Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 Year Old Dead At The Hands Of Her Grandmother

Carmela Dela Rosa, 50 years old, allegedly threw her 2 year old granddaughter from the walkway connecting Tysons Corner Center and the parking garage yesterday,causing the child's death.  At this time the actual events leading up to the child's plunge has not been released. Mrs. Dela Rosa was arrested today and has been charged with murder.

"Mojo's So Dope" Kid Cudi

"Gimme Yours 2010" AZ

AZ still looks the same. KAAAAAA-YOOT!! Wit them big ass dimples! AND his flow is still dope! I wonder why some just don't make it and others do. Even when the talent is superior or about the same as another. Hmmmm.... Fate. Destiny.

"Coming Home" Diddy Dirty Money

This has a MAJOR T.I vibe with a pinch of some alternative band... Maroon 5, Coldplay..??

Puff coulda saved this shit! The song, the video and damn sho' them gold fronts! I am so tired of 'em....

"Cat Daddy" Rejectz (And Breezy)

I LOVES Chris Breezy!!!! *shrug*

...Otherwise I would not have posted this shit on my blog! ;^)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby 'Bout To Bust Outta Mama's Belly

I have no idea what they are saying (is that French?). Anyway, this is too cute!

Raz B At It Again With Another Home Vid "My Truth Is Chris Stocks Had Me And Jeurel Houston In A Room Sucking Eachother's D**cks!"


I felt bad for dude at first, but now???... Idk... Seems as though he's fishing for attention. Please, RAZ!! This is beginning to be a tad played..... NEXT, PLEASE!!

Kardashian Prepaid Debit Mastercard Not So Fab??

Yep. Turns out this card is a scam targeted at the audience that adores and strives to be like the Kardashian clan. (As if we ain't know that from the jump). BUT!! Hold UP!!! There's more: The fees associated with the card. $99.95 for a year and only (p'wahahaha) about $60 for 6 months, in addition to ATM withdrawal fees, fees to speak with a live operator and cancellation fees. WTF iz DAT?! And y'all thought it was a struggle to keep up wit the Jones'. Try these Kardashian broads and the brand they push. LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Black Friday" Kim's Diss On Nicki Minaj (Snippet)

Ummmm.. Kim got to come harder than this. I doubt if Nicki even responds. It really pains me to say it, but this joint's ji' weak.

Skip to 1:20 for the beginning of the records. Up to that point it's audio of the Angie Martinez interview with Nicki.

I couldn't find the full song on YouTube. Click here to check it out at NicoleBitchie.com

Beyonce's Vizio Commercial

OMG!! She pulled off acting in this commercial! That 'tude was so believable at the end!! Go Bey! I have always loved her for her singing and dancing. Never for her acting. Maybe she's growing into that. (Let's hope)

Wayne And His Eldest, Reginae, On Thanksgiving

This has NO relevance, but I HAD to post it. My mother saw this pic and said, "That ain't Wayne's real face is it?" What, ma??? LMAO

*Sidenote: Reginae looks more and more like mama everyday. Cute lil chick.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Girls Club Season 6 Sneak Peek


'Scuse Me, Sir... Could You Please Put Away Yo TiTaaaaaays???!

The Obese Rapper. Stop concentrating on his breasts. Listen to dude rhyme. He's good.

Bad Girls Club Season 5 Reunion Part II:In Case You Missed It. Fights, Fights And More FIGHTS!!

I post my review on the reunion earlier today and found this clip on WSHH tonight:
**Update!! The video courtesy of WSHH was clipped. Here's the vid in its entirety. Enjoy. LOL

Kanye Rants. And This Time It Ain't On Twitter!

Have I said lately... "I luuuuuuh you Kahn Yeeeee!" :-)

MTO seems to think Yeezy's troubled. Nope. Just brilliant and a lil misunderstood. Fall back, Media Takeout!

Cam'Ron And His Mama Cleaning His Jewels

More of that ig'nant shit.....

