Thursday, March 31, 2011

"E.T." Katy Perry ft. Kanye West (Video)

Ever heard this without 'Ye?... Well, let me tell you.. He makes the song!

The vid is cute.

"Dynamic Views" For My Site!!

Google has recently introduced "Dynamic Views" for accounts. (Lovely) So, I gave it a little looksie. And I like. To view my site in a different template, add "/view" behind the .com in your address bar. Check out the different screenshots below:

In Mosaic..

In Timeslide..
(not my fave)

In Sidebar.. 

In Snapshot...
I like...

Or... in Flipcard...
This was my vision for Tumblr, but just couldn't find the right template...

Pretty neat, huh?

Personally, I don't care how you view me, long as you VIEW ME! Okaaaaaaay!

12 Year Old Performs With Jennifer Hudson on Ellen (Video)

Saw this story and vid over at The kid singing with Jennifer is Savannah Robinson. A 12 year old Ellen signed to her music label after discovering her on Youtube. 

This kid has PIPES!!

"I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me)" Jay-Z (Video)

Woke up with this song all in my head! Appropriate. LOL

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiz Khalifa On The Breakfast Club (Video)

Wiz stopped by the Breakfast Club yesterday. He speaks on... Good kush (of course), Mac Miller, Big Sean, Angela Yee giving his pops her number, the blonde streak in his head and he agrees (with me) that the denim suit is DEAD! (Cracks on Charlamagne). LMAO

He also speaks on Amber Rossssssse... Oooohhhhh...

Shar Jackson On K-Fed

LMAO! Is that dude still using that moniker?.. Or has he ditched his Rapper Dreams(rightfully so)? Man! I tell you. So much amusing stuff!

Well, Britney Spears' baby daddy (and split-second hubby) is reported to have yet ANOTHER kid on the way! o_O  B's money is mad long! I know she supporting dude still. He gettin' child support, sneaker money, candy money, somethin'! (I ain't lyin')

Well, according to, his 1st baby mama, Shar Jackson (Moesha's homey) whom he has 2 kids with, says that she is happy for him and the new mother-to-be and she has her own damn kids to worry 'bout. (Not her exact words, thus the lack of quotations, but y'all get the drift).

GOOD FOR HER!! It needs to be more mature people in the world such as her. I could never understand the baby mama/daddy drama. Everyone be responsible for the kids you bring into the world and that's that. If parents split, it ain't no need to harbor ill feelings. Move on with ya life and take care of the BAY-BAAAYS!

Nokia Sues Apples AGAIN???

Pic found @
Okay... That "again" got me. Nokia. A name that I have not heard since 'round 'bout 2001, is suing APPLE. My. My. My. I think I've just about heard it all.

Excerpt from

Nokia said the seven patents in the new complaint relate to its "pioneering innovations" that Apple allegedly is using "to create key features in its products, including in multitasking operating systems, data synchronization, positioning, call quality and the use of Bluetooth accessories."
Last week, the United States International Trade Commission found no violation in an earlier complaint. Nokia said it "is waiting to see the full details of the ruling before deciding on the next steps in that case."
Last year, Nokia Corp. also sued Apple Inc. in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands for allegedly infringing its patents with technology used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
"Our latest ITC filing means we now have 46 Nokia patents in suit against Apple, many filed more than 10 years before Apple made its first iPhone," said Paul Melin, vice president of intellectual property at Nokia.
"Nokia is a leading innovator in technologies needed to build great mobile products and Apple must stop building its products using Nokia's proprietary innovation."

Mmm. If Nokia has proof of patents used in the iPhone 10 years prior to the iPhone hitting the market, they may just have a case. Somebody 'bout to be gettin' some of that good ole iEVERYTHING money!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wiz Khalifa's Debut, Main Stream Album 'Rolling Papers' Dropped Today

I remember just last year when I first heard of Wiz. Kush and Orange Juice hit and the 'net was on fire talking about it! Needless to say, I never got the chance to download it, but it put this Wiz Khalifa on my radar. Before I knew it, he had a vid on MTV.  I can't remember the song the video was for, but I remember thinking, "Wow! Never heard of this dude until a few weeks ago and now his vid is in rotation on MTV!" Fast forward a bit and he's smashing the scene with "Black and Yellow". I love success. I know.. I know... It's not MY success, but it makes me happy inside to see others succeed at what they do.

