Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Episode 5: "To: Peace, Love and MONEY!"

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta ain’t really give me mush to talk on. What little I did find, I shall share with y’all. (Feel free to stop me if I’m wrong.. LOL)
Sheree’s ass is desperate!! She is still going out with this “Dr.” Ty dude (aka Convertible Top). She goes over to a friend of his apartment, where he cooks her dinner and presses her out to eat cookie dough of his nasty looking finger!! (Gag!) She talkin’ bout he told her he is bi-coastal. Sooooo... on what coast is his home?? I’m just sayin’! ‘Cause him cooking for you in one of his friend’s apartment is not a good look!! He then had the nerve to remove his shirt during dinner and expose all the ugly ass, wack tatts he got on his body. GTFOH with that damn Afrocentric shit all over the place! This dude just gets on my damn nerves!! They have a lil convo about the weight of money in a relationship. Sheree lets him know ain’t nothin’ goin’ on BUT the RENT!! LOL He starts stumbling over his words a lil at that point. He said something about money not meaning everything to him. Sure... Sure... Could that be because you ain’t got none?!! Sheree! Open ya eyes!! I know you lonely and all, but DAMN!! Kick this buster to the curb, please! And I don’t even care much for Sheree all like that to be honest. But, if I could speak with her, I’d tell her “For your sake... Next this loser of an impostor!”
On to Ms. Phaedra... her and Apollo take some pics to document her pregnancy. Where the hell did the pickles come from??? Really?? The pics were actually cute though. I can’t take that from her. Later in the episode, Cynthia has a Mother’s Day gathering at her place. Phaedra arrives alone and Cynthia’s boo, Peter, jumps on her! He wants to know where is your “clean man”? LOL. Remember that limo ride to the lil horse races when she said she wanted a “pure man” with no kids?? This chick is wild. She says that Apollo had to work and would be coming. Where does he work, exactly? I’m interested to know.... He finally arrives while they are enjoying dinner, with a gift in hand. A Gucci baby bag. That was a pressed ass move! You live with this bitch! It’s not like it was a party for her or some shit! His ass should have shown up at the baby shower with that gift in hand if it’s like that! Sheesh!! And I think Phaedra purchased that gift herself and told him present it to her at this gathering. They ain’t foolin’ nobody! 

And Ms. Phaedra was put on the spot about her due date... She seemed to not be able to get it quite right. She says that she plans to have the baby at about 7 months gestation. A few of the ladies think that she is actually further along than she has told them because she was either preggers before she got married OR she don't really know who the baby daddy is and has just pinned it on Apollo. Neither one of those options are a good look for a Southern Belle such as herself. LOL
The Mother’s Day conversation around the table soon turned sexual, thanks to Ms. Kandi’s Kandi Koated Nights topics and advice. Nene says that she don’t work in the bedroom. Nene!!! OMG! That is your HUSBAND!! You have womanly duties, ma’am! I was shocked beyond belief when she put her biz out like that! Well, Cynthia’s man ain’t miss a beat when he told her that maybe that is why her and Greg are going through the issues they have right now. *Woop WOOOP* How does he know about this anyway??!...Cynthiaaaaaa! *side eye* I understand that you share things with your partner about family issues or things your friends are experiencing... I do it all the time! Everyone does it. It’s NOT for your partner to repeat!!! Dude was way out of line wit that move!! Nene denies that the lack of luster in the sack could be the root of her and Greg’s issues. She thinks that because he has put up with her wack sexual performances for 13 damn years, he must be content. I just don’t get her logic on that one, but... whatever helps her sleep at night. Ya’know. I thought there was a rumor out that she used to be a stripper?? If there’s any truth to that, she got to have some kind of skills stored away. She better start usin’ them thangs!

Stay tuned....
This week RHOA starts airing Sunday nights. I think the time is the same (10 pm). Check your local listing. 
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