Monday, February 28, 2011

Official Video "Born This Way" Lady Gaga

This vid is good!! I LOVE the intro. The very beginning reminded me of soemthing straight out of the 80's. (the triangle opening). I still don't like the song, but.. eh.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Look At My Hair" A "Look At Me Now" Parody

This chick is funny and talented. LOL

I love Chris!!! That hair is just.... (How do I say this?...) Uh... TOO MUCH! It's all about publicity.

Hot or Not??: Breezy's Dye Job

I wasn't gonna mention this "phase" my lil honey, Chris Brown, is going through with this crazy blonde hair, but, he spoke up on it..

via twitter @chrisbrown:
It's crazy how me changing my hair makes CNN!! isn't there more important news!! Just proved my point!!! #thx

Is his point that media knitpicks when it comes to him? They do. Him and Kanye are rowin' in the same boat.

But, CNN??? For real?! o_O

***The tweet that I quote above has since been removed. PR talkin' to him??
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

"2 Is Better" Far East Movement ft. Natalia Kills and Ya Boy (Video)

I cannot say that this is anywhere near my fave song, "Rocketeer", but... eh.. It's catchy (I guess).

"I Hate Love" Lil Wayne (Audio)

Another Weezy smash-up of Rap and Rock.

Matthew Knowles + Tiffany Evans = SURE SUCCESS

Ole Matty is like King Midas. Everything Bey's daddy touches turns to gold!! Well... not everything. Thus far just Destiny's Child (collectively) and Beyonce. But, he definitely knows what it takes to make a superstar. Tiffany already comes packaged with a beautiful voice. All she needs is the right type of people working behind her. Mr. Knowles is "the right type of people".

Y'all may remember Tiffany from her song "Promise Ring" ft. Ciara

Click for the story @>><<

Friday, February 25, 2011

Anti-Abortion Billboard Removed

The billboard that enraged so many, including the mother of the child pictured, was taken down last night.

This billboard was posted in Soho, close to a Planned Parenthood location, by an anti-abortion group and it reads, "The Most Dangerous Place For An African American Is In The Womb". This story hit the net earlier this week. The neighborhood was outraged and soon everyone with internet and cable access followed in that sentiment. The mother of the child pictured does not want her child associated with such a message. She came forward stating that the child took some pictures with a modeling agency and she did not "sign up for that." Imagine. And that little girl is so cute!

Well, I wanted to know if the message holds any truth. The way my mind works is, if it is the truth, then what's the prob?? I'm happy to report that I think their theory can be disproved. I found this: 

2006 statistics of 30 states. Based solely on numbers, it looks as though whites win that race. (If anyone finds the data for a more current year, please email it to me @ Thanks!). 

And look at the interesting quote I found:
“ I consider that the world and almost our civilization for the next twenty-five years, is going to depend upon a simple, cheap, safe contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles, and among the most ignorant people. Even this will not be sufficient, because I believe that now, immediately, there should be national sterilization for certain dysgenic types of our population who are being encouraged to breed and would die out were the government not feeding them.
Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger, 1950

Click here for that blog.

Wow!! So, that's what PPH is all about?.. I would have never thought! All for helping the "ignorant people... in slums, jungles..." WOW!

Kim Zolciak's Assistant Sweetie Speaks

Look at Sweetie! New 'do and new 'tude!
Over at I found a little article on Sweetie (Hughes) saying that Nene's title of "slave" for her has gone too far. She says that the trending topic #freesweetie that Rickey Smiley began on Twitter was offensive as hell and pastors are calling in to radio stations praying for her and some mo'! And apparently she hates being thought of as Ms. Tardy For The Party's slave. Well... as Sweetie said, "Slaves don't get paid, dumbass!" o_O

"Emotions" Destiny's Child

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dance Assassin In Camouflage


Snug A** Winter Coat

For real??? I mean... Come the hell ON!! My winter coat, which I have had for 2 years now, is tight as all hell!! This mess is ridiculous! And I feel like a stuffed burrito. Especially since the coat is an off-white color. The belt is on the first lil hole. I used to be able to go to the 2nd at least. I mean... DAMN! I feel like boo boo over this damn weight!

I love my coat, but does it love me (and this weight)? o_O 
Even though I have been going to the gym regularly (3rd week or so) and I feel as if my body's going in the right direction, the fit of this coat is proving otherwise. Yeah, I could wear my other, short coat that doesn't give me these ill feelings, but I'd rather not. This long coat makes me feel important and all. HAHA

(This weight is no laughing matter)

155.8 lbs.

BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) Perform "Poison" On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

OMG!!!! They did the dance steps!!! And they dressed ALIKE!!!! LOL

What about that last lil run chunky tried to leave us with?? Uh.. No thanks! Otherwise, I LOVED the performance. I was dancing in my cube!

Nelly And Kelly Rowland On The Set Of "Gone" (Pictures)

Pictures found at



Nene Leakes on The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Nene Leakes was the guest on the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning. She sat with the crew to talk about The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, which she is part of.

