Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bizzy Bone In The Studio

I watched the first 3 minutes of this 10 minute video. And I ain't even need that to come to the conclusion that I cannot wait to grab "Bankroll" off iTunes! (Act like y'all wasn't on Bone Thugs N Harmony back in da day!) Wooooooo!!

New Mixtape: The Dream(Terius Nash)- 1977

I'm not a fan of The Dream.. the singer.. I love the songwriter/lyricists. That "Ohh!" ad lib thingy or whatever the hell it is. Uggghh!!

All hate aside, this mixtape seems to be a hit with his fans. And I must admit it's aaa'ight. (lol)

I like (1)"Used To Be". R Kelly-ish. I also like (2)"1977" I like (3)Big Sean's appearance. I WISH that "Wish You Were Mine" was better. The production is nice. (4)Skateboard P's verse on "Real" is pretty niiicce (watch out, n'ah!). And (5)"Form of Flattery" is cool. See. Five outta eleven. Overall, it's an aaa'ight piece of work. And that's coming form one that ain't a fan of his albums.

Get Ready For Another Installment of Some T.I. TV

The last time "Tha Kang" let viewers in his life he was preparing for a jail stint. Well, now he is fresh off, yet another...different, jail stint and VH1 promises to bring his transition back into society to every cable owners' home! (Yayyyy!)

I like and respect Tip, but I have no plans on seeing his show. That has partially a lot to do with his wife (she be lookin' zooted to da max) and the other part has to do with the fact that... Unfortunately, jail ain't nothing new to the man. It ain't really a shocker for him to be released. He's not your "Everyday Man". His biggest struggle is gonna be deciding what cereal to eat in the morning or who he's gonna get to feature on his next album. Other dudes get released from long bids (not knocking a year, 'cause I couldn't do even a day... NO LIE! But y'all know what I'm saying.) and struggle with finding work.. obtaining a trade... and they go through the struggles of continuing the same shit that placed them behind bars or the constant fight with ego and pride when they find themselves being denied and put down everywhere they turn IF they try to do right.

I mean.. If VH1 wants to show a REAL transition into society they should go scout out a No-Name. However, I'm sure his fans, a lot of teens and folks that just want to shake their head at another rapper that did some prison time (with a crazy looking wife on his arm), will help his ratings out.

Source: TMZ

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The latest In Twitter: "I've Been Hacked" News... Amber Rose

Yes. Not even the semi-stars are safe from some good ole hacking, Twitter-style! (I wish I had some glitter for that word!) I am soooo not ready for all'a dat!! (delusions--lol)

But, seriously. I just went on Twitter to Retweet my sweet lil boy crush, Chris Brown, and my Timeline is popping with all types'a Amber Rose trash talk. Apparently, a tweet was sent out sometime today from her account congratulating The Game on having the #1 album and saying that Watch The Throne was as wack as Kanye's d*ck.

As soon as I saw that I thought somebody else HAD TO HAVE typed that shit. I DO NOT know Amber personally, but the girl has kept her mouth all this time. Even when shots are fired at her she still keeps her mouth. So, why would she out of the blue post something so random and immature?? "Wack as Kanye's d*ck" though?? Not even I would say some shit.... Hold.. Yes I would. But I don't think Amber would.

Not longer after, she took to her acct and changed her password to prevent any further hacking.

Her lil hack revealed two things to me that I hadn't know prior:

The Game's album is #1?? *side-eye, confused stare like a motherfuck!** Folks are saying that he promised anyone that purchased 2 albums a followback on Twitter. Good marketing scheme. However, to all the idiots that he does followback, (if he keeps his word), it won't make any difference. Ain't like he gonna be chattin'/tweetin' it up with y'all dummies! Um. And you done helped him out. What he gon' do for you?? o.O


Amber has given her "followers" (I suppose she has a bit of a following, not just on Twitter) the name Rose Buds. Yeah... Like Rihanna has "Rihanna Navy", Gaga has "Monsters"... The only thing is she's nowhere near a Ri Ri or Gaga. So, that's a bit confusing. But, as they say, the mind is powerful. You can think and speak shit into existence. I need to try that one. (Thinking of something catchy riiiiiiggghhht now!)

"That Way" Wale ft. Jeremih & Rick Ross [VIDEO]

Well... As they say "Seeing is believing". I finally believe that is Jeremih singing and not lil Lloyd. LMAO!

Here Is Something I Can't Understaaaaaand: Niggas And Dey Need Ta LIE!!

Found @ Flickr

I share personal shit on here all the time. The story I am about to share, I was hesitant in placing in writing and publishing because I felt really (I mean super fuckin' really) upset and disappointed. More-so with myself than the other person involved. I'll explain that last sentence once I give the full scoop.

Here it is:

I met this guy back in the Spring. I stay on my "I don't give a shit" attitude towards guys and that's how things were with this dude all along.... Until very recently. Suddenly, I wanted more. And I thought to myself, it would be nice to have "more" with this one.  He's cool enough. Doesn't work my nerves when we're around each other... Why not?? And I don't mean more as in boyfriend/girlfriend more. Just more like, I don't know.... MORE!! But definitely not as much as a committed relationship. (I  know somebody out there knows what I'm talking about) And this is where we crumbled apart (not that we were "together", but you know..)

I'm kinda like not the BEST story teller. I'm really erratic and shit don't quite be in sequence but in the end, it all makes sense, hopefully. I say that because, I just gave ya'll the end. And now I'm about to hop back to the beginning of shit. The time when my care for him wasn't even the size of a grain of dirt... (and it should have remained that way!!)

