Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Girls Club Season 5 Finale (Vids)

The Season Finale of Bad Girls Club (Season 5) started off slow as hell!! The house is now down to four girls and they obviously are not the baddest of the bad.

The episode began with a drunken naked game of Truth or Dare. There is making out involved and all. Go figure, right...Lea brags about being the root of making all the girls that have left the house leave (with the exception of Cat). Lea!!! BITCH PLEASE!! She then goes on a rampage calling the other three girls boring as she went through the house breaking up shit. They all sat on the chair just looking at her as if she wasn’t even there for real. Her words maybe would’ve been a bit more hurtful had they been said with conviction and if she were a tad more intimidating. No one takes this chick seriously! And I really would like to know why she thinks she is the toughest of them all! Is it because she “beat up” a drunk Kristen?? BITCH PLEASE!!

Lea and Christina are newfound BFF’s and decide to sit out a night at the male strip club, which Ashley and Erica go to. While Lea and Chris are enjoying sushi, Erica and Ashley are at LaBare supposedly enjoying themselves. I say supposedly, because it was dry as a motha in that joint! La BARE is the right name for the venue, because it was mighty BARE in there. Were they the only two patrons in that spot???... So, while having the time of their lives at the strip club, of course, it’s mandatory that they talk about somebody! That somebody is Christina (this time). They call her fake and bash on her because she didn’t want to come with them and decided to chill with her newest bestie. On there ride home they decide that when they get in they are going to fuck with Christina. Who the fuck plans an ambush anymore?? Really... Are they in elementary or middle school or some shit? Wack as hoes!

Erica and Ashley arrive home and go through with their plan of fucking with Christina. Ashley calls her fake, because she hangs with Lea after Lea and Kristen fucked with her so bad that night by breaking her shit up and pouring just about every liquid in the house on her. I can understand this being a fake move. There is absolutely NO WAY that one would like and hang out with a person that has done those things to them just about 2 weeks prior. NO WAY! So... Christina has to be hiding her true feelings of contempt towards Lea to act like all is okay. Remember before Kristen left she was her BFF also??? It’s fake moves, but WHO DA FUCK is Ashley to call anybody out on being fake??! Wasn’t she the one that pledged allegiance to Christina on their ride to the house from the airport?! Said that she’d have Christina’s back and all! When Kristen and Lea jumped on the girl, not only did Ashley not help, but the next day, she ran and hugged Kristen and Lea. So much for her allegiance, huh. She’s as fake as they come!

Erica spits in Christina’s face and Christina spat right back on dat ass! Erica then resorts to throwing Christina’s clothes in the fountain in front of the house. Ashley follows suit and throws some of Christina’s things into the bay behind the house. Christina grabs some of Ashley’s things and throws them in the fountain. Ashley gets HEATED! And gets all up in Christina’s face. She says something about Christina being a punk because she did it while Ashley was outside... And she kept hollerin’ that she wasn’t the one that threw Christina’s shit in the fountain...Ashley... You’re a nutcase, sweetie. You threw her shit in the bay. She was at least kind enough to throw your shit in the fountain where it could easily be retrieved. I CANNOT stand folks that can dish shit but cant take it. If she ain’t want her shit thrown in water, she shouldn’t have thrown someone else’s shit in water first! Am I right or am I right???! Christina and Ashely come to blows and Ashley is removed from the house for the night. She comes back in the next morning still upset (over some shit that she started though! Really??)

In celebration of their last night in the house all four girls decide to go out. Ashley, being the fake bitch that she is, starts some trouble between Lea and Christina by telling Lea that Christina talk about her. Guess what Christina says sooooo bad in reference to Lea: “I KEEP MY FRIENDS CLOSE AND MY ENEMIES CLOSER.”. Ooooooh!!! That’s the worst shit you can dare say about someone! BITCHES PLEASE!!! Lea gets all mad talkin’ bout she feels like Christina was just using her because she’s the baddest in the house or what the fuck eva. When they get in the limo Lea confronts Christina about what she said and Christina admits to saying it. Lea is the girl’s fuckin’ enemy, ain’t she?? Truth! What’s the problem??? All three girls begin hollering and screaming on Christina. Ashely insults Christina’s girl and that’s when things went way downhill! Christina pounces on Ashley and all three of them jump her. WTF is that??! WOW! That was stupid!

As they like to say “Payback is a bitch!” ‘Cause while they were whippin‘ on one girl in a tight ass limo, Megan and Kristen were at the house fuckin’ Erica and Lea’s shit way da hell up!! Got’cha bitches!!

Next week is the Reunion hosted by Perez Hilton. WATCH!!!

Collage Clip of Entire Episode

Christina Gets Jumped

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