Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shit I (And Most Others) Can't Stand!!

Everyone that knows me knows there is not much that does NOT get on my damn nerves. Not much at all. However, I have provided here a list of a few things that I absolutely loathe! I know a lot of y’all can relate. Here goes:
  1. When a nigga ask me repeatedly if I am going to do some shit that I already said I would. If I said “Yes” “Yeah” “Okay” once, that means I am going to do the shit! Don’t ask me several mo’ times if I am still gonna do it. Did I at any point tell you otherwise?.. No? Okay. It’s still on then, BITCH! And stop asking me before I backout on the motherfuckin’ plans!!
  2. When someone calls ME and holds a conversation or two with others on their end while I sit on the phone just breathing and getting angrier by the minute! Why the fuck did you call me??! You should have called after you were done with the convos you and your homies were carrying on that end. Rude shit.
  3. When one talks about another that does the SAME shit they do. Let me explain: If you done fucked every nigga AND bitch in the town how da fuck you gonna sit back and call the next bitch a hoe... A skeeza... Tramp or anything of that sort? I mean really!! If you shop in Dot’s and Rainbow for your entire wardrobe how you gonna try to talk about the next bitch that shop in the same stores or stores similar to? When the Pot calls the Kettle black... Woooo Bay-Bay!!
  4. When someone stares at my food while I eat. I hate even more when they wait til I get to the LAST bit and then decide to ask for some. Hell nah you can’t have none! You gonna sit here and STARE at me eat MY food then wait until I get down to the very last to ask for some??! Sorry. Can’t help ya.
  5. When a motherfucker jumps in front of me in traffic and drives slow as hell!
  6. When I’m walking down the hall in my building at work or in the elevator and someone stares me in my face and I speak because the motherfucker makes me feel a bit awkward and they don’t speak back. Why the fuck is you all in my fuckin’ face then??!  
  7. When I hold the door open for someone, especially if that someone has their hands full and they don’t say shit. Not a “Thanks, Bitch.” “Good lookin’ out, Darkie.” NOTHING! More of that rude shit I was talkin’ ‘bout.
  8. Going out with a group and someone ALWAYS comes up short with their share! Or the motherfucker that orders up $50 of shit to your $35 and wanna say, “Okay..Let’s all just split the bill” (by however many people are in attendance). Hell nah! How is it fair that you paying the same as everyone else here and you ordered the most (vice versa)? Come up with a new plan for that shit.
  9. A motherfucker that ALWAYS gotta be in da mix! Damn! Everything that go down, somehow you associated. A house catch on fire, “I pass that house every day on my way to work.” Someone gets in an accident “You know what... that nigga went to the same high school as me.” He 22 and you 30. So y’all ain’t actually go to school together, but you both at one point of time in yo lives have walked through the same halls and possibly even sat in the same chairs...Okay. I mean REALLY! Some shit can go down in California and this person could have never visited Cali a day in their lives they will still find some association in that. “Those raisins that I ate earlier came from Cali. You know.. Where that drive-by went down at last night...” Stop stretchin’. Damn!
  10. Niggas that be pressed as hell to show their rap skillz and can’t rap. That shit is offensive as hell. I’ve heard quite a few dudes that haven’t made it yet and may never make it (who knows?). Some of these niggas sound alright. (Shoutout to @SkeeDaGreat) Then there are some that sound like a fuckin’ tragedy! The delivery lacks, the lyrics lack, nothing is witty about them, all of that!! Yet and still these are the ones that wanna just bust out rhyming at any time for no damn reason! SHUT THE HELL UP!! (Think Swizz Beatz)
There are more things that I hate. As I am reminded of them I shall create a continuation post or two.
Hope y’all enjoyed and laughed. Reality is the funniest shit around.

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