Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Forgive And Forget

...This is a concept that is hard for me. Really hard. I think I have the forget part down. Does acting like a motherfucker don't exist after their offense count for the "forget" part of that saying? I practice that all the time. Really. Ask anyone that once was cool wit me, but did some shit to make me lose whatever respect I did have for them. They'll let ya know. "Oh, she don't fuck wit me..." Sho' don't!! I treat everyone like I want to be treated. Everybody. I respect others. Their property, their feelings, thoughts, etc. A lot of thoughts and opinions of others I do not understand or agree with, buuuuttt... It still belongs to that individual and we can always agree to disagree. Works for me.

As for the forgive.. Work with me y'all. How exactly how does one forgive? I must be missing the genetic code for that. Once someone crosses me I CANNOT forgive that shit! As I said, I treat everyone right. Everyone. So, why then would one treat me any less?? I do not understand this at all and therefore I lose all respect for that individual . This person could even try to smooth things over in the future. Maybe even go out of their way to do something nice for me. By the time the "future" comes, I am totally done!! You can bring me the moon! Unfortunately for that ass, I have already begun to act as if you do not exist. (The forgetting part of the saying. At least my interpretation.) I am just void of all emotional attachment to any person that cannot reciprocate the respect I give them.

Nah. For real, I know the forget part means forgetting about the offense committed against you. I cannot do that. I don't believe anyone can. I mean really. If I am your good friend and I do some foul shit to you, how the fuck can you ever forget that?! I'm not talking a stranger accidentally spilling their drink on your favorite pair of heels in the club..That, you can forget. By the end of the night the event is out of your head. But, to have a person that you thought to be cool with you disrespect your property, thoughts, or feelings (or whatever else).. That is shit that CANNOT be forgiven or forgotten.

C'mon y'all. I know I am not the only one missing this "Forgive and Forget" gene.

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