I listened to the snippets of all songs of Rolling Papers (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes. And although I am honestly, truly elated about his rise to stardom, I don't know if I'd purchase the entire album. I like Wiz, but I can't claim to be an actual fan, FAN. I think the pics of him and Amber Rose are awesome! Any pic. Choose one. Y'all seen 'em.

But, anyways, back to the music. I'm sure his fans will be pleased. However, every song has the same formula. The flow is the same. The beats are the same, the material spoken about repeats on every track... He's kinda pullin' a Drake move. It seems to work well. Who am I to knock it? Ya know.  (Succeed and smoke weed)

"When I'm Gone" is the most popular (purchased) track from this album on iTunes. His single "No Sleep" is the Number One Single and the entire album ranks second, losing to Britney Spears. WOW!!! Yep. The masses love it!

Songs I downloaded: "Taylor Gang" (bonus track) and "Hopes And Dreams".

Beyonce And Her Father Matthew Knowles Parts Ways

..At least in the business aspect of their lives. Bey's publicist released a statement to the public announcing the manager/managee split.

I found a quote from Mr. Knowles at

"The decision for Beyoncé and Music World Entertainment to part was mutual. We did great things together, and I know that she will continue to conquer new territories in music and entertainment.

In Music World’s repositioning it will not continue its label/management role with Columbia/Sony artist Tiffany Evans.
Business is business and family is family. I love my daughter and am very proud of who she is and all that she has achieved. I look forward to her continued great success."
Dang! Did he say that he won't even be managing lil Tiff anymore??o_O  I was looking forward to that.

Ballerina Performs For Karl Lagerfeld

I reblogged this pic on Tumblr from Thisloveisforreal

Beautiful shot! I just had to share it with y'all!

Dude Jacks Sears For Three Flat Screens

WOW!! And the reporter says he, "Doesn't fit the typical stereotype of a thief." Really... Wonder how they think a thief looks, typically... These folks that live on with tunnel vision, looking for "typical-looking" crooks, makes it easy for pop-pops like this one to jack THE SAME store on 3 separate occasions for 3 t.v's. Im just sayin'... And if anyone has a tip on who the thief is, keep that shit to yaself. That store deserves that shit. Who da hell gets got by the same person 3 times?!! o_O

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Nikki F*cked Wit The Wrong ONE!!

3 of these chicks ain't even on the show nomore... Tsk
Well, well, well.... As we've all seen on the commercial and previews, Nikki and Wilmarie got into it in the limo. Nikki got the short end of the stick (if you will). And I think it's about damn time!! Before I get into all'a dat, let me just recap the entire episode from the top.

The show begins with Char and Jessica talking shit bout everybody while going for a lil walk. Char said a few things last night that I believe are quote-worthy. This bitch is just THEE WORST! 'kay... The topic came up about some of the girls (I believe they were talking about Wilma and Nikki at the time) always wanting to fight. Char's opinion is that fighting doesn't make you a "Bad Girl". And here's quote numero uno: "Do you think Kim Kardashian is in the clubs whippin' bitches asses?!!" First, who da hell said Kimmy K. is a "Bad girl"? Hopping from one entertainer/athlete to the next on a rather consistent and regular basis does not make one a "Bad girl". Ho, slut... Maybe. But not a "Bad girl". (And don't get me wrong, Kim is beautiful! But y'all know she got Ho Tendencies and not a lick of Badass. C'mon, now!)

