Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visit 2,685...


I am a baby in the World of Blogging. I just began this blog in August 2010 and I am super siced to see my total number of views approach 3,000! A small number to most, but it indicates progress to me. (Sit back and let me revel!)

As I said time and time again, this is a all a work-in-progress for me. There is so much stuff that I pick up on daily to make my blog more user-friendly and to get my posts a little more attention. For instance, I just addded the "Related Posts" widget today. So, below each post there will be at least four related posts listed. Uhhh... I have checked quite a few out and I realize that the widget doesn't hit with 100% precision on the similarities all the time, but it should help out a bit with you all finding other posts that you all may be interested in, based on posts that you choose to look at initially. Earlier this week I also added the option to get emails sent directly to you of new posts. That is at the top right of the screen. See...

My aim is to have my thoughts heard globally. I think I my be able to reach that one day. I truly appreciate all of you that come here daily, weekly, hourly, whatever to check me out! I promise to do my absolute best to keep you entertained.


Ms. P Nunya

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