Monday, October 18, 2010

He Said, She said and oh... Of Course... THEY SAID. Who Da Hell Is THEY Any Damn Way??

There’s always 2 or more sides to EVERY story. Is it ever really worth it to argue your side to those not involved? I say “NO”! So many people argue and fight to clear their name to 1: People that don’t have shit to do with the situation at hand and 2: People whose opinion they really don’t give a fuck about! 
Coming up in my mother’s household her favorite line was “People gonna say...”  or “They tryna say...” that type of thinking will damn near kill any sane ass person or at least drive them insane. Trust me. I know. It wasn’t till I was a grown ass woman, probably about age 23 when I started thinking, “You know what?.. FUCK PEOPLE!”  Especially when the “people” being referred to I don’t give a rat’s ass about! Opinions that I covet are that of my mother’s, my son’s and the people that pay me. That’s it AND that is ALL!! The absolute truth is folks are gonna talk. They’ll talk about you when you’re doing good and they talk about you when you’re doing bad. A lot of people can never be pleased. You can fuck around and give a motherfucker yo life and if their head ain’t in the right position they can still look at your dead body and utter some shit like, “When she was livin’, what she eva do fa me??!” LMAO!! U can't do right in some folks eyes, no matter how hard you try or how well you achieve. When you figure a person out for who they really are and you don’t like it.. let that person be. I then usually proceed to act as if they never existed. I mean.. to each his/her own. I know sometimes it may irk you when you think a “friend” speaks ill of you. The only way to cut that at the head is to leave that “friend” alone. 
I just thought I would share my view on this because aside from my mother, I hear this in a lot of day-to-day conversations. With friends, family, on television... And it just really made me think.. Why are so many people concerned with what the fuck “they” are saying or may say? Everyone should just live their lives to the best of their abilities and not worry bout what the next gotta say. If you living right and ain’t bothering “they” in no way, who cares what “they” have to say??? Not I! Do yaselves a favor and start practicing this approach. I promise you, your life will be much more pleasant and your sanity will remain intact or return to you (depending on how crazy you have let “them” drive you).

And here's a quote for y'all:

“I cannot give you the formula
for success, but I can give
you the formula for failure —
which is:
Try to please everybody.”
Herbert Bayard Swope
US Editor and Journalist

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