In this episode the girls engaged in a (not so) friendly game of dodge ball. And here is the next Char Quote I'd like share (lol): "I was good at dodge ball in elementary school." Yes, we were all good at playground shit in elementary. And, Char, you are far removed from those adolescent years. As she LOVES to remind us all, she is 27. I mean... who the hell brings up elementary school "talents" when they are damn near 30?!!! o_O Her team did win though. It was a best out of 3. *shrug* Although I can say that I am surprised the man-lady of the house, Nikki, didn't do better. I thought she was all about physical competition. Ooop! Anywayzzzzzz....

Later that night Lauren, Nikki and Wilmarie go out. Wilma wants to dance and look for guys. Nikki and Lauren want to sit at the table all night. Lauren and Nikki can't understand for the life of them why the hell Wilma would want to dance!! Durrrrr! That's what the fuck you go out for! Could have stayed at home to sit at a table with your roommates and drink. So, they decide to go to another club. On the ride to the second destination, Nikki calls Wilma  a "replacement" and poor lil Wilmarie begins crying. She's hurt because Nikki has become so callous towards her. And for no apparent reason. It sucks when you put trust in folks. Especially the ones you don't even know. But, this is a lesson to be learned.

Wilma begins to hang with the other girls in the house (Char, Jessica, Kori). To that Nikki says, "Threesomes don't work when it comes to friendships." LMAO! What do these chicks be thinking?!! So, still going with that "2 is better than 3" theory, Nikki wrote all over Wilma's pic and broke her bed down and moved the frame out of the room.

Wilma was like, "I can sleep on the bed without a bed frame. I'm fuckin' Puerto Rican."OMG!!! I could not breathe! A few of my PR homies on Twitter was like, "WTF?!" Haha!

Nikki and Lauren made a "Superbed" by placing Wilma's bed between theirs. Wilma went to stay in the unoccupied room known as the "Jinx Room". But, in all seriousness... I'm still perturbed by Nikki's lack of brow. I mean, really... WHERE THE FUCK IS YO BROWS, ALIENHEAD?!!

Nikki hooks up with the valet dude at a local spot. His name is Gino. He's from Jersey. A guido, she labels him. He is super annoying. He just seems overly exaggerated. In his speech, accent, hair, gaudy jewelry, actions. I don't know... He annoyed me (as many of y'all know, it don't take much).

Lauren and Nikki went out with Gino to a club. He was all over Nikki's manly ass. She cannot dance. WTF was she doing in that dress all square-shouldered, eyebrow-less, doing the Ho-Down (that's the name of those country parties,right?..)?! I laughed and I laughed watching that girl and her thirsty ass dude last night.

After this threesome "date" Nikki and Lauren hop in the limo with the rest of the girls (who went to a different club that night). Nikki starts fuckin' with Jessica from the jump. Took the girl's drink. Was putting her finger in the cup while Jess tried to sip. Just fuckin' with her. No reason at all. Wilma spoke up, like "Leave her alone." So, that turned the picking onto Wilma. Nikki teases her about being thrown out the room and whatnot. Wilma says that she left, she wasn't thrown out.... Wilma tells Nikki she ain't gonna do shit... Nikki smacks Wilma....

Wilma puts her cup down and gets in dat ass! What I'm not feelin' is, why the hell they ain't show us the entire fight?! BGC stay doin' that shit! Well, no.. I take that back. But, they did that shit last season when all the girls jumped that gay girl in the limo. I can't even remember her name, but y'all BGC viewers know what I'm talkin' bout. They showed the beginning of the fight and made us wait til the next episode to get the middle and end of the action. They gon' do us like that again.

And this ain't got shit to do with the Bad Girls Club, but Aubrey O'day's song "Hitch Hiker" is straight GARBAGE!! Some bullshit! Who da fuck wrote that shit?! And why did Puff ever tell that girl she can sing? o_O She can't. And I, for one, am tired of seeing her damn commercials while I'm enjoying some BGC Time.

Well, y'all stay tuned for the continuation of Nikki and Wilma's fight and the girls' trip to Mexico.

