Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mariah (Carey) & Nick Cannon Welcome Their Twins!!

A little baby boy and girl. (How cute)

According to a post at, the babies were born at 9:07 am PT in LA today. The girl came first, weighing in at 5 pounds and 3 ounces, 18 inches, followed by her brother that weighed 5 pounds, 6 ounces at 19 inches long.

Mariah and Nick have not yet named the babies. I think that is neat! So many kids are named while still in the womb. So many kids with faces and names that are ill matched. (Just kidding...)LOL

Friday, April 29, 2011

Space Shuttle 'Endeavour's Launch Postponed

With all the hype over today's Royal Wedding, I totally forgot about The Endeavour's launch that was to take place in Florida today. (Mama reminded me) The Obama family as well as Gabrielle Giffords were set to attend and suddenly NASA tweets that the launch is off until Monday. That was around 12:40 pm. The launch was scheduled for 3:47 pm.

Absolutely better safe than sorry when speaking 'bout a space shuttle.

And while I know NASA is professional and all, I can't help that thought in the back of my mind that believes they may feel a little out-shined given today's earlier historical event. Idk... Maybe yes... Maybe no..

I'm just saying. We talking about a pretty precise event and group of people. They ain't know well in advance that the heater thingys were presenting a problem that would delay their mission??

Royal Wedding 2011: Prince William & Princess Kate

Let me tell y'all, I was honestly joking when I told folks that I planned to wake up at 3 am ET to watch coverage of the Royal Wedding. It was a JOKE!! A joke that turned into reality. For some unsaid reasons I actually woke up sometime around 3...3:30.  By 4 am I was tuned into BBC America and watching. I knew I had to be out of the apartment by 7:15 to get to work on time. When I learned the actually wedding was not to begin until 11:00am London time (6 am my time) I said to myself... "GO TO SLEEP! You need that 1.5 or so hour rest!!" But then I saw Victoria(a fashion icon of mine) and David Beckham(a hottie!!) and I could not close my eyes!!

Victoria is always camera-ready!! (even in a blurred shot)
And then... The idea occurred to me to snap shots! Yep. Of my television screen. (LMAO!!---I do realize just how crazy that is. Don't be judgin' me! o_O)

While suffering from insomnia induced by this awesome love affair and wedding details, I learned a few facts. Such as.. This wedding is only the 16th held at Westminster Abbey. The Queen (Elizabeth) and her hubby has been married for 63 YEARS!! (I couldn't fathom!) And that the dress was made by Sara Burton for ALEXANDER MCQUEEN!! I like the dress! It's classic to the max. Nothing extravagant (but the price tag, I'm sure). Kate looked awesome! The makeup, dress, veil, tiara (borrowed from the queen). Beautiful! A 29 year old "commoner"-turned-princess.

Really makes for a good story. I was born a year after a common girl, named Diana, married Prince Charles (William's mom and dad) in 1981. I can imagine there was the same sort of feel surrounding Diana's rise as there is with Kate's.

Of course any comparison brings up a host of emotions (namely sorrow). The world (not just London or Europe) losing Diana at such a young age. William and his brother, Harry, motherless at such a young age... And now William is all grown up and married to a girl that has modest beginnings; the same as his late mother. It has sort of a fairytale feel.

And I cannot lie... I cried!! (Yeah. shocked the hell outta me too.)

My fave shot! In "Antique" William and Kate on The carriage ride to Buckingham Palace

To view my entire album of pictures of my television screen click below:

Royal Wedding Album (BBC America)

I must warn you: These are not the best quality,but if you missed it, you may want to check them out!

And visit for videos.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food In The DMV

I'm a foodie at heart! I just can't stop craving good shit! (No lie)

So, to all my folks in the DC area, there are 2 events coming up in May that y'all might wanna check out:

May 15th: Brooklyn Brewery Presents: The Washington DC Taco Experiement

This will be a taco-making competition for area chefs (of all levels of experience). The audience votes. I plan to be a part'a dat!! I just wanna eat, network and drink alcoholic beverages, damn it!!

This event is at Rock & Roll Hotel on H St., NE May 15th 12-3pm.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $20 the day of.

Click Here For Tickets and/or to enter the competition

The following weekend on May 22nd we have A Taste Of Arlington.

From what I've seen online there should be about 40 different restaurants at this event. Samples galore, beer and wine. Need I say more?? o_O (didn't think so)

This is an outdoors event that will be held on Wilson Blvd in front of Ballston Commons Mall from noon-5pm on May 22nd. $1 PARKING in the garage ALL DAY!!

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of. (This event is rain or shine...)