Bad Girls Club Season 5 Reunion Part II

So, Last night on Part II of the Bad Girls’ Club Reunion things picked up where they left off last week with Kayleigh ripping Kristen’s weave out. Them thangs must be clip on pieces or something. Kristen picked her tracks up, went in the back, set her shit straight and came right back out looking like ain’t shit happen. Go ‘head, Kristen!! She gets points for that one. AND her head was held high on her exit and her entrance back to the stage!!! They obviously cannot shame this chick. I really liked that look. 
My favorite of the season, Catya (Cat) makes her appearance on the stage last night with a hot lil red and black leopard print mini. That thing came just below her chocha.... LOL. Nonetheless she was SMOKIN’! She said the dress was a G and the shoes were $1200! Whoa, mama! again, no surprise on the circles she run in back in Philly. She may wanna keep that there on the low-low. And I must say, her hair was on point as well! She is really inspiring me to go get weave-‘tastic. Seriously!!
How about Erica sat there and said she is cool wit Cat and has no issues with her??...I thoughtttttttttt.... Erica said something about Cat thinking she was better than all of them and that she was basically a broke video hoe??? Something like that. Remember when Cat left Jamaica... Um hmmm! Then she sits right there at the reunion as if she’s cool with the girl. I just knew Perez was gonna blast that ass! Surprisingly, he didn’t.
Morgan came out a bit after Cat and all the girls ganged up on her. CRAZY Brandi finally made an appearance once Ms. M graced the stage. I mean... Lea, Brandi and Erica just like turned into wild banshees once this girl came on stage. As Kristen and Cat pointed out, if Morgan were not so hot and model material, these other chick would not feel so threatened by her. That’s true. They were like OD upset as soon as she hit the stage. Her one or two days in the house was enough for them. They just had to get this long-legged, long-haired, nicely made up chick out of their vision. Guess it was too much for them to stand. HAHA. Haters. That’s not a good look. 
Well, Brandi says that she ain’t hatin’. She says that she doesn’t like Morgan because she acts like she has so much money and is so connected but she was homeless when she came to the show and when she left the show. Morgan left the stage and Brandi then hopped up and started screamin’ and bustin’ blood vessels in her neck and forehead. She really needs help. (Just when I thought she had simmered down some).
Lea... She is just feeling so froggish with Kristen. As Perez pointed out, she obviously is really concerned about Kristen. Kristen is saying nor doing anything to provoke her, but for some reason, Kristen is heavy on her mind and Lea is giving her undivided attention. Lea’s just another HATER amongst that cast. SMH. So, she tries to attack Kristen and gets silly-stringed by Perez. *ArmPump* YESSSSS! And while she is being carried off backstage, Erica tries to swing on Kristen and MY GIRL, CAT, jumps right on Erica’s ass!! Another *ArmPump* YESSSSSS! She grips Erica’s hair pretty good and security has to separate them. Everyone takes a seat and Cat says it ain’t gonna be no jumpin’. She calls Erica a nutass broad and all. Erica ain’t say shit, but “Are you serious?” Cat told her she was serious and the shit Erica just pulled was “corny”. See. That’s why Cat was my favorite. Yeah, she’s a bit on the defensive side a bit much, but she’s fair wit it. She just is who she is. Unlike the rest of the cast who seemed to be whoever or whatever they felt as though they should be given whatever circumstance or company they found themselves in at the time. 
Anyway, Erica tries to pounce on Kristen again and Cat was right behind her once again swinging on her with her stiletto. Erica gets booted off the stage by Perez, who hollers, “Get outta here, bitch! Get the fuck out!”, after her silly-stringed her in the face and she stumbles off the stage. LMAO! I was too through!! He then breaks a vase and asks the ladies remaining to take a seat.
In the end there was just Brandi, Kristen, Danielle and Christina remaining on the stage. They capped the show by saying what they gained from the experience of being in the house... *clears throat* ..Yeah....Okay.
New Season of Bad Girls’ Club begins January 10, 2011 9 pm on Oxygen

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few Family Members Get iPads From A Local Best Buy

Yep. Just think... Coulda been you. When I first heard about these ladies taking turns on "shifts" inside of a tent they pitched in front of an area Best Buy since last week I thought, "Damn!! Who is that PRESSED??" Well, they've been rewarded with iPads. I believe there are 3 women involved and each received one.

Well, pressed shit paid off this time around. Wish it were me, damn it!!! Y'all know good and well I ain't sittin' out front of no damn Best Buy for a week though! LOL

Kim Zolciak Is Preggers

Uh huh... After that heifer sat there on that "Live" show that aired after RHOA on Sunday night (when she sang her new single"Google Me" and some lil chicks called in and laughed her out. LMAO) and denied the pregnancy rumors.... Uhm hum! And IDGAF what da hell Kim say, she 'bout 45 years old! Ain't NO WAY she just 33??...Did she say?. Chiiiiiiiile BYE!

Fantasia Was Pregnant By Antwuan???

....Y'all know...The lyin' ass, broke ass, married nigga... OMG!! I am actually TIRED of this damn story! But, I had to post this. I have seen all over the net today reports of Fantasia testifying in court yesterday. Reportedly she says that she and Antwuan were in an eleven-month relationship, on and off, and she even aborted a child fathered by Mr. Cook about the time of her whole OD on Aspirin episode. Mckenzie's thoughts?... WHAT IN DA FUCK??!

Please, 'Tasia, move on! MOVE ON!!! I cannot wait til this damn case is over and this hook-nosed nigga and his wife get they paper and get the fuck on with their 15 minutes of fame! Arrrrggghhh!!

“The One You Call” Keke Palmer

Keke is so pretty. And she can actually sing! (seems like that hasn’t been much of a requirement lately in the music industry) Hopefully they work on her “artist development” more. The stylist, (if there was one), for this video deserves the axe and the song seems late 90’s generic. But Keke, herself, is FANTASTIC!!

Can't wait to see her progression and transormation into a POP STAR!!

Georgia Man Gunned Down Outside Of A Preschool

After dropping off his 2 year old son, a man was shot at point-blank range in the preschool's parking lot in broad daylight.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy...They LOVE IT!! They Really, Really LOVE IT!!

