Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ooooh! It's so HARD!!.. My Weight Loss Battle!

My battle with weight.
This is some REAL SHIT, y'all. OMG! It is so hard for me to get weight off and keep it off. Let me take y'all back to the beginning of this all.

December 2005 I graduated from college, relocated and snagged a desk job. This job was,unfortunately for me, situated around all types'a restaurants that were only one call away. Myself and my coworkers ordered out several times a week. By mid-2006 I went from the 135 pounds (ideal for my 5'3" frame) I came to the Virgina with to 150 pounds! We're talkin' just 3 months, folks! Three. Months. 

Well, I joined Gold's Gym and began working out every morning for an hour before work and started declining offers to order out at work. That was going well for me, but the pounds were not coming off as fast as I thought they would. I then moved to the other side of town and the Gold's Gym on my new end did not honor my membership because they were independently owned. I was not going to travel a total of about 30 minutes each morning to get to the gym and back, so...That was the end of my daily exercising. At this point I was probably..Maybe..down to about 147 pounds or so. Not far from that nasty ass 150. That was disappointing, but hey.. What can I do.

So, I kinda let my weight just do its own thing for a long time. I tried monitoring my caloric intake a little bit, but not by much. My clothing was looking horrible on me and I was feeling depressed by it a bit. Oddly enough, dudes were loving my physical appearance. I couldn't get that shit. I remember asking one dude if he could even differentiate between Fat and PHat. I mean.. REALLY!! He said that he could, but I don't believe him. My ass was fuckin' fat! (Still is a bit)

Well.. Let's move along... Fall of 2009 I was at 157 pounds! 157!! My job at the time had a gym in a sister building that it's employees had access to for free. I began a daily after work routine with the elliptical machine. I was loving the progress at that time. My gut was going back in the other direction and my thighs were getting firm. Woooo, BAY BAY!! And then... in the Spring of 2010 the  company I worked for announced the closing of our location and I was laid off in April. Along with my position, my gym membership went Bye Bye. :^( Oh, so sad. At this point I was maybe around the low 150's (about 153 probably). 

I got another job in May. Thankfully, this job has very limited take-out options. Cuts temptation right on out. I order out maybe once every two weeks or so. This definitely gives me a great advantage in this fight. But, for some reason, even without the carryout the weight was going NOWHERE! After spending an entire summer spilling out of shit, I decided 3 weeks ago to begin exercising. I see folks jogging ALL THE TIME around my way. I figured I should join them. I began power walking for 30 minutes to an hour at least 3 times a week. For the past week or so I have been jogging the entire time. It feels really good and I am seeing results once again!! At the beginning I weighed about 155. Over these 3 weeks my weight has fluctuated between 152-154. And I just could not seem to get below that 152!! But TODAY! Yes!! TODAY! I jumped on that scale and it read 151.6!!!!! I'm Comin' Out! I want the world to KNOWWWW! Time to Let it SHoWWW!" (In the words of Ms. Ross)

OMG! It feels so good! Oh yeah.. In addition to exercising, I downloaded an app named My Fitness Pal on my Evo which helps me count calories. The app gave me a 1200 daily calories max that I struggle to stay within, but overall it helps me monitor my intake and is a rather nice tool.

Just thought I'd share this with y'all. If you're in a battle with your weight or if you want to get some weight off you but don't know where to start, hopefully my little story helps you. As the saying goes, "No pain, No gain"! Rarely does things worth having come easily.

-Ms. P Nunya ;^)

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