Friday, September 30, 2011

"It Will Rain" Bruno Mars [Audio]

This song will appear on the Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack!!!!!!!!! OMG! I cannot wait for this movie to hit theaters! Me and my bestie got a date! Since like last year we planned this wonderful night out to see this movie! If you ain't on the Twilight Saga, you missin' out!

I like this song. The music is very Twilight Classic.

I Need To Speak On This Single Life (Plus A Vid From A Great Band!!)

I go back and forth on my true feelings towards this SINGLE LIFE of mine all the time. Majority of my days I LOVE not answering to or feeling indebted or responsible to/for anyone and their feelings (other than my son--That's way more than enough). But, every now and then I have a moment when I think, "I'd like to have someone to cook for." Although I can't cook worth shit. I can fry some shit. Stick shit in the microwave or oven straight from a box or bag... (Lo Siento. I'm a bit ill-equipped.) OR "I'd like the presence of a man around." You know... In-house peen. Plus the fact that I love the sight of a dude just kickin' it in the house. You know... tee and ball shorts sort of thing. I don't know about anyone else but the sight of a man in an undershirt and jeans or shorts and socks is the biggest turn on ever. Just chillin'. Watchin' tv or something. It's just something about that picture. I love it!

Fugacious thoughts. But thoughts that hit me err' now and then, nonetheless. Especially when I have folks in my life asking me when I'll have another kid... or if I think I'll ever settle down (such as I was asked like just yesterday by a friend) or when folks try to hook me up.... And that hook up thing... Uggghh!!! Makes me wonder. Do these folks feel bad for me or something? It's like, "Let's get this girl hooked up. She's always the 3rd or 5th wheel!!" LOL I'm sure it's all done with good intentions but, you know..

Quiet as it's kept: I'M LIKE TIRED OF "DATING" at this point. No. I'm not looking to settle down. But, I'm also not looking to waste anymore time "getting to know" these niggas!! LMAO (I have to laugh) But this is sooooo true! It's like, NutJob (Pause. No HOE-mo... all'a dat) after NutJob out there. And just when I think a person is chill and I'd like to spend time with them, something's exposed that makes me do an about face and get da fuck outta there.

Like the cute guy that has his life totally in order but moves a lil too fast (i.e hints to move into his house and take me back to his country to visit) AND lacks on the man parts..o.O Or the dude with the whiny 'tude. o.O Or the dude that said he had a bottle of Ciroc and got to my girl's place with an OPENED lil bottle of Svedka.. o.O And I coulda lived with Svedka. I drink shit much more cheaper than that. But, it's opened though, dawg?! You think I'ma sit up here and drink some shit that had its seal cracked out of my eyesight?? No. No. HELL NO!! And please, do leave. And hows about the dude still in some sort of a relationship with his ex. o.O That last one is soooo common. Totally annoying. Because although it's not no "this is foreva!" sort of deal when getting to know someone, it sucks if you kick it with a person for a few weeks or months and grow fond of them and all the while they going back and forth with this baby mama bull or general ex. Where does all this leave me??? I'll tell you where. X'ing niggas off left and right.

The most recent lil cutie (he is soooo cute!! But a tad young for me at 23) recently asked me the age-old question "Where is this going?" This caught me off guard a lil. This question usually follows a sexual encounter or two, right?? o.O There's been no sex. Soooooo... Yeah.

Anyway, he elaborated, saying that we can't just keep meeting for forever. Boooooiiiiiii!! It's called DATING!!! You know... Feeling one another out. (not physically) Getting an indication on if this should or could go anywhere beyond meeting... Sheesh! Besides, we only met twice in about 3 weeks of knowing each other! (What's with this guy?) Then he says, he's not just looking for sex, but he also isn't looking for a relationship. This was a text-o-sation. I hit him back with, "I'm not looking for either. Sooooo.???" BOOM! *Pulls out my thumb and pointer finger guns*** Yes. Both hands. Pulling triggers.

I mean... What did he think this was going to be? o.O *sigh* Yet another one bites the mothaluvin' dust.

Queen, queue the song!!!

"Someone Like You" Adele [Video]

Hanging With Friends!!!

I don't know when this finally came to android, but the other day I noticed an ad for it on Words with Friends. I love this updated, HangMan-ish game! It's so cute! And fun. Play with meeeeeeee! (Name: M. Lacroix for Words and Hanging with Friends)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bank of America Monthly $5 Debit Card Fee???

BOA is so full of it. Why the hell should I have to pay monthly for this damn card?! (Even if it is just 5 bucks!)