It’s UNANIMOUS!! Everyone LOVES My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezy’s 5th album.
Whether you think it’s too drab, like the Chicago Tribune or you think it’s as genius as Purple Rain and give him MJ's label as the (new) King of Pop like the Seattle Times, we can all agree that this was a fine compilation of hard, intricate work; lyrically as well as production-wise.
The intro of the album featuring the British Nicki Minaj sets the tone, all the way to the outro. Just... NICE! (And it leaves me wondering: Why, exactly, did Strongface (Loyd) Banks crew think it would be a good idea for him to drop on the same day as Kanye (and Minaj)???...We have all but forgotten bout Beamer Benz Bentley. o_O)My absolute favorite on the album: “Hell of A Life” “No more drugs for me/Pussy and religion are all I need”. Screams ROCKSTAR! I love it!! This is a song I can just blast and speed off of. Following that (for me) are “All of The Lights”, and “Lost in The World” which makes a seamless transition into the very last track “Who will Survive In America”. Really. One cannot tell where one begins and the other ends.
A lot of these songs (Power, Monster, So Appalled, Devil In A New Dress) we have heard in their entirety thanks to his GOOD Friday campaign that began this summer and ended a couple of weeks ago. THANK U YE!! Even All Of The Lights leaked a couple weeks ago. So, out of 13 songs, 6 (including the single Runaway) were not "new" to all. One change I recognized in particular was the addition of a Rick Ross verse and piano and guitar solo(s) on “Devil in a New Dress” . AWESOME! And at the end of the song "Blame Game" we are provided some comedy with the "Yeezy taught me" Chris Rock skit. HILARIOUS!! 
Check out these reviews:

Check out my fave: "Hell of A Life"

ThanksGiving: Just A Reminder To Be Thankful And Give

Ah… Thanskgiving. Just 2 days away. Around this time of year a lot of folks begin to reflect on things they are thankful for, things they lack in life and on family/friends. After all, that’s what the season is all about, ain’t it? Christmas is just a few weeks away. Credit cards are being maxed, layaway tickets stock is going up and folks are going BROKE! This is the perfect situation to cause one to reflect.
After you sit down and ask yourself just how will you get those layaways out and why’d you max out your “emergency” credit card getting gifts for folks that won’t even return the favor or simply give you a re-gifted item or one from the WalMart $5 rack, you WILL become depressed and start thinking of all the things you do not have. Before you get to that point, can I let you in on a little something?? Christmas is a holiday that has been twisted into the biggest commercially celebrated event yet. “They” (big biz) know a lot of y’all will go insane and drain all your savings just to join in on the madness. DON’T DO IT!! I’m not saying to convert ya faith as an excuse to not participate in Christmas, just don’t go broke for it!! Spend in moderation.  Your mother doesn’t need those $300 diamond studs you seen at the jewelry store, your kid doesn’t need EVERY new toy that has hit the shelves since the summer, ya boo don’t need that Gucci belt. A gift is a gift. As long as it is given from the heart, you have done your job. And whoever don’t like whatever… They can damn sho’ give it BACK! AND be ticked off the future gifting list! How bout dat!!
So, that’s out the way. Don’t fret over money being tight. Especially if it is due to thoughts of how you gonna get this person or that a gift! Try your best not to give a lot of thought and energy to that which you do not have, but revel in that which you are fortunate and blessed enough to have! Don’t wear yourself thin over these upcoming holidays. Please, don’t do it!!
And then comes the being with your loved ones. Operative words: “LOVED ONES”. The folks that you love and they love you back. This doesn’t mean “family” or “friends” that you really don’t even like. This is usually where all the mushy gushy feelings folk have in the inside turn into sour goop. One of your brilliant “family” members (or friends)decide it would be a good idea to get the crew together and have a sit-down dinner, knowing half’a y’all don’t like the other half. BAD IDEA!! How you think that’ll turn out??? Be smart! If you are invited to an event that you KNOW will be attended by folks you don’t get along with, decline the invitation. Seriously. Don’t go just because you wanna make sure don’t nobody get a chance to talk ‘bout you or to see what so-and-so will be wearing or who they will show up wit’, none of that! It’s a time to be merry and positive! Keep that in mind and attempt to keep your stress level a minimum. Remember, we want to be “thankful”, not “vengeful” or “Hateful”. THANKFUL.
Be thankful for those that do love you.  Be thankful that you love someone. Be thankful that you continue to eat on a daily basis. Be thankful for good physical and mental health. Be thankful that you woke up today and has been given yet another chance to get things right in preparation for your ultimate position (in life). These are the things I am sooo grateful for (along with many others) year-round, not just during the holidays.  And I’d like anyone that finds themselves harping on what they do not have to try this (positive) approach. Stay in ya lane and strive for all that you want. Remain diligent and true to yourself.  Persistence (and positivity)pays off. Trust 
Also, if you are fortunate to have (even just a tiny) a little bit that you can bless another with, do it. Volunteer, give clothes and shoes away, donate to Red Cross or another charity of your choice. It'll come back around.
Oh yeah… And DO NOT buy into the Black Friday Hype! (okay… Y’all may spot me at a store or two.. I’m hypocritical like dat! LOL)

Monday, November 22, 2010

AMA Is Shady!! Chris Brown And Lady Gaga Missed Out On Awards Because They Were Not In Attendance.