Bad Girls Club airs Monday Nights at 9 PM on Oxygen 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Reception Held At KFC

So, why did my stereotypical thoughts automatically assume the couple was of my race?? o_O

And her parents held their reception at Mickey D's... Is that riiiiighhht?...

Kids Dancing To Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now"

I'm on my World Star Hip Hop kick...

This is so cute!!

In The Streets Of NY: Cops Struggle With A Man Holding A Baby

I mean... Really though??? o_O All parties involved was wrong for that one. The dude attempting to dodge arrest should have let the kid loose about 20 seconds in and the officers should have attempted a different route once they saw the extremes dude was willing to go to while holding on to the child. Y'all see that vicious shake?!!

What I Want

You know what I just realized??... I want a boyfriend. (sorta) Just for certain things. For instance:

  • Seeing him in a crisp white undershirt, slim jeans exposing a little boxer material while he lounges around, watching sports or napping or something. (idk why this turns me on as much as it does..Weird) 
  • Unlimited male presence and convo
  • (And of course) Occasional affection (a hug here and there.. BLAH)

Well, that's as far as I got with that Wish List.  o_O

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Sneak Peek For Tonight (Video)

Wooooo! Y'all ready for the drama???? Bout damn time somebody stands up to Nikki.

Chris Brown Goes Back To Black

Just when I was beginning to feel the blonde 'do...
                                                       (Twitpic'd by Chris yesterday)
Black out !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Latest VLOG!!! :^)

Okay.. I ain't really have much to talk about, but... ain't that snap-in weave just the bee's knees???!!

And I know I ain't the only one that wanna know why Chris went the shirtless route after his GMA blowup. LOL

Paris, GTFOH!!!

In the latest, BITCH PLEASE news, according to Paris Hilton attended her BF's kid's elementary school dance recently. While there she tweeted: "At this Elementary School dance, it's 50's themed. Love all the poodle skirts, so cute! I love spending time with kids, they are so sweet."

Biiiiiiiiiiitch, PUH'LEEEASE!! These pseudostar bitches kill me with these wack ass attempts at damage control. In case y'all haven't heard, the folks over at recently exposed excerpts from an interview that was published in a book with this skank saying that black men are gross and she'd never date one. And when asked how "black" must one be, she replied that one percent was enough for her. Racist much, Paris???

And when I say recently, I mean, just last week this story was on Bossip. So, what a surprise that she would profess her love for kids. (Not really her words following) "Oh, I LOVE kids, sooooo that kinda makes it okay that I hate blacks, right?..." Ole funny-face, bimbo bitch.

We ain't buying what you tryna sell, ho. Claiming to like kids does not efficiently counter the fact that you refer to black men as gross. Mmmm'kay

Saturday, March 26, 2011

AlbumReview: F.A.M.E

So, as you ALL know, Chris Brown's 4th album, F.A.M.E (Forgiving All My Enemies and/or Fans Are My Everything) was released in the States on Tuesday, March 22nd. And I could NOT wait!! We had already been given pretty strong singles prior to the release such as "Deuces", "Look At Me Now",  "No BS", and "Yeah 3X". So, I was super confident that this one had to be FI'YAHHHH! It certainly does not disappoint!

I got the deluxe version. For just $13.99, this version comes with 4 more songs than the original: "Bomb" ft. Wiz Khlifa, "Love The Girls" ft. Game, "Paper, Scissors, Rock" ft. Big Sean and Timbaland and a solo cut "Beg For It". Not only are the bonus tracks featured up, the entire album is collabo-heavy. Tyga, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Justin Bieber, Ludacris, and Benny Benassi all make an appearance.

F.A.M.E has ballads, club/techno tracks, hip hop, pop and R&B. I mean really... Who else is giving all of this so seamlessly? Not too many can pull this level of eclectic without the finished work seeming chaotic or too forced. If you have not grabbed this album yet, I encourage you to go out and get it. Like, NOW!

