Saturday, July 30, 2011

After The Smoke

On Tumblr I follow blogs that post all sorts of good sensory shit. (i.e Music and photos) This one blog, After The Smoke" I've been following for pix. Today I saw a post that mentioned their music. I had to check it out. Went to their page and found this:

(That's right! Some mothafuckin' music!! Good shit, too.)


"Nobody But Me" Nikkiya [Video]

I haven't heard of this artist before. Found this video over on I like the song and vid. Nikkiya's style is soulful. (Nice lil break from the Pop)Thought y'all would like to see it too.

"Thinking About Forever" Bridget Kelly

Oh my GOSH!! My favorite song of NOW, "Thinking About You" by Frank Ocean was actually a demo for the latest lady of Roc Nation, Bridget Kelly. I cannot get enough of this song!

Bridget has a beautiful voice, but I prefer Frankie's. (Maybe because I heard his version first??) Speaking of "tornado"(1st line of the song), Frank is gettin' that paper! Writer's credits all over the place! Get it, shawty!!

Bridget "Thinking About Forever"

In case you haven't heard Frank singing it, or want to hear it again, click HERE for that post.

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"All About You" Chris Brown [Video]


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"15th And The 1st" Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka ft. YG Hootie

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Beyonce's "1+1" On Youtube

"1+1" is the most beautiful ballad of the year. No argument. No discussion. Hands-down... Thee BEST! With that comes the covers. And Youtube's gots 'em!

The first cover is of two young ladies performing a violin/viola cover. They are talented!! Watch below:

And the second cover...AMAZING! Let me tell you... I spent about 30 minutes (+) looking through these amateur vids on Youtube of mainly chicks doing their lil covers of this beautiful song. They were NOT bringing it. This song seems simple and laid back, but vocally, it's a doozie. You gotta have talent (and passion) to pull it off. There was on lil chick that almost had it.... ALMOST. (doesn't count) Even Jermaine Dupri's lil chick Dondria has a Youtube vid singing this. FAIL!!!

But, this lil dude GOT IT! Forgetting a lil of the lyrics and all. He got it! Check him out:

...WOOOO! Lil boy makes me HOT! (lol) Talented though, right!!!

**If you have a Youtube account, be sure to click "Youtube" at the bottom of these vids to subscribe to these talents!!

Beyonce Performs "1+1" On The View

Beyonce brings that emotion and passion with "1+1" on The View's stage recently. (Aww)

S/o to my lil nephew. He loves this song! lol

"Coke, Dope, Crack, Smack" (Remix) J-Doe, Busta Rhymes, David Banner & T-Pain

Photo found at

"Protect Your Butt" From The Serial Butt Slasher

That Marshall's??

My cuz had a FB status a couple of days ago about a dude going around slashing chicks' asses. I LOL'd like shit! I do mean, really. What a nigga got against a donk like that?!! He dealing with some rejection issues or some shit?

From Huffington Post:

According to the victims, the attack usually occurs after a distraction, such as clothes falling off a rack. Afterward, the attacker calmly walks away without drawing attention to himself.

This just goes to show... Never trust a grown man in denim shorts. (I been tellin' y'all that)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Thinking About You" Frank Ocean

Frank is on it! Haven't yet heard one song of his that I haven't liked. This type of shit (consistency and success) makes me giddy.

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"Infared" The Game

He still mentioning my dude, Jay?.. (Stop it.)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moment Of Clarity: Just Be You

A thought just occurred to me. I may have touched on this before. I don't know. But, I'm hoping this can help someone out there:

Be true to yourself.
Don't look to others for validation.

Comes a time when the mask must be removed.

When I was a teenager I really cared about what others thought about me. I was self-concious and felt awkward in my own skin. To those that knew me, they may have never guessed. But I was. I looked up to the wrong people and the wrong things. I was criticized for being smart. Criticized for wanting more than what my neighborhood or small ass town had to offer.