Click here for tickets

First Lady And President Obama On Oprah

I'm sure y'all heard that President Obama gave the people what they want (ONCE AGAIN) during a press conference he held yesterday morning.  Later on in the day he spoke about revealing his birth certificate with Oprah. (Episode airs on May 2nd)


As the President notes: there will be folks that still don't believe. There will be another issue and another and another until he is no longer President of The United States. All the folks hollering "Why you wait so long to provide us with your full birth certificate?" Are Grade-A HATERS!! In the words of 3LW "Haters are gonna hate." There's no appeasing ones with such a mindset.

Lady Gaga DOES NOT Look Good On J-Lo!

Lady Gaga has written a song. It's called "Hypnotico". Jennifer Lopez performs it. No motherfuckin' bueno!! As a Lady Gaga song, it's mediocre. It would be cool coming from Gaga's mouth. You hear it and you automatically think "GAGA!" Jennifer already ain't good on the singing side. I'm just thinking WHY oh WHY?!! And I am hoping this shit don't make it to a club near me anytime soon.

Listen for yaself:


Gaga and (as always) MADONNA. J-Lo has not place in a song such as this! Marc, get cha girl! LOL 

"Everybody Told Me" Consequence


This track was produced by Kanye. Some'a dat old Yeezy. I like it!!

Amber Rose Lyin' Now??...

Hold up! Do y'all remember that press conference Ms. Khalifa (Amber Rose) held the other day that was  plastered all over the 'net for her upcoming reality tv series "Behind Her Shades"? (I DID NOT watch it. So I hear...) She explained that the show would be about her daily life, which includes the opening of her boutique which specializes in sunglasses and accessories. She also said that VH1 is the network the show belonged to.

Wellllll... A VH1 representative has told MTV News that VH1 has nothing to do with this show (at the time). But, Amber has had cameras following her. I hear she hired these folks herself and plans to shop her show.

I am shocked!! This is insane! Let me find out Amber done pulled a Sandy Lyle (Y'all remember Reuben's best friend on Along Came Polly that was a childhood star and was having a hard time dealing with his irrelevance and hired dudes to follow him with a cam, talking bout he was going to have his own reality show.... THAT'S AMBER RIGHT NOW!)... I can't!

But seriously. I am having a hard time believing that Amber would lie like that! Maybe she HAD a deal with VH1 and it fell through or something. Why else would she throw their name out there?

The rumor that she had a camera crew follow her in hopes of shopping her reality show is still hilarious as hell though! I call that the Sandy Lyle Syndrome.

Pretentious much??

Here's a clip from that press conference:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Good Men" Often Get The Bad End Of The Deal (My Opinion)

Disclaimer: This is a rambling post and at times may seem disjointed and random. Welp... That may be because it is. Bear with me. I'm just writing as the words come. No concise method this time. (A freestyle, if you will.--lol) If you read to the end it may all come together. Then again.. it may not.

So, I have been thinking about dudes that are always on the receiving end of a good ole cheat. I'm not talking about the guy "receiving" this other man's goods. I'm talking bout the dude who's chick is stepping out on him. And I have noticed a trend. Now this is simply an assessment of real-life situations that I have actual, factual knowledge of. My own, personal situation(s) and that of friends or of a friend of a friends... You know. But the trend that I have found with these men that are repeatedly cheated on with chick after chick is: They lack of self-esteem and confidence, which then leads to either an overbearing presence or the super pushover presence.  All of that is a recipe for the absolute DEATH of any hopes for an exclusive, monogamous relationship with any girl!

Any girl!! Trust me. The woman with a guy like this can range anywhere from the "Never miss a day of Bible Study" to the "I made my rounds round town and that's how I gets down" type.  Does not matter. He's a pushover and/or annoying and totally drives any chick that may want to do right to do wrong.

I know a guy that has been cheated on in EVERY single relationship he has had since becoming an adult. I think he's a cool dude as far as boyfriends go. I've seen him provide for the chicks that he is with in all aspects.  He's the type that will do for a broad before he even thinks to do for himself. I think that is a good feature. I am sure a lot of chicks thinks that is a good feature. Unfortunately, for him, that one feature ain't enough. I've known him through 3 girlfriends. Serious girlfriends. Not no few months, we just dated a few times, girlfriends. I mean, serious, living together girlfriends. Every last one cheated on him. WHY?! What would make three different girls feel as though a man that is so supportive and would do whatever for you is dispensable?

Not just one chick.  One chick could be excused. Maybe she was just a birdbrain and knew not what she had. Even two chicks could mayyyyyybe be excused. Possibly he's just picking the wrong ones. But three?! Come, come now! That's when you got to look at the constant in this equation. HIM! The girls are just variables. They change. So, why does he continue to get the same result?

From observing this one dude and his relationships I've seen some shit that would annoy me to the point of barfing!! So, I KNOW if I were to live with a dude or spend time with a dude on the regular that is like him I would keep him around for all that he handles such as shopping, bills and doing all the other shit I can't or don't want to do. And while he is handling all my dirty (and too hard for me) work I'd be emotionally with someone else; at the very least. At the very most, I'd be sexually with someone else.