My favorites:

2. "No BS" ft. Kevin McCall
3. "Look At Me Now" ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes
6. "Say It With Me"
9. "All Back"
11. "Oh My Love"
13. "Beautiful People" ft. Benny Benassi
14. "Bomb" ft. Wiz Khalifa
17. "Beg For It"

I know. Only 8 listed of the 17. The other 9 are cool tracks, but these are my absolute favorites!!! Check out the audio (via Youtube) for "Bomb":

Friday, March 25, 2011

"My Last" Big Sean ft. Chris Brown (Video)

Not Even For Fantasia

I just learned over at that Fantasia will be performing "Collard Greens and Cornbread" next week on the American Idol Results Show. As much as I LOVE seeing/hearing ole Fanny perform, I WILL NOT be tuning in!! Have y'all seen this season?? HORRI-fuckin'-BLE!! I watched only one episode and I could not believe the shit I was hearing! Out of like 13 contestants (on that particular night) only 2 had ACTUAL talent and about 2-3 had potential. I mean.. They should have just bowed out gracefully years ago with this damn show!

And I never heard this soul food of a song before. In case you haven't either, check it out below:

Hmm... No matter what the words, Fanny's vocals has got it!! (But even her vocals cannot make me assist in boosting the ratings of a worn out, talentless show such as American Idol).

Perez Hilton As Black Swan

In celebration of the release of Black Swan to Blu Ray today, Perez Hilton has released a vid of his own: His transformation into The Black (and white) swan.

OMG!! His faces are too much! LOL

"If I Die Today" Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross

"This Weed Iz Mine" Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa

"If I Was You (OMG)" Far East Movement Ft. Snoop Dogg (Video)

"You ain't a dime/Yous a silver dollah/it'd be a crime if I didn't HOLLAH!"- "If I was You (OMG)"
I like this song! 

Video Game Commercial Starring Serena Williams Is Too Hot For TV

I'd like to know when the 2K Sports decided that the below vid for a game called Top Spin 4 was a tad too racy. Was that before, during or after completion (of filming, editing, etc.)? I could have come to this conclusion when this was nothing more than a concept. Why am I not working on that board? Would have saved them a whole lot of money. LOL

"One Night Stand" Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown (Video)

Ms. Keri's two-toned hair is cute! As for Chris... Exceptional as always!

Keri Hilson feat. Chris Brown "One Night Stand" from joseph labisi on Vimeo.

Can't say that I appreciate her tryna dance wit Breezy though. Those were the most basic steps ever!!! Wouldn't y'all agree? Um. Don't do it. LOL

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wendy, You Actin' Like Dat?!

According to, Wendy Williams is being sued by the Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. She was supposed to host a party at the pool, but instead took to a cabana with her hubby, 4 bottles of Ace of Spades and 2 bottles of white wine. They was gettin' it all da way IN! And supposedly, she even told the staff that she wanted to be left alone with her husband to drink!!! What in da?....

Somebody feelin' themself. o_O

Still Don't Believe In Aliens???

...This report from Huffington Post may change your mind:

A new study by the scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA suggests that one out of every 37 to one out of every 70 sun-like stars may have an Earth-like planet in its orbit, according to These planets are at such a position that liquid water could exist on the planet's surface, according to the researchers.
That means there could be billions of Earth-like planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy.
"This means there are a lot of Earth analogs out there -- two billion in the Milky Way galaxy," researcher Joseph Catanzarite, an astronomer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told "With that large a number, there's a good chance life and maybe even intelligent life might exist on some of those planets. And that's just our galaxy alone -- there are 50 billion other galaxies."


Although I believe that even if they were to find "intelligent life" out there, the details would not be released to the public. So, really we'll never know. But, still, it gives you something to think about.

Chris Brown Visits 106 & Park and Speaks On His GMA Explosion

Y'all know the one...

Skip to the 4:16 mark for his apology

I'm glad that he spoke on it, apologized and is moving on! WE LOVE YOU TOO, CHRISSSS!!!!! (Okay.. moment

Willow Smith's Twitter Account Was "Hacked"

Uh.. Yeah. Sure it was.

