Friday, December 31, 2010

Fan In Memphis, TN Works Usher During "Trading Places" Performance

Oh my!... She deserve some private time off dat one. LOL

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Man In Michigan Faces Up To 5 Years For Looking At Wife's Emails

That's right! You read that title RIGHT!!Seek and you shall find! Find shit that may hurt your ass along with a side of jail time! #POW!

After looking at this little news clip, I hope all y'all snoopy snoopy snoopers think twice before you pick up your lover, spouse or jump-off's cell phone or peek into their email, Facebook or Twitter account(s). Really! A nigga went through my phone one time during my lifetime and I went BERSERK!! He ain't know which corner to run to. (LOL) Numero UNO: I pay my own cell phone bill. Not his ass! He may have given me money for other shit, but the phone is not one of them! I made sure of that! Just for the exact purpose of what I knew an insecure dude such as himself would one day get the balls to do: CHECK MY DAMN PHONE! Who does that?!!!

If there is no trust in a relationship and you feel as if you can't get the truth from your partners mouth, you don't need to be with that person. You will drive yourself crazy sitting up thinking about what they may be doing when you ain't around. You'll find yourself wondering who they may be carrying private conversations with online. On Facebook, Twitter, via email, via text. And one fine day you will sit down at the computer or with their phone and play around with usernames and passwords hoping to grab the right pair that will grant you access to the unknown. And if you are lucky, you'll figure it out. But guess what....Once you find out your partner has been lying and cheating that opens a whole 'notha can of worms for ya crazy ass! And if you find out they haven't been cheating, your crazy ass will still think they have been and reason with yourself that just cause you ain't find nothing THIS TIME doesn't mean that you won't ever catch them! LMAO! And you'll live your life like that until you either ruin a good relationship (with your wacky accusations and sneaky behavior)  or find out in the future that you were right all along.

Either way... insecurity and a lack of trust has no place being in a relationship. If you don't trust your partner, please don't go insane in da membrane tryna playing detective and shit. Just let the 'ship sail on. Plus, as you'll see below, playing detective could earn you some time. (And I ain't talkin' bout more time to dig up evidence against your boo either!)

..This story is a wild one, ain't it?!

Ricky Romance (Raz B Older Bro) Says: "Chris Brown...You Ain't Welcome In L.A....Watch What I Do To You."

Oh Lawd!!! It's the return of the crip lip, threats and shades. P'wahahahaha

These are some nice looking boys (Raz and his brother). I WISH they would cut it out! 'Specially this one wit the Internet Bangin'!

Y'all catch that super long pause for emphasis?? #FAIL

VIDEO: "Monster" Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver

This is labeled as the unfinished vid on Youtube. I think the concept is good. Nice to see actual creativity. The visuals relate to the song. *A'Gasp!* Very rare, given that the the usual formula for a rap vid  consists of bitches, jewelry and cars. THUMBS UP! I'm gonna say, "I Love It!"

...What ch'all think???

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snippet of This Week's Basketball Wives Episode

After looking at Sandra Rose's misinformed post about the origin of the Chris Brown and Raz B Twitter beef, I decided to move on to other blogs to see exactly what they were saying about that whole fiasco. Over at I found this instead...

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Yay!!! A little snippet on the next expisode of Basketball Wives. I wish they would stop this fake ass shit! And I am elated that G stood up for herself. Suzie's scared ass went running to the car and G stayed back and handled herself against these women that have absolutely nothing else to do but fuck up folks lunch. What the fuck is that shit?!

Jennifer telling Evelyn that she and G have something in common as far as the wedding dress(es) and no weddings... Boy! When I tell you I HOLLA'd!

None of these chicks genuinely like one another, truth be told. They too old to be acting this way on television. For crying out loud they have teenagers (majority of them) and even younger kids looking up to them. Shame. 

Chris Brown And Raz B Twitter-Duke It Out

WHOA!! I gots to start this off with a huge L-motherfuckin-OL. Whew! This has made me crack up for the better part of 10 minutes. I couldn't.... SMH

So, I was minding my business on Twitter, (do da doooo *humming*), getting it in with some #TT's and what do I see on my timeline but this:

"@razb2k nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy"

  1. @Rihanna Since I gotta do on the Computer..This is how I feel?? -- Computer Love...Zapp & Roger
  2. Since we both 80's babys you should remember this @Rihanna Dedication #3 -- Surface - Closer Than Just Friends
  3. @Rihanna I had to call my Big Bro @iamjamiefoxx to help me explain how I feel about you
  4. @Rihanna this song is Dedicated to you Baby I Need You,I waited this long FUCK IT what I gotta loose-- Myron Destiny
  5. @Rihanna I'm Sprung (w/ Lyrics)
@Rihanna Since I first seen you AT THE Beverly Center this is how I been Feeling -- Zapp & Roger - I Want To Be Your Man

#DEAD!!! I cain't breeve!! They play too much! LMAO