As for her cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, (which y'all know I'm into heavy), she says that she doesn't have a favorite, but Cynthia is the only one that she likes. She flat-out said that she does not like any of the other ladies on the show. And Kim?... She says, "I can't stand her!!" Well, damn!

Season after season we have watched these two go back and forth. Their blow up this season was not surprising at all. The fact that they both swear to not give the other another chance is laughable. Kim's just a glutton for punishment and Nene's always at the ready to give it to her. Shame.

The ladies of the crew told Nene that they like her on the show, but she was BAD this season. She doesn't agree with that opinion. Nene says that she was simply being herself and keeping it real this season and she doesn't believe that was "bad". She also says that she (along with the others in the show) was followed by cameras for days on end, all day long. And she was bound to have a bad day every now and then and furthermore, the show is driven to display controversy for ratings. She told the crew of the morning show that if cameras followed them around all day, everyday, she is sure that they would have bad days caught on camera as well. The crew agreed with that statement. I agree too. But, Nene is just terrible wit' it!

Nene also spoke about her divorce. She says that she loves Greg and doesn't want to divorce, but they just can't get along. So, the divorce is for the best. Mrs. Leakes also says that during this season she had a lot of low points due to the divorce that she was/is going through and she felt as though she didn't have anyone to lean on. She had no support from these other ladies that she spent a lot of time around (for the filming) and it seems as though she really would have liked to have had that support. She did not say that she wished it would have been there, but I sensed that she did from the longing in her voice. I almost felt bad for her. ALMOST.

And of course she had to speak about the upcoming new season of The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. The internet has been buzzing for months now about this beef between Nene and Star Jones. Well, I heard Nene confirm these rumors on the show this morning. She says that it all began when she met Star for the first time in hair and makeup on set for the show. Star's hair and makeup folks were supposed to work on Nene. Star would not allow them to. Nene says that rubbed her the wrong way, but she still tried to be cool with Star and actually went out to lunches and dinners with her following that incident. However, she says that Star is just a nasty person and "something is wrong with her". The crew asked her about her saying that if Star Jones were on fire she wouldn't spit on her to put her out. Nene admits that she said that and she means it! She says she'd let her ass BURN! lol

So, this season on The Celebrity Apprentice Nene works alongside Dionne Warwick, Latoya Jackson, Lil Jon and Star Jones. She says that she and Latoya even had a lil misunderstanding, but all is good now and they are cool. She praises Lil Jon and Dionne. I mean.. who couldn't praise Dionne. Really. And she believes that is Donald's real hair. No toupee, she says. (Errr.. okay.)

I have never watched the show before. But, I just may tune in this season.

Season Premiere May 6th at 9 PM 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3: Sam's Gone