After a tweet from her account that read, "So Chris Brown is going to prison now breaking a window at ABC, but he didn't go for hurting Rihanna?..", her camp, Roc Nation,  posted a tweet of their own:


Well. Well. Wellllll. Learning What NOT To Say (or tweet) As A Pop Princess In Training 101 has begun for lil Ms. Smith.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9 Year Old Risks Her Life To Save 5 Year Old Sister

In Madison, GA, two sisters, 5 year old Camry and 9 year old Anaiah Rucker, were on their way to the bus stop for school in the morning and one was struck by a pickup truck. Anaiah pushed Camry out of the way of the oncoming pickup; taking the full impact.

The 9 year old suffered a broken neck, damaged spleen, lost a kidney and 2 broken legs, one of which was amputated as a result of her injuries. After all that she has suffered, she says that she does not see herself as a hero. She was simply saving her baby sister.

And the driver of the pickup has not been charged.

Watch the video below (

Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79 Years Old

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary actress famed for her beauty, her jet-set lifestyle, her charitable endeavors and her many marriages, has died, her publicist told CNN Wednesday. She was 79.
Taylor died "peacefully today in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles," said a statement from her publicist. She was hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, "a condition with which she had struggled for many years. Though she had recently suffered a number of complications, her condition had stabilized and it was hoped that she would be able to return home. Sadly, this was not to be."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Beautiful People" Chris Brown (Video)

Wow! This is one of the most cameo appearances ever! Timbaland, Brandy, Polow Da Don, Pharrell, Teyana Taylor, Omarion, Bow Wow, and many more. Even the Catdaddy made an appearance. LOL

Chris Brown Goes Berserk At GMA

Continuing his promotion blitz for F.A.M.E, Chris Brown sat down with Robin Roberts at Good Morning America this morning. Supposedly, Chris became enraged about questions asked on his assault issues with Rihanna two years ago. Following the interview he went to his dressing room and began hollering and eventually smashed a window out with a chair. Following the window break, he then  confronted a producer of the show and exited the building shirtless.

According to TMZ, Robin says that prior to the interview, she and other staff members asked Chris if it was okay to go with some Rihanna questions and he was cool with it. She also says "I'm pulling for the guy."

No one actually witnessed Chris bust the window out, but I guess it can only be assumed that the angry man in the room committed the act.

Now, y'all know I'm #TeamBreezy ALL DAY LONG! ALL. DAY. LONG. And this shit right here really saddens me. Like, it's some tears tryna escape. On the day of his album's release in the States, (F.A.M.E in stores TODAY. Go cop that!), he's going buckwild. So, instead of today being all about his album and his hard work, many people are going to make today all about his insane moment at GMA. And now the release of this album will be synonymous with him going mad at GMA, breaking a window, with the shards raining down on a street busy with pedestrians. Get me? o_O

Staged Crime Scene In Bethesda

About a week and a half ago or so, I saw this story on the local news about the sexual assault of two young ladies at a yoga store in Bethesda, which resulted in the death of one. The story went on to say the survivor had been treated at a local hospital and was doing well. And that the law was on the hunt for the two men that committed the horrific crimes.

And now....

It has been revealed that there were no two men. There was no assault. There was simply two co-workers on that night. This is a real life Snapped story. Supposedly, the "survivor", Brittany Norwood, had stolen some items from the store. The victim, Jayna Murray, discovered the stolen items in her bag and called the store's manager about it. After closing the store, both ladies left. Norwood then called Murray and asked if she could let her back in the store to retrieve her wallet from inside. The decision to help Norwood out cost Murray her life.

According to the story at
Investigators say once inside the store, Norwood beat Murray in the head so many times it's impossible to count, crushing her skull and tying something around her neck that severed her spinal cord. Norwood allegedly moved Murray's car and sat in it for an hour and a half before going back to the store, ripping Murray's pants to make it look like she'd been sexually assaulted.

