Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Domain, New Name, New Look...New Err'thang!

Hey, y'all! I FINALLY got my custom domain up and running yesterday. It took me ALL morning long! Seriously, all damn morning! I perused soooo many google and blogger forums it ain't funny! I was so scared that this thang would not work for me by the weekend, I ain't know what to do wit myself. Some of you may have visited the MsPNunya site and got directed to a google page that said the page couldn't be found. This began Thursday night. I though by yesterday morning the site would have corrected itself. Wrong thought, there. At one point yesterday I switched it back to the .blogspot address so that those visiting could at least have access to my posts. Sometime before lunch I saw a suggestion on a forum to switch between custom domain and the blogger domain a time or two and that should set me straight. I did that and it worked!! I was soooo happy! I needs my words read! Yeah, I know....

With my new domain up and running, I felt as though I needed a new look. As you can see, I got this cute lil retro design going. And the side bar, tabs and footer are now transparent. I wanted my posts to be transparent sooo bad! I tried. It was cute, but I believe the letters would have been kinda of hard to read for some folks against that background. I changed the text colors and all. No color really worked. Hey. I wear glasses, myself, no shade to the vision impaired. LOL I also added a new tab: "Contact". I have an email address specifically for any tips, comments and/or suggestions anyone may have to offer. I'd appreciate it. So, shoot me a few lines sometime. 

I just began this blog in August 2010 and I'm still learning and feeling things out. Thanks for taking this ride with me, y'all! It'll just keep getting better.

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