So, as I said, we met in the Spring.  I didn't think much of him, so we became Facebook friends and followed each other on Twitter. The type of shit you do with folks you aren't involved with in any sort of way. I don't believe boyfriends and girlfriends should follow each other or be any sort of "friends" on these social networks. Too much shit can be misconstrued. It's just dumb, if you ask me! The last dude I dealt with heavy got in his feelings because I didn't accept his friend request. NO WAY was I doing that. For what?? To feel all watched and shit?! No thanks. We saw and communicated with each other enough in real life. No need to add cyber shit on top of that. (E-motherfuckin'-NUFF!!! Ya know?! Sheesh)

[That was a tangent, excuse me.] But, as I was saying, I had just met the guy and that's the preliminary shit that we did: became friends and followed one another online. *shrug* As the weeks passed we texted and became pretty cool. 'Bout 2..3 weeks after meeting he left the area for biz. And then came...

RED FLAG #1: His kid's (single) mother was on his Facebook page confessing her love for him. "We Love you... I Love you.." what the hell ever.  And I asked him about it. His response that they are done and they're "cordial" (this fool's word. Definitely not mine because that's some far beyond cordial shit right there.) for his son and blah blah blah.

I left it as it was. Had to take his word at face value because at that point, I didn't have much else to go on and I also ain't care whether we were in each other's lives or not. Wind coulda blew either way and I would have been good with it, ya know.

RED FLAG #2: He wanted to go to a movie theater that is like 30-40 minutes away from where I live, which would make it about damn near an hour (in traffic) from where he lives!! o.O We live in the DC Metropolitan area. There are AT LEAST 3 other theaters he could have suggested. Hoffman is like 12 minutes away from me. Chinatown theater is probably about 12 minutes away from him. As far as convenience, either of these would have been ideal. I mean, really!!

RED FLAG #3: THE STAND UP FACTOR: TWICE. Count IT!! 2 TIMES, he has simply not pulled through on plans and failed to let me know that was gonna be the case. I soon realize that shit when the next day comes and I hadn't heard from him none the prior night, but his ass can send me a damn "Good morning" text??!!!.. Dude, are you fuckin' kidding me?!!

And when I mentioned it to him, he says that he doesn't understand how it's cool for me to cancel plans but when he does it it's such a big deal. OPERATIVE MOTHERFUCKIN' WORD: "CANCEL"!!! At least I have the decency and common courtesy to let this BOY know ahead of fuckin' time that I can't keep to something we pre-fuckin'-planned!! I did that a couple of times. No intentional shit, but there were times when the date came and I ain't feel like going out or something better presented itself. Because I believe in treating folks the way I'd like to be treated, (and I like being notified IN ADVANCE of changes), I always let him know well ahead of time that I couldn't make it. I'm talking like, by 4 pm he'd know. I respect peoples' time. He obviously lacks that.

That's the 3 flags that I chose to ignore because, as I said, it was nothing major for me. This lil set up was real casual, you know. So, last week I decided to tell him about my thoughts of wanting more (after the casual began to wear off for me). Prior to that I also told him I wanted to control our situation, but that's besides the point. A lil control ain't neva hurt nobody. He tells me that he JUST got out of a long relationship and ain't ready to get back into that type of set up. HOLLLLLLLD UP!! Wait'aMINUTE!!! JUST??!!! Did this motherfucker not tell me that his last relationship was A YEAR AGO?!! He told me that like back in June or some shit. Now he hollerin' 'bout JUST. What is this?!!  Just what in da fuck IZ dis!!

And who said I wanted to get in a relationship. I specifically said that I DID NOT want to be bf/gf. Did I not?? I just said MORE. (Whatever that may be)

This revelation of "Just" getting out of a relationship leads me to believe the shit MAYBE just ended recently or the shit is possibly still going on. That definitely explains all the RED FLAGS. And as I always say, "YOU AIN'T GOTTA LIE TA KICK IT!!"

I asked him long ago if he was seeing other people. He said, "NO". He asked me, I said, THE TRUTH!! I told him that I was "Dating. Nothing major." Is it so hard to just let a bitch know what the fuck it is?! I mean, really! Had he told me from the jump that he was still involved with his kid's mama I would have known where to draw that line. I could have then decided if I even wanted to fuck with him at all. But, he took my decision(s) away from me with his dumb ass lies!! Seriously. Makes me wanna do a nigga like Tami did Meeka, "BITCH! Stop lyin'!!" And buss da nigga upside his head! It's so uncalled for.

I told him I was done with it all on a Friday. I deleted his number again (3rd time). And I thought that was that. Sunday morning he texts me "Good morning." (He's the only 202 # that sends those kind of texts) Really???! I was like beyond annoyed. After sipping and watching the VMAs I finally responded and told him to cut it all the way the fuck out. (In so many words)

My angst stems from me thinking that I could just ignore all this bull and still have MY WAY in the end. I knew better (or so I thought). It's like one of those things when you know you shouldn't but you do it anyway and it turns out fucked up and you be all like, "FUCK! Knew I shouldn't have done that shit."

Ugggggghhhhh!!!! I need some merengue in my life!!!

Foo Fighters US Tour Promotional Vid "Hot Buns" (Uncensored! o.O)

OMG!!!! I laughed sooooo hard! Pasty cakes, splash with dirty boot water, the fake ass beards and hair! This reminds me of the jokesters from the "Learn To Fly" video. I really wanna go see them this fall!! ;^( (Done fucked my money up.... Whyyyyyyyy?!!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Carter IV Gets No Love

Weezy F. aka Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi's latest album, which was just released at midnight today, is getting ripped to shreds on Twitter!! #ThingsBetterThanTheCarterIV is currently trending. here's a few screenshots:

Well, DAMN! Wee-ZAY!! DAMN!!! I don't even much know WHAT to say 'bout dis. (Other than, I'm glad I ain't waste money on it.)

Rick Ross vs. Kreayshawn Backstage At The VMAs [VIDEO]

Okay, so, I must admit I ain't click on n'er video Kreayshawn and/or her homey (the other chick) posted with disses to Ross. I ain't know what was going on and really ain't care. I heard she was going on his penis size?? (Who cares?.. Not I.) It all seemed pretty cheesy to me. She threw disses then she denies 'em or took 'em back or whatever.  WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!!