Norwood allegedly sliced superficial cuts in her own body and tied herself with zip ties. Police say she pulled them closed with her teeth to make it look like someone else had committed the murder.

Wow! This is insane! Because you got caught stealing, you result to killing?!! Is this how it works? They say, "If you'll steal, you'll kill." I always thought it was just a saying that rhymed. This CRAZY chick has proved it's a saying full of truth. All I can do is shake my head on that one! I hope justice is served to the max on this fool.

News coverage:

AT&T Purchasing T-Mobile For $39 Billion

Picture found at
Have y'all heard? AT&T will soon acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion in cash and stocks. This move will make AT&T the carrier with the most clients. Move over Verizon. Looks like your "network"s going down! And where is Sprint in all'a dis? lol I just hope this also causes carriers to put a decrease on these monthly charges. Ain't nothing like some good ole competition for us consumers' sake.

Read the full report on AT&T's site. (click)

Monday, March 21, 2011


I wasn't introduced to Twitter until March or May of 2009. It was one of those "M" months. The weather was mild. So, it may have been May..or it could have been a good day in March. Who knows... Anyways, a friend of mine told me I should try it out. Being a die-hard Facebook fan at the time, I HATED it!! Who is talking to who??, the character limit, I had no followers, who did I want to follow.... PUMP THE BRAKES! It was too much for me.

I had a couple of folks give me some pointers on the site. My favorite thing to do was go in on them Trending Topics (#tt). I would be at it for hours trying to make my mark as a cybermedian (cyber comedian. That right there was a hybrid for y'all. Feel free to use it. lol) Boy, I loved me some Twitter back then! I still do love Twitter, but with this blog, a full-time and part-time, it's hard to find the time for it much. *I miss it**

So.... I'd like to wish a very happy 5th birthday to, TWITTER!!! Yay!!!!

Thanks for keeping millions entertained and networking!! 

3-D Street Art

Found at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn

The U.S and British armed forces launched an assault on Libyan air defenses yesterday.

In case you were under a rock, (like myself), here's a bit on the report from Huffingtonpost:

"Hours after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton attended an international conference in Paris that endorsed military action against Gadhafi, the U.S. and Britain kicked off their attacks.
At a news conference in Paris, Clinton said Gadhafi had left the world no choice but to intervene urgently and forcefully to protect further loss of civilian life.

In the strikes, 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at more than 20 coastal targets to clear the way for air patrols to ground Libya's air force.

Explosions continued to rock the coastal cities, including Tripoli. Navy Vice Adm. Wiliam E. Gortney, director of the Pentagon's Joint Staff, would not discuss future operations But defense officials said military action was likely to continue.

In announcing the mission during a visit to Brazil, President Barack Obama said he was reluctant to resort to force but was convinced it was necessary to save the lives of civilians. He reiterated that he would not send American ground troops to Libya.
"We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy,".
Gortney told reporters the cruise missile assault was the "leading edge" of a coalition campaign dubbed Operation Odyssey Dawn. Its aim: prevent Moammar Gadhafi's forces from inflicting more violence on civilians -- particularly in and around the rebel stronghold of Benghazi -- and degrading the Libyan military's ability to contest a no-fly zone.
"This is not an outcome the U.S. or any of our partners sought," Obama said from Brazil, where he is starting a five-day visit to Latin America. "Our consensus was strong, and our resolve is clear. The people of Libya must be protected, and in the absence of an immediate end to the violence against civilians our coalition is prepared to act, and to act with urgency."
The first Tomahawk cruise missiles struck at 3 p.m. EDT, Gortney said, after a one-hour flight from the U.S. and British vessels on station in the Mediterranean.
They were fired from five U.S. ships – the guided-missile destroyers USS Stout and USS Barry, and three submarines, USS Providence, USS Scranton and USS Florida.
The U.S. has at least 11 naval vessels in the Mediterranean, including three submarines, two destroyers, two amphibious warfare ships and the USS Mount Whitney, a command-and-control vessel that is the flagship of the Navy's 6th Fleet. Also in the area are Navy P-3 and EP-3 surveillance aircraft, officials said."
What does Gaddafi have to say about it all?? Yeah. He says that he will arm civilians, even, to defend his country. Welp... We'll see how that works out for him. (Probably not so good)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebecca Black Confirms The Terminal Condition Of A Real Art

...MUSIC. My first, real love.