WTF iz dat??!!

The internet is buzzin' 'bout the unfair practices of the American Music Awards. I missed the show. Didn't even know if was airing... 'Parently, I ain't miss much but a whole lot of horrible performances and lil Ms. Willow's 'FIT...
Look At Lil Willow In Da Romper... A Tad Much. A Tad Much..
HOWEVER!!! behind the scenes a scandal was a'brewin'. Supposedly, Chris Brown was all set to win the "Best Male R&B/Soul" Award. At least, that is what prompters read. But, the name announced as the winner was.... Usher????... How does that work? See the Twitter Timeline of Neon Limelight, who was backstage at the awards last night:

And the same thing happened with Lady Gaga and the "Artist of the Year" Award. According to her manager, she had majority votes for the award, but was not given the award because she was not there. What part of the game is that???
Communication between Gaga's friend Israel and her manager Troy.
If this is true, the integrity of the AMA's has been TRASHED! And y'all thought 'Ye was crazy when he spoke up at the VMA's a few years ago. Talent should be recognized accordingly. Awards should be given to the rightful owner. To the most deserving... Not to say that Usher and Bieber don't have talent or deserve awards. It's just that those awards (reportedly) were not intended for them and should have been given to those that they were intended for. Where's the justice in MusicLand???

Raz B Goes To Court In A Case Vs. Marques Houston

I don't know what the case is behind this one. Maybe it's the restraining order that Marques file against Raz earlier this month after Raz began blasting Marques and crew for being pedophiles all over the web. See my Raz B Label Link.  (do you appear in court for a restraining order??? Idk...)

Unfortunate Prank Goes Wrong And A Bride-To-Be Is Left Paralyzed

After her bachelorette party, Rachelle Friedman and a few friends decided to party around a pool. One of those friends playfully pushed her into the shallow end of the pool and she broke her spine; leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. A freak accident. SMH.

Her fiance has remained by her side and they still plan to get married. He says that it was never a thought in his mind to leave her. There are still loyal and dedicated people out there. I hope she recovers as much as possible (and even more) and they enjoy a lifetime together.

If this isn't a reminder to be thankful for what you have, I don't know what is.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 8: "Ewww...Gross."

