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"Ain't A Thing Change" K. Vincent (Audio)

I received an email today from an aspiring hip hop artist by the name of K. Vincent.  He enclosed the below pic along with links to his single "Ain't A Thing Change" (Produced by Nabs, Alex Cruz and Black Lion Beats). 

Take a listen below.

You can contact K. Vincent on Twitter: @KV_RaP <<Click

***If you are an underground, local (to your area) artist, send me your material. I'll take a listen and post.  I can't get you connected to anyone in the music biz directly, but I can offer a tiny bit of exposure to all the wonderful viewers of this site!! :^) 

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 3 Finale

Last night on the Real Housewives of Atlanta…. *Nene Leakes Voice***
Phaedra returned to work, Nene’s household struggles continue, Kim continues to be a get-over and enhances her boobage (AGAIN), Sheree continues to pursue an acting career and Cynthia gets married. Right choice or not???
Well, y’all know last night was the season finale. It took me an entire season to sorta/kinda like Phaedra. That is one funny lil lady. I still think she is fake as ever, but aside from all’a dat, she is hilarious!! And I love me some humor! Her maternity leave expired and she returned to work as that “no nonsense” power attorney to the entertainment world last night. She cried at the thought of leaving her son with her friend for the day. Awww, PHAEDRRRRRRA!!! *tear tear* I know the feeling. It’s hard to leave your child for the day after months of him/her being glued to you. It’s never easy…. But, her kid’s head is very oddly shaped. She is the one from the South that loves spreading all types of wives tales and mess around. You mean to tell me no one told her the one bout shaping (molding) ya kid’s head when it’s funny shaped??! O_o Well, I’ll be!!...
Nene continues her struggle with her overgrown son, Bryson. She gave him a list long as HER arm (that’s a long arm) of errands to run. I guess that’s supposed to keep him out of trouble.. *shrug* In addition to that list Nene had a lil “talk” with him about the 90 days she gave him to get himself together and how he’s progressing and what he thinks about it all. Bryce don’t care bout that mess. As I have said time and again!!! That boy’s only aspiration seems to be a thug. Nene need to send his tail off somewhere. To the Army or something. That’s her best bet.  And how many of y’all were surprised by his haircut??!! I mean… HALLELUJAH!!! He looks halfway decent now.
After her talk with her eldest son, her (soon-to-be ex) husband sat her down and discussed their future over a couple glasses of wine.  It seems to me that Greg is rooting for the marriage to last. Unfortunately for him, once a woman’s mind is made up… IT’S MADE UP! I don’t know all what went on in their marriage to make Nene so bitter towards him, but she’s done.  From what we have seen on television over the past few years, it seems to me as though Nene started making her own name and money as a result of being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and she no longer feels a need for Greg. Add the fact that Greg’s hustle in the real estate biz has tanked and she really feels the need to separate herself from him.
Now, I’m a pretty cold person, but even I WOULD NOT kick a brother when he’s down like that. Didn’t she say they were married for like 13 years? Eleven of that 13 Greg was carrying the entire fam on his back, financially. And now that she’s getting a small taste of her own money and fame, she wanna kick the man to the curb. That ain’t right. And if what I believe is true, which is she loved him when he was up and hates him during his down moment, she shall get that same treatment in the future. It’s called karma. And any man is better off without a woman like that. Greg should count his blessings (as well as his loss) and move on. That damn Nene?.... Treacherous!
Speaking of treacherous… Kim Zolciak. LMAO!! I have to laugh, because this chick is just that crazy! We all remember Kandi saying that she did not get paid (properly) for “Don’t be Tardy” as the songwriter/producer. Well, now Kim is trying to pull the same stunt with the song “Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing”. Shady, shady gal, that Kim is. Kandi had found out from the producer of the song that Kim’s lawyer contacted dude directly talking about payment. Once again she tries to circumvent Kandi. That is jacked up! And then she had the nerve to holler about she is the singer and she goes around performing the song so she should get paid more. That statement right there proves that she knows nothing about the business she has decided to pursue. Songwriters and producers get PAID off of songs. Not the performers. Performers make their money by touring. That’s just how it goes. Book closed. If she wanna make that easy paper, she better start putting pen to pad. Otherwise, she ain’t seeing a dime. And she better be glad Kandi ain’t take her to court to get her money off “Don’t Be Tardy”!!! Kim is a certified NUT!
Since Kim got the lawyer involved, Kandi decided to let the lawyers continue to settle the matter of pay. She also said that as long as she ain’t get paid, the single would not be released. To-date, the single hasn't been released. Haha!! Maybe that is why Kim did that busted single “Google Me”. When will she learn??.. *sigh*
And then there is the main topic of conversation: Cynthia’s marriage to Peter. OMG!!! This seems like a BAD choice. Let me tell ya. Cynthia’s mother, Cynthia’s sister AND Cynthia was bawlin’ all over the place about this marriage that was to take place. I mean literally just hours prior to the wedding. Everyone’s mood is somber and everyone is crying. What in da hell?!! PLUS the fact that Peter failed to get the rings and both Peter and Cynthia are FLAT BROKE! Cynthia’s mama had to give her $3000 for the bar at the wedding.  What is that?!!! Why did Cynthia pay for the entire wedding by herself?!! I just don’t get it. She loves her some Peter. Her fam on the other hand… ??? Her mama and sis tried to hide the marriage license from her!!!
Cynthia is sitting there getting her hair done and suddenly she remembers that she doesn’t have the marriage license. She asks everyone around her if they had grabbed it before leaving the house.  No one admits to having it. And she freaks out a bit, because the ceremony cannot go on without that paper. Well, her sis and mom have a private conversation in the hall and the sis tells mama that she has the license, but she doesn’t know if she should give it up or continue to hide it. Hahaha!! This is a crazy lil twist, is it not?.... In the end she decides within moments to let Cynthia know that she has the license and all is well.
Now, a lot of people on my Twitter timeline last night were saying that her sis was double wrong for pulling that lil stunt with the marriage license. Ummmm… I agree. Kind of.  I mean, her sister and mother obviously love her and want the best for her. Peter is not the best for her. We all know that financially he isn’t.  Possibly he isn’t in other ways as well. Who knows?.. So, I can understand why they would result to the possibility of sabotaging the wedding. However, y’all been knowing for a while this may not be the dude for Cynthia. Should have spoke up then. Well before all this money was thrown into this wedding, breaking Cynthia’s bank! (I wonder if she only went through with the wedding because of all the money she invested on the day???..)
Well, her hubby, Peter walked down the aisle with his “best friend”, which happens to be a woman. O_o I feel a scandal coming on. (Or is it just cold in here??) I have a lot of male friends. It’s just something about them that I LOVE!! Platonic relationshipsand all. So, I can definitely understand two of opposite sexes being friends without a romantic tie, but to have that “friend” escort you down the aisle on your wedding day?? That’s a bit much. I know if that were my husband, that right there would NOT fly.  I mean… Really. C’mon!!!
Cynthia’s dress was beautiful!! Non-traditional. I loved it! She looked awesome. Really.
And as we all know there must be a hater in every given situation. (I think that is written somewhere) Sheree played that part for us rather well. With her broke behind!! She says you can tell where Cynthia “cut corners” on the planning of the wedding due to a tight budget. I wanted to reach through my tv on that lady!! Who da hell is she to talk about someone cutting corners?!!! That Aston Martin was snatched back. Okaaaaayyy.. We know about that, Sheree. And about the fact that you stay in fear of being booted from the home that (I believe) you rent. So, stop tryna come at people on their finances. PLEASE!!!
Uggh!! And I damn near forgot about her bombing at the audition she performed on last night’s episode. She was horrible and the panel was calling her out. Sheree was getting mad. LMAO!!! Her shirt was cute though. Gotta give her that.  For some odd reason, she got the part. Go figure.
And Sheree’s homeboy and hair stylist, Lawrence, performed his song “Closet Freak” at a club in ATL in last night’s episode. He killed it!!! I loved that performance! Lawrence is F-I-E-R-C-E!! Ya hear me??? FIERCE! I really like that boy. I don’t know why… I just do.
Well, next week is the reunion. And I can’t wait!! Nene gonna act a monkey yet again. I really wish she would stop and act her age for once. Sheesh! I know she ‘bout my mama age. If my mom acted like her…??? Um. No ma’am!!

