Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Victim of Bullying

13 year old girl takes her own life due to vicious physical
and cyber bullying after a topless pic she sent her “boyfriend”
went viral.

Her friends say the bullying transitioned from the internet to reality. This girl was being teased and physically assaulted. Unfortunately, that resulted in her taking her own life. Parents really need to monitor their kids a bit more closely. Presently, the internet, phones, etc present a whole new realm for mischief. Not only for this child that should not have sent images of herself to her "boyfriend" but also for the kids that posted these pictures online along with all sorts of negative comments. I am sure that well over half of the parents these little kids belong to was not aware of their behavior. Had they checked these kids' Facebook or Myspace accounts this story may have had a different conclusion.

This is yet another sad case of these teens struggling to cope in a cruel world.

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