Woooooooo, Bay BAY!!! Last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta was the juiciest this season yet!! I usually save Ms. Fake Ass for last, but let’s open this thang with her, shall we…. PHAEDRA PARKS! (Shaking my head and praying for her delusions to cease! Oh yes! And let us not forget humility. Amen!)  The show opens with Phaedra on her way into the hospital in another city to deliver her child. Ooooooh, this girl lies so BAD!! My blood just BOILS to the max over petty ass lies!! This chick is as big as a house and still trying to say she is just 7 months pregnant. STOP!!  So, the doctor delivering the baby and his wife came and sat down with Phaedra and Apollo the day prior to delivery and Phaedra tells this professional Obstetricianand his wife that she is only seven months pregnant and her son is eight pounds already. They are both in utter disbelief! To give her LIE some validity (I suppose) she then goes on to tell them that her husband was born 3 months early and was well over 8 pounds. That lie did anything BUT validate the lie she told before it! They both looked to Apollo like, “Is she for real?!” Apollo, being the loyal lapdog that he is shrugs his shoulders and bucks his eyes as if to say, “I’m not going to oppose what mast’ah says.” Phaedra looks at Apollo and says, “Well, that’s what your mama told me.” GTFOH! I was in stitches!!!  
Phaedra just strings this lie (about not being full term in her pregnancy) along wherever she goes and to whoever she speaks with. The next morning when checking in to the hospital for induction of labor, the nurse asks her how far along she was and she says, “I don’t know…” really nonchalantly as if someone asked her who she thought would make it to the Super Bowl this year or something! She gets in the labor room and looks out the window and says it looks like the projects cross the way. Wit her face all scrunched up and all! The nurse told her it was the other side of the hospital. Phaedra really needs to get over herself.
Phaedra’s mama comes to bear witness to her first grandchild coming into the world. Old Ms. Pastor Lady. The only thing I remembered of her name as they flashed it across the screen is that it began with “Pastor”. LMMFAO! CTFU! Hahahah! ALL’a DAT! Now it’s all coming together! Just as Kim and probably a few of the other ladies on the show pointed out earlier, she was knocked up prior to her wedding! And that’s why she keeps lying about how far along she is!! I know everyone is thinking to themselves, “What’s the big deal?!” Bastard children are conceived and born every damn day! With the (unfortunate) evolution of society, that is more-so the norm nowadays. And???.... Annnnnnnndddd! Phaedra, being the ever-so-obedient and loving daughter that she is explains that in her family you have to be married before conceiving. That’s mama’s rules. Pw’ahaha!!  The doctor comes in the room and bursts da bubble wide open! He tells Kandi and PHAEDRA that Phaedra is term, currently at 40 weeks. Phaedra’s mama and a very uncomfortable Apollo are also in the room. Phaedra acts as if this is news to her and says that there were doctors that she had saw before and they all had their different “theories”… The obstetrician performing the delivery tells her, in regards to gestational progress, there is no “theories”. She is 40 weeks. This IS the appropriate time for her to delivery. This IS NOT an early delivery. IT IS RIGHT ON TIME! Her mother just sits there as if she hears no evil. I see where Phaedra delusional mindset stems from. Shame!
Well, before the show ended she gave birth to a baby boy a little over 7 pounds. He’s a lil cutie with a mouth just like Apollo’s. Let’s hope it doesn’t morph into his mama’s mouth as he gets older. Only she can pull that bottom lip off (barely). And when she was first presented her little precious bundle of joy, did she not say "Ewww. Gross." Umm. Me thinks she did.  O_o
During this episode Kandi has a (I guess it was a) party at her store TAGS. When I get down to ATL, I’m going there! She says that it’s affordable. Her idea of affordable may be my idea of “WTH?! I ain’t payin’ that!”, but I still wanna go check her out. It looks really cute. Anyway, all the ladies were in attendance. Even Lisa Wu Hartwell came through. Kim gave her an U G L Y cinnamon, blond, brown wig. It may have been cute on somebody, but… NO! Not on Kandi. (Like me) Kandi is a dark skin sista. The color scheme on that thing was a definite no go!  While at the party, Kim and Cynthia grilled the hell outta Dwight about Phaedra’s pregnancy progression. Dwight was dodgin’ ‘em with answers stating that the baby is going to be beautiful and healthy, that their wedding was beautiful and they love eachother, BLAH BLAH BLAH… He made a quick exit stage left as soon as their mouths to a tiny 5 second rest. (at this point Kandi had not yet gone to visit Phaedra and learn the truth on how far along she really is.)
Sheree gave her youngest daughter and son a promotion party at this lil racecar place. It was really cute!! I think I may have to move to ATL! Seriously!... Well, they daddy, Papa Whitfield (Bob) made an appearance with his weird-lookin’ self. I swear! Is it just me or does he have the look of an unsound person. Never know when he gonna snap! Anyways, Sheree said he missed his daughter’s graduation earlier that day. BOOOOOO, Bob!! While eating, Sheree and Nene was talking about Sheree’s new man. You know… The “doctor”. Bob was all up in that convo. From clear across the other end of the room!!  Do Bob want that ole thang back?? Let’s just hope he finally began paying his (ex)spousal and child support!
Speaking of Sheree’s man… She threw a spades party and invited all the ladies and their partners over and everyone got a chance to meet the good “doctor”.  Well, the “doctor” came all early, wit his pressed ass. Probably had to check out of his room at the local Holiday Inn and ain’t have nowhere else to go for the time being. LOL. When he got there Sheree had not yet gotten dressed and she still had rods in her hair. When she asked him to help her out (meaning with the party, since he was so dag’gone EARLY), he tells her, “I can help you take them things out yo head” hahahahaha. Dude really?? I guarantee he ain’t NEVA dealt wit a broad as pretty as or with as much as Sheree. Even though she is experiencing her own financial setbacks at the time and I think she is another one that is as fake as they come… WHO IS THIS FRAUD wit the convertible ‘do and old wrinkled 9% linen 91% polyester suit jacket to be tryina joke on her hair???! AND his pressed tail came mad early. Just who are you sir???! We know who (or what) you ain’t and that’s a DOCTOR!
Oh yes! Nene bust that thang wide open at this Spades gathering.  Kandi then cosigned and everyone began remembering this “doctor” that was shunned in ATL a few years back because it was found that he wasn’t really a doctor. Before I really get all into that, I gotta say, love Nene or not, she don’t fake when she don’t like ya or has a feeling about you. She came in and was all smiles greeting everyone being her loud self. When she got to Ty (the “doctor”), she was about to speak and I think give him a hug, until she saw his face. She stepped back and said “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” She asked him if he used to have dreads and he said yeah. She didn’t shake his hand, hug ‘im or nothin’! She simply moved right on by his ass. I think she even told him something ain’t right bout him. Or maybe she said that to someone else, but he got the picture. As soon as that semi-greeting went down, Dr. Ty shut the hell up! Something he hadn’t done since he came through that door all early and whatnot! And Sheree talkin bout Nene was rude to him. HA!! If only she knew at that time.
Well, once everyone let Sheree in on the fact that her boo ain’t a doctor, the interrogation began! EVERYONE (but Sheree) was blastin’ on that ass! They were asking him how he is a doctor and why, if he is, were people saying in Atlanta that he wasn’t an actual doctor and he was booted off a radio show behind that? To those questions he says that he is a doctor, but he doesn’t have his doctorate in psychology and in Atlanta you cannot call yourself a “doctor” without that degree… Something like that. It made no sense.  So, they asked him in what state would he be considered a doctor in then. He said no state… (Did I hear that correctly?) He then gives a little clarification by saying that he is not a “shrink” but he does have a doctorate and he gave love and relationship advice….???? O_o  Brotha…. My brotha… Who you tryna confuse?! Yaself?? Goodness… They then ask him what schools he attended. He lists off three schools. The last was Ashford University, which he says is an online college! OMG! Did I NOT TELL Y’ALL THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE TO DATE?!! I was on the flo’ when he said that! Everyone there was too! The man was sweating like a hog and refused to answer any more questions. Ahhhh man!! Just tell the truth. You ain’t gotta lie, CRAIG!