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Mother Hits Her Son WIth Her Car... ON PURPOSE!!

OMG!!! Kids are driving parents CRAZY!!!

Portland Cello Project Plays Kanye West's "All Of The Lights"

I found this on WSHH (originally)

Mother Murdered Her Two Teenage Children

Thursday, January 27, 2011, a Florida mother of two teenage children murdered them in cold blood. Julie Powers Schenecker, 50,was arrested The Following day (January 28) for the murders of her children: Calyx, 16 and Beau, 13.

The young boy, Beau, was the first to be shot.  While on the way to his soccer practice his mother shot him in the head twice as he sat in the back seat of the family's SUV. She then returned to their home in an upscale cul-de-sac in Tampa and shot her 16 year old daughter in the face. Mrs. Schenecker says her kids misbehaved and talked back and this is what drove her to take their lives.

This is so sad!! Imagine if all parents that had "mouthy" kids that don't behave took this route. There wouldn't be any kids left in the world! (Mine included)

This story is just.... WOW!

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne

I am soooo In LOVE wit' Breezy!! Ah... But, Alas.. He is but a youngin'.


And Busta Bust ripped it!!!

What's Worse Than Good Advice Falling On Deaf Ears?...

Uhhh.. Maybe the advice actually being heard and smacked da hell down!!!... I say, "Yes! That is far worse!"

As I have said numerous times in personal posts on this site, I have a handful of friends and fam that I actually care about. I know A LOT of people that do stupid shit all day long, but the shit don't bother me and I could give two fucks about the way in which their stupid shit bothers them. So, I keep my mouth closed. That's them... That's how I see it.

So, when I actually give a fuck enough to say to someone, "Hey, that's a dumb move." Please believe that it's genuine. AND that it is really a dumb move!! I know this chick that has a bum ass boyfriend. Once I run down the list, all that reads this post will agree, I'm sure. He doesn't work or hustle or go to school or anything. He's flat-broke! He's over the age of 21. He has a kid, that of course he doesn't take care of (cause he ain't got no money). See... I can't respect a nigga that does not take care of his kid(s). That says a lot about one's character. Even if you are a man with no children in the world, just all by yourself, not having any kind of income says a lot about your character. It says that you are a bum ass nigga and any self-respecting female should stay far away from yo ass!!

But, the list goes on with this dude. There is "Baby Mama Drama" and all involved with this scenario. It's just crazy! And stupid as hell for my friend to be in this situation. When she first began confiding in me about some of the shit that has been going on with her relationship, about 6 months ago, I kept quiet. She was telling me about how his kid's mom was basically harassing them every chance she got and although she never complained about it, I knew that he was basically living with my friend and eating there everyday without pitching in on anything. That's a No-No right there. As I said, he is over 21. A grown ass man. Nigga, you ain't even making sure that your kid eats and now, here you are smooching off some chick to make sure that yo ass eats! I CANNOT respect that! He's not a man doing that kind of shit. 

Now, I know the majority of the US has been experiencing this Depression (they say recession...No. It's beyond that term..DEPRESSION), but come on, now! You can find a job anywhere. I posted a vid the other day about a man's responsibilities. Click Here to check that out. Dude is on point with EVERYTHING he says. One thing he said is, basically, a job is a damn JOB! When you have no income, something is better than nothing. Work at a fast food joint, be a garbage man, pass out flyers, twirl a sign on the side of the damn highway!!! ANYTHING! You gotta eat. And if you have them, your kid(s) gotta eat too. I mean... really!!

But as I said, she's been telling me things, in general, about what's going on with them. The shit was so lame and stupid that I didn't speak up sooner because I thought for sure that my friend wasn't dumb enough to actually continue to carry on a relationship with this guy for much longer. But now, about a year after she began seeing this guy and six months since she began confiding in me about the bullshit that is her relationship with him, they are still going strong. The baby mama, whom I believe he is still fucking, is still buggin' and he still has no job other than to lay around my friend's house, eat her food and sleep with her.

I actually started giving her advice around October 2010. I basically told her that I think her ass is crazy to give so much to this dude that gives her nothing in return, but headaches from beefs with his kid's mother and the other little stunts he plays like staying out all night. Oh yeah... And the little fact that she takes care of his ass, basically. When I hit her with this she was all like "You're right.." they would split for like 3 days. (Days that I am sure he'd go stay with his kid's mom) After that lil time is up, he'd be right back at her place like he never left. Back to the usual dumb ass routine. 

And that's the way she lives her life. A few days at a time breakups and taking care of this dude as if he is one of her kids, with a deranged baby mama on da side. Ever since I first spoke up about my true thoughts on the relationship, I've had no apprehension on speak up again, when I see fit. And I'm not the only friend that has told her to chill on dating this bum. We all can see that he's a bum! She has even admitted that he's a bum. o_O

So, recently I mentioned to her again that this dude may be a "cool" dude, but that is simply for hanging purposes. Just to chill with every now and then, maybe. Definitely not for a serious relationship. This got her upset. And I'm left scratching my head. Like.... "Did I miss something?"... She tells me that she ain't worried about money like that. Shiiiiiit!! I ain't worried 'bout money like that either. But, I'll be damned if I support a grown ass man! He basically left his mama house, where she fed him and provided him with all the essentials and moved right into this chick's house. Money isn't everything, but the last time I checked love/lust don't pay the bills, put food on the table or clothes on ya damn back. In her relationship, it looks like she's doing all that and then some single-handedly!

I believe both should contribute something in a relationship. Where's his share?!! 