Mike is still a hater. Sammi actually went home. The toilets are fucked up and Deena’s a crybaby.
For Sam and Ron to “love each other so much”, as they both claim, why da hell can they not go a day without arguing??? And it be about the most petty ass shit EVER!! Sam really left. We saw her leaving last episode and I thought, she’ll be back.. Which, according to the previews, she will, but it wasn’t as immediate as I thought. She sat the most current episode out and Ronnie was SICK! 
After he pushed her away pretty harshly, his ass was sad as hell and moping around in her absence. That’s that Young Love for ya. Even their boss at the boardwalk store said he “looks like he’s gonna kill someone.” And Ron went in the bathroom at work to cry.  For a very long time. DAMN! He was a bawling ass mess! One-on-one with the camera and all!
Following all the expressions of sadness, he ordered like 3..4 dozen roses in pink, red and white.. So, I guess that’s 3, to be delivered to Sam on consecutive days. Wow!! He’s tryin’ to win that one back. What the hell makes him think flowers is the cure for that diseased relationship? I mean.. the two of them... Just sick and emotionally unhealthy. As a viewer, I think they should let it go. For starters, they are too young for the depth of a relationship that they would like to have. (Just my opinion) I been there and done that. It’s like, playing house and all is cute, for a few months, but beyond that it’s just annoying. And at 21, 22, 23, it’s just too young for a serious forever and ever relationship. Throw in this reality tv show and it’s for sure disaster. They need to chill for a bit.
Seeing how distraught Ron was, the girls moved Sam’s shit while Ron and the guys were out to getting haircuts. They thought that him not seeing Sam’s stuff everyday would help him, but it actually did the opposite. He began panicking, thinking that if she came back to get her things, that meant she really was gone for good. (Can’t win for losing)
Once the girls saw his reaction they were afraid to ‘fess up to their “helpful” actions.. I don’t get that. I thought the gesture really was to genuinely help a friend out. Who wouldn’t want to confess to that? Anyway, Ron figures out that they did and he then feels like he has no one to lean on during his time of hurt. Later, Deena admits that her and Jen moved Sam’s things to their room and he feels a little better. Although, he then feels crazy towards Snooki and Jen because he says he has known them way longer than he has known Deena and neither of them had the balls to tell him they moved the shit. How sad.
Snooki and Deena started a “Prank War” by smashing cake in Vinny’s face.They put dog shit under eachother’s pillows... Vinny takes Snooki’s stuffed crocodile that she “cuddles with everynight” and hangs it from the balcony/patio thingy. When she finds that it is not on her bed, she goes berserk! LMAO! I mean.. Seriously. Then Mike’s bitch ass tells Snooki where the joint was. Bitch ass nigga! As always. Vinny dubbed him “SNITCHuation” LMAO! So true!
All the bathrooms are fucked up wit the toilets. YUCK!! What the hell is going on with these grown ass people that they cannot use the proper amount of tissue and keep objects that do not belong in the toilet out of the toilet. Then again, that lil beach house looks old as hell. The plumbing is probably outdated and fucked up, naturally. 
Someone left nasty ass panties in the bathroom. The crotch was blurred out, but the nasty could still be seen. Now, that’s the work of a Nasty Bitch! Why don’t these mothers teach their daughters about hygiene?!! I know some old ass 40 and 50 year old women that still don’t know about feminine hygiene. And that shit is just sad! I be wanting to say, “BITCH!! How’d you make it this far??!” Really. I want to know.
Mike tried to pull a “robbery” on Pauly. Paul’s ex came through the club they were at and Mike swooped right in.  What is up with this dude? I think he knows that he’s not attractive and attempting lame ass shit like that makes him feel a sense of worth and achievement, (if the chick is dumb enough to oblige). Mike “The SnitchUation”, please do sit da fuck down!!
At the club Ron sat down, missing Sam. Snooki tried to talk sense to him, telling him that they are best apart, but he wasn’t trying to hear it.
Deena went to the club with a fucked up stomach and got FUCKED UP drunk. How the hell does that work?? o_O Before the night was over started crying and talking about going home. Ronnie talked her out of it.
Snooki took a dude home for the night and he happened to be part of the entourage (uncles and cousins) that came and snatched a chick from Vinn’s grip earlier in the season. So, the boys got revenge by busting up the dude and Snooki’s groove. LMAO. Vinny picked Snooki up out of the bed and carried her out. Haha That was funny. (Only because it didn’t happen to me) Snooki couldn’t remember the guy’s name anyway.
Vinny was in the bed wit a chick after the club and Mike busted in talking about a fuckin’ burger. WTF. He is weird as hell. And he was assless on that particular night. Obviously had nothing better else to do. Vinny thinks that Mike was lingering around in hopes that Vin would hand the chick off when he was done with her. I think he’s on to something. Mike’s desperate like that. Which is odd, because I read somewhere that he’s a mutli-millionaire. Shouldn’t he have groupies and shit? 
The show ended with Ronnie saying that he wanted to leave the house. Dang! He’ll soon be changing his mind when Sam returns. That should be next episode. 

Basketball Wives Season 2: Adiós, Madrid!