What I have observed in him is an extreme want to be wanted. And this isn't only by chicks. He hops from friend circle to friend circle of males. This is a grown man over the age of 30 years old.  I can always tell when his group of has changed. His style of dress changes. The music he listens to changes. AND he can't stop talking about his new homies (the biggest giveaway).

I know as human beings we all appreciate a little bit of acceptance but this guy tends to go overboard to gain it. From looking at his interactions with males, it's not surprising that he would do any and everything for the female that gives him a bit of attention. Mix that in with his fear that she just might leave and what do you get? If she wasn't thinking of leaving before, now she has.

How many times... How many ways can you ask a chick where she going, who with and why?... Only a broad as insecure as him would be cool with that kind of shit. No other girl would even find that shit amusing. I can remember as a kid hearing older teenagers and even some women say things like, "Girrrrrll, that nigga be all up on me! I can't do shit without him trying to go or asking me 1000 questions." (hahaha) Ain't shit about that funny. And the lady/girl that says shit like that needs the reassurance that somebody wants her ass. Her jealous man keeping a dime on her makes her feel as though he REALLY cares. Two insecure asses will cling to eachother and oftentimes get along just fine.

But, if there is only one insecure party in a relationship, be prepared for heartache and heartbreak.

Now on the other hand, there are the men that have self-esteem and security issues and they just fall back and allow the chick to control everything about the relationship. They do everything she likes to do. They don't say much. Just get pushed all around and you never hear a peep out of him. Afterall, he's just happy that a half-decent chick is even giving him the time of day (in most cases).

No matter what any female has EVER said, NO WOMAN WANTS A 100% SUBMISSIVE DUDE. Not a woman alive wants that. Yes, most of us would like to have our way most of the time. However, us women ain't right 100% of the time and man needs to know when to say "NO!"

If you are the type of man to let this chick do whatever the hell it won't be long before she seeks a little (more) masculinity in her life.  I'm not saying she's gonna be on the hunt to lay a nigga down, but she will definitely be on the hunt for a dude that watches some sports every now and then instead of reality tv shows with her every weeknight. Trust.

Dudes reading this and some chicks may be thinking, "That's dumb as hell!" Yeah well... Believe it or not, some people actually like to be with people they like. Not people that takes care of them or gives in to their every freakin' demand.

And that, my friends, is when the cheating comes in. How many heartbroken "Good Men" are reading this right now? (Go on and raise ya hand. Nobody's looking.)

My advice: Self-love. Get your confidence up. You first gotta be strong within yourself. Learn to stand alone. Otherwise, you'll be clinging to broads forever that will get tired of that weight and dip off.  You may luck up and find a chick that sticks it out and not cheat or leave you altogether, but remember what I said bout those types... She'll probably be insecure as well (92% chance). Y'all will be crazy together. Who da hell want that in dey life?!???

Cole Haan Camden Jade: The Bag That Will Make/Break Me

There it is, in all it's chestnut and gold (colored) accented glory. Cole Haan's Camden Jade handbag in chestnut. (And once again... I am IN LOVE!)

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a Michael Kors tote that I just KNEW I HAD to have! It's large, plain and classic. Just my style. See it pictured to the right, The Hamilton (large). So cute! And I planned on the day that I laid eyes on this $328 bag that I'd grab all the hours that I could to (comfortably) budget this into my life soon. 
Well, it just so happened that yesterday I went into my local Marshall's looking for sandals. (Y'all know that's my favorite spot EVER!!) I found no sandals, but I found that Cole Haan bag. I think I began to salivate a lil. I know my eyes were dreamy and I began thinking up all the possibilities. That bag and nude shoes. That bag and khaki shorts. That bag and everything light!! The only thing was the price tag. $250!! Dang it! Now don't get me wrong, it is better than the original price of $380. MUCH better, but this thing is damn near my electric bill! o_O

I really wanted that bag to go inside of a shopping bag and out the door with me like immediately!! BUT I did the next best thing; the only other option I had: LAY-AWAY! Yes, it can be your friend. And is often a better alternative to swiping a credit card. Let's face it.. MOST working Americans (and even those abroad) that charge things do not pay that shit off in a month, which means: INTEREST! Interest won't kill you if you just wanna take maybe 2-3 months to pay your balance off in full, but if you plan to carry that balance from month to month... Hang it up. Interest is gonna chop you down. (Yeah. That's the strongest case I can make for my fondness of Lay-Aways. Judge me, not!)

But, anyways...Yeah. That bag will be by my side in a few weeks. (You gotta have that bag in hand to appreciate its quality!) That and the two pairs of Michael Kors shorts (khaki and black) that I also threw in there. Feels like life will be full of twiddling my thumbs (and working my part-time) til the day comes that we will be reunited again. For keeps this time. (a'haha ha ha. I got a plan.)

