Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4: ”I would consider myself a truuuuuuue Equestrian..”

Alright, y’all. The Real Housewives of Atlanta was back at it, as always.. Every monday night on Bravo at 9 pm and 11 pm EST. This year is not as drama-filled as prior seasons (thus far). Whatev.. I got my take on the show for y’all nonetheless.
I shall start with Nene. Okay. She got some cosmetic surgeries done during this episode. Nose, boobs and liposuction. I didn’t know her boobies were fake from the jump. I’m probably late with that one. But, she went a size or two down with the implants. She then took some meat off them nostrils and got some of that tummy area sucked out. I could use some work on my tummy area myself. She really got me thinking. Umm hmm. I’m just totally confused as to #1: Why she allowed the cameras to document her surgeries (before and immediately after) and #2 WHY WHY WHY did she allow them in her home during that recovery?! She looked horrible!! I mean, this is understandable, she was all drugged up and barely conscious. I get that. Sooooo.. With that in mind, why allow these cameras in yo house?!! I just don’t get that. Maybe she was bound by a contract or something. 
I’m tellin’ y’all. That Nene is a mess! Straight out of surgery she got her homegirl that accompanied her on that day to call up all her other homies. She called Kim and Sheree. Groggy and barely understandable. I don’t know why her homey agreed to even call those people for Nene. They could not understand the words she slurred outta her mouth! LOL She is looking slightly better though. And I was wondering why she recently exposed the fact that she had some nips and tucks done in an interview with one of those lil supermarket mags. Guess she wanted to put it out there before this episode aired. *shrug*
Kim. She still a certified ass MESS! She says that her and Big Poppa are back together. Good for you, Kim. Did he leave his wife for yo ass yet?... Or... is he still milking the cow fa free? Hmm. In this episode her parents came over for dinner or whatever. I know that parents should be supportive of their kids endeavors, but uh... Her po’ parents are a tad delusional, I think. Her father was talkin’ bout he knew she had some talent from when she was a kid and sang some Christmas song or something. Daddy, WHAT?!!! OMG! What is he talkin’ bout? That girl cannot sing!
Sheree. She is still giving this “Dr.” Ty or whatever his name is a chance. She went to see him speak about why women can’t find a man or something like that. I must admit.. The things he was saying were very true. But, uhhhh... Shit that is common sense and that we have all heard before. I don’t know..I wasn’t extremely impressed. At least not as impressed as Sheree’s washed up ass. 
Kandi wasn’t seen of much in this episode. At least not in the sense that I have something to add about just her in this post. Kandi is my favorite. 
You know I ALWAYS save the worst for last! Phaedra. That motherfuckin’ Phaedra. This bitch! She just be doin’ THEE MOST! Okay.. She took invited Cynthia, her man and Dwight to some horse event. I don’t know if that shit was a race or what. Anyway, on their way there in the limo that she paid for, Phaedra started talkin’ bout Apollo ain’t got no kids and she prayed for God to send her a pure man. Girlll!! Shut the FUCK UP!! Her saying that was all the more crazy because Cynthia’s old ass boo, Peter had just revealed that he has 5 kids. What the hell made her carry on like that talkin’ bout her man is pure and all this and that? That bitch is crazy and she need to be glad she deal wit the folk she deal wit, cause anyone else would have gave her the tongue-lashing of the century!! She swear she is up on the moon status somewhere! Somebody send her the memo, please! Ugggh!! 
Anyway, The quoted title of this blog is thanks to Phaedra’s snooty patooty ass.”I would consider myself a truuuuuuue Equestrian..” Yeah. She said that. Girl, PLEASE!!
And then... her babyshower. Goodness. Let me tell ya. This chick! She enforced a dress code!! Everyone in attendance must wear a hat. She was the only one that should have not had a hat on her head. Kim messed that up for her. Not only did she come late but she also came sans headgear. Oop! She also requested that everyone dress up. I don’t mean casually. I mean real legit, dress up. I think I heard Kandi and Cynthia talkin’ about she wanted everyone to wear gloves too??! Yeah.. She’s just that fuckin’ crazy!  There was traditional dancing performed by her and Dwight...She has some ballerinas or praise dancers, something..perform. I mean, really, chica. Really!! When describing the upcoming event to Cynthia and her b/f, Phaedra and Dwight says that the babyshower is going to be like her wedding. Big and extravagant. LMAO. They say that her wedding was really a “Who’s who” event. “lawyers...governors...doctors..judges...” Oh, fuckin’ spare me! And then she says that she had to cut her guest list back from 1,000 to about 300. Really? What happened Long Money? Pockets weren’t quite that deep? Oh, nooooo!! Not you! Ugh! GAG, BITCH!

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