Next week Sheree will be questioning the good “doctor” further. Stay tuned for that and more…
Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo 10 pm Sunday Nights

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Diana Ross

This song been on my mind all morning...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pink Friday Vs My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasty

I have to admit... I am really anticipating this album. When da Nixsta first hit the scene with her "Barbie" gimmick, I wasn't linking her much. I felt as though it was a lot of undeserved hype surrounding her. I also LOATHED the way everyone was all of the sudden a "Barbie". You would see outrageous colored wigs and outfits everywhere! From the young to the old. And it was ANNOYING! I finally got over that. It's not Nicky's fault that these chicks want to jack her style and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Not her fault at all. Y'all should know the hair and clothing is just that. A gimmick. So, be yourselves. PLEASE!!! Anyway, once I got beyond this, I found that Nicki actually has talent! Can't wait til tomorrow!!

Kanye. What more can I say? I LOVES some Yeezy!! Since College Dropout I have bumped his shit. He's pretty consistent with his craft. After GOOD Fridays, how could anyone NOT grab this album tomorrow? I thought this wasn't going to be the artwork for the album...??? We shall see. I can't wait ti; tomorrow!!

Sooo if you're still debating on which to spend your hard earned money on tomorrow, don't fret! At Target you can own both for $8.99 each!!!

Breaking Dawn In 2011???

Okay... Why'd I have to learn that November 18, 2011, not 2010 is the day Breaking Dawn will hit the screen, on FRIDAY???! I thought it was weird that there were no (promotional) commercials leading up to the 18th. Harry Potter was all over the waves. Where was my Bella and crew? They are chillaxin' till next year. That's where they are. Diz'zam!! I was sooo hyped too! Waaaaaaaahahaaaaa! (that's a cry). Well, till next year. (I really wish Stephanie would just give us another story!!! Maybe I shall press her out on Twitter).

How To Make Your Own Batch Of Four Loko

I wasn't going to even look at this until Twitter had the #fourlokoingredients yesterday. This shit is wild! Don't y'all do this shit. Fuck 'round and "WAKE UP DEAD" as my mama would say. LMAO

"Brave" Kelis

Okay... If all else fails create EuroPop/Dance tracks. Forreal. It's worked for Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland and.. I'm sure there are more, but these are the only two that comes to mind.

What Do You Value In Life?

Is it health?...Money?...House?...Family?...Peace of mind?...Wellllllllllllll, this may come as a shocker to most of y'all (JUST KIDDING) but there are a lot of folks out there that value things such as clothing, shoes, jewelry and cars. I hate to point blame at anyone (group) in particular, but I gots to. THE RAPPERS! The Infamous Rappers' Ensemble: Fresh sneakers (check), Bottle of Ciroc (or whatever other liquor they deem the best at the time) (check), crazy stupid, big ass iced out chains (that's probably fake) (check), big ass studs in the ear (check), whip wit' big ass rims (check) and the mandatory mixed or let's just say, exotic-lookin' chick (check). And why do ALL these regular Joe Blows want the very same???? I mean... don't get me wrong, ain't nothing wrong with wanting these things. Nothing at all. But... Mr. UPS worker, can you afford these things? Or are you willing to live with ya mama for an eternity to TRY to obtain at least one or two of these things?
I'm constantly reminded of this fuckery on a daily basis and today was no exception. What did I spot at the Bus Stop on my way in from the laundromat today?? A dude. Standing there waiting for the bus. Smoking a cigarette... Sneakers fresh, he got the jeans tucked behind the tongue for that extra "show-off"ness, earbud in one ear and phone to the other. Now, I wouldn't have sat in my car and took such note had it not been for his actions. I'm at the stop light. He's so extra wit it. Arms flailing all over the place with hand gestures and shit, picking his feet up, checking out his kicks (maybe for scuffs or just to make sure they was still on his feet???.. Go figure.), and he's talking loud as hell!!! The way he was checking out those shoes, there's no doubt they new, (number one) and that his ass ain't used to shit and most likely ain't got shit more than the shit that was currently on his person. And these are the things he treasure and would probably lay down and die for. Pathetic. And it's a whole WORLD filled with folks just like this guy.