Official Video For Let's Move: "Move Your Body" Beyonce


This is sooo cute! The green socks to the knees though, B?

Click Below for my last post about this song(earlier this month):

"Move Your Body" choreography

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Season Finale & Good F*ckin' RIDDANCE!

My goodness!! I KNOW I am not the only on that is more than happy about this season coming to a motherfuckin’ wrap!! This group of girls were so fuckin' BLAH! Let’s break ‘em all down:
Char, the 27 year old that is too old for every damn thang. But only when it’s convenient for her. Some examples of when the mention of “I’m too grown...” for this or that  or “I’m 27 years old” is conveniently left out of the equation: The time she spotted a dude at a bar that she was interested in and sent a note over to him by a housemate. Or all the times that she taunt and teased her housemates. Or when she threw Nikki’s clothes over the balcony and into the pool. Or when she attempted to manipulate every last girl to be on her “side” and do shit as she saw fit.--- She’s selectively grown. And I can’t stand it! She gives all of us actual grown folks a bad name!
Jessica. Who in da fuck is she, even?? I cannot remember shit about her that sticks out but the term “Wang”. I suppose that means that same as “to punch”, “to sock”, “to bang”... *shrug* She played the back the entire season! And she came off as the type to need backup when it really came down to show and prove any of the shit she popped. 
Kori, the crater-faced, delusional chick that believes she a motherfuckin’ dime-99. She’s almost forgettable. The only thing that saves her from the forgettable abyss is the fact that she beat the shit out of that black chick (Ashley) from Norfolk, VA that stayed talkin’ bout how she gets down with fighting.
Nikki, the no-eyebrow, square-shouldered, football playing jokester. I can say she made the show entertaining. Wilmarie whipped that ass 3 times!!! Nikki always came back for more. She knows how to take a whippin’ and keep on tickin’!! She also managed to get under all the girls’ skin, including mine! I would HATE to live even on the same block as this bald-faced fist pumper. I have no idea how those girls managed to share a house with her. Seriously.
Lauren, the seemingly innocent girl from Kennn-Tuh-Keeeee (Kentucky). In the end she proved to be her own girl. It seemed as though she did get caught up in following Char and then Nikki but ultimately she realized those girls had their own petty ass agendas and she must stand alone. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.
Wilmarie. MY FAVORITE!! She was the last replacement to come through. She was the prettiest. A tiny bit of acne, but nothing Proactive or makeup can’t handle. And she was the realest. She, like Char, was 27 years old. She didn’t constantly broadcast her age. She didn’t need to convince herself or anyone else of her age. She came in not taking sides and assessing everyone for herself and not what the other chicks were trying to put in her ear.
She beat the hell out of that annoying ass Nikki 3 times and as a result got sent home just before the finale. (How sad)
None of the other chicks that left are really worth mentioning. I can’t remember nothing bout them no damn way!... Hol’! Yes I can! That chick Sydney. How annoying! Remember she used to pick up dudes by talking positive bout another chick she spots in the club?...She did that shit twice that I can recall. How LAME!! Like, “That’s a bad chick... I have no problem complimenting girls... I’m cool like that..Wanna come back home with me?” I hope she swapped that tactic up. It’s pathetic!!
Glad she put us out of the misery of seeing her ass whine and be fake cool every Monday.

And as the title states, I’ll tell y’all what happened on Monday night’s finale:
Wilmarie was sent home for fucking nikki up AGAIN!! (Told that above)
Nikki keeps hollering about “It’s a game.” What the hell does she mean, “It’s a game.”?!! It’s not a fucking game. There are no eliminations. No prizes. But for some reason she thinks that bitches going home (for beating her ass) and her staying means that she “wins”?? Wins what?... There is no prize for staying in that wack ass house til the finale. What da fuck she on??! I’d really like to know.
Nikki apologized to everyone for her stupid ass antics while in the house.
The original cast members did a photo shoot. Prior to, Sydney (redhead) called the house... Fa what?! (I don’t get it)
At the shoot makeup artists drew on eyebrows for Nikki. She looked cute. Told y’all that was all she needed in her life!
The night before leaving the house Char was in the club giving all the girls life advice... BITCH PLEASE!!
Matter of fact, Char talked shit from the day she stepped foot in the house all the way to the end. She is so fuckin annoying! AND I’d like to put it on the record that I called it!! I called it! After the 1st episode I tweeted that she would be the fakest in the house and she indeed was!
( I want a cookie for that)

"All Of The Lights" (Remix) Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diamond Was Photo'd Out With Soulja Boy's Hands All Over Her Baaaaah'deee. Her Ex-Fiance's Mother Calls Her Out On The Radio.

     Lil' Scrappy's Mom Calls Diamond A "Low Down Dirty B*tch" by iamgwoods

     Scrapp speaks by iamgwoods

Okay. WHY his mama continues to call him the Prince of The South?!!! o_O

We ain't heard shit from Scrappy since like 2002. C'mon now!!