I'm sayin', the death of music has been slow and drawn out. In the 90's we had all sorts of lip syncing scandals. Milli Vanilli.. Y'all remember them? "Blame it on the rain" is still one of my faves. But, those biker shorts and dreads?... They was violatin' right there. The fact that they lip synced to another's vocals for performances shouldn't have bumped them down too much further than their fashion sense should have already done. (But you knowwww) That was scandalous!!

Then we get further along into the 90's and everybody and they mama is performing at "live" events with the mic off, lippin' they ass off! Slowly, it's become the norm. "Oh, he/she was lip syncin'?...Whatever." It's no longer a big deal.

Then comes into play those that cannot sing. Not even if their life depended on it, could they carry a half-ass tune. I'd like to thank Paula Abdul for this "image over talent" bullshit. (And I'd also like to thank her for "Rush Rush".. Thanks, Ms. Paula.) Now, there may have been a pretty chick before her that got away with Music Murder. I can't think of one though. So, the title goes to her. Other pretty ladies that have since carried this title on are J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez), Ciara, Cassie, ASHANTI (y'all remember)...

Pure fuckery! And I ain't even gonna get started on that autotune shit. All of this just makes a complete mockery of music. COMPLETE mockery. What other form of entertainment allows these wanna-bes that don't quite make the cut enter the arena AND excel at their "profession"?? C'mon! Ever go to a football game and see a team with horrible players win??! Ever go to a ballet and seen the star trip and fall all over the place and struggle to keep up with the rest of the company? Ever go to a damn ColdStone Creamery and see a bitch that don't quite get that 'Gotta Have It' right? Noooo!!! People needs to stay in they got damn lane!! Seriously.

Which brings me to.. Rebecca Black. The singer of "Friday". The Youtube sensation with over 16 MILLION hits. At this point, because music has been on its deathbed for so long, I say, let the girl be. She's what??.. Like 14 years old. And it doesn't appear as though she made the video or song in an attempt to make a career out of her lack of singing talent. Is it her fault that her vid has gone viral? Absolutely not! I blame those that support her with that click. The very same ones that send the girl death wishes. Really??? How do you wish death upon this little girl that was minding her biz. Recorded a horrible song and vid and YOU...Tens of MILLIONS of YOU (myself included) gave her them hits? Durrrrrr! And I hear that she ain't doin' too bad on iTunes either. o_O

There are so many talented singers on Youtube. I would love to see one of them get over 1 million hits in just a month. Guess that would be too much like... RIGHT. I really wish people would start tearing down something else. Something that I care nothing for. Like... I don't know.. Baking...Fishing.. Cheerleading.. Anything!! Just leave my MUSIC alone!!

But, alas... "Fans" fuel the fires that should have never sparked from the jump.

And in case you never seen or heard...

And for some REAL talent: Missbeccymay

"Just Can't Get Enough" Black Eyed Peas (Video)

I like this vid! I haven't seen a vid lately (like the last......6 months) that I can recall even. Let alone, actually like. (oooh pretty lights and imagery)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eric Williams On The Breakfast Club

Eric Williams visited the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 (NYC). Eric is funny. He can roll wit the punches. Ugly put aside, I can kinda see why Jenn may have had a lil love for him.

Of course he speaks on the Basketball Wives. He also speaks on the knot on that head, wanting to remain married, being banned from the reunion and more. Check out his profanity-laced interview below:

"Man plans, God laughs."-Eric Williams

True, indeed.