You wanna know the TRUTH???... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!
I mean, I respect the opinions and choices of others. She, obviously, for some UNKNOWN reason, wants to continue to struggle for a longterm relationship with this guy. Cool. That's her choice. But, this chick gotta know that I fucks wit' her and consider her a good friend. My advice and concern is genuine. It's not like I'm on the sideline hatin' on her and her man. It's not like he is a good man and I am advising her to step. And it definitely ain't like I care enough for any of the other bird-brained chicks that I know of involved in similar relationships to speak up. It takes a lot for me to care. Believe me. *Cold blooded** LOL

This chick is still my good friend, even though she stomped my advice down. I know that one cannot walk around blindly all their life. Hopefully the brick wall that she walks into (with this relationship) doesn't smash her face in. (She's too cute for those type of scars. Internally and externally.) I guess in the meantime I should go back to my pre-October 2010 days and let her vent without any input from me. She already knows what the hell I'd say anyway...

T-Pain Sho' Do "Like" Facebook. Check Out His Latest Tattoo

What y'all think?.... Lil Jailhouse, ain't it?... o_O

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"Moment For Life" Nicki Minaj ft. Drake (Video)

12 Qualities A Woman Needs To Be Wife Material

Told y'all I was gonna search for this. FOUND IT! (wasn't hard-lol)

More good points!!

This dude is cool! Looking at him, I wouldn't think twice bout this guy. But, he has a BRAIN!! And shares a lot of my thoughts. Just goes to show... Can't judge a book by its cover! Um hmm.

A Guy Dishes On What A REAL MAN's Role And Responsibilities ARE

Well, DAMN!! This dude is ON POINT!! Nothin' BUT TRUTH!!

I gotta go check out what he got to say 'bout the ladies. Look out for that post soon.

Sony Unveils A New Handheld Device

According to the folks at Nerdology Sony has announced the NGP (Next Generation Portable).

Check out the features:

  • dual analog sticks
  • a multi touch screen on the front
  • a multi touch pad on the back
  • a camera on the front and on the back
  • six axis motion
  • a quad-core cortex-A9 processor (!)
  • 3G and WiFi and connectivity
I want one!! The company says this will be hitting shelves "in time for the holidays".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama's State of the Union Address

Last night, on Capitol Hill, the audience of the State of the Union Address was a bit different than usual. The seat of the Democrat Representative, Gabrielle Giffords, (who was shot in the head a few weeks ago in Tucson, AZ) was empty and both parties (Democrat and Republican) sat together. I like the idea of the two physically commingling while seated. The President said that he hopes this is how the two can work and move together for the better of the country.

President Obama believes that America currently lags behind the rest of the World in a few areas and has given us his plan for America to excel and surpass the achievements of our competition. His first point was Clean Energy. He would like to have 80% of all Americans electricity to come from clean sources by 2035. In order to start this movement, the President purposes that tax dollars be donated to American oil companies for clean energy. He did mention that these companies are about the last to need a handout. I agree with that. I am sure we all agree with that, but as we all know, the promise of funds usually gets the ball rolling. I am sure many companies would either never consider going the route of clean energy or would drag their feet beginning without the government incentive. To reach that goal of 80% by 2035, (or anywhere near it),  I think that government assistance for the oil companies is a realistic necessity.

Next, President Obama spoke on education. He says that 25% of students are not completing high school and America ranks 9th in those obtaining a degree.  The President encouraged parents to take responsibility for educating and encouraging their children.  He suggests that kids be taught to love education just as much (or more) as entertainers. He advises that "Success is not a function of fame... but of hard work and discipline." He spoke of the "Race to the Top" program, which rewards states with more government funds, in exchange for higher educational standards. And he asks Congress to consider making the tuition tax credit of $10,000 for four years of college permanent. Individuals making less than $80,000 a year and married couples making less than $160,000 a year qualify for this credit. Their child(ren) may receive a maximum of $2,500 per year to assist in paying for their education. "Higher education must be in the reach of every American.", he said.

The topic of education was then summed up by the President asking that we respect those that educate our country; teachers. He would like to reward the good and not the bad.

Good idea!! How many of us has experienced a horrible teacher? As either a student ourselves or as a parent of a student? I have. My son had one that I believe simply lacked patience for little kids to begin with.  As a result, all else was lost. He was in the 2nd grade at the time and the class was jam-packed with about 22 7-8 year olds to this one, fresh-from-college, kid. My son told me how she would holler at them and be very short when asked a question... It was just a mess. As a parent, I met with her several times. Each time we'd leave the meeting feeling as if we were on common ground. (At least I did) But, within a month, I'd be emailing her again... "When can we meet?" It was insane. The following year she left the school. *Thanks**

This idea of not making excuses for teachers with a poor technique is AWESOME!!! Teachers that perform poorly should be removed or given a chance to attend seminars or classes to help them become better educators. No excuses. Just make it right.

And at the same time there are AWESOME teachers that actually love to educate and go above and beyond to do so. I have had A LOT of them in my lifetime. More than a few. And I've run across a couple as a parent. These teachers definitely deserve to be rewarded monetarily. I am sure if you ask them, they'd say that just getting a chance to educate is enough reward for them. People that really love what they do always say that for some reason. And that may be a true statement, but recognition and reward for doing what you do well ain't never hurt! AND such a program will serve as an incentive for more teachers to give their all and help produce smarter generations.

Good idea for parents to take initiative with their kids' education and to teach their children that success is not exclusive to movie stars, professional athletes and other entertainers. Success is a relative term. Becoming a lawyer is success. Becoming an entrepreneur is success. Being promoted on your job is success. Being all around good for yourself, your family and society is SUCCESS. To have a truly successful life, kids need education and knowledge. They need options. I'm glad that he mentioned this! It's a shame that the audience that needed to hear this the most probably didn't even tune in...

Next the President spoke about America's infrastructure and the need for high speed rail and internet. The need to up America's export and create more jobs for Americans. As well as healthcare and the deficit. He suggests a freeze on annual spending for the next 5 years, which would reduce the deficit by 400 billion dollars. And of putting an end to the tax cut he temporarily granted for the weatlhiest 2% of Americans. As well as his want for the American peoples' faith in the government to be restored. In order to do that, he challenges Congress (and the rest of government) to become transparent. He promised that any bill that makes it to his desk with earmarks WILL be vetoed!!

Another promise made was to do away with the "Don't ask, Don't tell" Policy in 2011. As well as to begin bringing the troops home in July 2011.

Well. I'm happy about all that he has proposed. I feel that everything he laid on the table is necessary. The suggestions were right on point. Democrats and Republics were not divided last night. (At least not physically) And I'm hopeful they all can come to an agreement on decisions that will better America's future.

"Our destiny reamins our choice."--President Barack Obama

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sexual Harassment Vid

Look at what I found over at

This is too funny!! The 1:11 mark had me on the floor!! LMAO

10 Steps To Get A Girl

I found this funny...

Real Housewives of Atlanta: "They Gonna Talk About You Like A Dog"

LMAO!!! Phaedra Parks! This lady has a way with words, don't she?? Haha! You gotta love it! On the ride over to the festival that Kim and Kandi were performing (their last performance of the tour) at, Phaedra told Kim that she better bring it, or else be talked about "like a dog". I could not stop laughing about that. Maybe because I haven't heard the term "talk about like a dog" in so long... I don't know. But, I found it hilarious!