I found this MTV vid of some backstage coverage on Miss Info's site and two sayings came to mind:

--Shit was bout to go real wrong for the lil gurl. Peep the fear when her male, African-American (manager, I believe) is being escorted away and she stands there alone wondering aloud "Where're they taking Stretch??" Stretch ain't pop all that shit. You did. m'kay.


--Where did this joking on Rozay come from?? She just picked the nigga at random to fuck with or sum'n?! (I'm confused)

Watch as the two camps meet face-to-face at the VMAs after all the video teasing Ms. Gucci Gucci initiated:

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

MTV's 2011 VMAs

Hope everyone caught this. Really good show, in my opinion. I had a great time last night choppin' it up with folks on Twitter throughout the entire show. I just loved all the play-by-play and opinions found there. Made for a really nice end to a crazy weekend (with the passing through of hurricane Irene and all).

This event had quite a few memorable moments (for me). And I shall give you guys a lil countdown:

5. Nicki Minaj accepting her award for the "Best Hip Hop Video of The Year", bringing her man onstage with her that many gave her heat over staying with after he allegedly popped her in the mouth with a suitcase not so long ago out in Texas AND her stating, "Little Wayne is the best rapper alive."

Now, I am a fan of loyalty. I really am. But, as I tweeted last night, DELUSIONS I can surely do without. Nicki does not believe Wayne is The Best Rapper Alive. I am sure she probably thinks that she is even better than Wayne. She could have simply kept that quote out of her lil speech. She's kinda like my mom. My mama is always telling big people that they lost weight (when they clearly haven't and in many cases actually gained weight since she last saw them) and telling folks their baby is pretty or cute when it clearly isn't and the mama and daddy had long ago accepted that their kid is facially challenged. So, Nicki, as I tell my mother: "Just don't say anything, ma."

4. Jay-Z and Kanye's performance of "Otis" 

I was making myself a lil mixed drinky-drink when I heard this coming on. Boy, did my ass RUN!! OMG!! I just love Jay (the most) and Ye! They make me excited. These two on any stage deserves to be on my countdown. But, the random dude running onstage during their performance and being grabbed by security was the funniest!! I mean, it happened so fast. And the performance didn't miss a beat. Anyone know who that dude was? And what's his Twitter? I'd like to know... What in da fuck was that all 'bout? o.O

3. Chris Brown's "Acrobats In The Sky" (the title I bestowed upon it--lol) performance

This was a cute performance. He did a lil Wu (Tang) tribute. Major points right there. I'd really like to see the grimey rap of the 90's come back. (Off topic a bit but, you know.) He also flipped all above the crowd and did a few touchdown, do a lil fancy footwork and pop right back up above the crowd moves. I tweeted at the time that Breezy's performance had to be the MOST FUN of the night. And it was. Again, (with my expectations), it didn't quite live up to the hype. Prior to the show a few stars gave their opinions on the performance, including Chris' choreographers, who said it was to be like the best performance ever from him. Annnnnnnnnddddd (for me) it kinda wasn't. No doubt it was really intricate and I am sure that I, nor majority of the others that viewed it, could duplicate the efforts. But, with all that said, I just don't believe it lived up to the hype.

Some (Perez Hilton and others that dislike Breezy from the start) were beyond pissed that he lip synched the entire performance. Me, myself, I was not upset at all that he lip synched. I hated the fact that you could actually TELL!! Chris was like really into his (fake) enunciation. Like, if the track was not going behind him and you did not know the lyrics, it took very little effort to make out the words being "sung".  That blew me a lil. I mean, if you gonna fake it, at least be good at it. Don't let on that you are fakin' it. Ya know. But, still, I wasn't mad at the lil dude none. His performance was good and he put a lot of work into it. I appreciated it.

2. ADELE!!! I love this girl! Her voice and her way of thinking. She's so humble and so blessed (vocally). And last night she blew everyone away with her performance of "Someone Like You". I get chills just recalling it. I really wish for a voice even halfway close to that. (Since I am a fully grown woman, I doubt my wish will ever come true, but I likes ta keep hope alive.) Absolutely flawless performance. The only reason Ms. 'Dele is #2 on my list is because someone damn near upstaged the VMA's with some long-awaited news:


Just moments before the VMA's began, Ms. Info tweeted that MTV said Bey had announced that she was preggers on the Black Carpet. I said, "WHAT?!!" I was in shock! True freakin' SHOCK!! Above all I was happy. Y'all may not know this but years ago (many many years ago). I hated me some Beyonce! This began when rumors began to surface that she was dating "MY MAN" Jay! (see how bad delusions are??) I mean, who was this chick??? She could have any man that she'd like. Why choose MY Jay?! She wasn't from his world. She hadn't been listening to him and felt his struggle since the mid-90's like I had. I just hated her guts!!! Although I tried, I could never deny her talent. I still supported her music and was a huge fan of her performances.

As long as she and Jay dated, my young delusions stayed on track. I thought that surely they'd grow tired of one another and I would still have a chance. (Victory shall NOT be mine!--lol) And then the unthinkable (for me) happened: The two wed in a private ceremony. DAMN IT!!! I wanted to kick and scream. Seriously. I did. But, one fine day the thought occurred to me that if not Jay for Bey and Bey for Jay, then who else? NO ONE!! They seem to be a perfect match and complement each other well. That's when I decided to wake the hell up and stop hating on this ├╝ber-talented girl and the love she receives from my favorite guy. Since then I've been a fan of their union.

It's been said that Jay really wanted a kid of his own. You know, through blogs and mags and things. But every time the question of starting a fam was brought to Beyonce, she'd do this whole, "My career...My career" BS speech. My dislike for her was threatening to creep back in. Beyonce is like a superstar on superstar on superstar. Her fans are loyal to the max! (Don't believe me? Hop on Twitter and speak some ill shit about Bey. Her following will make yo ass cry and change ya damn address. It's that real with them. I done seen't it. okaaay.) She could lay low for 10 years and still have the same (if not many more) fans when she resurfaces. Think Ms. Lauryn Hill. I mean, Lauryn only gave us one album. And she's a living legend. You have kids that were like 2 years old when that album came out loving Lauryn! Going to her shows, still downloading her album (what I'd consider new fans). And then you have those that were old enough to remember her from '98 (and prior with The Fugees) that remain fans to this very day. When you have the talent, you got it. Fans are going to remain. So, Bey's talk about wanting to put her career first was all bull to me. I wanted to know what's the REAL reason for being so hesitant to give my man Jay what he wants!!!

