Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staged Crime Scene In Bethesda

About a week and a half ago or so, I saw this story on the local news about the sexual assault of two young ladies at a yoga store in Bethesda, which resulted in the death of one. The story went on to say the survivor had been treated at a local hospital and was doing well. And that the law was on the hunt for the two men that committed the horrific crimes.

And now....

It has been revealed that there were no two men. There was no assault. There was simply two co-workers on that night. This is a real life Snapped story. Supposedly, the "survivor", Brittany Norwood, had stolen some items from the store. The victim, Jayna Murray, discovered the stolen items in her bag and called the store's manager about it. After closing the store, both ladies left. Norwood then called Murray and asked if she could let her back in the store to retrieve her wallet from inside. The decision to help Norwood out cost Murray her life.

According to the story at wusa9.com:
Investigators say once inside the store, Norwood beat Murray in the head so many times it's impossible to count, crushing her skull and tying something around her neck that severed her spinal cord. Norwood allegedly moved Murray's car and sat in it for an hour and a half before going back to the store, ripping Murray's pants to make it look like she'd been sexually assaulted.

Norwood allegedly sliced superficial cuts in her own body and tied herself with zip ties. Police say she pulled them closed with her teeth to make it look like someone else had committed the murder.

Wow! This is insane! Because you got caught stealing, you result to killing?!! Is this how it works? They say, "If you'll steal, you'll kill." I always thought it was just a saying that rhymed. This CRAZY chick has proved it's a saying full of truth. All I can do is shake my head on that one! I hope justice is served to the max on this fool.

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