So, the ladies are all at a "friend" of Kim's mansion out in Miami for the weekend. This place is huge! And quite eclectic. I love it though. He has a huge mirror by the pool, a few verandas and patios all over... I'd LOVE to just visit a place like that. At least once. Complete with his wait staff and chef! *Oh, BLISS**

Nene, came in with an attitude. Gonna tell the dude that she is surprised that he is Kim's friend. Y'all remember the prior episode left off with Nene being held back from Kim on the tour bus. So, Nene was still heated and acting an ass. The old Nene has re-emerged. That's a shame. Just when ya think Nene is finally starting to act her age (50+), she does some shit as if to say, "Uh uh, gurl!! I'm still a BITCH!!"

After her curt behavior towards the owner of the home, Kim approached her and asked her to chill out because the dude is her friend and he was nice enough to open his home to all of them. Why'd she do that?.. (Which was only right!!) Nene went off again! Talking about beating Kim's ass and shit. Just what is wrong with Nene? She was being an ass towards the owner of the house and she was getting loud with Kim and Kim came at her as soft as a lamb.

There is only one conclusion: NENE LEAKES IS CUHHHH-RAZZZZY!! Yes. CRAZY!! She further proves this when she invites her friend Diane (or is it Diana) to come stay at Kim's friend's mansion with them for the weekend. Y'all remember how she went crazy on the tour bus about the fact that Kandi's manager Don Juan and Kim's assistant Sweetie was staying the weekend with them. She said that it was supposed to just be the actual "cast" of RHOA there to support Cynthia and throw her a bachelorette party over the weekend. No one else. I see her point, but at the same time, it ain't even that serious! After she saw that Sheree's bestie Lawrence had also come to crash the weekend (via an invite from Sheree), she called her homegirl down as well.

Kim was sending Sweetie home. Diane arrived and Kim told Sweetie that she can stay since she was only sending her home because Nene had made such a big deal about it earlier. But, since Nene has now invited someone else, Sweetie can stay. Diane jumped all on Kim talking bout keep my name out of it and this and that. BITCH PLEASE!! I hate the fact that they be coming for Kim like that. I am certain that if that was any other RHOA cast member Diane would NOT have reacted like she did. As Kim explained to her, she only spoke her name because her "friend" Nene, whom invited her down, had made a big deal out of other people besides the cast members being there for the weekend, but now since Nene has also invited an "outsider", her assistant may stay as well. That's understandable and that was nothing aimed at Diane. That was totally aimed at Nene. And while Diane said her lil piece, snapping her neck and all, Nene was on the side making faces and laughing. How immature!! And once Diane was done, Nene raised her glass and basically said, "Yeah. We here and we're going to have a good time staying in YOUR friends house", to Kim. Those aren't her exact words, but they're close enough. Kim told her that she loves the way Nene just invited someone to her friend's house without asking if it was cool with the owner of the house first. Given the fact that Nene hates Kim, who is the only reason why they are spending the weekend in such a lovely home, that is hella rude for her to invite someone.

Oh yeah... and she proved her "CRAZY" when she hollered at Kim that she DID NOT make a big deal of the other people that had been invited to stay at their all girl weekend, outside of the RHOA cast members.  Nene?.. Are you okay?.. Need the tape rolled back for you?... You ABSOLUTELY DID make a HUGE deal about that!! She's insane. For realZ!

While there for the weekend, Cynthia picked up a lil swimsuit runway gig. She walked the catwalk in two different looks. Phaedra said she looked like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese. OMG!!! Phaedrrrrraaaa! This girl keeps me laughing! That was mean of her to say. Cynthia's a cool lady. And I guess she is/was a supermodel after all. I have said a time or two that I don't understand why she refers to herself as a supermodel. I don't recall ever seeing her anywhere prior to the show. She told the guy doing her makeup for the show that she was modeling in Milan and other places abroad straight out of high school. And I know she did magazines as well. Guess that does make her a supermodel. Um.. SHUT ME DA HELL UP! LOL

During lunch, a day before the bachelorette party, Cynthia broke down crying when Kandi asked her about her honeymoon. Nene followed Cynthia to the bathroom and all but demanded that they go back to Atlanta that night. She said "Let's just go home tonight... You want to leave tonight?...Let's change our tickets and just leave tonight.." OMG!! We get it, Nene! You want to leave tonight. Take yo ass on then! DAMN!! But, why would she try to remove the reason for all of them being there: Cynthia? Nene is conniving as all hell! I hate those kind of folk! Just because her ass had a falling out with Kim and she's feeling sour in the inside, she wants to sour everyone else's weekend. "Misery LOVES company!" So true!!

So, when Cynthia and Nene returned from the bathroom, Cynthia announces that she may go home that night. The girls gave her some pre-marital advice. Kandi told her to not push forward with the wedding if things aren't in order just to prove nay-sayers wrong or to save face. Such a good piece of information! I know someone that went through with a pretty expensive (by my standards and hers) wedding and reception just so she could say, "Look. He married me. Even when so many said that he wouldn't." Even when she, herself , new that she shouldn't!! I guess the wedding went on so that she could save face. After bragging all around town about this wedding to a man that she knew didn't really care much for or about her and nor did she about him after some time, she just had to go through with it, as if she had something to prove. That was a dumb ass move! Why move forward when you know it's going to fail?... That it has already failed before the marriage?!! That's just pure insanity.  Cynthia is either going to struggle 'til she dies to keep her marriage to Peter intact or they'll be divorced in less than 3 years... Separated in two. That's my prediction.

Sheree suggested that she scale the size of her wedding back. It's always about money with Sheree. Can she not ever see the bigger picture?? I do understand that Cynthia said she was crying because she doesn't think Peter can afford to take her on a honeymoon vacation. I understand that, but we all know it's not just the lack of a honeymoon that drove Cynthia to tears. It's no secret that her man ain't really bout shit, financially and she's carrying her entire househould (with him in it) on her shoulders. That's the REAL issue. So, saving a few pennies by chopping the wedding event down a bit so that you can have a honeymoon vacation will solve absolutely NOTHING!! But, thanks, Sheree. You tried.

Cynthia decides to stay for her bachelorette party and guess who else decides to stay?... NENE. She says that it was to support Cynthia. I'm not buying it. If she wanted to "support" Cynthia so bad, she would have never tried to persuade her to leave before the party that was being thrown in her honor!! A real supportive "friend" would have went in that bathroom and consoled her and suggested that they kick back and forget about the problems at home and enjoy Miami. NOT suggest that they pack up and leave on the next plane taking off, all because she's (Nene) in Miami causing drama and feeling uncomfortable. I am sure she stayed just to be sure that she wasn't the topic of conversation. Nene, GROW THE HELL UP and get some confidence.

The party went on. Lawrence did some dead-on impersonations of the cast members. I LOVE that boy! Lawrence seems like real fun! I am so surprised that he is friends with Sheree. I have seen stranger, though. *shrug* Phaedra got some strippers that she represents to come out. When the one dressed as a police patted Cynthia down and said, he found what he was looking for, "Crack. Right here." and pointed to her ass, I fell out!! Did y'all see the look on her face?! Classic!!

The night appeared to be a success.