And boy, speculations flew! From Beyonce couldn't bear children to Beyonce not wanting to give Jay a child because of his looks... (Y'all heard the same shit I did. Don't nobody act surprised while reading this.) And of course there were like 20 false pregnancy claims by the media. *rolls eyes*

But now the time has finally come!!!! 

I posted pics of Beyonce last night in the flowing red ensemble on the VMA's Black Carpet, one hand above and the other below her lil belly, cradling it. (so cute!) [CLICK HERE for the pics]And following her performance of "Love On Top" she dropped the mic, undid her lil shimmery jacket and rubbed her belly while Jay clapped, smiled and saluted in the audience. *tear**tear* That was beyond cute!!

But if I had things my way she woulda said in that Houston drawl, "This is for all the bitches that said I couldn't have children or that I wasn't gonna give my husband a child because of his looks." She would have then popped open that jacket, followed by her blouse, followed by her gyrating and pelvic thrusting down to the floor with her hands in her hair. Bey woulda then popped back up and catwalked, like she do, right off the stage, throwing the Peace sign over her shoulder. (But it ain't my world.)

Overall, the VMA's was a good show. Start to finish. The acts were good. I found a new band The Giants Young, is it?? I don't quite recall the name, but apparently, not many knew about them. Good band. I plan to check them out a little later today. After my research I'll let you guys know more about them. How many awards were actually presented on this thing, though? Not too many. I think I got all (that aired):

BEST POP VIDEO Britney Spears "Till The World Ends"
BEST HIP HOP VIDEO Nicki Minaj "Super Bass"
BEST COLLABORATION Katy Perry and Kanye West "ET"
BEST MALE VIDEO Justin Bieber "You smile I smile"
BEST NEW ARTIST Tyler The Creator (who cursed throughout the entire acceptance speech. o.O)
BEST FEMALE VIDEO Gaga "Born This Way"
VIDEO OF THE YEAR Katy Perry "Fireworks"

Click HERE for some videos of this year's (and last's) Best VMA performances

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyonce Announces That She Got A Lil Jay In Da Oven!!

WOOOOOO!!!! Yeah, BAY-BAYYYY!!! I seriously wanna know where I can apply for that good ole nanny position. Imagine the travel and pay that shit will offer!!

Is this what gave Jay that youthful, fresh-faced look in the "Otis" vid? (hmmmm)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Basketball Wives: Season 3 Reunion Part II

I just could not seem to catch Part I in its entirety. The last 20 or so minutes that I did catch was nothing to write about. I hear that the beginning of it wasn't nothing much either. Luckily, I didn't let that deter me from catching the 2nd half of the reunion. (These old(er) broads are KAH-RAY-ZEE!!)

Meeka and Tami got right into it within the first 5 seconds of the damn show. Tam is ROOFLESS (ruthless)! She went on the girl hubby and all!! Talkin' 'bout he ain't earn his championship and he lucked up by getting traded to a team which had players that worked had to earn that. She said ole Speedy just got the ring by default. LMAO!! Now, THAT was funny. Kinda messed up because what that man got to do with y'all arguing? (NOTHING) But funny, nonetheless.

Meeka brought up the fact that Tami goes on her complexion. Remember that argument at dinner when Tami said "...Yo BLACK ASS" to Meeka? I'm sure that's what Meeka was referring to, although she said she was talking about shit that Tami has said about her on Twitter. Welllllll... Tami says that she ain't say "Yo black ass" on no (offensive) color shit. She swears that is just how she talks and how most blacks speak, no matter the complexion of the one that speaks it or the one the words are directed at. She goes further to say that she is involved with a Hatian that is "Blacker than a motherfucker!!" and her girls as well as her ex husband are all brown skin. And basically she said all that to say: She ain't on no color shit, I guess. I'm not really feeling her on that. When she said "Yo BLACK ASS!" while sitting across the table from Meeka I could damn near see the venom dripping from her tongue. That shit was said to be offensive and hurtful. Ain't nobody stupid.

I don't know if y'all noticed, but the audience is (as my son would say) some Sice Masters! Everything that was said against Meeka got an applause and laughter.  No matter if it were Evelyn talking or Tam or even Suzie. The one time Meeka says something even remotely sassy they bust out with the "Ooooohhhh!!" And you could just sense the anticipation of some shit popping off through the damn screen. And po' lil Meeka, she made a few valid points while attempting to defend herself and no one clapped or laughed in agreement. I found that to be fucked up.

Anyways, even lil Suzie grew some balls on this show. She's a fuckin' idiot. She just sways with the damn wind. And I hate her lispy-steez'd ass! She got all loud with Meeka saying shit like "Shut the fuck up!! Damn!!..." Really?.... Really, Suze... She know damn well if the other chicks that hate Meeka weren't there she would not have jumped out like that. I was waiting for Meeka to hop up and and smack her in da mouth! Just like a granny would do a kid. Shut her ass the fuck up! Sadly, that didn't happen. Woulda made my day if it had though. (Gosh darn!)

They did an entire segment on Evelyn and Chad. (Spare me) That was the most boring segment ever! Is it just me, or NO ONE gives a shit about their lil 'ship??? I am certain it ain't just me. Nobody cares! Chad is disrespectful and annoying.