We see them in the clubs, in traffic, at the grocery store with they baby mamas using food stamps... Got on big ass chains and earrings, pulling up in old ass, rusty cars wit' big ass rims or maybe even a Lex or Beamer, splitting the tab for 2 bottles of Moet and VIP with 10 other niggas that they barely know or even like, sneakers stay fresh, hair cut stay fresh. All while living wit' they mama, ain't seen a dentist or a doctor in a decade and on most days don't have two red cents to rub together.
Now tell me... Where is the sense in living like this? I just don't get it. Why go broke for a car, jewelry or clothes? To keep a roof over my head, I'd go broke. To make sure me and my kid eat, I'd go broke. I'd much rather save a dollar for a rainy day, (which believe me, they're inevitable. Especially in this "recession") than to splurge all my cash and get in a bind requiring a few dollars and not have it all or at least most of it to bail myself out. Yeah, having the latest on ya feet or the hottest brands on ya back is appealing to the eye of the World, but who's to say any one's even lookin' at ya broke ass??! I targeted dudes in this blog, because they be doin' da MOST!! But, chicks do this shit too. Save a whole fuckin' half a year AND beg, borrow and steal to cop a fuckin' little ass Louis Vuitton clutch and you're hardly making rent on time. What sense do that make?? o_O
Some of y'all need to keep off the tv and pop mags and pick up a real damn book sometimes. Learn some history. Up ya vocab. Learn to LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Not the rap stars means, not your favorite actress' means, YOUR MEANS as a receptionist, janitor, mail man, cashier, nurse's aide, etc and lord forbid you have NO JOB AT ALL! In that case just kill yoself! (Just joshin'--lol)

AND HERE'S A QUOTE FOR Y'ALL: "A fool and his(or her) money shall soon depart." Or something like that. I don't know what wise person blessed the world with this observation and documented it, but this ain't nothin' but DA TRUTH!! I have seen it time and time again! One day you may be up and down the next. Life is funny that way. Best to not put all your eggs in one basket, spend reeeaaalll slow AND only spend what you can afford to spend. Don't try to keep up with the Joneses who are probably tryna keep up with yet another family. Sheesh!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ed Lover "C'mon Son" Vid (Talks On All The Relevant LOCO Topics)

I found this on WSHH. Ed has a site Cmonsononline.com that has this vid and much more to keep you laughing and entertained. I'm adding this one to the Blog Roll!

I love the Kanye intro! Why he had to go on Four Loko doe??? LMAO! That shit gets you right for A LOT less than Ciroc. I understand he's Diddy's homey and all but.... C'MON SON! To that! Haha

Trailer For 13 (Movie)

This looks good!! I'll be at the theaters for this one!

"Beast Mode" B.o.B

The more and more I hear from this dude, the more I like him. And he's versatile!!! I Love It!!

My Evolution With HTC

I have had the same phone number for about 8 years now with Sprint. Just call me the loyal customer. LOL. The main thing that drew me to Sprint is that they have THE BEST phones, in comparison to all the comp. (Then Apple released the iPhone exclusive to AT&T...Yeah. Yeah...We know all ‘bout that story...) Since I began with Sprint I stayed abreast of all the latest and greatest phones and I just HAD to have ‘em!!  At first it was Sanyo flip phones, phones with better camera resolution, cell with speaker phone and camera, full keyboard... The list just goes on! Every other year (and at times once a year) I’d have a new “handset”. In 2007 I was introduced to HTC and thus began a serious (I MEAN SERIOUS) Love Affair! Haha.
The first HTC phone I had was The Mogul. I was soooo pressed that I paid about $400 up front for this phone. I have NEVER paid anywhere near that amount for any phone that I’d owned previously. Never!! The most I may have paid before this phone was maybe about $100. That’s it!! But, with my upgrade discount in tow, I paid that 4 and ran home to complete the $100 rebate form and stick it in the mail. The rebate came about a month or more later. I had even forgotten about the damn thang by the time I received the check in the mail! Sheesh! But, anything to curb my appetite for a small chunk of technology. 
HTC Mogul
The Mogul was a Windows-based smartphone. I’m tellin’ you... I thought I was the shiz-nit wit this device! I had a full sliding keyboard, awesome camera, all types of storage space... It was cute, damn it!!! That’s really what it all boiled down to for me. I ain’t lyin’. It was a great conversation piece. Pull that thang out and the questions would start flowing, “What kind of phone is that?” “Can I see it?” “Maaaannn! This is the joint I was tryna get!” “You like it?”... I mean.. Yeah. Just like that. Although I feign as if I hate attention, I like it. LMAO. And...This phone brought it!
The Mogul brought it until.... The back cover (battery door, I think they call it) broke! That was about 5 months in. I was at my doctor’s office waiting for her to come in and perform my yearly lady probe, texting and checking messages and the damn phone fell to the floor! The back door flew off and I thought nothing of it. Picked the phone up and noticed a little chunk of material had broken off one of the top corners. Nothing major...Went to click the door back on it and the thang would not snap close!!! One of the little (I guess you’d call it) hooks that usually would assist in the thing snapping in to place had broken!!! No way! That thang lifted at one corner was an eyesore, if you ask me! I went to a Sprint store and was told that I could only order it. I believe for like $30!!! Oh... NO MA’AM!!! I taped that sucker down with some Scotch tape and kept ‘er movin’! That worked for me for a week or so. Eventually, I simply removed the damn door! I kept that phone for maybe another 6 months until it began freezing on me and hindering my everyday biz of staying connected! I took it to a Sprint store in hopes of them helping me out. You know what they told me??? “You have water damage.” Where????! That phone ain’t neva seen a drop of water on my watch!! I was directed to the insurance company for it and received great news!!!: “You will receive an upgrade because we don’t have any HTC Moguls”. Yay!!!! “What are y’all sending me?”.. The HTC Touch Pro.
Wooooo!! Now, the Touch Pro was LIKE DAT! Smaller than the Mogul, sleeker than the Mogul. As sexy as a cell can be. So, we shall dub that The Sexiest Cell. Another conversation piece. I was able to set up all my email accounts, as I had been able to do with the Mogul, I believe the cam was better too. This was a definite upgrade! I think it cost me just 50 bucks. Sprint hadn’t yet implemented that $100 replacement fee for the smartphones yet, if I recall correctly. And once again... I was da shizzzz! On a whole new otha level! 
HTC Touch Pro
...Until.... The phone went nuts on me a lil over a year later and I could do nothing with it! The screen would go blank and I could only get it to cut on and stay on my pressing really hard on the top of the phone. I had to make calls like this, look at emails like this... EVERYTHING! Who da hell wants to use two hands to operate a cell??? Not I!! I go back to the Sprint store and get a tech to take a look at it. You know what they tell me???! Nooo... Not “You have water damage.”... “You have to file a claim because your phone is damaged.” And he points to a little crack on the outer case which the lil mechanism inside that allows the keyboard to slide created. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! At this point, I’ma have to kick $100 to get another handset. And it’s a must cause that phone was a BUST at that time! In disbelief and frustrated I snatched my phone off the counter, went home, filed my claim online and got this message, “UPGRADE”!!!! Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-chingHTC Touch Pro 2.
My Touch Pro 2 Pic listed in Craig's List Ad
You mean the Touch Pro 2 that myself and a coworker has been jokingly betting on who would cop it first?! That HTC Touch Pro 2??? Oh yeah!!!! Here’s my card number. Go’on an’ take that hun’nid. LOL Now, the screen tilted for a better view and all on this phone! The screen was much bigger than that of the Pro (1st) and the images appeared crisper and all!! I was totally in love with that phone! It began trippin’ on me at one point and a local Sprint tech told me... “You see this sticker?..It’s red. means you have water damage..” WTF?! I filed the claim and got a brand new one still in the box with the official taped up plastic pouches and everything. I was happy with my phone and then HTC pulled the rug from under my feet and left me scrambling to get back up with the release of the HTC Evo! I HAD TO HAVE IT! 