On the next episode the weeding is to go down. The previews hype it up like Cynthia may not show... She comes late or something. WE ALL KNOW she is going to marry her man!! Whether or not it makes sense to do so... That's quite another story. But, she's exchanging them vows if it's the LAST thing she does in life. It's sad that some women are so desperate. She's a pretty lady. Got her own... Why would she settle?

Obviously, there is something we can't see going on.

Basketball Wives Season 2: True Friends, Love & Lipgloss

Sunday's episode began with Evelyn out on a very awkward date. I don't know Evelyn's type, but I'd like to think that this dude ain't it. Not even on the physical level. She says that she met him in a grocery store. She should have kept stepping right on by this one. His actions are that of a mentally impaired person. He was giggling nervously about any and everything. Just weird. One good thing about that date: Evelyn didn't look so manly. She was actually cute. I was digging her look for the night. (Goooooo EVE!--lol) 

Later in the show Evelyn went on a date with her personal trainer, who happens to be a real cutie!! He took her to dinner and ice skating. It looked like a good time. But, obviously they didn't go far. As we ALL know, she's now engaged to Chad Ochocinco.

Ms. Royce.... is still a bamma! What the hell was that shirt with the cut up cap sleeves??? And the color! Please stop chiquita.... But, you know what?... Her man is a bamma too!! And if any of y'all are interested in her lil lingerie thingy she put on for him, head to your local Dots. That's where I got mine from back in October 2009. Less than $20. At least my color scheme was black and purple. I don't know what the hell Royce was going for with that shit on (not cute or sexy). Well, DAMN!! o_O

Anyways, Royce invites Suzie to lunch for a little sit down to further speak on why Suzie decided not to come to her fashion show/charity event.  Suzie is so soft without her girl Evelyn around (and now being her new sworn enemy). She basically said that she didn't want to come and take away from Royce's event by Evelyn picking with her. Evelyn runs this girl's life. That is so sad. AND Royce made her pay for the lunch. See. SOFT!!   *Sidenote: I wonder if Suzie is still actually pursuing that tv show host career... Her mouth is really jacked! That lisp is just super crazy! And it annoys me. TV show host just ain't in the cards for her.

Is Tami still sore from her smart lipo procedure? I can understand if she is. But, I'd like to know why did she decide to meet with Evelyn for lunch (so soon after her surgery)? That's just odd.  She was walking like she was SO' (sore)!! Maybe she had to jump right in there to try to get in Evelyn's good graces. You know, "the sooner, the better and whatnot". Tami says that she wants the two of them to be good friends. Uhhhh..WHY??! I don't get it. Tam has struck me as the only real broad on this damn show and now it looks as though she's tryin' her best to befriend the biggest drama queen in "The Circle". This puzzles me. But not quite as much as the fact that Tami was not given a lil help with wardrobe and hair before they began shooting this season of Basketball Wives.

I sat and watched a bit of the mini-marathon they showed over the weekend of this show and poor Tami is busted. Especially when she's in the same room as Jennifer, Evelyn and/or Shaunie. I'm thinking that if Shaunie is such a good friend of this woman why did she not say, "Here, let me loan you a few thousand to get yourself straight to shoot this show."? That's what "friends" do. I really feel bad for her every time I watch that episode with her and Jenn going at it during that chick's charity event. Her dress ain't cute and it's dated. The hair ain't cute. The shoes ain't nowhere near cute AND she removes them... It's just horrible to look at. Really horrible. (Although I was rootin' for her to give Jennifer a whippin')

And speaking of lil Miss Jennifer... She met with a company to begin her own line of lipgloss. The glosses looked nice on. She tried them out and she says that they feel nice on as well. This is a good move for her. I wish I had my own line!! Of something...Of anything... Crackers, telephones, eye shadow, weave... SOMETHING! So, I'm happy for her on that. And I'd be even happier if she'd give Eric the divorce that he desperately wants and should have received YEARS ago! The two of them had dinner with another ex-ballplayer and his wife. It was nothing but arguing. What was the point?... Really.

Part of the "brains" behind the show, Shaunie was M.I.A once again. That's good. She needs a lil hiatus. Some time away from the cam to work on how to keep that inner child in place.(Y'all know what I'm talkin' bout)

Monday, January 24, 2011

50 Cent: "I Put WorldStar To Bed!"

If you tried to access (one of my favorite sites) today and found that it is down, you may want to Thank 50 Cent. He has blasted all over Twitter that he is to blame and apparently he's quite proud of it.

See 50's tweets below:
(Tweets ascend. Read From Bottom to Top.)

????... What happened?! Why would this guy shut down WSHH?... HOW could he??.. This video from November 2009 sheds some light on the origins of today's events:

This began well before my blogging days!! I am so out of the loop on this issue. 

And here's a followup with 50, Angie Martinez and Q from on Hot 97 today...

Q denies that 50 played any part in the site going down:

"It's a technical difficulty, not Homeland Security," Q told Angie Martinez. "It's not a hacker, it's more less like some difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We constantly have to upgrade. We've been down before, the most was 8 months. We got hacked last year, or other times we've had problems before. It should be up shortly. I see 50 cent put my # out there. But shout out to 50 Cent, it's great promo. We missed a message, but my technical team is on it. It should be back on shortly. I don't want to put a timeline on it, but it's should be back up in about 24 hours."
--See the entire article at

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Schiebe" (Remix) Lady Gaga

Single from Lady Gaga's upcoming album Born This Way: SchieBe!!!! This song premiered during the menswear showing of House of Mugler (Thierry Mugler) for Paris' Fashion Week Wednesday.

I can't wait to get me some weave!!! #LongHairdontCARE!!! I'll be in the club whippin' it off this one! Woooooo!!

Charlamagne Da God Goes On Drake

This dude is so fuckin' funny!!!

What In The F*CK?!!!

Of all things ratchet... WOW!!

And I LOVE MTO's comment. lol

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jesse James & Kat Von D Are Engaged

I mean.. Really. Kat was there when this man stepped out on Sandra Bullock just months ago and shattered a (seemingly) happy home. SMH. When will people realize that the way they come in is the exact same way they roll out??! Kat. C'mon, now!!

**Sidenote: Kat's still my tatted up S'hero.

Khloe Kardashian's Beauty Steps Out

Have you guys seen the photos of Khloe Kardashian in the most recent YRB magazine??? She is SMOKIN'!!! Compared to the other sisters Khloe's looks have greatly gone unnoticed. (At least by me they have) It may be because she has the bigger structure and she's much taller than the rest of the clan.... Idk..But this photo shoot is like: BAM, BITCHES!!

Sexy, ain't she?? I am loving the 'fit, the hair, the makeup... Get it, Gurrrrlll!!!

"Rocketeer" Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder

Is That REALLY Your Friend?

True friends are so hard to come by. I can honestly say that I have a soliiiiiid 3 good friends. (Outside of my mother and sister) Chicks that I whole-heartedly trust and believe in. And I, of course, give them the same. Some people like to run in a huge crew and claim everyone they meet as a "bestie" or title someone a "homey" just because they spared them a cigarette outside of work one day. Those are the people that we constantly see in some kind of beef. Who wants to live like that??.. Not I! And that's why my circle is so tight.