They replayed that scene when Royce and Evelyn were throwing glasses at each other. That lil snippet showed that Royce ain't playin' with them bitches! She was really going at Evelyn! I love that Royce don't back down from none of them. She told Jen during the show to have her own damn mind. Ain't that some sound advice. Jen ain't nothing but Evelyn's puppet for real. Eve don't be manipulating her (it doesn't seem) but she easily could if she wanted to. I think Jen's current aspiration is to be like Evelyn when she grows up. (Some sad shit, right there.) She too damn old for that mess.

During the reunion they played a part that didn't make the drama cut for the season. Tami is involved with some sort of charity for young girls. She and Shaunie went to see this girl that was having difficulty paying tuition and presented her with checks to help her out on her journey. That was admirable. And because it was edited out, it just proves that VH1 is all about portraying folks in all the wrong lights.

As one good, hood show ends, another begins: BB Wives LA, BAYBAY!!!!!! Premieres Monday night on Vh1. All I gotta say is: If it's 7 of 'em, about fo' look 50 years of age or older. What in the fuck iz dat?!!

'memba me, BITCH?!! (SIMBA)
Oh yeah... (lil sidenote) as far as fashion goes: I am elated that Evelyn fired her stylist from last year's reunion. Remember that Lion King mane thing she had going on?!! And Shaunie.. Leave that damn multi-colored big block dress to a girl more appropriate in age for it. Just did not suit her. Suzie. What the fuck?! UGHHHH! 

Y'all See Dat?!:Mike "The SNITCHuAtion" Failed Big Time

I really like Jersey Shore. Vinny, Pauly, J Woww, Sam, Ron... Those are my faves from the cast. Snooki and Deena, I barely pay them any attention. Mike??.. HATE'ED ETTTTT!! I can't stand that motherfucker! He is so annoying!! With his bitch ass ways and shit! Always running his motherfuckin' mouth!

As my homey said the other day, this boy snitched on his damn self!! The way he sat Ronnie down all like "I gotta let somebody know... Me and Snooki hooked up!!" Boy, PLEASE! You ain't have to let nobody know that shit. Tell your best friend or brother or something. Not folks in the motherfuckin' Jersey Shore (Italy) house!! IDIOT! And because his mouth is so big, he got exactly what the fuck he deserved last night.

For those of you that missed it, Ronnie and Sam has gotten back together. Seems short-lived, but I guess the next episode will reveal if they still on or not. So, some of the castmates went out to eat. Ronnie was not there. Sam was. Mike goes flying off at the mouth talking about how Ronnie was drunk and said he was going to bring 5 girls to the house. Sam looked annoyed as hell, but she kept her mouth on it.

Later in the episode Ron and Sam goes out to dinner together and discuss getting back together. Everyone then hits a club. Ron was trying to have fun without being up Sam's ass. Sam got a 'tude with him (I ain't sure if it was because she thought he was dancing with another girl or what). The two go off to the side and have a lil argument. A lot of whining was involved. Ron steps off and goes back to the house alone.

Sam gets back to the house and tries to talk things out with Ron. And then... She tells.... What Mike told her when they were out eating the other day (Ron and 5 chicks). Ron gets PISSED!! Nigga was talking himself up to an asswhipping. LMAO! He was in the closet, took his shirt off, talkin' bout he bout to get "Gully". Mike ain't even know WTF was about to hit him. He was lounging on a chair and Ron came up and tried to dump his ass in the floor. Ron asked him why did he tell Sam that shit. And in true bitchass form, Mike denied saying it. Sam confronted him like, "You didn't say that?.. So, I made that up?!"

Ron stormed away and started throwing Mike's shit out the room. His bed, suitcase, etc. Here go Mike, "Ron, don't get irrational." I cracked the hell up when he said that shit! Ration left the building long ago, my brotha. Long ago. About the time when Ron said he was bout to get "Gully" on yo ass.

By this time the entire house is up and trying to calm the situation down. I guess Mike let his pride get in the way because he decided to attempt a method that has been proven to work in a few cases: ACT CRAZY. We've all seen a scenario or two when one ACTS crazy or barks hella loud and saves themselves from a physical altercation. The shit works. Sometimes.

Unfortunately for Da Snitch, getting all red in the face, hollering at the top of his lungs, drooling, jumping around and hitting walls ain't stop Ronnie from gettin' at his ass. SMH

And of course the episode ended as soon as the two made contact. The preview for next week shows the girls crying and an paramedics taking Mike away. I can't wait till Thursday!! But ya know, the sad thing is, Mike ain't gonna change none. He's too comfy running his damn mouth. I bet he chill for a couple episodes... maaaaaaybe. But definitely before the season is over he'll stir some mo' shit up.

"1+1" Beyonce [Video]

I know I've ran it into the ground on how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, but I'ma say it again: THE BALLAD OF 2011. Right here. Dream's looks may be confusing, but that boy can put together some notes and lyrics. And Bey can sho 'nuff deliver. It feels like a super long time coming, but here's the official music video for "1+1":

Ooohhh... So Sensual.

"Cheers (Drink To That)" Rihanna [Video]

I never heard this song before. I like it! And the vid is cute. Looks like good times. I see Avril Lavigne makes a cameo. That "Yeah. YeahYeah." in the song sounds like her?? I wonder...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Fright Night

Yesterday I went to see Fright Night. The theater was right next door to the theater showing Glee 3D. M'kay. Glee was blaring for maybe the first 30 minutes of this "scary" movie. Not cool. Totally took away from the mood. That is, had there been a mood to begin with.

As the movie was about to start the Dream Works lil thing played (What's that called? I have no clue.) my son said, "Oh, Dream Works. This ain't gonna be scary." He was so right! This movie reminds me of those horror books for elementary kids. I ain't talkin' bout "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" horror. Those damn things were scary! I'm talkin' about maybe 3 levels below that. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 3.

I saw the opening scene on a commercial the other day and I was damn near about to cover my head to not see what happened next. I just knew I was in for a good ole scare. Didn't happen. The movie seems to have a horror undertone. At the forefront it's kept light and neutral. So, I suppose it's not really meant to be scary. If that's the case, I'd like the commercials to reflect that. 'Cause what I got from the commercials is a good scare. What I got from the movie was... BLAH!

