Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Weight War Continues... Sort'a

I knew they were comin'... I just ain't quite know when.  But, they are here now. EXCUSES!! I have not exercised since maybe..... October 29th! I know I didn't exercise Halloween nor the day prior to that nor any day after that! This is crazy! Halloween weekend was pretty jam pack for me. Then came November 1st which was a busy day that I had been awaiting for personal reasons and then.... Really nothing. Nothing that would have hindered my daily (weekly) exercise routine. I stopped counting calories and all! I hadn't thought about it much until my manager tells me today:"Look at you! You look slimmer!" I began to beam until I thought about how I ain't been exercising lately. Must'a have been the high-waist black slacks and long buttoned up black cardigan that gave me that slim appearance. When I looked in the lovely mirror at my job, I did indeed look slim(mer). A mystery. I hopped on the scale before taking Jake to the vet this afternoon... 150.6. I'm sure I was lighter than that about two weeks ago...

Tomorrow...Thursday... Hell. Maybe Saturday... WAR BACK ON!! ('Til Turkey Day--LOL)

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