I knew a dude that TRIED to make me feel stupid about attending college. Could you believe that?! What kind of person (he was much older than me) looks a kid square in the eyes and say shit like, "College is a waste of time.... You ain't gonna come out and make no real money with that shit.." He seemed established. (Operative word: SEEMED) Had me second guessing myself. But, I was no dummy. I actually like getting educated. And when it comes down to it, NO, most college degrees don't set you on the path to Millionaire-dom, but at least you have something that puts you a lil bit ahead in the competitive career world. When it comes to securing yourself financially you need 1) education and 2) experience (and networking never hurts either).

Those that put education down always point out celebrities like, "Look at so-and-so. He/she ain't go to college or graduate from high school. They multi-millionaires now." That is the most tired ass argument EVER! It's damn near 7 billion people on this Earth and you want to point out 25 motherfuckers that have no formal education and live comfortably?? o.O Get the fuck out of here!!

I was always an Honor Roll student. Graduated with the Certificate of Merit (Maryland) from high school. I can remember in elementary school being ashamed of my lil bit of smarts. My school would have assemblies that recognized that type of shit. Some of my lil "friends" would tease me about me "thinking I'm so smart". I was actually proud of my grades. My teachers and fam made me feel good about my accomplishments, but I wanted to hide that from the "cool" kids. Smart, apparently, wasn't in. That's the dumbest shit ever. Being dumb isn't in. Never was and never will be.

Basically from that I had a struggle going on inside. I was smart. I cared about my grades. I liked to learn. But at the same time I liked acceptance from these idiot ass motherfuckers (that I now recognize a lot of folks to be). By the age of 14: I smoked. I drank. I fucked. Got pregnant at 16. Gave birth a few months before my 17th b'day. At that time I looked around and I felt like I belonged. Yeah, I was booksmart, but I was also "cool". I could relate to the rest of the bums that engaged in bum ass activities. Wrong moves all around.

I used to have social anxiety. Yes. Me. The loudest motherfucker around!! LOL I couldn't stand going anywhere alone! Not even to the corner store. I just felt like someone was always watching me and I wondered "what are they thinking". I'd really get nervous and shy in social settings. I hated to be on display. By that I mean, I always needed other people around. It helped me feel as though I was in the shadows. Took attention from me. Now I can go out to a club or a movie by myself and be okay. And I prefer to be alone, actually.

The day I stopped (I mean actually stopped. Not just say that I stopped, but actually stopped!) giving a fuck about what other people think or what they may be thinking is the day that I overcame that internal battle and became more outgoing. I can't pinpoint that day exactly. I do know it happened prior to my graduation from college. I was probably about...22 years old. Imagine living 22 years pretending to be some shit that you really aren't. There just came a day when I liked what I liked and I didn't care who didn't like that. I listen to rock, love men of all races and ethnicities, I like to flex my vocab e'rr now and then, I know a lil bit about duplicating DNA in the lab, I'm silly, I'm opinionated, my mood is a bit foul before breakfast.... I'm just me. I don't mask anything (anymore) and that's the most comfortable way for me to live. (Please do know that every individual is different.)

I give this insight to hopefully help someone else. Majority of the times younger folks (teens) deal with this type of struggle, but I've seen it with adults too. It's rather unfortunate, no matter the age. Take it from me, PLEASE!!! Live your life. Don't worry about who got what to say.

To the kids: Being educated is where it's at. Having an actually vocabulary is where it's at. Having options in life and not having to settle for what the fuck you can get is where it's at. Having ambition and drive is where it's at. Don't feed into negativity. Choose YOUR path and travel it. Don't let your environment or other people make you feel as though any other path is right for YOU.

As I said in the beginning, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and DON'T LOOK TO OTHERS FOR VALIDATION. Basically, stop giving a fuck! I'm extreme with it. Other than my mama, sis, nephews and son everyone else is just like a NON-MOTHERFUCKIN' FACTOR. I developed commitment issues. I took it to the extreme. (LOL) But my approach leaves me stress and care free. Happy, for the most part. Try it.

"Watch The Throne" Tour

pic found at

Jay-Z and Kanye West, now known collectively as The Throne, have announced the coming of their American tour set to begin this Fall.

On August 8, 2011, the same day as the release of the album "Watch The Throne", tickets will go on sale. I went to and found that July 28th is the presale date for many venues. The (confirmed) dates and locations are listed below. Although, on the Ticket Master website many are not listed (yet). Verizon Center is not yet there. I needs it to be. Like ASAP!! Or at least by the 28th. I cannot (and will not) miss this damn show!