Kudos to Scrappy's POV. Now that's a stand up dude. Even though we ain't heard from him since the beginning of the millenium I fucks with a dude that can get on the radio and not speak one bad word against the chick that he's supported for so long, the mother to his kids... Nor Soulja's lil ass for the disrespectful shit these pics on the internet has put on blast. WOW!

Now, If only he can pipe that mama of his down...

And Diamond... That girl ain't shit! How she gonna call Scrap up and say it ain't nothing? This look like "nothing" to y'all??!
I do love the shorts and shoes. But she still ain't shit! 
Girl, you busted. G'on tell the damn truth! Sheesh!

Attention All Ratchets: Leave That Fake Sh*t Alone!!

..Or face up to a year in jail and/or a $1000 fine!

Or even worse... End up looking a hot ass fool like this mustached lady below:

Angela Yee reported today that The Law is bout to crack down on not only the folks caught selling counterfeit designer items but also on the folks out there purchasing it. You can't have one without the other.

Back in the day I did fall victim once. I copped a matching bag AND wallet! Christian Dior. I know that shit wasn't over $150. Total! After wearing it twice I gave it away. I just didn't feel right. The shit was fake as a $3 bill! It was cute and all but all around it was foolish. The bag was out of place. Real or not. 

I've never been the broad crazy over designer bags anyway. Sure, I admire them, but never would one catch me saving up to purchase a $2,000 Gucci, Fendi, or tiny Louis Vuitton bag. Since I cannot afford them, I simply stick to my Guess, Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors, any bag that I can find in Marshall's that is cute. You know...

Ladies. Please do know you look a fool with your Gucci cap and matching sneakers and purse while bumming change for the Metro. I'm just sayin'. We all know that shit is fake. Who the hell you tryna impress anyways? (FAIL)

Seriously, I think the enforcement of this law is awesome! But, I also think it's one of those things where it sounds good, but the execution will be tough. It's not fair to designers to NUMBER 1: Have their names and logos associated with fashion doo-doo like this "Gucci" piece above and NUMBER 2: for someone else to get paid off their name and they (the designer) see none of that. I think I heard a few years ago (on America's Next Top Model) that the counterfeit biz is a several billion dollar business. I can believe it. Those $35 bags and $10 polyester scarves add up. The local bag man is getting that bread. Ya best believe! And it ain't fair! Imagine if you have a product and someone comes along and utilizes your name/logo to sell a product similar to yours! And the quality is horrible!! Just throwing your brand in da dirt!! And you get none of the profit.  C'mon now!

The only way to fight this for real is to shut down them factories over in China that manufactures this bull. OMG! You know what?... (epiphany) Maybe this is another strategic plan in the attempt to further hurt those that are already down: the impoverished. Similar to the difference between the jail time for coke vs crack. Why is it that these laws want to begin the penalties at the bottom of the totem pole? If the true outcome sought is to put an end to designer counterfeits in the States (and worldwide) you would think they would start at the source, right... *shrug*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Florida Woman Finds Alligator In Her Bathroom


What would you do if you saw this in ya bathroom?!!

... A  7' alligator!!!

Me, myself, personally... I'd probably piss my pants, barf, pass out... All the above and then some! And the chick says the damn thang hissed at her! Bet she wish she had a gun. 

Check out the news coverage below:


My Dreams & My Mind... FAIL!!

You wanna know the problem I have with my ambitions?...
I'm sooo indecisive. That ADHD (self-diagnosed) kicks in and I have too many brilliant ideas in this beautiful head of mine and not one concrete step on how to achieve any. I am fully aware of my talents and capabilities. Not one idea is out of my realm to make happen. Not a single one. In an ideal world, I'd do it all. In the real world, I have to focus. Choose one. Once at fruition I can maybe step aside and branch out into my other talents.
I mean, really. For a little while I am sure I want one path then another idea comes along and I want to take that path and yet another and another and before you know it, BAM!! There are no steps being taken to get me any closer to anything. Just me and my mind in deep thought. "Maybe I should do... Nah. Maybe I should do.... Ohhh! I got it! I'ma do...." NOTHING!!
I just can't seem to hone in and start at square one with at least one! And it is driving me crazy!! Gives me headaches and all! I really need to take a deep breath and put on blinders at this point. Y'all realize how difficult it is to block out your own thoughts?! (Harder than telekinesis. Trust me. I try both on the reg. o_O)

The Obamas On Easter Sunday

I've spotted this pic on a few blogs this morning. Thought I'd post it.

Dwight Howard Puts The Pressure On Baby Mama Royce: "PAY UP!!"

According to, Royce Reed has not paid a dime to Dwight Howard, the father of her son, since he won his suit against her last year for $500k. Apparently there is a gag order in place stating that Royce cannot speak about Howard in the press. (I also heard that she's prohibited from placing their son in the mass public's view as well. This is why we haven't gotten not even one tiny glimpse of him on Basketball Wives.)