In the most recent episode (which aired Sunday), the ladies end their stay in Madrid. But, before they do,  Shaunie tells Royce that she is sick, whines and complains and she’s tired of it and would like to know why Royce came with her stank ‘tude. Royce told her she came because “it’s Spain.” Helloooooo! Royce also said when one-on-one with the cam that Shaunie invited her and paid for the trip, so why not come?! That one-on-one wasn’t shown last night, I don’t think, but Vh1 definitely showed it a few times before on the previews of this episode. Anyway, they quickly made up with a sit down between just the two of them. Royce said that she wan’t being as bitchy and down as Shaunie stated and Shaunie stuck to her opinion that Royce was. They hugged and made up. (Yay!!)
But, while they were in the confronting type of mode, Tami bust out asking Evelyn, Shaunie, Royce and Jennifer if any of them said something about her???..Where the hell did that come from?! This shit is wild! As a grown ass woman, is she really that worried about what the fuck these irrelevant (to her life) bitches got to say??? o_O I mean... really... Where the fuck did that come from? For real.
Royce chihuahua ass pipes up and says that Jen talked bad about Tami. Jenn asked her what did she supposedly say about the woman and Royce then says that Suzie was the one that said something about Tami (not Jen). Jen must’ve had a flashback from the last episode she had wit Tam and was like “Get it right.” LMAO So, Royce straightens it all out, saying that Suzie told her that Tami is messy. Here she go again startin’ some shit. And I thought Suzie was her homey. Frenemies. How many of us have them... (ha)
 And y’all know Tam confronted that ass. Suzie remained really soft spoken and stammered her way through an explanation as to why she told Royce that she heard Tam was “messy”. Ultimately, after they wasted breath, time and life on the whole thing, they both still dislike each other. Maybe even more than before. What was the purpose of that sitdown, exactly? I have no idea. 
And THIS is why I tend to not confront folks on shit. Number one, you usually get a lot of denials. In the rare case that there is an admission, what the fuck do you do in that case? Take this case between Tami and Suzie. Suzie admitted to saying it. Whether Tam would have confronted her or not, Tami’s feelings towards Suzie remains the same. Even if Suzie would have denied saying it, Tami would have still felt ill towards the girl. So, really, what was the point? Maybe Tami wanted to show off her new weave or something. *shrug*
And Ms. Shaunie... She lets Jen know about Kim (the rarely seen BB wife with the crimped, short hair) telling her about the dinner date Jen and Eric had with Kim and her hubby. Why’d she bring this up?! 
Them bitches made Jen cry. They all sat around a table in beautiful SPAIN, taking turns reminding her of just how fucked up her marriage life is and how much “She don’t need it”. Miserable bunch’a broads. They all say that they tell her these things because they love her. Stop playin’. They hardly even know her. Why won’t they let her forget about the negative in her life for a little minute? Damn! I tell ya, I’d hate to have “friends” like them. Seriously.
Royce invited her brother and dad to dinner and they picked on her BAD about her “stovetop BBQ”. They are annoying as fuck! Royce looks just like her dad. (On the funny-looking side) She set her boo up and left him at the table with her father and bro, as she peeked around the corner at them. That chick is so weird. (Weirder than me, even.- lol) And later in the show she takes her boyfriend to a jewelry store. She claims it was his idea, but I am certain it was hers. But, anyway, she picks out a $95k ring. Where dude getting that kind of cash from??! And I should hope, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to finance a ring worth that much. He’ll be broke fa life wit’ that shit! Anyway, no one would allow him to finance that much. What does he do, again??.. (Okaaaayyy)
Evelyn really turned that ugly ass wedding gown into a freak ‘em dress. FAIL! That bitch woulda been better off just selling the damn dress. Noooooo. She just had to go from ugly to horrendous. Child, please! And why does she NOT know Español??! Any latina worth her weight in salt, knows Spanish. (At least that’s what I like to think). Shame.
Y’all remember, Ashley, the chick whose charity event Tami and Jen was about to throw down at and also the girl Jen said listed one of her friend’s phone number in a Craig’s List ad.. Well, Jen and Evelyn was talking about Ashley and her boyfriend/baby daddy, Raeford (sp?) over brunch. They were talking about who else he deals with and how they heard that he has said Ashley is just his cleaning lady. Now, that’s low, if it is true. The girl has a kid by him for crying out loud! But, at the same time, why are they all up in Ash biz?! Don’t they got enough of their own? Really.
And wouldn’t you know, Ash and her jacked up grill boo, Raeford, comes into Evelyn’s store when Jen was there chillin’ and bought her a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. It shut them up a bit. But, they all petty. Even Ashley. She was all like, she wanted to show them that she really is with him. Number 1: Why is she pressed to prove to them her association with dude? He’s another unattractive (ex) player. And Number 2: Why do they even give a shit about if the girl is really with him or not and to what extent? That’s all just wild.
Jen finally goes to see an attorney about her divorce. And this guy is ‘bout his business!Ya’ll see how he personally walked out to greet the client and asked “How are you?” and gave a true sense of sincerity as he patiently waited for the answer, staring in her face with a look of concern on his??? Hot damn!! Get that money! 
And I truly wish her happiness with this divorce. Then again, with her circle of bitter ass,no-life friends, happiness may be hard as hell to find. Just cloaked in misery. Sheesh!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pennsylvania Judge Convicted Of Racketeering

Mark Ciavarella, a former Luzerne County Judge, was convicted on Friday for participating in a "kids for cash" operation. This (ex) judge sent an astronomical amount of kids to juvenile detention centers in his area, in exchange for huge kickbacks. Reportedly, he accepted up to $1 million in bribe money, to send the majority of the kids (if not all) that appeared before him to juvie.

Detention centers receive funds from the state, (for sure, and possibly the government). Thus, the more bodies inside the walls, the more funds for the facility. So, this judge (and another that I don't believe has been convicted yet) was in cahoots with these local juvenile facilities to send more kids, garner the facilities more funds and the facilities would in turn "kickback" some funds to the judge(s).

Talk about the judicial system failing!! Luckily for Ciavarella, he's not the presiding judge and he's looking to get served right! A maximum of 157 years. This guy has disrupted and in some cases, destroyed lives by playing a part in this crazy scheme.

One life destroyed was that of a 17 year old kid that went before him, charged with a minor drug paraphernalia offense, never before in trouble... Sentenced to be sent away. Away from his family. Away from society. Really. I've known of teens that have been caught numerous times with actual drugs. Not just items associated with drugs and they have been ordered to outpatient rehab and periodic drug tests. Why sentence this kid so harshly??... The kid's mother, Sandy Fonzo, said once he returned from the center, he was never the same. He was hurt behind the treatment and eventually took his life at the age of 23. She's pictured above, speaking passionately with the arrogant judge that denies all wrong doing and doesn't even offer her an apology.

This guy has no shame.

Bad Girls Club Season 6: In Comes Jennifer. The New Housemate!

A new chick named Jennifer comes to the house.  This girl is from Jersey. And she's a super orange tanned one. I mean... WTF!!
Jennifer.. From Jersey.

Surprisingly, Jen did some stuff with Playboy prior to coming to the house and she just so happened to run into a Playboy Producer (or something) at a club (her first night in the house).  She set up a Playboy photo shoot for herself, Ashley and Kori. Once that was settled, Jen and Korri commenced to making out big time! Ummmm. Am I the only one that thinks that make out was a "Thank You" of sorts (from Ash to Jen)??? LOL
Ashley was apprehensive about the shoot, but once it was all over, a photographer actually said she was the best of the three. I am happy for her on that one. Especially after Kori said the girl was not “hot enough” to be Playboy material. I believe she said Ashley is cute, but just not Playboy material. Something like that... Hatin'!! Damn! Just give credit where the hell it's due! Sheesh!