9/22/11 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
9/24/11 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
9/25/11 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
9/27/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
9/28/11 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
9/29/11 Washington DC Verizon Center
10/4/11 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
10/6/11 Chicago, IL United Center
10/7/11 Chicago, IL United Center
10/8/11 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
10/10/11 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
10/13/11 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
10/14/11 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
10/16/11 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion
10/17/11 Sacramento, CA Power Balance Pavilion
10/19/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
10/20/11 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
10/21/11 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
10/25/11 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
10/26/11 Houston, TX Toyota Center
10/29/11 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
10/30/11 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
11/1/11 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
11/3/11 Boston, MA TD Garden

*CD comes with ticket purchase! S'aah-weeeet!

It's A Wrap: Kat Von D & Jesse James

Dang!! What's that saying?.. How you meet 'em is how you keep 'em. ??? (Something like that)

Numero Uno: I think, Kat is too fuckin' hot for Jess. Just my opinion. I could never understand the (look of the) pair from jump.

And Number Two: He was with Sandra Bullock when the two began "dating" (aka fucking). Okaaayyyy.

People you must know that what goes around does, indeed, come right back around.  Please don't think you gonna snatch your partner from someone else and think your life is going to be one big, happy, monogamous fairy tale. 9.6x outta 10, it ain't.

Supposedly, (per Jesse), the split is due to distance. Right.... M'kay.

Von D announced via her Twitter account that the two areno longer together, saying, "I am no longer w Jesse, and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that."

James however, was willing to share a bit more. America's bad boy spoke to PEOPLE and said, 

"I'm so sad because I really love her," and revealed that distance was the reason it was not working out.

--Huffington Post

Prison Fight In Mexico Leaves 17 Dead

Monday night in a prison located in Cuidad Juarez a fight broke out two between rival gangs. Four people were wounded and at least 17 lost their lives last night. There were guns involved. o.O (In the prison???)

From Huffington Post:

A deadly clash between two rival gangs erupted Monday night at the state prison when a group of inmates entered the preventive detention area and opened fire on inmates there, said Chihuahua state prosecutors spokesman Carlos Gonzalez.
Gonzalez said the inmates had firearms and that police are investigating who smuggled the weapons into the prison.
Manuel del Castillo, a Ciudad Juarez spokesman, initially said the inmates had taken the firearms from prison guards but Gonzalez said that isn't clear.
He said a woman who was being tried for homicide and kidnapping was among those killed and that four other prisoners were badly wounded.
Soldiers and federal and state police officers took control of the prison early Tuesday, Gonzalez said.
Mexican cartels are fighting for control of Ciudad Juarez, which sits across the border from El Paso, Texas. More than 6,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Juarez over the past two years.

6,000?!! 6,000 murders in just two years?... 24 months... Shit is a lil TOO REAL down in Mexico.

"Pimp" Tity Boi (2 Chainz) ft. Bun B & Big Krit

Tity Boi (2 Chains)

"Westside" Jay Rock ft. Chris Brown

It's not Chris' song, but so what. Enjoy this Twitpic!

Basketball Wives Season 3, Ep. 8: Tam & Meeka Continue To Bump Heads

(I've included the full episode's vid at the bottom of this post. Just in case you missed it.)

I missed last week’s episode!!! Grrr! The one with Evelyn confronting Jennifer about popping shit bout her (and her) Fiancee Chad O. on a radio station. Once I watch that, I shall give my opinion. (Oh, y’all gonna hear it. lol) But, this one I could not miss!! Everybody was talking bout this damn Meeka and Tami shit. The Slam’ush was being talked about this morning on Power 105.1. Meeka even called in to speak on it. (What in the hellz is goin's onn?!)