Royce breached the agreement and was ordered to pay up. Thus far she hasn't and Howard is now seeking a total of $551,606.74 (including interest). Recently he filed with a California court to go after Royce's assests there.

TMZ wishes him luck on that one saying, "...our sources say the "Basketball Wives" star has nada in California."

Royce is always hollering about how REAL she is and whatnot. B*tch, just pay the man his money! You failed to hold up to what you signed off on. Pay him!!

**I'm rolling my eyes hard as hell**

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Review Of The N.O.R.E'aster EP

The tracks I like on my first quick run through:

#3. "Like The Way" ft. Pharrell
#4. "Look At Me Now"
#10. Living My Life"
#11. "Queens Get The Money"
#12. "Stand Tall" ft. Curren$y & Ace Hood
#13. "Bottles Go Bang" ft. Styles P & Prodigy

..That's 6:13. Not bad. This doesn't put N.O.R.E on my current top rapper list, but it does make me a bit nostalgic AND makes me forget about "Superthug" (if only a tiny bit).

Saturday, April 23, 2011

N.O.R.E Drops A Mixtape

Wow! I haven't heard from this guy since like... forever!! The other day he was on The Breakfast Club making me laugh and now he's released a mixtape. Niiiiice!

Check out the tracklist below. (Good on the production, no?) .

I haven't even had a chance to listened to this yet. But, I am hoping something makes me get "What What What What What What WHA What!" out my head. lol

Click Below to Download for free:

NORE'aster EP 

(I'll be back to let y'all know what I think about it tomorrow)

16 Year Old Girl Shot For Not Giving Up Her Last Cigarette (so the story goes)



I know cigs are jive costly, but come da fuck on SON!!! o_O

Something ain't right with this story. (at all!)

"Till The World Ends" (Remix) Britney Spears ft. Nikki Minaj & Ke$ha

Sorry, Ke$ha. Couldn't locate an image including you. The track woulda done just fine sans yaself anywayz! o_O                            


Friday, April 22, 2011

UPDATE: Missing Teen In Baltimore, MD FOUND

Unfortunately, it's not a happy ending.

According to a report online by the Associated Press (AP):

"The discovery of a missing North Carolina teen's body in a Maryland river brings the investigation of her disappearance into a new phase.
The body of Phylicia Barnes, who disappeared while visiting her older half-siblings in Baltimore on Dec. 28, was one of two bodies found Wednesday near the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River. Barnes' 17th birthday was Jan. 12.
The other body found was a man who has not been identified and it is not clear if there is any connection between the two. Investigators were trying to identify him through fingerprints.
"We're not going to spare any expense to try to find out what happened to these two people," he said. "It's going to take a lot of work."
There were no signs of injury or wounds to Barnes when her body was found, Sheridan said. The cause and how she and the other man died have not been determined. Neither body had clothes on.
The Susquehanna is a cold river and it is possible Barnes' body had been in the river since shortly after her disappearance and was only recently stirred up by warmer weather and storms, Sheridan said.
Barnes' family and friends had raised more than $35,000 in reward money to help solve the case. Her mother and stepfather declined to comment on the identification of the body.
Soon after the teen, who was from the small North Carolina city of Monroe, vanished, Baltimore police alerted local media saying her disappearance was unusual because she had no history of disputes with her family or trouble with the law. Police called it one of the strangest and most vexing missing persons cases they had investigated, and, despite getting help from the FBI, they had few leads.
Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi began describing it as "Baltimore's Natalee Holloway case." The Barnes case did not get as much attention as the disappearance of the Alabama teen in Aruba, but Barnes' mother said in January she did not feel slighted.
"My daughter is not the only child that's missing. Other children need their time, too," Janice Sallis said. "I appreciate all that has been done for her and us thus far, and it's quality, not quantity, that's important to me."
Police worked to keep the search for Barnes in public, posting a smiling photo of Barnes from her Facebook page on electronic billboards along highways in the Baltimore region. The effort spurred scores of tips, but none panned out.
More than 100 police officers combed a northwest Baltimore park in the weeks after she vanished, but found no clues to her whereabouts. Earlier this month, hundreds of law enforcement officers and volunteers searched a state park south of Baltimore and leafleted the area of the city where she was last seen. That daylong effort again failed to turn up any clues and police said they were "back at square one."
It was a tattoo on the body found in the river that gave authorities their first indication they had found Barnes. Descriptions of Barnes that circulated since her disappearance included a rose tattoo on her lower right leg."
I posted this story in January 2011 when I heard of the teen's disappearance just 3 days after Christmas Day. I was hoping she would be found; thinking that maybe she met up with some guy while in Baltimore and went of with him for awhile or something. I know her parents were saying that the likelihood of that being the case was NONE, but still... I had hope.
This conclusion is bizarre! Who is this guy that was also found? What (if any) is the connection between the two?...
As I said in my original post on this story, I COULD NOT imagine the fear, desperation, disappointment, etc that her parents have felt and continue to feel as they initially learned that Phylicia was missing and waited day in and out for an ending that concludes like this.
I wish them inner peace and strength.
And I know there is more than one person that knows about the details involving the murder of this kid. I hope someone comes forward.
Click below for original post:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Tupac Back" Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross [Audio]

I LOVE this!!!

Progidy With The Breakfast Club [Video] *Updated*

Prodigy stopped by the Breakfast Club this morning. When did he drop this autobiography My Infamous Life? I have no clue, but I gotta grab a copy of that.

And N.O.R.E called in later to speak on Prodigy's lil interview. Talking bout funny?!! LOL


But Prod lettin' it be known, ain't he?!

UPDATE: There may be a lil box that pops up asking if you want to view the new broadcast posted. If you click "Yes" you will see the shorter version that edits N.O.R.E's comments in between things Prodigy speaks on. This 17+ minute vid gives Prodigy's full interview and THEN N.O.R.E's phone convo with The Breakfast Club (choose "no" for the full version).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad Girls Club Season 6: Nikki F*cked Wit The Wrong ONE!!! For The THIRD Time!!

I do mean, REALLY?! Is Nikki retarded or something?! Why does she continue to fuck with Wilmarie?! I think some sort of attraction or desire exists there from Nik's end to Wilma. Gots to be! Why else would she continue to fuck with this girl after she got whipped one... two... (and most recently) 3 times by her?! Hasn't she heard "If you mess with the bull you get the horns."?! If she hasn't heard it, she damn show was shown it. I  mean... REALLY! (This broad-shouldered, thick calved chick is crazy!)

Usually, I keep the juiciest moment of the show for last, but I had to begin this post with this Wilmarie and Nikki beef. On Monday's episode, Nikki came back to the house after being sent to a hotel for the night after getting her ass beat by Wilmarie the prior episode (which I ain't blog about 'cause ain't shit go down for real but their 2nd fight on that episode.  Ain't feel like it..) for the second damn time!

When she came in, Wilma went to her and told her to just leave her alone. Nikki, being the childish person that she is, told Wilma she couldn't make her no promises on that. Before you know it, they all go out and Wilma starts talking about beating Nikki up if she tries to start shit with her again... The girls are all yelling back and forth up and down the stairs at one another... Kori vaselined Wilma down and then Wilma vaselines Lauren up! When I saw that shit I damn near DIED laughin'!! Wilma took it old school fa realz!! (Vaseline though?!) lol

Eventually, Wilma is walking around with just panties on. (Yes, the ta-tas were just hanging out) Nikki starts picking. Poking her back and shit. THEN she pulls Wilma's net off her hair. WHAT IN THE FUCK SHE DO THAT FO'?!! Wilma fucked her up! AGAIN!! FOR THE 3rd TIME!! I'm sitting on my bed like.. "What?!" Why does she keep fucking with Wilma? Why?! I really wants to know.


So that was the end of the show. Let's go back to the beginning, shall we?..

Char's daddy. He called her all like "CHARMAINE!!" LMAO! Char says that he had been drinking. I can totally laugh and relate to that shit. My father (May he rest in peace) was on the same type of shit. Well, he never called while sauced up. But, while in his presence when that alcohol was in his system, he was a loud one. Slurring and all. SMH... But, anywayz.. Why did she lie to her father?! Talking bout everyone likes her in the house. "I'm the oldest" she said, beaming with the phone to her ear. (Ain't Wilma the same age as her?) Girl, just Stop! That damn Char!

Nikki, (getting back to her), is basically on her own in the house now. Lauren, really ain't fuckin' wit her. She tried to talk to Lauren and got shut down. Quick! So, she turns to her oldest rival, Char. Yes. Char. And Nikki. Getting along. Although it seemed short-lived; they were getting along. The two even went out together and had a good old time.

The time turned sour when Char tried to speak with Nikki seriously about why they had a falling out in the first place. Nikki turned right back into the Goofy Goober that she is and responded to Char's questions with, "Ask Lauren". These were direct questions about Nikki. Asked to Nikki. And she says, "Ask Lauren". Char got fed up at that point and it looked as if the friendship was coming to an end as fast as it began.

These girls play too fuckin' much! I don't think I could deal in that setting. No cell phone, either?! Just one computer. No television... Woooo LAWD!! It'd be some trying times. That's for sure! Me trying keep my hands from applying pressure to a bitch neck!! o_O

Kori and Lauren team up and decide to play tricks on Nikki. They put oil in her shampoo and took some of her supplements. Before Nikki even found out about the pranks, Char (being the pressed ass that she is), told Nikki that she hasn't touched her stuff since she helped pick Nik's items (that she threw in) from out of the pool. What type shit is that?! Char ain't have to go out her way to say that shit. AT ALL! And she chastised Lauren and Kori about pulling the pranks. She was all like, "Don't do that again!", all stern-faced like she was about to send them out to pick a switch off a tree for their punishments and shit. (Char is really insane. Hates Nikki one minute and takes up for her the next...)

All of the girls, except Nikki and Lauren went out to this bar and these broads from Mexico and Hollywood tried to start with them randomly. The escalation was weird. They were at the bar all talkin' bout where they rep real friendly-like and all the sudden when they get outside bitches is hollerin' at them, hitting the limo and opening the door on 'em. Jessica was the main one running her mouth. Talkin' bout "wang"ing a bitch and all the while, making no moves. Wilmarie took her jacket off when a chick opened the limo door and was trying to get out. All the sudden, Jessica's jacket comes off and now she ready to make moves, too. (We don't believe you. You need mo' people!) That shit irked me til no end! I just hate a chick and a dude that will run they mouth dry and not be about no action til they are sure their homies got their back. Sheesh!

And Nikki's father called her livid, because he hadn't heard from her! He was saying things like, "Listen to me little girl!!" LMAO! I could imagine how he looks. (Like a gym teacher from the 90's) He made that ass bawl! Nikki was trying to make excuses, such as the girls hadn't been delivering his messages. Daddy saw right through that bullshit. He told her that she could have simply called him on her own, without any messages from him. True dat, pops. True dat...

AND.. Nikki still ain't got no eyebrows!

Stay tuned to Oxygen for the Season Finale Monday.

"The Breakup Song" Wale

My homey told me this vid/song reminds him of me. LMAO

I just texted a female friend the other day, and I quote: "My, how the tables have turned on these men." She and I both feel the same as far as dating and enjoying yourself. Not really looking to fall in love and settle down. Maybe not so much, "not looking" but more so haven't ran across anyone that would make us want to settle down.

And while we have this mindset there are dudes that want to settle and believe because we share nice moments we are together or at least working towards that. That assumption couldn't be further from the truth.

I never heard of this song before yesterday. Must be some sort of epidemic for you men. j/k lol


And I love the incorporation of Stevie Wonder's "All I Do (Is Think About You)"!

Woman Mows Folk Down In A McDonald's Parking Lot

What in the world is going on?!!!

There is so much wrong with videos like this. I can't even. (But I'll try).

The first thing is the fact that it was 'National Hiring Day' for McDonald's yesterday. I mean, that's cool and all. Jobs are scarce and money is money. You gotta get it how ya can these days. I'm wit' it! Totally. But, why do I get the feeling like most of these folks' highest aspirations is Mickey D's?! o_O

Like I said, a job is a job. Money is money. If it ever came to it I'd flip burgers and drop fries all day long to take care of mines. But c'mon y'all!!!...

Then, MY PEOPLE actually got the nerve to pop off (in my head I hear Taneisha of BGC) in the parking lot. C'mon Y'ALL!! WHYYYYY?!!

And FINALLY. A chick loses her MIND and intentionally backs into a small crowd; knocking people down and running them over.


Can anyone help me make sense of it all?... Anyone?..

(Didn't think so)

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV Artwork Released

I came across this pic on my Tumblr Dash. You know I had to verify. (lol)

I hit up Google and found that this pic is all over the 'net and is indeed SUPPOSED to be the cover artwork for Wayne's next album Tha Carter IV, which should be released in June. (The original release date set for May has been pushed back).

Seems as though Wayne's people hasn't given any official word on this artwork yet. So, maybe we'll see this in June... Maybe we'll see something else. I think this is fitting given Tha Carter III's artwork of the tatted up baby in a suit. ( I wonder if these are Wayne's baby/kid pictures?.. *shrug*)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beyonce's Upcoming Single "Girls (Who Run The World)" Ain't Gettin' Much Love On The 'Net [Audio Of The Entire Song]

Welllllll... I like it, myself. Am I a fan of that chant-like hook? Nah. Not so much. But, it has a Destiny Child's vibe. I think the visuals to this will make all a strong believer in this song though. Watch when the vid drop.

For now, check out the entire song below:


"Take It Down Low" Akon ft. Chris Brown


Monday, April 18, 2011

Kanye West Killed It As The Closing Act For Coachella Last Night!

..That's what they say. I cannot say, because I WAS NOT IN ATTENDANCE! o_O (WTF)

They also say (Media Takeout) that he and Wiz Khalifa were about to come to blows over Amber Rose. Gossip that I choose to ignore. I only shared it in hopes that it would give y'all a good laugh.

And since I am sooooo pressed I hit up Youtube in search of his 1 hour and 40 minutes performance at the Coachella 2011. Below I have "Monster" and "Lost In The World":


Ye (or some call him, Yeezus) is da SHIT!