To not give much away, a vampire moves into this community on the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV. Kids suspect what he is, some folks are turned vamp, a couple guys try to kill the vamp... That's all I can say without getting detailed. That's a summary for ya. There are a lot of little funny parts in the movie. That's cool.

Overall, It's an o-kay movie. Had I gone to see it without seeing previews and having no expectations, I'd say it was a GOOD movie.  Maybe even recommend it. Who knows.... But if you are looking for a scare, skip this one.

Northern Virginia's 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

I tell you what, yesterday was my most memorable birthday by far! Until yesterday my most memorable was my 13th birthday. On that day I was stung right in my mothaluvin' hairline by a bee. That spot was tender for years! Well beyond the age of 18. I ain't even eat no cake and ice cream on that day. (Sad. No child should have to experience that bull. Damn bees!)

And then comes this earthquake. I think it's only appropriate to give that shake a name. Storms (hurricanes and tornadoes) are named. Why not earthquakes?? Especially because this was a rare event, it deserves a freakin' name!! No?? East Coast Earthquake 2011 is just not doing it for me. I think I shall name her Esther Mae Quake. That thang was like the mean auntie that comes thru and stays but for a second and keeps you shook for foreva! Long after her ass leave, you still on that good behavior. Just waiting for the moment she pops back up. Looking for her car to creep towards your house or to hear her ass in the yard talking. Always on guard.

...I took the day off for my birthday. I had already planned a day with my son. He's been back from my mama's for about 2 weeks now and we hadn't done anything since he's been home. For my birthday I got... his company?? (Yayyy, I guess.) He got sneakers, a watch and to see the movie of his choice. Oh yeah, and dinner. That's the life of a mama for ya. smh

So, my baby was down at the pool. I was in the apartment watching Maury Povich (I'll never drop that last name. Sorry.) and browsing the 'net when I felt a lil tremble. Initially I thought nothing of it. I have about 5 dudes that live beneath me. They get pretty rowdy every now and then. I was thinking that they were banging on the walls or something... I had no idea. As soon as that thought came, it left. I mean, the shake progressed so violently so fuckin' fast I seriously had no time to even think further. Shit began falling off my table. The walls were cracking. I didn't see any cracks but I heard them. It was as if the building were swaying in the wind, except there was no wind. And it was so beautiful outside. Crisp and sunny. I really could not even begin to understand what the hell I was experiencing. And my kid was out of the apartment! O_O

As the shaking began to subside I did the only thing I could think to do: Run out into the apartment hallway. As soon as I opened my door a guy across the hall opened his door. We both looked at each other and was like, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!" Mind you, it's still a tiny shake going on. Esther Mae was leaving; not yet gone at that point. I see the neighbor to my immediate right outside shaking and laughing. He was looking up towards his balcony. I guess his roomies were out there. When he came rushing in, I'm mad. It's true that folks hate what they do not understand. Being left in the dark makes one angry! I'm all like "Did y'all do something?!... Why are you laughing then?!" He's smiling. Looking at me like, "Bitch, is you CRAZY?!!" After the fact, when thinking with a rational mind, I realize to ask him that was crazy on crazy on crazy. WTF could they have done to shake the entire building? Just what??! I wasn't thinking with a clear mind. And that mind could not understand why the hell this fool was laughing and smiling while I was afraid as all hell!

Me and my neighbors decided we had just experienced an earthquake in Alexandria, VA. A damn earthquake! (Yow'zahs!!) My son rushes in the building like, "Ma, did you feel that?!" He said cars were shaking in the parking lot. Incredible. Honestly like less than 2 minutes maybe from start to finish. I'm shaking my head all wide-eyed while writing this. I'm just in awe.

I tried to call my sister and mom that live about 2.5 hours away from me to let them know about Esther. Calls were not going out. That freaked me out even more!! So, I did the next best thing: Posted statuses on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter. Amazing that those went through but not the phone calls. Horrible!

To calm my nerves I had to get out of that apartment and think about shit other than what I just felt moments ago. We went to Pentagon (the mall) and many of the stores were closed. The major department stores were open but a lot the the smaller shops were done for the day. Niggas was scared!! I was right along there with 'em. And I hear that the West Coast is having a good laugh at our expense. To that I say, "Laugh on, my brotha, laugh on!" Cause if another happens I'ma most likely react the very same way yet again. That shit is scary. Okaaayyyy!

And the fact that the local news was so slow to report on it scared me even further. Immediately afterwards Nancy Grace was still on Fox 5. On Channel 8 the news was on but they was talking about some man in Florida in a truck!?? Fuck a man in a truck in FLORIDA!! Talk about what the hell me, my kid and neighbors just felt! Like 5 minutes later they finally start talking about what the Washington area had moments ago experienced. (Um)


The strong earthquake that rattled the eastern United States on Tuesday was highly unusual in its severity, though it was centered in a part of Virginia known for smaller quakes, seismologists said.
The initial earthquake, which registered a magnitude of 5.9 just before 2 p.m. EDT, was felt from the Carolinas to New England.

"One of this size is highly unusual," said Karen Fisher, a professor of seismology at Brown University and president-elect of the seismology section at the American Geophysical Union. "This is the largest earthquake by far that I am aware of occurring there in recent history."

While the strength of the quake was unusual, the wide spread of the shock waves was common for the East Coast, according to Peggy Hellweg, a research seismologist at the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory in California.

This is largely due to the difference in the terrain, Hellweg said in a telephone interview.
"Our ground is all of this chopped-up stuff ... like a pile of marbles," Hellweg said of California's geology, which means that the waves from a quake don't spread out all that far.

In the Eastern United States, she said, "What you've got there is gorgeous bedrock and ... the waves propagate beautifully."

Another difference between the East and West U.S. coasts is that the West Coast is over the boundary between two active tectonic plates, the North American and the Pacific, and the force of these plates sliding against each other generates quakes regularly, Fisher said.

