Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday morning I was without my phone because I'd misplaced my charger. I immediately fell back on my comfort zone: TWITTER! I used to the the #TT (trending topics) QUEEEEEEN! As of late, not so much... This was due to issues with HTC Peep and my job has semi-restricted Twitter so the layout and format was all jacked, so I'd been chillin' on that for a lil minute. But, I recently installed a new app, TweetCaster, that is like 1000 x's better than Peep. You can twitlonger, nice toolbar at the top, larger and more colorful. Seems brighter. And my job has since given all permissions back, so... Without my dear Evo, it was Me, Twitter and a controversial #TT: Things Black Girls Do.

For me, Twitter is all fun and games. I believe that for a lot of people Twitter is just a form of entertainment on the 'net. It's also a platform for advertising and self-promotion. I use it for both all the time!! So, I really do not understand the folks that get all sensitive over jokes.  A few folks were hollerin' bout this is a racist Trending Topic. Uhhhh... I can see that. But, what about the times that Latinas and Whites were trending? I've seen all three trend on the same day a few months ago. And everybody was going in! As I said, all fun and games. I went in yesterday! And I'm a black girl. Sho' did! And then I found a chick that went in with the #ThingsBlackboysdo. Oh... She went ALL DA WAY IN! Check out the entertainment below: (And if you ain't on Twitter, get wit it!)



Random People Going In
See?... Funny shit. I LOVES Twitter!!

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