Char. Of course, no episode would be complete without this bitch and her BULLSHIT! She started shit on the limo ride home from the club with Nikki and Lauren. She really plucks my fuckin nerves, that Char. Lauren called that bitch out. Said she was all bark and no bite. Raise ya hand if you agree wit that shit! (Both hands and one borrowed raised!) Haha!!

And this point was proven when Char began hitting on Lauren and when Lauren smacked her all in the face she went off crying, talking about Lauren needs help and shit. Are you fuckin’ serious?! Not the Big Bad Wolf that talks the most shit ever, crying about someone needs help for assaulting her. LMAO!!  found that funny. 

Everything Char gets, she damn sho' deserves. She is of the WORST type! As soon as she got the chance, she made sure to poison the new chick, Jennifer's, head with ill thoughts about Nikki and Lauren. It's like.. Get the fuck over it already! You don't like them, they don't like you... Okay!!! We get it! Let the shit go! And stop doin' that childish shit, such as trying to convince others to not like them as well!! ESPECIALLY if you insist on going around hollering "I'm 27! I'm too mature for..." Bitch, please! You ain't too mature for shit! Obviously.

Her talk was a good one and it did get all up in Jennifer's head. She ran straight home and began in on Nikki. She was doing all this shaking of her ass, (which she says is her talent..). And she was looking a DAMN FOOL! I don't even get what the ass shaking had to do with her teasing Nikki, even. *shrug* She was obviously drunk. Eventually, she ended up in tube socks, panties and a ponytail, (Yes. That is all on the clothing.), and she smashed Nikki's picture that's in the hall. After she did it, she turned around to the camera with an expression of shock. Uhhh... Was she not expecting that result?? I'm confused... And she was drunk... (That explains it all)

Although, I must admit, Jennifer's animosity may have come from a legitimate source... The night before the Playboy shoot, Nikki and Lauren took one of the Jeeps out to a club, parked it in a garage, took a cab home and the next morning got up extra early to get the car and keep it out until the evening. AND they did that on purpose. That was petty as hell. If they'd attempted to squash my Playboy dreams, I would have been a lil salty too. But, I still think Jennifer let Char get in her head a bit. So Gullible.
And getting back to Char's ass, she said Ashley and Kori think they are cuter than they are. I thought Kori was her homey.. WTF?! HATER! That damn Char. She is an all-round LOSER! She hates her "friends" and hates those that aren't considered her friends. You see the pattern here? This girl is just a Hater! And for no reason!! Uggh! 

Oh yeah, aside from Lauren smacking her all in the face, Char's mattress was thrown over the balcony by Lauren as well.  After Lauren and Jessica get into a slapfest over Lauren calling Jessica Char's follower, guess who goes to retrieve Char's damn mattress?? Jessica and another chick in the house. If that's not a follower, I don't know what is! Simply given the fact that she was just called a follower and (obviously) doesn't like to be thought of like that, Jessica should NOT have done no flunky ass shit like bring Char's mattress back in the house, up the stairs and onto the box spring. Who the hell does that?!! SMH.

And Nikki’s best friend Daniel came out to visit. He looks just like Nikki! Hair and all. That's weird as hell! Look:

"Corazon Sin Cara" Prince Royce

Monday, February 21, 2011

NBA All-Star Halftime Show With Rihanna, Drake And Kanye West

NBA All-Star Weekend (Pics)

(Entertainment/Hip Hop Royalty) Jay-Z and Beyonce
Ciara. (Smokin' as usual)

Lebron James and fiance Savannah 
(L to R) Young Jeezy, Lebron James, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ne-Yo
Rihanna and The Dream... This nigga got the nerve to be getting his Fat back. I thought it was supposed to be "Sexy back". LMAO

Pics found at

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"All Of The Lights" Kanye West (Video)

Most were introduced to this song during this scene (pictured above) of Ye's Runaway little mini-movie. And everyone fell in love with it once My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped. And now there is finally visuals to audio. (Fergie's part is missing :^( )

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Lotus Flower" Radiohead (Video)

Thom Yorke jerkin' around is....

..After careful consideration, I say, AWESOME!

Team IDGAF!!

They Ain't Scared..

Three men snatch kill from a group of lions! o_O

Source: WSHH

The Dangers of Cell Phones

If you're like me, you don't go ANYWHERE without your cellular. Not even the bathroom! (It's just that serious) I'm constantly scanning the net, checking emails, messages, updating Twitter and Tumblr... and the list goes on.  And in the rare case, it's glued to my face. Usually talking to my mama or sis. And I never think of what damage this device could possibly be causing as I yap away. That hadn't been a thought on my mind since my first cell phone when I was a freshman in college.

