Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Season 3 Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere #1

Oh my GAWD!!! This season premiere. I have ALOT to say 'bout this one! A LOT!!

So, the show opens with Sheree.... Opens. With her... In her home... Engaged in some sort of acting exercises. Bitch, PLEASE!!! Is there no end to WTF she will attempt to get some limelight? What happened to "She" by Sheree? Huh?! At this point her old, washed up ass is just graspin' at straws. She then has the nerve to say, "Kim is a media whore." Really??? Chillllle, sit da fuck down!

Nene.. I don't understand why so many people be gettin' down on Nene. Seems like she's tryin' a lil bit. Better in this one episode than last season. Last season I think she felt really threatened by Miss Kandi. The youngest, (most likely) richest, most successful of the cast. And she was new to the cast last year. I think all of that caused Nene's jealousy to peak and ultimately show EVERYTIME she was within the same vicinity as Kandi. That was unfortunate. Nene too old fo' dat shit. I ran off on a tangent, but getting back on track: Nene was cool last night. Her wig... The one that swirled from the middle left side of the head... That was not cool. AT ALL! For a lady that speaks on how much she got and what she got, a decent wig should be at the top of her "must have" list.

Besides that wig she actually did have another ugly thing exposed on this episode. She is speaking of the decline of her and Greg's relationship. It sounds as if this decline is really only based on one thing: Greg's career's decline. Now is that right? When the nigga was gettin' it, you was ALL in LOVE. Now that he ain't gettin' it as much you wanna start talkin' bout things ain't like they used to be. Don't be like that Nene. In an upcoming episode her and Greg have an in-depth convo about their relationship and it's direction. Can't wait to see that episode. I actually cannot wait to see all future episodes. Let's move along.

Kim. Okay. She comes out the closet as a lesbian and does an interview with one of them lil tabloid joints you find in the supermarket. She was playin'. Sheree may be right. Kim is somewhat of a "Media Whore". She needs to cut her shit out. I agree. (But who da fuck is Sheree to call anybody out on the same shit she do??!) Well, Kim and Nene have a reunion lunch or brunch or what the hell eva. Maaaaan! Nene had on this cute dress that showed every last back tittie the good Lord gave her! What the hell was that? Anyway, Kim tells Nene that she ran into Dwight and he told her that he loaned Greg $10,000. FIRST: Why the fuck would she tell Nene this? If Dwight told her this in an A and B conversation... Why would she then run back and tell that? I was thinking that she did this on some ass-kiss shit. This was her and Nene's first time back together and I kind of felt like she was being that dog that has come back home and brought the owner a bone as a coming back gift or somethin'. I did not respect that move. AT ALL!...

...That is UNTIL later in the show when it was revealed that Dwight is just a lil liar!! Or as Sheree's friend called him "An Old Stunt Queen"!! ( I laughed and rolled right off the damn bed wit that one! LOL) Sir Dwight had been going around Atlanta layin' down all types'a lies! When Nene questioned Greg about the loan, he told her that Dwight entered a business venture with him in which he gave up $500 and in return would have received $700 if the venture made good. The deal fell through and Dwight in that case received no money back. Not the $200 profit nor the $500 he entered the deal with. This story sounds a bit more believable. I was sitting at home like, "What the hell does Dwight do to be lending Greg $10,000?" Greg and Nene quenched my curiosity by saying Dwight's ass ain't got it like that to have $10,000 on his side, PERIOD! It had also been revealed that he had been going around Atlanta telling folk that he put up $30,000 of his own money to help Sheree out with her "She" by Sheree fashion show. He even told that new chick Phaedra that shit on camera. Oh yeah... The world heard him say that. Hmph! Sheree denies it and I believe her old wannabe ass. Where are these funds coming from Dwight?!! Where???

Well, Nene jumped up in Dwight's shit at a shoe event they were both invited to. She presented Dwight with a $500 check to return to him the funds that he lost in the gamble he decided to take by entering a business deal with Greg. Count Chocula (Dwight) ripped that check up and told Ms. Thang that he gave Greg cash and that's how he wanted it returned. Him saying that confirms that he did indeed only give up $500 and not the $10,000 he told Kim that he loaned to Greg. Nene was all IN his face! I mean.. It was a HUGE scene. Nene and her party (Kim and I believe probably Sheree) left the party. The old Nene from prior seasons came out during that scene. I excuse that though. If a nigga went 'round talkin' bout my husband borrowed $10,000 and he didn't, I woulda got in that ass too! The general consensus is that Greg and Dwight are lovers. Well, at least on Twitter. LOL

Before I move on to the... Well... MY most hated chick of the crew, let me get back to Ms. Kim. Her 13 year old daughter came home and said that she is crushin' on this French dude. She was going to send the lil dude a message on Facebook, but her mama told her "We don't chase men." WTF is that, Kim?! Her daughter hits her back with, "That's why all your relationships have failed" (basically. She did a whistle and twirly with her finger down for the word "Failed". I threw that word in there.) So.. The lil chick planned to attend a party or whatever that she knew the dude would also be at. Kim's advice: Don't kiss him first. This bitch is a PARENTAL FAIL!! She then went on the record to say that she hopes she instilled the same values in her girls that her parents have instilled in her. Really?? You got some fucked up values bitch! No morals!! SMH. 'Nuff'a dis one...

On to Phaedra. A successful, african american entertainment lawyer with a lovely home. My praise STOPS THERE! This preggo chick just rubs me the wrong way. Her man is not as cute as she thinks he is. This nigga is "Throwback Fine". Got that old ass 1998 Shamar Moore look. That look been played since... 2002 at the latest. LMAO! I mean.. Really. Then he just slinks around like her lil puppy dog and shit. AND I hear that he spent six years behind dem bars. She went from ballers and rappers to an ex-con that reportedly does not work at all. That is backwards as all hell!! If he is a trill ass nigga, that money ain't gonna keep him. Believe me. I done seen that shit fail one too many times! A bitch think that 'cause she got dough she gonna tame this nigga and have him move when she move. Nah... Dudes ride wit that shit only for so long. Before you know it, they done. Go right back to fuckin' the bitches in the projects that they preferred all along. This chick just really acts as if she is the top of the tops. And it seems as though she very well may be. I just don't like the fact that she acts that way. No kind of humility at all. That's trashy. We'll see how she carries on as the season progresses.

There wasn't really much seen of Ms. Kandi this episode. She made a couple brief appearances. THANKFULLY!! That hair looked like one of my granny's red church hats after I done laid on it throughout the entire church service or soemthin'! That shit was flat and flipped and.. (In one word) OFFENSIVE! Anway, she went on a date with some football player. I believe he plays for the Ravens. This is the dude that MTO reported a couple of weeks ago lives with his newborn baby and the child's mother in MD. They made a joke about her and Fantasia touring together soon. Said it should be called the Mistress Tour or something like that. The folks behind that site is funny as a motha!

There is yet another chick in the cast. Nothing at all was seen of this chick until the last 2 seconds. Matter of fact I think she was just in the lil preview of what's to come this season. She is a model with an old ass man that she appears to be beggin' to marry her. Just what's it all comin' to? *Sigh*

RHOA airs Monday Nights on Bravo at 9 PM EST

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