In the East, she said, "There's no driving engine in terms of the two plates sliding past each other ... so that's why it's much more unusual."

David Oppenheimer, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said aftershocks should be expected for months.

"You'll feel magnitude 3 earthquakes over great distances ... I would expect tens of magnitude 3s for earthquakes of this size," Oppenheimer said from Menlo Park, California.

Did they say "10's of magnitude 3's" to come for months?!! STOP PLAYIN'!!

"How To Love" Lil Wayne [Video]


Nice vid. Great storyline with alternate endings. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

$3.3 Million For A Weekend Of Work...

That paycheck goes to Eminem!!

According to TMZ:

$66,000 per song ... that's how much money Eminem reportedly made to perform at a U.K. music festival this weekend -- and he performed roughly FIFTY songs!!!

Eminem hit the stage at the V Festival in England this weekend -- a two night affair. According to the British tabloid
 The Sun, Slim Shady (pictured above at the festival) raked in a cool TWO MILLION pounds for the 2 nights of work ... which translates to roughly $3.3 million.

Em reportedly performed for 90 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday night -- and was joined on stage by 
Rihanna ... who is said to have received around $825,000 per night to perform as well. 

This just proves my theory that I'm in the WRONG profession! :-( *I'm hatin'.***

A Failed Night Out Involving POV, Reggae And Drunk/Crazy People

Me @POV. Best blurry shot. lol
My birthday is tomorrow. August 23rd. Leading the Virgos. (Yes. Leading the Virgos. Not pulling up the rear for the Leos. If you disagree... Ugh!!)

Unlike all prior years, I decided this year that I would try to gather some friends and fam to assist in a celebration. Huge FAIL!! It ended up being a party of two that grew to a party of three later on in the night. The night turned out to be nothing out of the ordinary. The usual crew, walking the streets (would that make us Streetwalkers?--LOL).

Prior to the street walking, and I mean like 6 blocks of walking... In heels.... o.O Me and one of my girls (Party of two) checked out POV, the rooftop terrace at the W Hotel (DC). I like this place FOR A DATE. This was not the scene to find a possible future date, which is what I tend to go out for as a single lady. Not that it's the ONLY reason I go out, but it comes with the territory, ya know. We visited POV on a Saturday night. Got there about 9:30/10 PM and left around midnight. A LOT of couples. Couples. Couples EVERY freakin' WHERE! There were a handful of singles in small groups (mainly women). Not too many guys there alone (without a woman) and the cutest guys in the joint were the bartenders! o.O

The setup of the place is really cute. The view from the rooftop is awesome! The huge chairs, dim lighting... All of that is cute. It's definitely my suggestion for my next date. Not so much my destination for a girls night out.

The music on the rooftop is R&B and Hip Hop. The area inside (on that same floor) had more of a techno thing going on. But downstairs in the Living Room it was poppin'!! That DJ had more of a Top 40's thing going on. All genres got play and he mixed pretty well. Our last hour in the joint was spent on that level.

The drinks are $16 each. Including a tip, I'd say $18 each!! UltraBar has way huger glasses and the 'tenders DO NOT slack on the liquor! Their drinks are only $12! The first $18 drink I purchased at this place was weak as hell!! It was a Strawberry Lemonade or something. It comes premixed. I like to know what the hell my drink is made of. Especially at that damn price! Dude ain't shake the container up or nothing. And that could have a lot to do with the lack of tipsy I felt after slowly downing the entire slim ass glass of fruit juice.

Me and my friend decided that our next drink had to be strong. That's when we went down to the lobby (Living Room). I asked the bartender for two Zombies. She did not have the ingredients for a Zombie, but she promised she could make me something strong. She delivered!! A lady at the bar with her husband asked me the name of the drink as the chick was making it. I told her it was a Zombie substitution. I made small talk with that couple. They were pretty cool.

At about midnight the 3rd person to join our group texted that she was on her way. We had a better idea. Valet was $20. Instead of her paying that and us leaving soon or me moving my car and us searching for 2 parking spots OR me paying yet again for parking, she could pick us up and we'd head out to one of our favorite spots that never disappoints: Adams Morgan. She was with it. Picked us up and we were out.

Got to AM what the hell did we see??! POLICE. Everywhere!! The way POV was packed with couples, Adams Morgan was packed with cops. The shit was disturbing and disruptive. I saw cops shining lights in vehicles, fake directing traffic (for the pedestrians' sake), harassing folks (it seemed). We did a motherfuckin' drive by!! After a cop told us that we could not pull into the parking garage we simply kept straight and kept it moving right on over to U Street. We was hungry as hell any damn way!

Made our way over to Ben's. After Ben's we decided to try out Indulj. It was right across the street. For some reason when we got over there we were all like "Ugh!" I took a seat on the steps of the lil office next door. Listened to hoes conversing extremely too loud. That liquor combo from that 2nd drink at The W had my head thumping. We dropped the idea of going inside Indulj and decided on a Reggae club instead. We asked these guys who pointed us in the direction that we parked (Liv). That was wrong as hell! We walked like 2 blocks! Luckily, I fucked with this dude that was skateboarding and he pointed us back in the other direction (which was correct). But, bless his heart, he was a Froot Loop. Seriously. A lil cutie, talkin' bout he'd direct us if my friend pays him a dollar for this damn bookmark that looked like something from a 1990's bible study session. Not to mention that he like chased me a bit talkin' bout he wanted to pop that p*ssy. o.O Froot Loop.

The looniness does not end there. (Unfortunately, it does not end there.) We walked about fo'.. 5 blocks more and arrived at this club called Patti Boom Boom, (I think that's the name). No admission. We go in, go up the stairs... It is packed beyond belief! Before my foot hit the landing I felt sweat trickle down my damn back!! Hell nah! We hurried up and made a turn around. Sat downstairs on some stools.