Y'all remember those stories of radiation. Usually those that didn't yet have a cell phone was always running their lip about why they didn't have one and why they wouldn't be getting one.... Yeah. Yeah. Yeah... I'd like to see them now (6 cell phones later). LOL But, really, as the cell has become a staple in everyday life for the majority of the World's inhabitants, who ever thinks of the "scary" radiation that it emits? I'm sure the percentage is very slim. As I said, I was in that percentage until about 4 days ago...

I had just finished up The Other Boleyn Girl  by Philippa Gregory, (which by the way was good. I prefer books to the movie. And who would have known George was gay or that the King had a bum leg??.. The book gave you all of that. Umm hmm. Anyways..), and decided to flip through some old Vogue mags. I came across the July 2010 copy that had an article on (what else??) cell phone radiology.

This article, titled "Wake Up Call", by Robert Sullivan "woke up" all those past memories of the harm cell phones could cause that I heard over a decade ago. His article focuses on the possibility of tumors and cancer and the role radiation could play in the development of these health issues.

Have you ever read the technical information in your phone's manual? I don't mean technical as in how to set up your email accounts to sync on your phone. I mean technical as in how much radiation your phone emits and the proper ways to store your phone and actually use it. I never have. And I know most of you reading this hasn't either. ( I, mean... Who does that??)

Well, according to Mr. Sullivan, the makers of cell phones actually suggest that you NOT hold the phone to your head (ear), but to hold it a little distance away while using it. It is also suggested to not hold the phone on your body, i.e in a pocket or on your hip in a holster or case. Even when not in use radiation is emitted.

Now, as much as I BLAST on folks that wear Bluetooth earpieces, I must admit it's a smart move. Not a fashionable move, but (yes) a smart move. And I don't know 'bout y'all, but  I'd much rather break a fashion code than to risk my health.

I was also surprised to learn that the United States hasn't put much effort into research of the long-term effects of cellular (phone) usage. At the time of this article (Summer 2010) Europe was very much involved in research on the matter. (Thankfully)

Here's some tips on cell phone use from the author:
  • Text more. Call less.
  • Wear a hands-free headset (wire or wireless)
  • Know your phone's radiation-emission level(s).  Click here for that information my Evo 4G is at 1.03 W/kg when held to the ear and .96 W/kg just being on the body. **1.6 W/kg is the maximum level deemed "safe" in the US.
  • Do NOT force your phone to work when in areas with bad reception, such as rural areas. The harder the phone has to "work" for a line of communication, the more radiation it emits.
  • Keep the phone out of your pocket and off your hip when not in use.
Fellas, I don't know where you're supposed to hold your device... o_O

"Hold It Against Me" Britney Spears (Video)

As I said before, I don't like this song. AND I do not like this video. The Britney vs. Britney Street Fighter-esque fight scene was kind cool. ( I guess)

**UPDATE: The original vid I embedded from AOL stopped working... (Go figure) Reposted vid from Mtv source

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evening Laughter: Aziz Ansari (Video)

This vid is old (almost one year), but I came across is on TUMBLR today. I think Aziz is funny.

"Proved That" Babi Mac

Found @ WSHH. Okay, now... She can go. Who woulda knew?...
(Damn my stereotypes!!! o_O)

"Black Friday" Lil Kim (Video)

So, Kim recently dropped her mixtape. I thought those thangs were FREE! She's asking $10. No ma'am!! Anytime Kanye West gives us an entire album's worth of GOOD shit for free, it ain't NOOOOOO way I'ma purchase a mixtape. Not even for $.99. I ain't for it! And I heard the recording quality sucks. As much as every bit of my heart and soul got love for Kim, I can still say she needs to come better. 

And I can also still say that she began this whole beef talking to herself. Nick responded for a bit and now Ms. Jones is right back to engaging in a beef all by her lonesome. For all of us that thought the shit been dead and is way beyond tired of it, Kim wants us to know it ain't over. This just may be the absolute death of her music career. Look at this cover. Is this the work of a "Queen"? Appearance and sound sound quality-wise, Kim's drowning.

A "Queen" wouldn't have entertained any beef ideas from the jump. A "Queen" is the ruler of her territory and it's usually just common knowledge. A "Queen" doesn't have to profess everywhere she goes, "Hey... I'm the Queen." And she definitely doesn't fear the loss of her position and IF she did, she'd never let them see her sweat. Her actions would remind everyone that she's on the throne and that's where she belongs.

Everything Kim has been doing for the last year is the extreme opposite of a Queen.

I can speak for everyone that remembers the Lil Kim that hit the scene with BIG and Junior Mafia in the 90's, we all got love for this girl.  Her current bitterness casts a mean shadow on that. (Shame!) I just hope she bounce back from this one.

Oh... Hold up.. She gives us a MJ quote at the end of the vid: "It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation...Period."

(Commence with the rambling...) She gots to get over the fact that Nicki took her formula and perfected it.... "Perfected" isn't really the word I'm looking for... It's like she perfected it to tailor to her (Nicki) and it works for her. So, maybe I should say she "tailored it", but that's too less of a word. "Perfected" is too extreme, but y'all get what I'm saying. (hopefully) Kim been off the colored wigs and shit. She did that in the 90's. What's the problem with Nicki using it now??