This episode began with Jen was looking all long turtle-faced and crying. LMAO She should not have been popping shit bout Evelyn and her fiancee then. Especially on the radio!! That’s supposed to be her girl 'n shit. Why she couldn’t have said that to her one on one?? o.O Then her sobbing ass gonna talk about she ain’t think it was negative?? How is calling that girl’s fiancee an Attention Whore not negative? Bitch, stop!
They hugged and made up. Jennifer crying like a lil biz’nitch has everything to do with that reunion. Eve’s a good one, cause Jen was out of fuckin order on that one.
After that lil scene, this episode ain't waste no time getting to the steak and potatoes: That motherfuckin' Tami and Meeka. (Why we all just can't get along?) Tam wouldn’t even sit next to Meeka at dinner. Then she was fucking with the girl by imitating her. Talking really low and soft. That is so childish and fucked up. She even had the nerve to put it out there that she was imitating her. Yes. She actually said something like, "This is what I do when I'm imitating Meeka." Meeka told her she needs to grow up. I'm so glad she said that. 'Cause Tami does need to mature, doing shit like that.
Of course that logic only fueled the schoolyard Tami more. She called Meeka a “transvestite Mary J. Blige” and then proceeded to called her out on her talking 'bout Tam's weave and clothes and shit. And this is where I say, "Oh damn! Shit just got fuckin real!" (lol)

Meeka admitted to talking about her. She tries to soften it by saying that she had not told Tami to her face that shit because when she actually did meet her she was put together. Uhhh... I guess. I can kinda feel her on that. For one, she probably didn’t think these grown women that can hardly get along with Tami them damn selves would run the shit back and for two, have you ever said some shit and later thought it ain’t what you thought it was? I mean... It’s plausible.
And I just want to know why these hoes get to Rome to argue and fight. As I like to say, “Make Love. Not WAR!!” Had I been there I would not have been hanging with these bitches! You leave Miami, where y’all fuss and fight all day long, take a long ass plane ride, land in a beautiful place, fine ass men (with accents to boot) and stay up eachothers’ asses arguing and fighting. What in the fuck am I missing?!! SOMEBODY LET ME KNOW!! *DMX voice**<<I like using that, btw.
Anyway, getting back to dinner, Meeka apologized. Tami wasn't having it.Tam gave her the thug grill and sipped her Bud Light. LMAO Tam is wild.

A scene later the ladies pose for a group pic and excluded Meeka at first, but Tam found it in her heart somewhere to invite the girl over. "C'mon, Meeka."  She said that shit like how you would talk to a child or pet that's been acting up and you tired of punishing them but you still mad at 'em. Meeka should have said, "I'm good." At least that's what I would have done. This scene indicated the beginning of a truce. Or so I thought..(As y'all know, it just don't stop with these bitches!)

Suzie and Meeka meet for drinks and ole Suze asks her how she’s feeling about the dinner issue. She also tells her she knows how it is to be the targeted one of the group because just last season she was there. Then this BITCH!!!! BITCH!!!! OMG I don’t got enough breath to holler BITCH!!! The way I wanna.... Ole lispy tongue ass BITCH!!! Suzie turned right around and ran the shit Meeka said right back to Tami and Evelyn!! After her lizard looking ass sat there and pretended as if she and Meeka had something in common and Meeka could confide in her. See.. That is why you can’t be talking to bitches!
And these "reality" shows be killin' me! What a fuckin co-Ink-EE-Dink-EE that Tam stumbles upon the scene when Suzie tells Evelyn that Meeka said Tami said (he said motherfuckin’ she said bullshit) that she and Royce was real and the others were fake. Tami says she was just about to be cool with Meeka. Once she learned that, it was on! That night these bitches in the VIP. Tami sitting there tight as fuck. Why did she even come??!
As Meeka said during her convo with The Breakfast Club this morning, Tam came there to wreck. She had on fuckin' flip flops. That’s horrible. Just caught poor Meeka all off guard. Meeka came there with the intentions of being cute and having a good time. Tami came there clearly to get at Meek. After asking Meeka what she said to Suzie the Lisp Maker and telling the girl that she was lying when Meeka confirms that she did, in fact, tell Suzie that Tam said (in reference to Jennifer, Evelyn and Shaunie) that the other chicks were "fake and phony", Tami mushes/slaps Meeka in the face when her head was turned, looking at Suzie. From there Tami grabs Meek's hair. Meeka grabs Tam's hair. Men break it up. And all the while Shaunie is on the side yellin', "TAMI!TAMI!!" My. My...Meeka looked so through and hurt (emotionally).

I feel a lil bad for her. Just a lil. This chick talkin’ bout how she so hood and shit, so I KNOW she know how majority of bitches do. You can’t be all loose lipped with every damn body! She is so naive and trusting with these bitches. And every damn thing that she has ever said about a bitch done came right back!! Every last thing! I learned that shit early in life (and sadly, this was a lesson learned dealing with fam. Real talk.). Real early. The most important thing I learned is not to say shit you wouldn’t want to say twice or more. You never know what can be repeated. And #2!!! You can't be talking/gossipping with everybody!!
The next morning Meeka caught the next plane outta that bitch. Before leaving the hotel she left a letter for SHAUNIE at the front desk. Shaunie read it aloud to all the others. That’s yet another fucked up move. But Meeka is right. Tami is all the shit she said she was. And Tami probably did say “phony and fake”. I can’t remember that episode really. 
But, as right as Meeka was on Tami, Tami was also right on some shit about Meeka. She said Meeka should have sat back and observed. Not stepped forward and ran her damn mouth! Being new to the crew and all. And I was thinking the same damn thing! You got to feel a bitch out first! C’mon now! Especially them bitches that be all quick to tell you this that and the third and holler she ain’t the type of bitch to keep shit going. That be the exact bitch that will run back what you said, how you said it, what you were wearing when you said it and how many breaths you took in between saying it before you can even finish saying the shit!! Meeka played herself on this one.
Before the show ended Meeka met with Suzie and asked her why the fuck she ran that shit back like that and tells her that she talks too much. Suzie. I just CANNOT!  She sat there with Meeka quiet as a church mouse as Meek scolded that ass. But then she gets one-on-one with the cam and has a whole lotta shit to pop though. 

And Meeka said that she fucks with Suzie like that. She said that just like a month or two ago. I’m sure that was after the taping of the season we are currently watching. I wonder how she feels towards Suzie right now at this moment, after watching her antics on cam. SMH


Monday, July 25, 2011

Rolling Papers Tour: Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Curren$y, Big Krit, Mac Miller, Chevy Woods

I stumbled upon this concert purely by mistake. There was a lot of confusion on my behalf. And since I have nothing but time and the need for more sleep on my hands while at work this morning, I shall tell y’all all about it.

On local radio stations I kept hearing about a concert with all these people appearing. The only act that stood out to me was Far East Movement. (I really dig those guys) I heard this ad, I’d say, more than 3 times. Each and every time I missed the venue and the date!!! One time my son was even in the car. I was like, “I keep missing where it’s going to be at!!” (all frustrated) He didn’t catch it either. He says the ad didn’t say. I’m with him on that one. That must be what it was. Seriously!! I mean... Uggh!
So, on the 4th of July I was talking to my homie, L and she was telling me about this Wiz Khalifa show with Big Sean that was going down in a few weeks. I was like, “That’s the show!!! Far East Movement’s gonna be there!!!” Wooooooo!!! She said she didn’t know if they’d be there or not. I assured her “Oh yes! They will.” She shrugged it off like, “okay.” ERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!**buzzer* WRONG! They were not!
Far East appeared at the Lil Wayne show that went down on July 15th. I found out like a few days prior to that show that that was the show I wanted to be at. Not the Rolling Papers Tour show that I had already paid to see (at that point) on the 24th. (Damn it!!) But, Big Krit and Big Sean would be there so all wasn’t lost.
But it gets even better... Not only did I not know the line up, I also did not know the location. The show was at Merriweather Post Pavillion. That is located in Columbia, MD. The entire time I was thinking it was located in VA. o.O The day of the show my homie was like, “Nah. Not in VA. Where was YOU going??” (I don’t know)
So, showtime was 5 pm. The first act, Chevy Woods, came out at about 5:40 or so. Which, I was cool with because we had just arrived. I don’t know of this guy. He said his name enough for me to remember it though. He was followed up by Big Krit. Krit’s oversized hypeman, who he introduced as his cuz, was super fuckin’ hype! He does his job rather well. LOL. Krit’s performance was solid. He jumped around, erked and jerked a bit (I love that). Speakin’ of ‘erkin’ and jerkin’, everyone that hit the stage (with the exception of Chevy Woods and Mac Miller) threw that in for us. Niiiiice! Krit had on these army fatigue shorts with bright red and blue patches on ‘em though... Idk. I’m just sayin’. (He’s from Mississippi so he gets a pass. Sorta.)
After Krit came Curren$y. He is Louisiana all the way. The hair cut sent me back to The Hot Boyz days! He would have fit right in! I’m talkin’ a superbly tapered and crisply shaped up TWA (teeny weeny afro). He does this erky jerky hand movement. He also does it with his whole body. Entertaining. Plus he gave a R.I.P shoutout to Amy Winhouse. I liked that.
Next up: BIG SEAN. With his short, skin’ty ass! I’ve come to appreciate short and skinny, soooooo... You know. This boy be doin’ thee MOST! Okay. He ‘erked and jerked too (as I said, they all did!). He did a few air smacks and pumps. He did a Pops “Bang! Bang! Bang!” And I just love it! His moves were very strip tease-ish. To attend a rap concert and see all these acts pump and grind is soooo entertaining! Sean took off his shirt and one of the youngins behind me said, “He is sooo sexy!” LOL What’s even funnier is that I kinda see what she’s talkin’ ‘bout. Sean’s set was on it! He ripped it!!
After Sean came Mac Miller, which I wasn’t feeling. I felt as though Sean should have come right before the headliner (Wiz). “Known” progression seemed to be the flow of things. I was offended that Mac directly preceded Wiz. Two songs into his set I took my offenses, threw them to the ground and stood the hell up to jump and dance. I have to admit, my like for Mr. Miller was wrecked early. Y’all remember that vid those unknown producers put on World Star showing them approaching Mac after a show in NY about not giving them credit for the beat they created that he rapped on? (No?..) Well, I do. Basically, they told him they didn’t even want money, they just wanted him to give them credit for it. This dude is on the come up. It’s only smart (on the producers behalf) to let him use/have the beat in exchange for promo. That’s all these dudes wanted. Mac’s people started getting all rah rah and whatnot. A fight almost ensued. Days later the dudes gave an update stating that the Youtube video listed them as the producers for a few days, but it was then taken down. I feel as though that was some shady shit. Everybody gotta start somewhere. He used their beat. His followers know that beat and associate it with his song. He’s making a name for himself. These lil dudes are trying to make a name for themselves. The least he could do was give them a lil shine where it’s due. That’s all I’m sayin’. That whole scenario just left me a lil sour towards him.
But, as I just said, “Give shine where it’s due.” Miller got it. The whole crowd was on their feet for this guy. He jumped around a lot and did a lot of letting the crowd fill in/finish the lyrics. His set was really engaging. His songs are kinda cool. His 2nd chance with me began last night. I’ll be downloading some of his songs today. (Hopefully, it doesn’t skip my mind).
Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Wiz Khalifa. This boy’s energy is WOWZ’AHzz!!! I mean.. karate kicks, drop kicks, spin kicks, Temptations slides and spins, jumping, running, falling out, pouring water on the crowd, shooting water guns into the crowd, erkin’ and jerkin’, pumpin’, grindin’... Anymore than an hour watching this guy would make ME tired! LOL But, I love it though! Pure entertainment. Of course, he pulled out... (his secret weapon of all not-so-secret weapons) Amber Rose. She had on a cute dress (as always). A pink, one sleeved micro/mini with ruffles on the shoulder. She came out on the tail end of “Roll Up”. Wiz was all up on her. Licked her face. They were really close like a kiss...kiss. was about to go down, but in the end, she grabbed his face and gave him the most playful peck ever. She then proceeded to wave to the crowd as she shyly scooted off the stage. And by the way, the crowd went bonkers when her ass came out. But, I must say, I’m starting to feel the same as a lot of others that have voiced opinions on whether or not Ms. Rose is actually feeling Wiz to the same extent that he seems to be feeling her. Wiz seems smitten. Amber seems... Not so much. Just that exchange on stage. It seemed staged. She’s become part of his act now. That’s cool, but for that to actually be his girl, the chemistry comes off as an act. It reminds me of every pic I’ve ever seen them in together. Amber is always poised and posed. For once can you just be natural with this guy?! For once?! Please!! If you’ve never noticed it before, just pay attention to their photos. Compare them to photos of any other couple (famous or not). You’ll see what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Po’ Wiz. When this (good) hoe catches a bigger fish he’s going to be so fuckin’ devastated. And I’ll hate her guts for it! After last night, I’m down with Wiz. I like his singles okay, but I was never a fan of his. His show has turned me into a semi-fan. 
Overall, the crowd and the energy of the acts made this a real “Feel Good” event. It was hot as Devil’s balls out that motha! But, heat and sweat aside, I enjoyed myself. I definitely recommend this show. If it’s coming to/near your town, do yourself a favor and catch it! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

This has got to be the saddest shit I done heard in all of 2011!! Just last month or so I posted here the disturbing videos from her show in Serbia during which she was unable to perform hardly at all.  I was still rooting for her. Such a talent, that Amy. Senseless. Gone too soon, for sure.

I was looking forward to more from Ms. Winehouse. Only 2 studio albums. Here's a couple of my faves:

"Know You Now" Frank

"Just Friends" Back to Black

Click HERE for the footage of her on stage with her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, just three days ago.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Uncle Otis" A "Diss" Track by The Game

You feelin' yaself a bit much, bruh. 

Game released a dis track getting at quite a few (he picks on Big Sean's lyrics, gives his thoughts on Kreayshawn's use of the word "nigga", Marc Anthony's looks, etc.) but the one person that stands out the most in his lil jab-tirade is JAY-Z.

Yes. I thought the exact same thing... "How the fuck is this nigga tryna get at Jay??!" o.O Just.. HOW?!!

Jay-Z..... The Game

I mean, we gotta put this shit in perspective and take it for the joke Game says it is.

Click HERE for his interview with Vibe.

Take a listen for yourself:

Don't get me wrong, The Game is talented. I'm a fan of his flow. HOWEVAZZZ!!! He cannot and will not be comin' for my boo.. I mean, Jay-Z, like that!

I am sure this is the last we shall hear of this. Jay won't be helping him out on promo for his latest studio album Red Nation, so if this was his attempt at stirring up some controversy to help get his album off the shelves.... FAIL!!

"Dot Dot Dot" Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y & Big Sean

Why do they appear on every last one of these collaborations in this sequence??! I hope they swap it up on the next track. I'd like to hear Curren$y or Sean open a song for once. (Jus' sayin')

"Trust me/I'm cool/I just ain't talkin' to you"--Curren$y.

^^That's the full answer to the question of "You good/okay?" When asked by someone you don't like.  (My answer usually just ends at "Yep!" and a walk away) lol

"Players Anthem" (Remix) Junior Mafia & BIG

I woke up this morning with this song all in my head...

...Today's gonna be a good day. ;^)

**Lil sidenote: I think this is the remix playing over the vid to the original song. Lips aren't quite synced, but you know... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Weed Brownies" Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y & Big Sean

"Trouble On My Mind" Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator[Video]


That kid, Tyler... SMH

I had to post this! If only for the silliness..... If. Only. For. The. SilleeNess. lol

"Otis" Jay-Z & Kanye West

This is the latest single to hit the 'net from Jay and Kanye's much anticipated collaborative album "Watch The Throne". "Otis" is named after the man Ye sampled for the track, Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness".

I LOVE THESE DUDES!!!!!! OMG! It's crazy!!!

My Source: Miss Info

Lil Mama Interview On The Breakfast Club

Charlamagne is HORRIBLE!!! So mean to this girl!!!

I mean, this is hard to watch. Just too hard to watch!!! I watched this like how I watch Friday the 13th. Cringing. Hand over eyes. Peeking between my fingers.


The girl cried!!

"Parallel Parking... Like A Boss"

This video came across my Dash on Tumblr:

..Talkin' 'bout a MIRACLE!! o.O

My Source: It's Funny To Me

Chris Brown Announces The Coming Of His Hip Hop Mixtape

I just said (way earlier) this morning that I was hoping for another "Real Hip Hop Shit" installment. And look at this... The promise of an entire mixtape. Nice.

I'm not like ecstatic about it, but I definitely will be downloading "Boy In Detention". And y'all know I'll be posting a download link here for you.

Beyonce In Complex Magazine [Photos]

Beyonce says:

“Jay’s music is more than music. His lyrics have fathered generations…All that he has overcome gives millions so much hope. There are moments when I see his lips moving and I can see lyrics floating above his head and I think, ‘Wow! How did I get so lucky to be able to witness this level of genius so closely?”

(Lucky heifer!!!)

"Real Hip Hop Shit #4" Chris Brown x K-Mac x 9th Wonder

Despite the naysayers, Breezy hits us with yet another rap track. 2 in 2... Will I awake tomorrow to a 3rd?? (I'm enjoying these)

"Flowers" & "O.T.T.R" (Off To The Races) Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y & Big Sean [Audio]

Check out these recently released tracks from Wiz, Sean and Curren$y. Just in time for their show (that I will be attending) Sunday at Merriweather. 



My Source: Miss Info

Monday, July 18, 2011

Missing Missouri Couple

In Missouri, a Greene County couple, Rebecca and Russell Porter, have been missing since April 17, 2011.

Rebecca's daughter Jessica says that she last spoke to her mother on the night before her disappearance. After not being able to contact her mother via phone none the next day, she took a 45 minute ride to the home her mother shared with her husband, Russell. At the house lights were on, the keys to Rebecca's care were in the ignition and Rebecca's purse, medication and cell phone were in the house; along with the strong stench of bleach. There was no sign of the couple at all.

This is so sad. Somebody knows something. Rebecca and Russell are still missing. Hopefully, a tip leads the case in the right direction for much needed answers.

Click HERE for the full story at Huffington Post

19 Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed By San Francisco PD In Broad Daylight

Yesterday San Francisco police shot 19 year old Kenneth Harding from behind; killing him. In broad daylight!! I watched the first video teary-eyed over this senseless act. On the video is labeled as the killing of this kid for not paying bus fare.

My mind immediately went back a few months to when my lil cuz had a run in with SFPD over cab fare. In his situation the cabbie quoted him the fare upon him hopping in. When he got to his destination the driver demanded more than what he originally quoted. The driver called the cops, my lil cuz stayed on the scene. He had nothing to hide. You'd think the cops would come out and diffuse the situation, right?... WRONG!! They cuffed him and all! He's over on the West Coast all alone. 20 year old kid attending school out there. He called his mother in DC and she's hearing the commotion. The cops didn't want to speak with her... Asked him if he smoked weed (wtf does that have to do with anything?!!)... Searched his bags and all. Even threatened to lock him up.  ALL OVER A CAB FARE DISPUTE!!

Luckily, his mother advised him to remain calm, keep is hands exposed and NOT GIVE THEM A REASON. San Fran's Good Ole Boys was definitely looking for one that night.

I was so upset over that situation. He's a kid. All by himself. All his fam is on the East Coast. And all you can think is, "What if..." I'm glad it didn't turn out like the vid below.

In the above video, bystanders are questioning the police about the whereabouts of the gun they claimed the kid had. There is no gun on the scene (other than the cops'). This video depicts the shooting and killing of an unarmed kid who skipped on bus fare by the San Francisco PD.

The below video by ABC 7 depicts the shooting and killing of a murder suspect on the run that skipped on paying his bus fare and shooting at cops as he tried to flee on foot.


The good citizen that has come forward with his footage showing a handgun a little ways from where Harding lay on the ground says that the guy in the gray and white hoodie picked up the gun. Did I miss that part? It seems as though that would have been caught on tape. Maybe I missed it. It all seems a little fishy. The cops say that from the vid they have found the guy that picked up the gun and recovered the firearm. Is that right?...

But, they have not released the name of the guy they recovered it from. They have only said that the gun was found at a parolee's home.


Is this a story of murderous pigs or true self defense? Is there a cover up in there somewhere, I wonder..