This guy almost backed it up into me. The girl he was dancing for, I can't say with because she was sitting on the stool giving him the most "I'm not interested" look ever, was like "You bumping all into people." I just knew his elbow was gonna give me a shiner or something. All I saw was this thang coming at me all 3D and whatnot. Sheesh!

This dude that said he was from Jamaica by way of New York and somewhere else tried to holler. He was cheesy as fuck! Offered my some of his Red Stripe. Then told me that this chick approaching he had offered to buy a Red Stripe for and then said, "I'm not going to lie. I'd never disrespect you." WHAAAAAA?!! Did I miss something? Dude, I don't know you. What the hellz was he talking about?

While sitting there, all three of us looking off into space, I can imagine my girls were thinking the same as me: THIS SHIT BLOWS!! And further,  I was thinking that I could have gotten my Foo Fighters ticket instead of wasting it on this weak ass night out. And also that I could have saved the money I spent on these damn eye shadows. AND spent my time catching up on some reality tv!!! While all these thoughts rush through my head, here comes a drunk dude brushing all up against us to stand by the bar thingy and look out the window or whatever the hell he was trying to do. I asked him how much he'd had to drink because he barged through us real rude. No apology, "excuse me" or nothing. And oh, he got ruder!! In a sour patch kid kind of way. He hollers at me, "You look fucked up!! You looked fucked up!!" Then he gets closer and says, "I'm joking. You look beautiful, but it's obvious I'm fucked up!!" WOW! After that, he fed my friend some of his food and even offered me some. I declined, even though I was the one to urge my friend to accept his offering. (lol) He then began playing with my friend's hand and dropped it abruptly after a few minutes of staring at her intensely. Then he tried to engage us in dance. Ummm can you say, CRAY-ZEE!! This is like the nightlife 'round here. Definitely will meet some characters.

On our walk back to the car we witnessed an argument. Dudes being rude to this really short girl, hollerin' all down the street that she's "a midget". That was just stupid. And finally I made it back to valet at The W to get my car. I stood there waiting for like a good 15 minutes. Toes on FI'YAAAAH!! I was the only one waiting for a car to be brought out! What the hell was that?! And I still tipped dude. I told his ass that I shouldn't have because it took him forever and a day. He just laughed. I mean, really. WTF do you or can you say to that? *shrug*

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Security Throws Racial Slurs And The Kid Gets Back At Him

I haven't been on WSHH in a long time because months ago I had issues with the videos playing in full. Apparently, that issue has been corrected. (Was it me?.. o.O)

This vid is hilarious! This security guard gets all disrespectful with a few kids skateboarding on the property he's supposed to be securing (I guess), calling them Wetbacks, trying to keep on kid's bag and even putting his hands on this lil kid. That shit's uncalled for. Watch til the end for a good laugh.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Frick Park Market" Mac Miller [VIDEO]

Teairra Mari Inebriated, Whippin' Da Ass Of Tha Law & Takin' Names


Law enforcement sources tell us the 23-year-old actress/singer was driving a silver Infiniti through Beverly Hills around 3:00 AM, when she rear-ended the car in front of her.

Police at the accident scene observed "signs of intoxication" from Teairra -- and arrested her for DUI. One person who was at the scene tells TMZ Teairra was "really messed up ... she couldn't even stand."

And it gets worse ... we're told Teairra didn't play nice while she was being booked and became "combative" with one of the arresting officers. Sources tell us one cop suffered a "minor cut" to his hand during the incident.

As a result, Mari now faces multiple charges -- including DUI and assault on a police officer.

According to law enforcement, Mari is still in custody and bail has been set at $50k.

All I can think to say is: WHAT IN DA HELLZ, T??!! Get it together girlfriend. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook Hit For Hire Leaves Man Dead??

These social media sites definitely have their bad sides. (cryin' shame) Check out this story of a 22 year old Philadelphia man that was gunned down after his kid's mother publicly announce on Facebook that she'd like to hire someone to take him out.
Corey White, 22, was shot once in the chest Monday night on a West Philadelphia street, authorities said.

Homicide investigators said White got into an argument with the occupants of a brown car and a man got out of the vehicle and shot him.

"There are a couple of other theories out there," Capt. James White said.

A few hours earlier, a municipal judge had approved charges including murder solicitation against White's girlfriend, 20-year-old London Eley of Philadelphia, and murder conspiracy and weapons charges against 18-year-old Timothy Bynum of suburban Darby.

"I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father," Eley wrote in a post this spring, according to a police affidavit.

"Say no more ... what he look like ... where he be at ... need that stack 1st," Bynum wrote back, police said.

This is wild! Supposedly, the FB communication was in the Spring (2011). Who knows if this young man's death was due to his girl's online solicitation of murder or if it's totally unrelated. She better hope her mouth (or typing fingers) ain't write a check that her ass can't cash. That's a check for a loooooooong jail stint.

An Unknown Attempts To Blast Wayne For Beat Jackin'

Check out this vid of J-Lie (neva heard of 'im) tryna blast on Weezy for beat jackin'. On that purloinin' shit. (Using my new definitons. Too pressed. lol) SMH

Hold up though... What's dude point? o.O The producer of the track mad?? The beat is NOT his!!

I understand, he just tryna get a shine off Wayne. That's actually a smart move, (if you ask me). But until he can show us some receipts stating that he has full, exclusive rights to this beat, he needs to sit it all the way the hell down (and take them cornrows with you).

Click HERE to listen to "She Will" By Wayne

My Source: Huffington Post

"When The Night Falls" Chromeo ft. Solange [Video]

While perusing Miss Info's site, I came across this vid. As an 80's baby I liked this song the first time I heard it! And when it comes on at my p/t job I be snapping and whippin' my head like shit. I know "security" be cracking the hell up. LOL

This vid is cute.

Just a lil sidenote: The big dude loves his tanks, right?.. o.O

"The Kumate" Consequence [Audio]

My Source: Miss Info

"Harsh" Styles P ft. Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross [Audio]

I'm liking this one! Styles always sparks up nostalgia for me.

My Source: Miss Info