Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet The New Blog: Mckenzie Lacroix

Yes! As I promised, I acquired my own domain!!! Yay!

Let me tell y'all, it was....interesting. First, I went through I purchased a one year domain for $11.99. Somehow, by the time I checked out I paid $24.16. Whatever. It was my own domain!!! I was too thrilled. Well, trying to get the contents of my blog to recognize that domain (or vice versa) was a bit of a task for me. Eventually, I think I got the DNS and CNAME and all that other technical crap straight (there was a message that said it was successful) and I changed my blogger setting to a custom domain. ANNNNNNNDD...NOTHING! I was too through! Especially after I clicked on the Blogger option to create a custom domain and found that it was only $10 for a year and it includes an email!!

I called up GoDaddy and canceled my domain. A guy walked me through handling this on their site. My refund should be coming soon and I signed up via Blogger for a GoDaddy domain (how weird) for just 10 bucks!

So, the entire name change... I had already registered with GoDaddy earlier this morning, so when I set up the custom domain with Blogger, that domain was taken. I then started thinking on what other creative way I could kind of tweak the name so that it remain recognizable to my audience (you all) that have been checking me out from day one. I came up with: ItsMsPnunya...MsPNunyasWorld...WorldofPNunya...even TarajiPNunya ( Taraji P Henson). The last one I thought of because tiny changes to stars names have worked for others before me, such as Perez Hilton (Paris Hilton) and Necole Bitchie (Nicole Ritchie). But, then, because I really oppose the whole "following" thing, I decided to simply pick a name that I love. My real name, I will not reveal here, but I really did not like it until I was a full-grown woman. This blog is my own lil corner of the world and that means that I can be named whatever I'd like. If I were to birth a daughter what would I name her?.... Hmmmm... Birth To:

MCKENZIE LACROIX (pronounced La Kwah)
...Coming soon

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