I just don't get it and probably never will unless I find myself in the same situation. (That's usually how that goes).

I can't fake though, the song is alright. And I like the lil intro with Puff talkin' and Kim comes in saying, "Shut the fuck up!" LMAO The song is cool, but given everything that's surrounding the "beef" it ain't go hard enough. Kim got some punch lines, but it's not consistent.

Check out the vid for yourself...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bell's Palsy

I came across a story the other day about a condition that I don't think many people know about: Bell's Palsy. I had never heard of this condition prior to 2006. And when I did, I was wishing I had never heard of it at all.

In the Spring of 2006 I was fresh off my graduation from college, me and my son relocated, my paychecks were bigger than ever before and I felt as though life was just beginning for us. And then one day I noticed that as I swished around mouth wash, some squirted out on one side. For a few weeks I had what seemed like an earache. It was a dull pain that would come and go. I ignored it. And then one fine morning I woke up and bugged the fuck out!! One side of my mouth frowned and my face was swollen. OMG! I had no clue what the hell was going on.

I rushed to the hospital and not even the young nurse knew what the hell was going on. A doctor came in and said he was sure it was Bell's Palsy, but to be certain that the symptoms were not indicative of a stroke, he sent me in for a CAT scan. Over $2000 (no insurance at the time. Probationary period with the new job. I just finished paying that damn bill about 2 years ago.... I ain't lyin'.) later, I was given a muscle relaxer (which I didn't fill) and an antiviral to take for a few days. Neither of which would reverse my symptoms because this condition's onset is sudden and the cause is unknown and therefore, this thing must simply run its course. There is nothing to do but let time handle it.

Okay.... So, how long will this semi-frown last?? Doc told me it could last anywhere from a few weeks to six months or more. I mean, really! At this point I'm thinking all of this gotta be one big ass, stupid ass JOKE! I've never been a vain person. But, who wants to go around looking like The Joker or some shit?! Not I!! Imagine going around for weeks like that. It was horrible and depressing. Me. A healthy, young girl with this condition that most people never even heard of before, effecting my face. It was the pits. But, within a month's time my face was once again symmetrical and all was good again.

That was about 5 years ago. And as y'all can imagine, I put that whole scenario deep down in my memory bin. Once it was over, I ain't wanna ever think of that hiccup in time again! Sheesh! Well, the other day I was on AOL and came across the story of a lady that needed the assistance of Botox to correct her features after she suffered from bouts with Bell's Palsy and I thought that others should know of this story if they, too have come across this condition or knows someone who has, and continues to suffer long-term effects behind it.

Click below for her story:
"How Botox Saved My Life"

Learn more about the condition at Wikipedia (click below):
Bell's Palsy

Paris Hilton's Bday Gift reports that her BF gifted her this $375,000 ride.

Sweeeet! Some heiresses luck never runs out! (lol)

Nicki Minaj's Leggings

I know I'm not the only one that's feeling those leggings Nicki's been photographed in the day after the Grammys (I believe)

Well, over at it's been revealed that these babies can be found at for $21!!!! I'm thinkin' that's a definite order for this week.

Random Pic of Bey

This is a cute, relaxed look. I want that shirt! And those tracks!! Didn't I tell y'all I'm joining team Weave-a-licious?...

Pic found at

Victoria Beckham Asked To Dress The Princess-To-Be

Ole Vicky is a stylish one!
Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice aka Dave's Wife) has been asked to send some pieces from her clothing line to Prince William's bride-to-be, Kate Middleton.


I can imagine she was kinda like this on that call:

(fictitious transcript)
Caller: May, I speak with Victoria, please?
VB: This is she. May I ask who's calling?....
Caller: Yes. This is ____ from the Queen's palace...
VB: Yes?? (Have I broken the law or something?)
Caller: We would like for you to dress William's Kate Middleton.
VB: Hold one moment, please.

(Mutes the phone)

VB: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
***Enters David Beckham (with his fine self)

I'm in love with my imagination!

"Breezy.. Real Hiphop Sh*t"

Chris is such a mutli-talent!!


Did I just scream that? o_O Yes. Yes, I DID!!

Breezy ... Real Hip Hop Sh!t from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

After starting my morning off with the Wu Tang channel on Pandora, I see this as a nice extension into my afternoon. Really. This is HAWT!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Char's The Weakest, By Far.