I don't think too many people actually even know what it is to be a friend. I'm not talking about what Webster's defines it as. I'm talking about the true emotional ties and pulls; a bond that two share. A lot of people got it twisted. Think that just because you went to school together or smoked in Ray's backyard together a few times that makes you friends. It doesn't. That just makes you ex-classmates and common weedheads. Nothing more.

The absolute killer for me is girls that don't know each other claiming one another as best friends... For an example let's name them Kim and Amber.... Kim is dating Rodney, who is the cousin of Mike that is dating Amber. After one double date to Ruby Tuesday, now these girls have claimed each other as best friends. Really??? How does that work?!! One confides in the other. Maybe they both tell each other shit they should keep to themselves and before you know it... BAM!! Drama. Kim told this or Amber told that. Feelings are crushed. "How could you?!! I thought you were my friend!!" *tear tear*
Them Backstabbers Will Get Ya EVERYTIME! Shame.
"Thought you were my friend"... Welp.. A lot of y'all be thinking wrong. Fuckin' dudes of the same fam or best friends or that just live in the same neighborhood does NOT make you friends with this random chick!  I'm not saying to be mean to your boo's cousin's latest jumpoff. I'm simply saying don't confide in her and plan lunch and mani/pedi dates. Usually, no good comes from these situations.

The same goes for work. I know you go to work and spend 8 hours or more with the same people day in and day out, but PLEASE keep in mind that these folks are your coworkers. NOT your friends. I worked for the same place for about 4 years. I was cordial with everyone, but quite a few of people would tell me I looked mean all the time. It wasn't intentional. I just didn't feel the need to be all sugary sweet all the damn time. I have seen what sugary sweet gets you. I was working in a call center for a medical insurance company. The pay was good. Not like 6 figure pay or nothing like that, but comparable to what I'd have made at an entry-level position as a Biologist with my (at the time of hire) recently acquired Bachelor's degree. But this place was HOOD! Let me tell ya!!

All the chicks that came in there that wanted to smile in everyone face and chat it up with any and everybody willing to listen ALWAYS ended up in some type of drama. Cause that is the way it goes. These girls "thought" they could let their "friends" at work know that they were cheating on their boyfriend or husband or that they can't stand so and so that sits on the other side of the office. WRONG! Within a minute of sharing info half of the floor knew ya biz. And to that I say, "NO THANKS!"

I'd engage in the usual office talk: What came on tv last night, what (everyone's) kids are involved in at school, the food available in the cafe... Safe, neutral conversations. I could never understand those folks that will come to work and tell everybody that their man is cheating, how they caught him, their kid might not be his, and on and on... If you are that kind of person at work, I hope you read this and think of just how silly that is.

I observe and assess. A LOT!! And there was 2 chicks just like me at that job. We spoke amongst ourselves about the ratchet mess that was going on at work and we even shared a few personal details of our lives with one another. Even though none of us work there any longer, we still keep in contact. I count one of them in my close friend circle. The other, I know I can trust with whatever. She's cool as hell!! But we don't communicate often enough to really be considered part of either one's circles. You know...

Anyway, my whole point to this post is to try to save folks from drama and heartache. Yes. Heartache. You'd be surprised at the number of people that genuinely think a friendship can go from 0 to 100 in the span of a 5 minute wait for food in your local Burger King. True story. A chick was telling me all types of shit 'bout her and her dude in a Burger King a few years ago while we were standing in line. I don't remember how the convo began, but I remember her talking to me like I even knew her. I AIN'T KNOW THAT CHICK! I told my homey 'bout that shit and we was dyin' laughin'!! If this girl felt comfortable enough to tell a complete stranger her issues, imagine how she is at work or school. Telling people that she barely knows (of) all types of intimate details. And when she hears that someone was talking her business she'll be crushed! "How could you?!! You're supposed to be my friend!"

Nope. Nope. Unfortunately, everyone ain't your friend. Don't get me wrong, there are folks out there that are genuine and know what it is to be a friend. But you also got the rather negative folks that love to see another down. Don't help those that want to see your demise by giving them the pieces (details) they need to complete their puzzle of your downfall.

Forming friendships take time. It's just like a baby walking or talking. You can't just jump in there and start running. You can't just jump in there and start throwing sentences together. You're bound to trip and fall and stumble. But, then again, it's up to you how you want to live your life. I'm jus' sayin'... I guarantee you will be much more stress-free if you chose your "friends" a bit more wisely.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who's That Talkin'??

We've all heard of the precautions we should take online when directly communicating with folks that we do not know.  It used to be that females were cautioned the most when it came to relationships that they could (possibly) form with a guy online. You never know... That sweet typing guy that looks so cute in his pictures could actually be Flavor Flav's identical twin that just wants a woman to take care of him (or a chick to harm in other ways). Eww!! *Nicki Minaj voice*

So, as the the social use for internet has evolved from chatrooms to full sites with millions of indivual pages, the idea of the mysterious users has evolved as well. Folks are starting anonymous accounts all over the place! I remember hearing about a year ago, of ex- girlfriends or boyfriends that would create fake accounts so that they can sort of cyber-stalk their ex and see who they're talking to and what they're talkin' 'bout. Although that is rather childish, I still gotta laugh at that! LMAO!!! The fact that folks often say shit like, "I don't give a fuck what he/she do. We ain't together no mo'!", once a split occurs, but when they are sitting home alone with that ex on that mind, they result to taking precious time out of their lives to create a bogus account just so they can peek in on what that ex (that they swear they cannot stand or care about) is doing, cracks me up!  Umm. Ummm. UM!

Matters of the heart have always been tricky. You love them, but you hate them... You care but ya don't... I get it. Sometimes you just gotta know what your old boo is up to without them knowing that you even care to know. (I guess...)

But, lo' and behold the time has come that anonymous accounts are no longer just the work of that scorned lover. Enemies are creating these accounts. Haters are creating these accounts. Folks that just get a rise out of fucking with folks while safely hiding behind an alias are creating these accounts. And that is crazy and can get dangerous.

In the Spring of 2010 a suspicious account popped up on Facebook of a guy. This account was suspicious because I grew up in a really small area. My mother and sister still live there. Everyone knows  everyone. Well, this guy requested my sister as a friend and she accepted. At that point they only had a few friends in common, but the few folks that she mentioned this guy to, no one had ever heard of him. Of all the 30 or so friends this guy had, no one knew who the hell he was on Facebook. That was odd. The fact that he only had about 30 friends on Facebook was even odder than that! Y'all know how Facebook is. Even little kids on there have at least 150 damn friends!!

To go even further on the weirdness of it all, this guy only had 1 picture of himself and his back was to the camera. There was no way to identify this person at all! It was simply a Facebook account with a lone picture and 30 friends. o_O WEEEIIIRRRRRD!

Well, a few days after the request the guy messages my sister in hurried manner asking for her to chill with him and asking her where she lives and all kinds of things. Of course with the rushed tone of it all this caused her to slam on the brakes and stop communicating with the guy. Once that happened this guy  posted a rather ill status that included my sister's address and her full name. What the hell??!! "Dude, who are you??!"

