came to Slovenia from Ghana 33 years ago to study medicine, told Reuters. He is a member of the Social Democrats, the leading party in the centre-left government.
"There are always small groups of people not accepting people who are different and in the first months after coming to Slovenia I felt that some people did not want to be with us (immigrants from Africa)," he said.
"But for the last 10 or 15 years I experienced nothing like that any more. I have no problems at all and I think people no longer see the colour of my skin when they look at me." 

You Ain't Gotta Lie, Craig!!!

Fuck y'all lyin' asses!

I hate..HATE...HATE!!!! A liar!! Everyone on EARTH has told a lie or two during their lifetime and undoubtedly will tell AT LEAST one more before they depart. I understand this... Who hasn’t been pulled over for speeding and said “No, sir...I didn’t realize I was going that fast..” or told ya homegirl her hair is “So cute!” but the style actually doesn’t fit her?... We all have said lil white lies. So, in the technical sense everyone is a liar. However, I’m not speaking “technically”. I’m speaking of those folks that just flat out lie about every damn thang! Y’all needs to know! I hate y’all.
I have recently come to find out that a person that I thought was cool is the BIGGEST LIAR fuckin’ ever!! I mean... this chick is just awful wit it. I hate that she has now turned me away from her. I could continue to attempt to be cool with this person, but I simply no longer trust her AT ALL!! If a person can look you straight in the face (while wearing a face of guilt) and tell you the opposite of what you already know to be true... That person has issues. All the while, during this chick’s chapter of a story, which I already know is a lie, I’m thinking, “WHY LIE??!” Especially when you are grown. Just ‘fess up and deal with it.
I tell my son all the time... Ain’t no need to lie! Most people lie because they are ashamed of their actions. If you do/say some foul shit and get called out on it, if you lie, that is because you know what you did/said was fucked up from the jump. If you do not lie, that means you don’t care that your actions/words were fucked up OR that you were just ignorant to the fact that you did or said some crazy shit. 
If you’re just an innocent fuck-up or just an all out person that don’t give a damn and can admit, “Yeah, I did that” or “Yeah, I said that”.. You got my respect. ALL DAY LONG! I may avoid ya ass in the future, but at the same time, I definitely respect you. On the other hand, if you get called out and say, “Noooo...I didn’t...” AND you wearing the guilty face, looking like a kid caught wit their hand in the cookie jar, I DO NOT RESPECT YOU. AT ALL!! Not only will I avoid you, but I’ma also tell people to watch out for ya ass, cause you cant be trusted!
I think most people feel this way. So, to all you habitual liars out there.. Be Warned. I hate your stinkin’ guts! And I ain’t the only one!
So, what’s the moral of this story, kids?? Don’t do shit that you are ashamed of and cannot admit to; which would cause you to lie about if you were to ever be found out. 
Enjoy y’all Monday!!

Ms. P Nunya
p.s..... I recently acquired my own domain... The “blogspot” will soon be dropped from my address no later than tomorrow morning.. Continuing to progress...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahhh Damn! He Got Her Good!

(Skit)Girl tricked into showing her man's friend what's under her towel... LMAO! As they say: "GOT ONE!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

"No Shit! You Are The Uncut Dicks!" What Is This Dude Onnn?! LMAO

Umm.. Was that pubes sticking out the top of his panties?? #ImDONE!!

Dude Thrown Off Motorcycle And Lands On His Feet After of A Flip

Now... I don't know... This seems as if it could have possibly been a set-up stunt. Nevertheless, it's cool as shit! Them Asians... Man.. Quick.

Baraka flocka flame- Head of the state (Hard in the paint parody)

I must give 'em credit.. This is a creative twist (on the original song's words). PURE FUCKERY?? STAMPED!! I hope all y'all involved go to the damn polls on November 2, 2010 (A TUESDAY) and vote for your senate (if you state has any seats open)!!!!

Kandi Koated Nights Almost Turned Into A Fight

..A Real one! The other night I posted my thoughts on her question of this particular night... Does shacking up before marriage help or hinder a relationship.. Y'all may remember this. Well, her and her homey was bout to get down on this night! Check it out: