Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Man Down" Rihanna [VIDEO]

I LOVE this song! Ri should do more caribbean-flavored tracks. (I hope her team talks her into that!) Anyway, the visual is different than I expected. I thought the story line would be of a cheating man or something. Nope... Different twist. Check it out below:


Source Miss Info

"That's Not My Baby" Parody By Jonathan

This is my favorite parody of all of Jonathan, (Russ Parr's Really White Friend)'s parodies! This guy is good! And he is my Twitter friend! LOL. Click his name to follow him >> Jonathan RPRWF <<<

Click HERE for a complete listing of all parodies  by Jonathan.

Lady Gaga Went Bankrupt?!!!

Gaga, who says that money doesn't really matter to her, recently revealed that she went bankrupt from The Monster Ball Tour, which ran from November 2009-May 2011.

Besides funding the tour, she says her only (big) purchases were a heart valve (and the surrounding charges) for her father and a Rolls Royce for her parents.

Talk about a true artist! When you are at the top of the charts and you care so much about the art and what you put forth for the fans that you profit none and actually end up owing money.... WOW!!

I know the fans definitely appreciates her dedication, but hopefully she has learned and the second time around she makes sure to keep some money for herself. She deserves it!

Click HERE for full article @ Daily Mail

Basketball Wives Season 3 Premiere

Y'all catch dat??...

This premiere was pretty a'iight... I was looking for some DRAMA, drama straight out the gate. We ain't really get that. Evelyn and Tami had there lil argument. Sorta the same ole, ya know. Evelyn had "You are a non M-F'n Factor, B*tch!" t-shirts made. Tami caught wind of it from Twitter and sat down to let Eve know she ain't think it was cool. Why the hell not??! Evelyn said the shit. Go 'head and make that money off it. (I coulda swore a chick I follow on Twitter made that shirt first though... I don't know. Gotta check into that and get back to y'all later.)

So, Tami and Evelyn met on a beautiful day to discuss their blow up on Season 2's finale and the sale of this t-shirt. Evelyn tried to make nice by apologizing and offering to give some of the proceeds from the t's to Tami's charity. Tami smacked both down. She told Evelyn that SHE is really the non-Motherf*ckin'-Factor, because she was never a wife. She was simply bunned up for 10 years and never made it to the altar. AND she laughed about Evelyn trying to share proceeds from a shirt with such demeaning words on it with a (positive) charity for young women. Evelyn let her know the sale of the shirts was still on. They left on that note. At the end of the show Tami went into Eve's shoe store and presented her with a document (I guess legal docs..?). Tami threatened to sue and said when she was done with Evelyn the shoe store would belong to her!! o_O I hope she knows that cannot happen. I'm nowhere near being a lawyer, but even I know that.

Evelyn tore up the doc in Tami's face and threw the pieces at her. They struggled over the ripped up paper... It was a baby (small) mess. LOL

A new chick, Meeka, was introduced. This bitch is like grade school material. Seriously!! She met with Jennifer and straight started talking about Jen's business! She was all talking 'bout how she heard Eric on a radio station in NY and he sounds like he loves Jen and blah, blah, blah... One-on-one with the cam, Jen was like 'this bitch is nosy!' (paraphrasing), but still she sat there and conversed with the bitch bout her business!! See.. Ugggh!!

Then the chick met with Royce and told Royce that she views her as "The Enemy" because Royce was a dancer for Miami Heat at one time and she feels as though the dancers are out to get the players on purpose no matter if they have a wife/girl/jump off, etc... Okay. Again!! If a man (or woman) is in a "committed" relationship, it is their duty to remain committed. No one else's! Why dislike someone that has made you no promises and don't even fuckin' know you?!! Consider your husband or your boo the fuckin' ENEMY! He is the one that promised you some exclusive shit and then turns around and pipes down whoever the fuck wants it! C'mon now!! That dumbass mindset irks the hell out of me! "She was fuckin' my man! I hate her!!" Don't hate her. She don't owe you shit! Hate your man, if anyone. Sheesh!

(Excuse that lil rant..) Anyways, Meeka and Royce's convo turned to the other cast members. Meeka met up with Shaunie, Jennifer and Evelyn later and told them everything Royce said!! o_O She was going on Royce hard! Talking about what the girl was wearing and everything! Royce is a BAMMA like no otha! But, still.. Royce sat there and was friendly with this chick and she turns around do lil Royce like dat?! Wild shit, right there! Shaunie and Jen picked up on that shit quick! One-on-one with the cam Shaunie said the new chick running back what other people says ain't cool. Jen was thinking Meeka talked against Royce like that to appease them because she thinks they don't like Royce. Whatever the case, that was some wack shit ole girl pulled.

Wasn't much more to the episode. Suzie's lisp is still going Ssstrong. (lol) And the chick Ashley was noted (by Vh1) as being the "mother of Rafer Alston's child". I thought she said they was engaged and shit just last season. Um. MESS'SAYYY!

And y'all better stay tuned. Last night they showed a future clip of Evelyn and Royce gettin' down! Glasses (drinking) were flying and all!! (That's that DRAMA I be talkin' 'bout! lol)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sean Kingston Seriously Injured In Miami

Last night TMZ.com reported that Sean Kingston and a female companion were hospitalized after a jet ski accident involving a bridge in Miami, FL. Initially Kingston's condition was critical, since he has stabilized and moved from the Trauma Unit to ICU.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"I Want You (Hold On To Love)" CeeLo Green [VIDEO]


Source Hiphop Wired

Two Models "Playfighting" Ends In Death

The two women pictured above, LaShawnna Threatt and Cierra Williams (l to r) were celebrating Threatt's 30 birthday when they began to "playfight" and fell through a hotel window at the W Hotel in Atlanta. Threatt died from the fall. Williams is now in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.

What in tha....??? Talkin' 'bout odd. This is the freakiest accident I ever heard of!

Source Bossip

"Out Of My Mind, Just In Time" Erykah Badu [VIDEO]

Y'all know, E...

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Did It On 'Em" Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]

Well, the video title says "Internet Version". Maybe that means that another version may be released?? This vid is a compilation of footage from her tour with her Young Money folks. We all love the song. This visual??... ???


And was dat Paul Wall??? All slim and trim. Heeeyyyyy!

Source Miss Info

"Killin' 'Em" Busta Rhymes ft. LL Cool J

Woooooooooooo! L killed da track fa sho'!!!

Source Miss Info

In Case Anyone Cares: Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring May Be A Recycled Piece

Mediatakeout.com posted a few pics this morning that shows a side-by-side of the ring Kim wears now that she says her boyfriend, Kris Humphries, gave her a few nights ago and the ring that she wore in 2009 that she claims Reggie Bush gave her. MTO says that in 2009 it was revealed that Reggie never proposed to Kim and that she received the ring from a jeweler in exchange for some promotional work...

That ring does appear to be the same.

Kim is a beautiful girl. And she seems cool from the few shows I've seen of her and her fam. Why would she have to lie about these guys wanting to marry her? o_O *shrugs**

"Rocketeer" Cover by Jenny Suk

I'm bored. Waiting for Mediatakeout.com to update its page this morning. So, I decided to do random browses on Youtube. Came across this gem: Jenny Suk. She has a cute style. Check out her cover of "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement below.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyonce Rehearsing "1+1" Backstage At American Idol

Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time. This is the dressing room rehearsal for American Idol. NO MICROPHONE. No effects. – Andy WarHOV.


Jay recorded his wife, Bey, backstage rehearsing her ballad "1+1" prior to her American Idol performance. Raw emotion!! They are soooo in love! How cute!!

Even though I'm not in love with anyone at the moment I can relate to the song. Everyone probably can. I am seriously thankful that Beyonce got this song and not someone else that doesn't know how to deliver emotion on records. Besides Bey, Melanie Fiona is the only other artist that I can think that may have been able to do justice to The Dream's words.

TMZ Poll: Why Is Arnold's Baby Mama Such Big News??

To help you decide, this is Mildred "Patty" Baena.
Patty Baena's 27 year old daughter told Telemundo that the affair between Arnold SchwizzleSwash (LMAO I have no idea how to spell his last name. And no, SchwizzleSwash was not an attempt at it, though it is funny to say. Go 'head. Pronounce it aloud. Haha) and her mother is only such big news because her mother is a Hispanic and he is a celebrity.

I never thought of it like that before.... And after she puts it out there I still cannot see that angle. All extramarital affairs of all in the public's view get blasted on. As time goes by this will be history and yet another celebrity or politician's private doings will get the light. That's just the way it goes. I don't know why lil Baena is tryin to pull that card.

But, TMZ asks, what's the "Real reason for outrage"?: Patty's RACE or her FACE? LMFAO!!! When they put it like that.... If I must choose between the two..... LOL

Which would y'all choose? Race or Face?

Click HERE to cast your vote!

"Rolling In The Deep" Adele

"Go 'head and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bare/See how I'll leave with every piece of you/Don't underestimate the things that I will do"

Adele is sooooo talented!!! And I could never get enough of this song.


"Oh My" DJ Drama ft. Fabolous, Roscoe Dash & Wiz Khalifa [VIDEO]

DJ Drama, Wiz & Fab. Roscoe Dash not pictured.

"How To Love" Lil Wayne [Audio]

Weezy F. and his new boo, Dhea. 

It feels wrong to like this song from Weezy. Aside from that feeling, I downloaded the song. I like it! I just hope he redeems himself on Tha Carter IV. I Am Not A Human Being... Y'all heard that. 'NUFF SAID!

Check out his latest song to hit the net: "How To Love"

"Sure Thing (remix)" Miguel ft. Pusha T [Audio]

Y'all recognize that shot from the vid... LOL. I didn't start liking the original song until about 2 weeks ago. I felt as though the lyrics are soooo... (Looking for the word.....)............ Elementary... Primary.... Easily thrown together. Like a kid could have wrote it. I remember hearing it on the radio like, "Who da hell authorized this shit to get airplay?!" o_O And then... I saw the vid. And I was like, "Oh, fuck no!!"

I don't know if the radio pushed it on me to the max or what but, a couple of weeks ago I began to turn it up when it came on instead of turning the station. I even sing along. Only the hook. That sounds really nice. Along with the talking part:"Respect you like a lover. Treat you like a friend.." (Is that how it goes? If not, y'all know what I'm talking about. LOL)

So, the addition of Pusha T makes this a remix. I LOVE Pusha!! Those cornrows gots to go, but overall he's quite alright with me. The remix is cool. Check it out below:

Source Miss Info

Tracklist for Beyonce's "4"

  1. 1+1 *
  2. I Care
  3. I Miss You
  4. Best Thing I Ever Had
  5. Party ft. Andre 3000
  6. Rather Die Young
  7. Start Over
  8. Love On Top
  9. Countdown
  10. End Of Time *
  11. I Was Here
  12. Run The World (Girls) *
*Songs already leaked/released. Click a link below to take a listen.

"1+1" (On repeat. I love this song!) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"1+1" Beyonce [Audio]

This song was written by The Dream. Has a Prince feeling. I like it! 

"Looking For Love" Diddy Dirty Money ft. Usher [Video]


Split The Tab Or Pay For Ya Own??

I, personally, hate going out with a new group of folks! Everyone that knows me knows that I am tight on a damn dollah! I went out with two girls one time and ONE TIME only! The chick that ate the most, ordering additional side orders and shit to complete her entree had the bright idea, "Let's split it by 3". Okay... We looking at a bill about $75. My entree was about $12. Soda.. $3. That's $15. At the MOST I'd pay $20.  Why the hell should we (myself and the other chick) pay an extra $5+ each to cover the additional shit yo ass ate?!!

The other chick went wit' it. I did too. Needless to say, that was the LAST time I went out to eat with her ass again!

And then there was that time I went out with a group of people from my old job. Somebody conveniently failed to pay for something! I don't know what... I have my suspicions. One chick was complaining about the cost of her drink. The amount due was about the amount of that damn drink!! Me and one other chick was left alone with the check and what was supposed to be everyone else's share. Once me and ole girl put in our share, that shit was like $12 short. WTF?!!! And everybody else done rolled already.

I mean.. I know these amounts are small. And that's most people's argument if/when you pull their card on that triflin' mess: "Damn! You cryin' over $5?!" My reply: "Yes! And if it's 'Just $5' to you, pay da shit then!!" Shoot! Don't be trying to get over and then get smart!! (The nerve!)

People that skip out on their bill AND people that sit up and eat all types of shit and want the person that ate a damn appetizer to split a bill evenly can kiss my damn ass!! Pay fo' ya own shit!!

(Woo) Anyway, Atlanta Post hit the streets of L.A. for opinions on this topic from folks on the streets. Check out the vid below:

Sources Bossip and The Atlanta Post

"Who Run The World (Girls)" Choreography Performed By A Guy

I don't know if I'd smack or kiss the folks over at Bossip.com for the mess they make me aware of!! LMAO (J/k all hugs and kisses for those guys).

In the below vid a rather large male performs the choreography to Beyonce's "Who Run The World (Girls)". In his back/side yard. Tee and shorts.... As he kicked up dust I thought "Why did he pick this location??" Ahhhh... Bey was in the desert in the vid. (I get it).

Anyways, despite the fact that he is well-coordinated and executes the steps pretty good, this vid is FUNNY!

Check it out below:

And just to let y'all know, Beyonce Season has officially begun. Hope I don't overdo it. (Chances are that I will. Gotta love me.)

Say What?! Beyonce Was Inspired By Another Artist???

Beyonce/Lorella Cuccarini

You may have heard by now that Beyonce "jacked someone else's performance (idea)" for her REMARKABLE, EXTRAORDINARILY INSANE Billboard Awards performance a few nights ago. I heard that mess on the radio the day after. I ain't pay it no attention. Haters gon' hate. Feel me. Beyonce can't do nothing great without shade coming from somewhere. DANG!!

Well, Bossip.com posted a Youtube vid that shows a side-by-side of Bey's performance with this other foreign chick's performance that she "jacked". Beyonce admits that she got the idea for her performance after viewing a vid of the other chick's performance from a year ago. She contacted the folks that put it together and BOOM: The awesomeness the World witnessed the other night.

I fail to see the problem. Bey's performance was so much more involved than the other. People will make up any damn thing to hear themselves talk. Is it to much to ask to just give the girl her just praise and stop hurting yaselves to look for faults and flaws? Sheesh!!

And for the record, artists work off of "inspiration". Whether they see a couple fighting and write a song about it or see a dance that locals are doing and stick it in the choreography for their next single or (as in this case) views a great concept and adapts it as their own.  Get over it, people!!

Check out the vid below. 

No comparison, even.

Mike "The Situation" Got Into A Lil Situation With Castmate Roni (Updated)

Well ya don't say....

I haven't posted a direct MTO story in forever!! But, I couldn't resist this one. They say that Mike (as he usually does) had his mouth all in Roni and Sam's business after the two decided to start dating again while taping for the upcoming season in Italy. Supposedly, he said some thangs bout ole Sam that Ron wasn't gonna let fly.

This is the result:

Well GOT DAMN!!!

TMZ hasn't made any reports on this incident yet. Added to the fact that the bruise(s) are so close to his eye and the eye seems to have suffered no damage, I don't know if Media Takeout can be believed on this story either. Still, I had to make mention of it. I know I ain't the only one waiting for the day Mike's pussy ass mouth gets him caught up.

UPDATE: TMZ.com DID report this story yesterday morning. Commence believing.

Oprah's Farewell Shows..

I honestly feel like the only gal alive that did not get to see these farewell shows. I must admit, I never was a fan of the show. When it comes to talk shows I lean more towards the ratty drama. Maury's "Who dat baby daddy?" is more my style. (I know. Got damn shame! Small-minded as eva. But y'all must admit that shit does have it's humor.--lol) But, we all know Oprah's the most influential woman of all-times! No denying that. And I LOVE that! She climbed up and branched the fuck out! All on her own. AND she has lent a hand to help others come up. To be that kind of woman is on my to-do list. (Please God!)

Anyway, even though I cannot claim to be an Oprah Show fan, I really hate missing out on these airings with all the surprise guests. This morning every station I turned to was giving a recap of yesterday's show. I tried to get a nice vid to post here, but after watching a 14 minute video which was chopped all to hell with the beginning at the end and promotional screens throughout (for the Youtube user), I was over it!! However, I did see some highlights:

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith introduced Michael Jordan. Before Mike came out Jada told Oprah, "I know you have no children of your own, but you have mothered millions." Jada seemed a bit emotional while saying that. I couldn't tell if that was true emotion or acting. *Sidenote: Jada is a good actress! She needs to get back in the game! A feature film.

Jamie Foxx and Stevie Wonder performed "Isn't She Lovely".

Simon Cowell introduced the performance of Rosie O'Donnell. She did this lil "Fever" thing with some male dancers.

Jerry Seinfeld provided a lil standup. That was cute.

AND I HEAR ARETHA PERFORMED!!! The crappy 14 minute (Yes. I placed that in bold because I feel as though it was too damn crappy to be that damn long!!) vid I watched did not show her performance! Talk about heated!! That was honestly the only reason I was searching for the vid, because I heard 'bout Ma 'Re. Finding those other people on the stage was a nice little surprise though.

Maybe in the future her company will make an official dvd of these shows. I'd rent that fa sho'!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Novacane" Frank Ocean (Updated)

This is my favorite song at the moment. After hearing Frank be compared to Drake by a On-Air personality, I was a bit turned off. Drake had a few tunes that I have sung along with, but overall, I'm not even remotely close to being a Drake fan. It's actually quite the opposite.

Although I see similarities in the style (I guess), Frank's on a whole 'notha plane.

UPDATE: After some thought I realized how insane of me it is to deny the obvious likeness Frank shares with Drake. And I thought to myself, "Why do I dislike Drake so??" On my way from work his latest (I suppose) song came on. I DON'T LIKE THAT MAN BECAUSE HIS FLOW NEVER FUCKIN' CHANGES!! The beat may change, the lyrics may change, the other artists on the track may change, but Drake's melody remains the same on every last song!! Please don't act like y'all don't know.

And then I thought, "What if Frank gives us more records and pulls a 'Drake'"??? o_O

I'm scared. (I don't wanna not like him.) 

"So Fresh" CJ Hilson ft Nas

I heard this song for the first time on the radio yesterday. (Looks like I'm a bit late) I like it!! Bits of old songs such as "Ain't No Lover Like The One I Got" and "Sexual Healing" thrown in a new school mix. Nas on the track. It's a real cute look for this guy CJ's first single. I searched the web a bit and found that he's a Baltimore native that has been in the music biz for about 8 years (since the age of 13).

OBL's Mistress, Kola Boof Goes In On Wale Via Twitter!!

Talk about Twitter BEEF!! Boof spewed all types of hate Wale's way. She accused him of skin bleaching and promoting light-skinned women and hating us dark-skind'ed beauties. o_O I have never actually paid THAT MUCH attention to the color of his skin. Is he lighter now?? (Who knows)

Anyway, Wale eventually responds to her profanity-laced attack, seemingly trying to take the high road.

Click HERE for the full story at Necole Bitchie

These People Ain't Sh*t!!: 3 Stories of Child Abuse & One Murder

I'd like to thank Bossip.com for these disturbing stories. I can't believe this bull!

Let's begin with the father that sexed his teenage daughter up, murdered her and left her in a dumpster to rot in Washington, DC....
father and daughter
The body of 17 year old Ebony was found Nov. 28, 2010. Her father now awaits trial for the unfortunate event(s) that claimed her young life. After months of denial of any involvement in the death of his daughter, when confronted with the evidence of his semen inside of her body, Rodney finally admits to having sex with his (BIOLOGICAL) daughter on several occassions. However, before that admission, grasping at straws, he gave a bogus story about giving his daughter a bottle of his semen because she wanted to become pregnant. C'mon, now!!! That shit sound just as dumb (if not dumber) than the truth!!
Click HERE for the full story

Felicia McClure
And how about the 32 year old mother that tried to sell her 13 year old daughter's virginity?!! Luckily mama has a nosy ass boyfriend that looked through her phone, found text messages arranging the sale between the mother and a man named "Don" and reported they asses!! Supposedly, "Don" took the mother and daughter to Victoria's Secret for a lingerie which they took pictures in and the mother sold via texts. What in thee fuck?!!!
Click HERE for the full story

Look at this fool with a hickey on his neck from romps with little ass girls! o_O

In Kissimmee, Florida, an 18 year old guy (and his 15 year old girlfriend) were pimping a(nother) 15 year old girl that was reported missing from Tampa, Florida. After pretending to be a John, a female undercover agent found the girl hiding in the bathroom of the hotel room the girl conducted "business" in.
Click HERE for the full story

Time and time again I have said that we need to watch out for our babies! In two of these cases the freakin' perps were the biological parents of the kids they harmed! What is wrong with these people?!! I remember the story of the girl being found in the dumpster a while back. I never heard nothing more of it until now. And I am beyond shocked that her own father took advantage of her like that AND ended her life so viciously. Too muuuuch!! And then he sat there and LIED for months on end about his involvement. He had the balls to carry on an inappropriate relationship with her and take her life. Why then cower and deny when he has to answer to the law?? I hope the inmates are showing him a real good time right about now! Hopefully, the bastard never makes it to court in July (if you know what I mean..)

That sewer rat-lookin' mother, McClure. What is her drug of preference, I wonder? Gotta scratch that itch, I suppose. Selling your daughter is NOT the way to feed your damn habits!! When a mother, that carries a child for a damn near a year and usually nurtures and cares for a child 24/7 for their entire life harms that child or, as in this case places that child in harm's way.... Un-FUCKIN'-Fathomable!! I hope inmates at her local jail show her a good time as well. Trade her off for cartons of cigarette, noodles and crackers and shit!

The 18 year old boy. Goodness. It's really not much to say about his stupid behind. I kind of feel as though there is more to the story and the girl that was supposedly being pimped had just as much a hand in the entire operation as the guy (and his underage girl) did. I have questions: How did she hook up with them? How did she make it to Kissimmee from Tampa? How long had she known the couple prior to this "pimping"? Last question: Does the answer to my questions really matter when it comes to the of-age "man" being involved with 15 year old girls at all? No. Not really. Even though he is a kid his damn self, he knows the law.

I mean.... WoW!!

Beyonce Performs "Who Run The World (Girls)" On Oprah's Farewell Show [Video]

The first part of Oprah's Farewell Show aired yesterday. Beyonce delivered another solid performance of her latest single. Check it out below.

Source Mr. World Premiere

"Chevys And Spaceships" Stalley [Audio]

Stevie Wonder's "Rocket Love" Sample. I LOVE IT!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pictures Force You To Realize One Thing!!! (at least)



Months ago (Fall of 2010) I proudly told y'all of how I began to jog the track of 2 local schools and I later shared my excitement over joining the gym (again). But, the truth is, I have since fallen waaaayyy off the exercise routine. It all began when my son went to my mother's place for Spring Break. I have no idea what his absence has to do with me getting up and going to the gym. If anything, that should have been all the more reason why I would be going. That was a full week that I ain't  have to worry about rushing home (after working out) to make sure he does all he needs to do in the mornings to prepare for school. I should have been ON IT!! 

I really can't recall why I was not. Whatever the reason, I'm ashamed. Daily I look at myself and say, "No! Not cool!!" And although I am not satisfied, I continue on my abusive path of consuming however many calories I please, drinking NO water, and exercising none! o_O

So, Saturday was my cuz and his friend's party. (I told y'all it was gonna be a party. If you were in the DC area Saturday, you missed it! It was a motherfuckin' PARTAAAAYY!!--lol) The above picture was from that lil shindig. Reality. Big. And I don't like it. So, you know what I say about that.... Change the shit you don't like. Doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out. Some things are out of our control.  Weight definitely ain't one of 'em. (At least not in my case. Not to be insensitive to those that suffer from genetic issues.)

So... I'm strapping back up and goin' in, once the fuck again!! **Wish me luck and persistence, please!!

Tornado In Missouri Leaves 89(+) Deceased

These incidents of devastation... There's really no words that can quite cover my emotion. Pictures like the one above should give everyone that woke up today so much to be thankful for!!

So far a total of 89 have lost their lives in the wreckage. As rescuers continue to search through the rubble that number is expected to rise.

Click HERE for the full story at Huffington Post

"Till The End Of Time" Beyonce [AUDIO]

Yeah. I'm using this pic again. It sums it all up, really.

This song is said to be from her upcoming album, 4.

There's a definite theme in her production on the album, judging from this song and "Who Run The World (Girls)". I'm just excited!!!!

Source: Miss Info

Beyonce KILLED IT At The 2011 Billboard Awards

Further proof why she holds the crown! When I say KILL'T IT! I mean KILL'T ITTTT!!

If you missed the performance last night (like me) check it out below:

Who runs the World???.. 'Parently, it's Jay's wife.

"Return of Simba" J. Cole [AUDIO]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Funny Times On My Part-Time #2

Sneaky thievery. (Call it as I see it.)
Ahhhhhh yes. This place just don't stop. I've got another story for y'all that is sure not to be the last. This story actually took place last Saturday and I forgot all about it until I recounted the crap to a coworker that was not there at the time. We talk about these silly ass customers all the time. Believe me... About a good 30% of those you come into contact with are silly as a motherfuck! (that's A LOT when you take into account the # of folks in the store per day-- several hundreds to 1000's!) Then there's about a good 50% of those that are just plain get-overs. The ones that change prices, take a clearance sign from one rack/table and stick it on another with merchandise that ain't nowhere near on sale, as well as those that RETURN SHIT THEY'VE HAD FOR FOREVER!!

I ran into the latter last Saturday. (Before then I had another one like this and I'ma tell y'all bout that bull too.) So, I'm minding my biz, working as I do. A busy ass "SALE" day. This couple comes up to me: "Were you just here when we were speaking to the short hispanic lady with the long hair?", asks the man. "Nooooo..." He tries to tell me that I was there and basically the lady told him that he could return a set of dishes that has begun to crack in exchange for a new set. He points over to some dishes, "You guys still have them over there." I told him he was brave to give the same dishes that have cracked on him another chance. No response. Unless you count an uncomfortable smile. (I smell bullSHIT!)

However, the lady he was speaking of is a manager. Cool... Get your dishes. We'll swap 'em out. The couple goes over to the dishes and Im waiting and waiting... As I said, it was BUSY! Super busy! So, I'm dealing with other people and trying to keep an eye on them as well. Maybe 15-20 minutes go by. I see them on their fuckin' knees inspecting the dishes out the boxes.

I missed when they got up out the floor and walked to the register. But, I spotted them waiting. I was helping someone at the time, so I asked another guy to do the exchange. Before I left them I explained to the guy that a manager told them to bring them back in for an exchange. He went on to handle it. When they left the guy came over to me a bit heated. He's all like, "Those people with them dishes were something else!" I asked him what happened. He says, "YOU KNOW THE DATE ON THEIR RECEIPT WAS 2009,RIGHT?"

What in the FUCK?!! It is.... 2011. And not only did they have the NERVE to return some shit that has experienced normal wear and tear, but they wanted him to swap them out at the same exact price they purchased them at, which was a little less because they used a coupon 2 years ago to purchase them. That's a no-no as well. You use a coupon and it's gone forever!! I think it even mentions "one time use" on the damn coupons. The audacity of these folk!!

This couple... WOW!! I mean... I purchased a car brand new in 2010. This car now has all types of scratches on it. I'd like to go back to the dealer and be like, "You see this. And this... And this and this and this... So, I want to exchange it." Shit like that ain't acceptable and only this place will let that shit fly. Is this why the help continues to make pennies more than minimum wage? 'Cause the company is losing money left and right with these bullshit ass practices... (Probably so. Well, that and the fact that those at the top of the chain must receive their million dollar salaries and bonuses without fail.)

And then the other similar story: A lady comes in.. Without a receipt. She has a vacuum that she says hasn't been right for months. She says that whenever her son and husband vacuums it smells so bad that they have to air out the house by opening all the windows and the dirt doesn't make it to the canister, (I guess it just collects in the hose??... I ain't ask anything further.) Just like the story told before this, she says that she spoke to a manager earlier that told her to just bring it in. Okay....

She purchased the thing with her store credit card. We can look up purchases with that. I searched and I searched... No sale for this item found. She tells me that she is 100% sure that she purchased it with the credit card. We can retrieve shit from only so long ago... A coworker told me to call the credit hotline and see if they can look it up for us. I call them. Dude is like he sees the sale of the item... August 2010!! She was in the store to return it in APRIL 2011!!! Damn near a year later!

I mean... When I purchase shit and it breaks 7 months, one year or 3 years later, I don't think to take it back to the store I purchased it for. I contact the manufacturer. That's the logical thing to do. (I think) Well, now that I know this place is ANYTHING, I have a different logic when in reference to their merchandise. One fine day I will put it to use. I been eyeing a nice pots and pans set. After 3 years usage bring them back, "See.. they all have burn marks on the bottom.." LMAO!! Just... WOW!!

Oh yeah, and getting back to the vacuum lady.. I returned the vacuum and refunded her charge card. She tries to take the vacuum box that I scanned to do the return (of course she didn't have the box for hers and since the purchase was sooooo old the credit folks couldn't pull a SKU #). I told her that I'd put it back and not to worry about it. There was a bit of a language barrier. A lot of smiling and head nods. But, we finally understood one another: She wanted to do an exchange. I did a return. AGAIN: Why the fuck would you want a (supposedly) faulty item??! If I purchase an item and it's so bad that I must exchange or return it, my faith in this product is going to be diminished. No way will I be like, "Oh, yeah..Give me another!" NO!! Give me something better or simply give me my money back. Because these folks want the same exact item, I know there is no fault on the company's end. It's the consumer that did some fucked up shit. And now they want something for nothing. That type annoys the hell outta me!

Not to mention the guy that called in and asked if he could return a coffeemaker that he'd had for several months that he'd like to exchange. Once again, a manager told him to bring it in. I wanted to be there so bad for that bullshit when he came in. I don't know.. For as much as I hate bullshit; I love it. (LOL-at myself)

"Lose Control" Keri Hilson ft. Nelly [VIDEO]

The above pic has nothing to do with the video, but Ms. Keri (BayBay) be killin' 'em! This pic is cute to death!!

Anywayzzz... check out her latest vide below:

"Acura Integurl" Frank Ocean [VIDEO]


Source Miss Info

Saturday, May 21, 2011

T.I's Wife Tiny's Twitter Has Been Hacked

And this shit is HILARIOUS!! LMAO!

See some tweets below:

The hacker goes at Nicki:

And at Chris Brown and Rihanna:

And even at some randoms:

And here's Tiny tweeting that she's been hacked (last) and the hacker denying that the account has been hacked (top): 

I needed a laugh! Tiny's TL delivered tonight! 

See for yaself: @tinyMajormama

"Racks On Racks (Remix)" YC ft.... Too Many To NAME!!

Pic spotted at Missinfo.com

Yeah. Featuring all'a dem! (Wow'zahs!!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Gucci Gucci" Kreayshawn

This vid came across my tumblr dash. (I forgot whose post it was. You know I likes to shoutout..) I never heard of this chick. However, she apparently has a buzz. I like the song.


Click HERE for an Kreayshawn interview.

Janet Stole Prince's Swag

Now, this is just FUNNY!! TMZ.com posted this side-by-side of Janet (at an event last night) and Prince (last year). Swagga Jackin'!! LMAO

Macho Man Randy Savage Dies At 58

Sad news!!

The WWE Legend died from injuries obtained in a car crash that happened this morning in Florida. Savage was driving his Jeep, with his wife as the passenger, when he suffered a heart attack and lost control of the vehicle; driving into a tree.

His wife survived the crash with minor injuries.

Click HERE for the full story at TMZ.com

"What Goes Around" Big Sean

Source: Miss Info, Vulture

Day Party @ Heaven & Hell Saturday, May 21, 2011

My cuz, Boog aka "Kid Robot" is throwing a Day Party in Adams Morgan at Heaven & Hell tomorrow from 3 pm-8pm.

Come out and party wit us! I'm excited to get back around my lil crew for drinks (not too many for me..I remember last weekend's drunken episode. NOT CUTE!!), jokes, dancing and a good time in all.

Click HERE to view the Facebook Event Page