Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's Interested In My FUCKED Up Day?...Anyone??

Hey, guys… I’d like to just document my not-so-Awesome beginnings of a day. Do some “venting” as they say. Well, my lil kittens. Jake and Bella (pictured in my Twitpic Roll over to the right), were meowing and scratching at my door bright and early as they always do! Some mornings I let them in and others I do not. Depends on my mood. Well, this morning, my mood was not for them running all over the bed and chasing eachother while I try to iron clothes and whatnot. So, as for them coming in..That was a NO!! Well, I have a lil visitor in my home right now. A kid that’s a family member. I cracked open my door, so that I could shoo the kittens away so that I may get out without them getting in. What does this lil grown ass kid do, but bend down and PUSH Bella into my room!!! I was LIVID!! It’s not just that one act alone. This lil kid is just blatantly disrespectful on the regular! What did I do but holler “WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUSH THE CAT IN THE DOOR?! THAT SHIT’S JUST IGNORANT!!” I then continued out of my room and slammed the fuck out the room door. I tried to take that bitch off the hinges! Just last week, I kept the kittens out while I hopped in the shower. I came back out to my bedroom door open and Bellz and Jake lounging on my bed. Who the fuck let the CATS innnnn??! That’s just disrespectful. My apartment. My rules!! Anyways… HalleluJAH! For Monday!... So, that whole scenario left me seething! I mean… REALLY! And moving along..

Today my kittens have appointments for to be spayed and neutered. (Po’ babies!) Well, I was given (what seemed to be at the time) very strict instructions to have them there between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning. For some odd reason, maybe because I was seeing red prior to leaving out my apartment this morning, I thought I had to be there by 7:30. I got in my car in Alexandria City at about 6:50 am. OMG!!! I’m thinking I am going to be late and have to wait a whole ‘notha month to make it so these kittens will not be the parents of some lil kittens off an incestuous affair. I don’t NEED THIS SHT!!  I hit the ramp for 395 N and what do I see through my foggy ass windows??? Brake Lights! For as far as the eye can see! I’m thinking, “No way, I’m going to make it to L St. SE by 7:30!!” Luckily, the traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it to be. I got there, asked a dude to move his car up some, so that I could be parked within the signs that allow parking on the street (cause I don’t fuck with DC motor Vehicle like dat. They real fuckin’ petty! AND they need to round up all that ticket money and fix some streets every once in a while!) and at this time it was only 7:20 AM. Woop! Woop! Boo’ya KAH Booy’ya KAH! I MADE IT!! I grab my kittens (in their carriers) and noticed that the paper says what?? Drop off between 7:30 and 8:30. So… I’m sweating bullets. Rushing round and I still got over an hour left before I am considered late??? Jesus, save me. My mind, in particular. Thanks and AMEN!

So, I get up to the door and there are already two dudes waiting with their leashed dogs. Cool. I’m third. LET’S GET IT! 7:30 rolls around… Still no lights on in the building. I’m thinking the staff would slide in through a side or back door or something… 7:36, I ring the bell, b/c I was closest to the door and NOTHING! Okay… Bout 10 minutes later someone else comes up with their pet in-hand and they ring the bell. NOTHING. Okay.. where the hell are these ppl that were on the phone telling me how IMPORTANT it is to not be late??! Finally, a dude with a pretty light brownish/gray pit bust up to the front of the line with his Washington Human Society blue scrubs on. FINALLY! He goes to unlock the door and NOTHING! He explained that the keypad unlocks the door and he would then use the key to actually unlock it. However that works. We were locked out. Staff and all! The lil dude thought that maybe the battery in the keypad died. He gave us all the option to leave our pets or wait another 30 minutes for someone else to come with another key to get us in.  One lady said she would leave the pet because she was late getting to work. This brother then says “Well, I would let you leave the dog, butttttt.. You have to sign a waiver and those are inside. So, if you leave her, we won’t be able to do the surgery anyway without the waiver. So, if you want to come tomorrow, we’ll squeeze your dog in then.” WTF?!! Did you not just give us an option to leave our pets??? This just gets better and better.

Another dude that works there came(not the person dude was waiting on) and he thought to try the side door with a key that should not have worked on the building, but to the gate and that worked. Thanks, but uh…. Could someone please cut on the lights in here?... THE FUCKIN’ POWER was OUT!! WTF is this??! All of us there, about 7 in total, filled out the forms and signed and left our pets.

On my way back to VA my car signals that I only have 19 miles to empty. I ain’t makin’ it to Fairfaz on dat! So… I zoomin’ back down 395. I told my boss I’d be in no later than 10 am! As I’m zooming along, my phone is beepin’ like crazy. My battery is down for the count. I stop and get gas. Wait about 10 minutes for my turn at the register and dude tells me the pump I’m on ain’t working. The fact that my card “couldn’t be read” at the pump should have told me that!! I then have to go back outside and snatch the one pump left before someone else comes up in this tight lot!! Arrrgggh! I finally get to my building, park, and visit that café wit the crazy out of this world prices. I grab my food and get upstairs at 10:03! Yay!!! 

I unwrap my sandwich wit the avocado slices, tomato, lettuce, grilled chicken breast and mayo on grilled sourdough.. Take that first bite and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD once again! That is…

Until my phone beeps and I pull my jacked up charger out my purse, plug it in and… NOTHING! My charger has finally decided to bow all the way the hell out after my lil nephew accidentally ran over it last month. Since then I had been placing the phone and cord in all sorts of precarious positions to get this thing to charge!! Now, it’s all OVA! My phone died not soon after…

Around 2 pm, I decided to check my phone with it's lil bit of charge (about 10%) for any messages that the Humane Society may have left. Oh...They left messages alright! 3, to be exact. The power was on and off all day and the surgeries were not done. :-( 


When I return on Monday, I'll be paying for for only one of the kitten's procedure. The other is free... Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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