Friday, October 22, 2010

"Just Love The One You're With"

...Who the hell made this shit up?? If you don’t really love or even like the one you are with…. That would be considered settling, no?.. I have heard so many people give this advice, or the variation of this: “If you can’t be with the one you love, be with the one who loves you.” What??! I know this is sincere advice and all, but.. NEXT!!!  PUH-Leeez! This makes no sense to me. Why would one settle when it comes to choosing the person they will share their life, body and soul with? WHY???! Most of us ain’t even willing to “just settle” when it comes to choosing a car, what grocery store to shop at, what hair salon to visit, etc… Y’all get my drift. All those things listed in the last sentence are so freakin’ trivial when compared to how (or who) one should choose (as) a partner.
I’ve said it once and will continue to say it againand again… Go for what you like. Some of us like all the negative things.. That’s okay. Maybe one day, you’ll mature and not like the man that smacks you around and takes his other babymama shopping with your foodstamp card.. Or if you are a dude that’s attracted to sluts, maybe one day you will mature and stop going after the girls that already smashed all your homies..I know.. For some it’s a process. But, hey! If that’s what you like.. That’s what you like and for you, as an individual, why should you not have what you like in your life? Why would one suffer through dealing with someone that they aren’t into just because some friend or family member is in their ear hollerin’ bout “You should be wit *blank* ‘cause he/she really loves you.” Give me a BREAK!! If that person is sooo good,why don’t you (giving this unsound advice) be with them then?
And please don’t let folks fool you into believing you will not or cannot meet a partner that you consider perfect. Or at least as close to it as possible. You can and with patience you will. Get out. Date around. DATE. Around. Not SLEEP around. (Huge difference) Really, how can you ever find true happiness in a relationship (or anything for that matter) if you don’t seek it?
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