At this point my sis decided to do something that she should have done prior to accepting the friend request. She looked at the account's info. The birth date of this guy was the exact same as hers and the email address was that of her current boyfriend. This story just gets crazier. I know.

Well, once 2 and 2 was put together and equated to 4, it was found that the mother of my sis' boyfriend's kids was the person behind that account. Basically, she planned to get my sister to make a move with this guy so that she could show her kids' father that his current girlfriend was stepping out on him. When her plan to breakup their relationship failed, she resulted to posting a status in an attempt to "hurt" my sis. That, too, backfired on her because everyone knew she was behind the account and it just made her look even more bitter than she already did, what with her attempting to fight over the guy and all (prior to her Facebook antics).

This was the first time such foolishness has ever hit close to me, personally, online. I was shocked! I remember telling folks, "I've heard of this type of shit, but I ain't know people do this lame shit for real..". This was like seeing a fuckin' unicorn or something, but not as whimsical. So, I guess that would make this type of surreal event more like actually laying your eyes on Big Foot.

Since this episode I have seen other anonymous accounts, (on Facebook as well), that have taken a bit of a different approach. Instead of honing in on one person, in particular, the person(s) behind the account basically goes in on EVERYBODY!! I have seen folks personal business blasted for all to see. Any and everything from health to cheating in a relationship to addictions maliciously blasted on Facebook by an anonymous user. I'm talking full names and all!!

Now, I must admit, a lot of the things that I have seen blasted have been the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!! A LOT of the shit is funny as hell!! I mean... when you have a person acting like they are tough as cement and they get punked online by an anonymous person, that is pure comedy!! Or if you have one of those people that are famous for lying their ass off about what they got and what they are doing in their Facebook statuses day in and out.. Talkin' bout "I got that ARAB Money!!" everyday but they hardly have enough money to feed themselves and ain't takin' care of their kids... For that person to be put out there on the truth is PURE COMEDY!!! But... does that make it fair?

The playing field isn't balanced when you have an invisible person throwing stones from behind a boulder. Maybe, if you could see the person, you could throw some stones of your own. We all have skeletons in our closets. We all have something that we are ashamed of or wish that we could undo or redo or what have you. I am certain the people behind anonymous accounts are not exempt from that statement.

It's wild. What would make one want to be so vicious towards unsuspecting people? Well, whatever the reason, what goes around comes around. You can't hide from Karma. o_O

Raz-B And Ricky Romance Got Served???

Rumors are spreading like wildfire on the 'net about a beat down that Raz and (his thugged out bro--lol) Ricky Romance received on stage at an award show in Atlanta called Salute the DJ's. I have seen reports that security served this assault and others say security wasn't involved, but neither did they (even attempt to) do their job of "securing" the safety of the two.

Well, DAMN!! Hope they are okay. Although... (forgive me for stating the obvious) We can all do without their attention-deprived antics for awhile.

Jay-Z And His Nephew Daniel (Solange's Son)

MTO Failed To Protect Their Blasted On Victim of The Day is one of the funniest blogs out right now! I visit that site on the daily! Y'all know that. Well, every now and then they post wild shit that they find on Facebook. Usually someone giving entirely TMI(too much information) on the web. They always make sure to blur out the names and faces on the posts, so to protect those involved, I suppose. Well, today they failed at that. LMAO

Ms. Kendra, below, blasted on her "babydaddy" about his fondness of the same sex... o_O

And now EVERYBODY knows (even those that are not her friend on Facebook)!! If you see Kendra, give her a hug. LOL

I don't know if her face and name were intentionally left untouched for the first 3 posts or not. In latter posts they blurred those bits of info. Hmm.  #FAIL


Why has no one told me anything about this AWESOME website, Tumblr??! I stumbled across it about a week ago when I was on Necole Bitchie's TL on Twitter. I looked over her page and I enjoyed seeing a personal page of Necole's. Thought it was a brilliant idea... FOR HER. Because, as you all may know, she rarely (if ever) makes mention of herself @

For folks like me that blog about everything, including my personal life and day-to-day issues, I felt as thought a Tumblr account would just be EXCESSIVE!I mean... I have a Facebook account, Twitter, and What more could I possibly have left to share with the WORLD WIDE WEB??!!

Despite my realistic answer to that question being: NOTHING! I signed up for the site today and I LOVE IT!! I have actually set it up so that whatever I share on Tumblr automatically gets shared on my Twitter account. So... at this time, I am thinking that I may not tweet directly from Twitter often. I love to kill a couple birds with one stone!!(You can also link posts directly to Facebook as well).. Ahhhhh. I just think the site is super neat! You can also search for common folk. (Unlike other sites out there) For instance, I plugged in "Jay-Z", "kanye West", "Art" and found A LOT of people that have really cool stuff on their page. I've gone wild with following people on the site. At this point I may not be over 20, but I'm on a roll. Searching these keywords and viewing pages is much harder work than one may think. LOL

If you enjoy sharing your (random) thoughts, such as we all do on Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking site, I strongly suggest you sign up for a Tumblr account! IT'S FREE!!

Click Below To Be Redirected To My Tumblr Page:

Mckenzie's Way

Chris Brown Wants Someone To Wake Him Up

...At least that's what the caption on this Twitpic read.

*sigh* Breezy, oh, Breezy!!!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Basketball Wives "Google Foodstamp"

Tami underwent a little cosmetic surgery on this episode. She got a procedure called Smart Lipo. The performing doctor told her of all the great benefits with Smart Lipo (as opposed to traditional lipo) and she decided to go through with it. WITHOUT BEING PUT TO SLEEP!! Brave lady! I don't know where this doctor was located, but it appears as though Tami went there alone and was left alone for recovery at a local hotel.

She got A LOT of fat suck up outta her!! Let me tell ya! I could use that procedure my damn self though. Gut. Back fat. Oooohhhh! I wonder if that procedure can be done on arms!!! When I check out prices and financing options, I shall look all that up. (I ain't lyin') As for Tami, she was stuffed in a whole body Spanx thingy and told the recovery time is 3 weeks. I can't wait to see the results!! I bet her lucky ass got that procedure for free! If the work is good that is free advertising; with her being on tv and all.

And before Tam went in for her fat suck she ran into Jennifer at a lil gathering that Royce called together at a pool. Tami's attitude was still on a record high. Jennifer apologized again for not being privy to foodstamps. Tami told her the argument wasn't even about a foodstamp. Really?? We all thought that's what it was about. *shrug*  Well, to put an end to this continuation Jennifer assured her that she'd Google "foodstamp". Hahaha!!

While Tami was laying around quite uncomfortably in the hotel room, a knock came on the door. It was Jennifer!! She gave her a Get Well card with (wait for it......) foodstamps enclosed! Cute! That was such a nice amends. I still wouldn't trust no Jennifer. I wouldn't trust none of them hoes. Except Tami. Thus far Tam has kept it trill!!

