Monday, October 25, 2010

You Ain't Gotta Lie, Craig!!!

Fuck y'all lyin' asses!

I hate..HATE...HATE!!!! A liar!! Everyone on EARTH has told a lie or two during their lifetime and undoubtedly will tell AT LEAST one more before they depart. I understand this... Who hasn’t been pulled over for speeding and said “No, sir...I didn’t realize I was going that fast..” or told ya homegirl her hair is “So cute!” but the style actually doesn’t fit her?... We all have said lil white lies. So, in the technical sense everyone is a liar. However, I’m not speaking “technically”. I’m speaking of those folks that just flat out lie about every damn thang! Y’all needs to know! I hate y’all.
I have recently come to find out that a person that I thought was cool is the BIGGEST LIAR fuckin’ ever!! I mean... this chick is just awful wit it. I hate that she has now turned me away from her. I could continue to attempt to be cool with this person, but I simply no longer trust her AT ALL!! If a person can look you straight in the face (while wearing a face of guilt) and tell you the opposite of what you already know to be true... That person has issues. All the while, during this chick’s chapter of a story, which I already know is a lie, I’m thinking, “WHY LIE??!” Especially when you are grown. Just ‘fess up and deal with it.
I tell my son all the time... Ain’t no need to lie! Most people lie because they are ashamed of their actions. If you do/say some foul shit and get called out on it, if you lie, that is because you know what you did/said was fucked up from the jump. If you do not lie, that means you don’t care that your actions/words were fucked up OR that you were just ignorant to the fact that you did or said some crazy shit. 
If you’re just an innocent fuck-up or just an all out person that don’t give a damn and can admit, “Yeah, I did that” or “Yeah, I said that”.. You got my respect. ALL DAY LONG! I may avoid ya ass in the future, but at the same time, I definitely respect you. On the other hand, if you get called out and say, “Noooo...I didn’t...” AND you wearing the guilty face, looking like a kid caught wit their hand in the cookie jar, I DO NOT RESPECT YOU. AT ALL!! Not only will I avoid you, but I’ma also tell people to watch out for ya ass, cause you cant be trusted!
I think most people feel this way. So, to all you habitual liars out there.. Be Warned. I hate your stinkin’ guts! And I ain’t the only one!
So, what’s the moral of this story, kids?? Don’t do shit that you are ashamed of and cannot admit to; which would cause you to lie about if you were to ever be found out. 
Enjoy y’all Monday!!

Ms. P Nunya
p.s..... I recently acquired my own domain... The “blogspot” will soon be dropped from my address no later than tomorrow morning.. Continuing to progress...

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