Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brandi Is OUTTA THERE! (Bad Girls Club)

Okay... I failed to post this last week. My thoughts on last week’s BGC... Sorry. 
I’m going to begin with the two new(est) chicks. Christina, the super tanned lesbian chick and Ashley, the black chick. They turn on eachother in this episode. Rightfully so. On their initial ride to the house they both professed their sisterhood and agreed that they would have eachother’s backs while in the house. As we know, Ashley backed out of that promise. Remember the night that Leah and Kristin gained up on po’ lil Christina, throwing every liquid in the house on her and her things(except the bleach...Which she flipped the script and threw on them.. I love it!). Ashely ain’t do or say shit! The next day when Kristin and Leah returned from the hotel they stayed in overnight, Ashley even went up to them and hugged them. WTF is dat??! And I have a feeling that if it were the other way around, Christina would have definitely had Ashely’s shiny-faced ass’ back. That’s fucked up (on Ashley’s fake ass behalf). She obviously ain’t want no part of no drama. That chick is fake and NOT a bad girl. None of these chicks are “BAD” girls! Brandi... She was the closest to being “bad”. More-so, crazy than anything, though.
Kristin’s gay friend came to visit and he sounds like... OMG!! I just hate that voice and tone. If you saw it, you know what I’m talkin’ bout. Then Kristin’s crazy ass wore high heels to the beach. She actually walked in the sand. In. The. Sand. Wit these damn heels. LMAO. And Kristin cries all the damn time!! Sheesh!
Brandi’s wallet goes missing. She claims that there was $300 in it. Nobody confesses to taking the wallet. Surprisingly, she remained calm about it all. She asked Kristin for money to get some sushi when they went out the house for the day and Kristin said no. Brandi kinda did cop a ‘tude ‘bout that. Later that night all the girls in the house, except for Brandi find themselves in the Jacuzzi talking bout Brandi. Kristin says that Brandi never has money and thinks that people should look out for her. A few people seemed to have agreed about that. She then goes on to say that Brandi owes Lea about $600 from all the money she has borrowed or other small things she has asked Lea to spot her on. Leah neither denies or confirms this to be true (as for the amount) but she does say that she has done soooo much for Brandi. Well, Ms. Fakey Fake Fake Fake (Ashley) goes right back and tells Brandi about this. Of course, Brandi is upset about this and she confronts Lea on it. Lea denies saying it. Lea’s top lip is FUCKED!! I’m tired of seeing that shit. If her ‘tude wasn’t so stupid, I wouldn’t dwell on this deformity. However, her ‘tude is ultra stupid. And I just can’t get over that damn lip! LOL
Leah gets called out about swappin’ up her style since she began hanging with Kristin. She went from sneakers and punk shit to blouses and heels. All of the sudden, on this episode that she is called out on, she wears these damn black chucks the entire episode! Don’t try to switch it up now. We already seen your switch to Kristin-style, honey. You ain’t foolin’ us by wearing these chucks all day now!
Brandi’s fellow skrippa friends came to visit (from L.A.) and everyone went out and seemingly had a good time. Then comes Brandi’s crazy ass unprovoked tirade... She’s just hellbent on creating drama with Lea. We all know what it is. She wants a piece of Lea. (If y’all now what I mean) The chick is crazy!!! This ends in Brandy throwing everything not nailed down at Lea and being carried out of the house. She stays the night in a hotel and comes back claiming.... (Guess. She has claimed this a time or two before...)
......................................................That she blacked out and didn’t remember what happened the prior night. She is the MOST “blacking out” person that I have EVER heard of!! She needs to just leave alcohol alone if that’s the case. Her ass ain’t back out! Anyway, everyone (basically) decides that she has to leave because she went super crazy and they fear their safety. She leaves. But not before taking her jewelry off and steps to Lea on the steps in front of the house. She does all this and Lea invites her to do what she feels.... And she then says some shit about because it’s Lea she can’t (hit her, I guess). She leaves without an assault and battery charge in MIA. Goooo Looney!!
Christina tells Ashley to her face, in front of Lea that she thinks she (Ashley) told Brandi what was said in the jacuzzi that night; causing this whole fiasco. Ashley...Wit her LYIN’ ASS!!!.. denies it. I just dislike this chick more and more...
Kristin confesses that she”planted” Brandi’s wallet in Erica’s bed, hoping that Brandi would find it and some friction would happen between them two. She says that she was trying to get Erica kicked out the house?? I don’t know if she was thinking a fight would ensue or if Erica would just volunteer to go home... *Shrug* Who ever knows WTF Kristin’s logic be. 
Too bad for Kristin there’s this lil thing known as KARMA. Stay tuned....
(Posting my views on tonight's show tomorrow)

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