I mean.. this was the first 4G phone!!! (LOL. That ain’t mean shit to me, because at the time of release the DC Metro area did not even have 4G. FAIL!) The commercials and debates online (iPhone vs Evo) had me geekin’ for this device! I had recently gained employment after a layoff at the time and I was really trying to save money. No frivolous shopping for me. I’d reason with myself “You have a phone. A brand new phone! You don’t NEED that phone.” Add that to the fact that Sprint tends to take your upgrade amount off of the retail cost of the phone, leaving you paying not less than $300 for an upgrade and I was totally swayed to let this grand device pass me by. But it was nagging at me. This phone was on my mind day and night. I was all online searching for deals and possible ways to obtain this phone with the softest blow possible to my pockets. 
On a hunch, after breakfast out with a friend one Saturday morning in late June, I decided to visit the Best Buy in the same parking lot as the place we ate at. I found out that I could get this phone for just $200!! My eyes were WIDE! Okay... sign me up. Yeah. That was a great idea, but they had none in stock. These things were in high demand and very few were available. On Sprint.com they had been sold out since the release date. Being the ever-persistent one, I began calling and visiting all the Best Buys within a 20 mile radius (or so). I even went against my gut and “ordered” an Evo from an old high school acquaintance. That failed miserably. After waiting more than a week for an item that should have been in my possession a few business days after I gave up my money via Paypal, I got my money back and continued to stalk all Best Buys in the area.There were three that I was calling everyday. One near my job, one that is on the route to my job and one that is around my neighborhood. Everyday. This went on for maybe about 4 days. When I called and was told there were some in-stock around my way, fresh off the truck, not being held for anyone I sped there! Got my Evo for $200, raised my bill by an extra $40 bucks or so (I went from a messaging plan to a data plan and had to pay for 4 G), not including HotSpot costs. AND I sold me HTC Touch Pro 2 for $225 to a very nice lil youngin’ via Craig’s List! So... basically, I got this Evo for free (that’s my logic on it).
Anyways, it’s been a lovely 5 months and I wouldn’t trade this device for ANYTHING!! Although, I must get a SD card with larger storage because I was recently forced to do a hard reset after removing damn near everything off my phone and still seeing that ugly little reminder in my bar saying that my storage limit had been reached and I must remove items or send them to the SD card. It was my last resort... I messed around and lost all my contacts and everything! I thought I saved them to Google. That obviously ain’t go so well. 
I really stand behind HTC, but after penning and reading this, their cute, technically advanced phone have failed me quite a few times. Hmmmmm.  Hope I never HAVE TO part with my newest and truest Love: EVO. ;^) That’d be sad...
Up Close of My Bae-BaY's (Evo) Screen :^)
Oh yeah... And Evo TRUMPS iPhone (all of ‘em. The 4 and all!!)