Eric and Jennifer visit the counselor together. Why this nigga gon' talk about now he is ready to be the man that Jennifer deserves but she already said she wants the divorce. WHAT??!!! Who's mind is he tryna fuck? Obviously Jennifer's. That reverse psychology bullshit don't work with no one over the age of 7, dude! I used to pull the same shit with my son. "I was going to take you to Cold Stone later, but now you acting up so... Too late!" In actuality, I never had any intentions on taking his ass to get no ice cream!!! I just wanted to get a point across.  LMAO!! How convenient to tell one what your good intentions were once you decide that you won't go through with them because that person has done something to no longer deserve. I tell ya! I've been single so long, I ain't know they still made niggas like that no mo'. (Complete with lame ass excuses)

After the session with the counselor Jennifer accompanies Eric to the storage unit to put more of his things away. As you all may know, he's moving out of the Miami condo. Eric said he's going back home for a while. (Did he said to Philly??)  He says that wants to be FAR away from Jenn and her wack ass crew. Jennifer tried to convince him that they could and should continue to be friends. Eric is like, "NO WAY!" He speaks as if he just wants to be completely done with her ass. I cannot say I blame him. Jennifer and her friends, especially Evelyn are negative as hell. Don't nobody got time for that shit day in and day fuckin' out!! STEP, Jenn!!

Royce and her boyfriend put together a charity fashion show for breast cancer. Jennifer and Evelyn were supposed to model for the show. Royce and her dance crew was set to perform. Jenn and Evelyn backed out one hour before they were set to take to the stage. ONE HOUR. They are just tacky as hell. They went to try on the clothes they were to model a day or so prior to the event and didn't like the styles. I don't blame them on that. All that shit (that I saw) was UGLY! Because of that, they decided not to participate in the fashion show. That's cool, but still.... You do not drop out of participating in an event one hour before the event begins. Uggghhh!!! Just goes to show, money can buy a lot of things, but class ain't one of 'em.

They gave Royce some bullshit excuses about why they couldn't make it. One made up excuse was that Evelyn's shoe store had been broken into. Don't she know you don't make up lies like that?! Karma makes that shit come true. Just watch.

Poor Royce! Her dance step was wack as hell! Her "friends" bailed on her at the last minute and she struggles to try to help Suzie overcome her great fear of Evelyn. LOL. Suzie declined Royce's invitation earlier in the show because she knew Evelyn was scheduled to attend. Royce told her she was acting like a coward and a pussy. ROYCE!!! That is not an act. What do you not understand?!! She also told her to "go throw drinks or something" instead of attending her charity event. HA!!! Didn't I just bring that up a couple weeks ago?? That bitch, Suzie was throwing drinks and getting super crunk wit folks last season. Damn!! What happened, boo?... Got dropped from your circle? LOL

My, oh, my how the tables have turned.

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Denials of a Random Suck And Bitch BYE!!

Okay, during this episode my thoughts of Char has changed. Initially, I pegged her as the most fake of the house members. Although she hadn't done anything fake, I just felt like her want for everyone to get along would eventually cause her to play both sides of the fence at some time or other. Although this has yet to totally be disproved, I'd just like to make note that at this time (2nd episode of the season) she's a cool chick. I can't say I believe her though on leaving that good corporate job to live in the Bad Girls house. But, hey...

The whore of the house was exposed. Or rather, she exposed herself. Sydney. This is the bad-skinned chick with the fire red hair and tatts. She tells of how she has a boyfriend... Well, a "friend" that she really cares about, but she knows that she isn't the only girl he keeps company with. So, she decides that while he's home doing what he do, she's going to do what she wanna. She goes out, finds a cute lil dude, brings him back home, throws him some oral service and then brags about how good her skills are to her roommates.... NASTY!!! She even tells one roommate that she will definitely tell her boyfriend about the episode with the random guy. She made it seem as though she wasn't scared about his reaction... Um!

Well, in (like) the very next segment of the show Sydney's boo, Bennie, comes to visit her. She plays like she is sooo in love! So in love, UNtillllllll the jock of the house (Tough Nikki) blows her spot by telling ole Bennie that she "blew" a dude just two days prior to his arrival. When Bennie confronts Sydney with this she panics, LIES and grabs some of the other roommates to assist her in making her lie believable.

Dang! What happened, honey??? Thought y'all had an open relationship. He was doin' him and you were gonna do you.. Just the day before she was hollerin' bout how she was definitely going to tell him because she ain't scurred (scared)! Wasn't she just bragging bout how she got down on a one-night stand and all?? Bitch, PLEASE!! I do NOT and can NOT respect a fake hoe! If you did it, you did it. Ain't no need to lie. And then you got this straight-necked dude lookin' a straight fool! Just be real. That's all I'm sayin'.

In addition to her whorish ways, the chick is dumb! She sat up there and said she hates when people pronounce the word "nuclear" as Nu•Klee•Er because the word is actually (pronounced) Nu•Clear. All the girls looked at her like, "Nah... It is pronounced Nu•Klee•Er.". o_O Yeah. Stick to being a slut puppet, honey. Cause you ain't got no brains. (No pun intended)

All the girls (except Sydney) go out and on the limo ride to the spot one of the chicks tells how she is somewhat clairvoyant. She gets premonitions when something bad is about to go down. This freaks everybody out, of course. But, they continue on anyway and attempt to enjoy their night out at this lil pub. Nikki gets into yet another shoving match at the pub. Y'all remember the shoving matches her and that chick that left after the 1st night (Jade) got in. Haha. Well, she had one of those with a random chick at the pub that touched one of the roommates. Char tried to tell her to chill out. She then got all up in Char's face... And not long after that little issue, Lauren argues with this chick about taking pictures of them and the crew gets kicked out of the spot.

Before going on about what happened next I also got to mention that Nikki carried the shit out of this dude that was trying to holler at her. Dude was trying his best to be real cautious after he peeped her (unnecessary) attitude. He told her, "I'm not trying to be an asshole." She said, "Well, I am!" She was talking about how ugly the dude was an shit. It was just really odd. I mean, yeah... Who hasn't been hit on by someone you find unattractive?.. We all have. Most people carry on small talk and at the end of the night you leave and never see dude again. That's how that goes. No need to get all super nasty with the guy. This girl just has issues. She makes me think that possibly she is gay?? Seriously. That 'tude was way crazy!

Well, back at the pub scene, while waiting for the limo to pick them up from the curb, Char, Nikki and that weird looking chick that says she is Italian and whatever else all got into some words. They get into the limo and the chick named Kori brings Char's wallet that she left inside. She tries to give it to Char and Nikki grabs it and attempts to throw it outside. Kori caught it, or at least tried to and got her thumb sliced all to hell with this cheap ass clutch. Bless her heart. She had to get 5 stitches. That shit is wild. And I feel bad for the girl and all, but why the fuck was the roommates acting like the girl was about to fuckin' die or some shit. A couple of them even said she was "bleeding to death". Uh... NO! Not even close. Dang!!

After the actions of Nikki resulted in Kori's visit to the hospital all the roommates decided Nikki needed to get the fuck up out the house. LOLLOL) Haha!!! Don't do shit you can't own up to or are ashamed of. Easy as dat! Sydney needs to sit the fuck down somewhere.

Nikki tells her dad what's going on and he's all like "That's BULLSHIT!" Nikki decides not to leave.

Whew!! We shall see how this plays out.

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