Okay. Initially I said Char was going to be the fakest bitch in the house. That was like midway through episode one this season. After 2 episodes I then said I liked her.  But, NOW?!!!  I revert back to my original thoughts. She is tha FAKEST LINK. The biggest hater ever. And she struggles to be a leader, while all the way believing that she is the head of the house and all girls within. Out of the 5 other girls in the house, po’ lil Kori is the only one following her lead, though. What kind of “leader” or “runner of the house” is dat?! o_O
And she stay on this “I’m so mature” bullshit, but gets mad at Lauren because the girl likes Natalie Nunn?? That shit makes no sense! A mature person would know her fuckin’ lane and stay in it. I don’t care for Crimson Chin’s (Nunn) ass either, but if someone I knew liked her or was friends with her, I wouldn’t give two shits! WTF would I have to do with the association between two people that have absolutely NOTHING to do with me??! Char’s on that elementary mentality. Y’all remember when your friends didn’t like someone it was automatic that you not like the person too. Even if you really did like the person... That was those schoolyard rules. Childish shit. And Char is still on it.
To further prove my point, she passed a dude a note via Nikki at the bar, because her bitch ass was too scared to approach him herself. For someone that hollers all day, err’day, “I’m 27! I’m 27! I’m too grown for this...” and that, why is she hiding in a corner sending “circle ‘yes’ or ‘no’” letters and shit?! Really. Do, come the fuck on!! 
Then the dude’s girlfriend’s friend approached the table like, “Who sent the letter to my girl’s boyfriend?” And Char was all like, “Leave.” The girl finally pointed to Char like, “Was it you?” THEN she admits that it was. Char... You’re like... KILLIN’ ME! Stop wit all these damn fronts and shit! How does she be in the house being all loud and whatnot, but wanna be quiet as a mouse when the loudness is actually needed??? o_O
Yet another case-in-point: She started an argument with Lauren; which her ill feelings for Lauren begins with the fact that Lauren likes Natalie Nunn...  (this wack ass heifer!! SMH) I still do not get what Lauren’s like of Natalie has to do with Char whatsoever, but, you know... So, after Char and Kori pick and pick at Lauren about her Kentucky accent, Lauren finally asks them if either of them has anything to say to her face. They say no. You would think that’s that. Nooooooo. Here goes Char steady fuckin’ with the girl. She goes in a closet behind Lauren and asks her if SHE wants to say something. (I’m confused... Lauren just asked YOU if you wanted to say something and you walked away saying “No”. That kinda indicates that no one has shit to say and it’s done wit’, right??? *scratching my head*) Lauren basically told her to leave her alone and pushed her ass. What did Char do???... You would think she went off and fucked shit up, right? Afterall, that’s what her mouth leads one to believe is her character. But, no. She just laughed.  Kori comes to her assistance and ends up being swung all over and hit in the face. Where is Char, you ask?.... This bitch completely leaves the room!! She left Kori to fight her battle ALL BY HERSELF! That’s fucked up! And Char, you’s  a pussy ass bitch!
So, after Kori and Lauren’s fight they were both sent to a hotel for the night to chill out. As soon as Lauren stepped foot back in the house, Char was on her like a fuckin’ chihuahua! She annoyed the fuck outta me, even!! I do not understand how Lauren sat there and ignored that dumb bitch! She was just saying all kinds of random stupid shit. And when she saw that Lauren was successfully igg’n her, she resorted to saying, “ Look at you. Ain’t got shit to say now, huh?..” I guess the girl don’t got shit to say. An argument with you goes NOWHERE, Char!! And Kori wasn’t there to fight her battles at the time. She needs to be glad that Lauren didn’t have shit to say. That prevented all escalations. 
And after Nikki and Char let bygones be bygones, in just one episode, they have dropped their friendship once again. Nikki said Char was getting on her nerves, complaining about every damn thing and wanting to rule shit. √ (check) Char tried to tell this girl not to hook up wit’ a dude. Because she (Shar) aint think he was cool. Once again... Who da fuck is living for you, Chaaarrrrr?!! No one! And after she got on Lauren about talking to Natalie Nunn, Nikki was just done with her ass. And likewise, she was too done with Nikki because Nikki wasn’t following her lead on anything.
So, Nikki wrote Lauren a little letter congratulating her for putting Char in her place before she was sent off to the hotel to cool off after her lil scrap with Kori. The next day Kori found the letter and gave it to Char. Char confronted Nikki. Nikki admitted to the letter. And that was that. I mention this, because I am sure this issue will come up again later in the season. Char’s a silly bitch like that.
All the girls went to some club where Natalie Nunn was on the stage with the performer, (I guess she was hosting??) and she invited all the girls on the stage. Char and crew declined the offer. Nikki and Lauren went on stage and called all the other girls “Nobodies” and shouted out Char’s hometown of Chicago. Shar was heated! 
On the ride home she kept hollerin ‘bout “ROTATE!” Whatever da fuck that means! *shrug* And she even had the nerve to say, “Bad girls shouldn’t hate”, but she is the biggest hater ever!! Talkin’ ‘bout Nikki and Lauren was hatin’ on her by referencing her while they were on stage. Bitch, please!!! Oooooohhhh! Bitch, please!!!
Aside from all that drama, Kori revealed that her parents were not around when she was growing up and she spent time in a rehab center for behavior as a small child.  She also says that she thinks her parents shipped her there as a form of child care, because her father was a workaholic and her mother was an alcoholic. Daddy just gave her money all the time, but never his time. Dang. That sucks.
Ashley stayed quiet. She’s just trying to enjoy this grand opportunity. I don’t blame her.
And ol’ firehead, Sydney didn’t tell her boo, Benny that she was leaving the house. He called there for her. Haha! That’s funny. I hope he’s finally questioning where they stand.  Or rather, where she’s kneeling. You know how she loves them randoms and BJ’s.  Eww!