According to Bossip the monthly fee  is scheduled to begin 2012 and will only be assessed if you use the card during the month. Seems as though this is a measure to offset the fees they usually charge merchants per swipe; which were recently capped. And I know they salty over that recent change they made about not allowing folks to  overdraw at the register. That was their biggest money maker. Guess they gotta try to collect all that missed money somehow.

But I say, if I wanted to pay a damn fee, I'd go get a Rush Card or some shit.

Bank of America, you killin' me, mayne.

"Tats On My Arm" Wale ft. Rick Ross [Audio]

"Scared Money" N.O.R.E ft. Pusha T & Meek Mill [Audio]

"Scared money don't make no money. If I ever go broke I'ma take yo money." -Mill

"F.A.M.E." Young Jeezy ft. T.I.

I told my homey the other day that I should try my hand at ghostwriting. When he asked what type of shit I'd write, I (seriously) said "I got some trap or die in me... I should write for Jeezy." He laughed. SO. HARD!!! LMAO!

Anyways, after that lil laugh I dropped the dream of ever hearing Jeezy holler my words into a crowd. Haha haha HA! At any rate, it's always nice to hear from Jeez AND T.I. Check 'em out:

"Love, Hate, Love" 50 Cent [Audio]

Fif' is goin' innnnnnnnn!!! o.O

(Is there a prob wit' Weezy??)

...And where the fuck is that S-Curl pic when I needs it??!!

"Lotus Flower Bomb" Wale ft. Miguel [Audio]

pic found at

"Body Work" Pusha T ft. Juicy J, Meek Mill & French Montana

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tyrese Gives His Opinion On Liquor Stores Near Schools...

... And gets thrown out of a Delaware radio station by its director.

TMZ reports:

It all happened at WJKS KISS 101.7 in Delaware -- when Tyrese, who was invited on the show to promote his album, made a PASSIONATE statement about how liquor stores SHOULD NOT be allowed near schools ... after seeing one on his way to the station.

During his rant, Tyrese told the DJ, "Get them cats out of here ... selling alcohol right across from your kids school, homie -- put the pressure on them homie ... you know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood."

But when the show went to commercial, Tyrese was asked to leave the building -- and the owner of the radio station confirms to TMZ that it was because he felt Tyrese was "disrespecting" the Delaware community.

After the incident, Tyrese tweeted, "I just kicked out of a radio station frm a [program director] who had a problem w/ me speaking on liquor stores that are by elementary schools in Delaware."

He later added, "If you don't STAND for something.. You will damn near fall for Anything."


The brotha got a good point. But, as with all else, Big Business and Big Government gets to throw around their bias and hypocrisy as they see fit. (Long as they get that buck). Ain't shit gon' change. But, kudos to Ty for speaking his mind. 

And I also hope he don't go visiting his old stomping grounds of Watts or any other poverty-stricken area no time soon. He'd die on the spot if liquor stores across from elementary schools gets to the brotha like that there. 

TI's Back & He's On Future's "Magic" Remix [Audio]

Trumped up charges can't hold a good rapper down. (I'm referring to the whole "Back to jail because you ain't use a preferred method of travel to the halfway house" bull)

Tiny's huuuussssban' is back on the scene. Click play to hear his addition to Future's "Magic".

I likes.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"2 young 2 Give A F*ck" Chris Brown & Bow Wow [Audio]

Amid the rumors of a pregnant girlfriend and the vid of him bustin' his AZZ during a recent concert, Chris tweets a link for free music for his fans.

Aww that Breezy is so sweet!!!!

Paris Hilton Makes It Rain In India


What the hell is this skank up to now?! All these terrible publicity stunts is starting to make me itch and sneeze! (Bullshit allergies)

According to she recently dropped $2100 (in cash) on a few poor residents in the streets of  Mumbai.

Very noble of her, but I just can't help but know everything this girl do has an ulterior motive.

Like taking pictures with black guys (which her racist ass despises and thinks of as GROSS), showing her nasty cooch when hopping out of rides, visiting elementary schools and dancin' with kids and mess... She up to something. Maybe this is part of her campaign to becoming a world-renown DJ?? o.O

Big Sean: "They Don't Call Me Big For Nothin'" Naked Pic??

Okay. So, that's Biggie Small's lyrics, not Big Sean's (in the title), but he has the right to say 'em if he'd like.

Media Takeout posted a pic of Sean in his B'day suit. I can't post that (in all its glory) on this site. But all my fellow meat lovers can check it out by CLICKING HERE.

His face is looking a lil diff. Maybe it's the angle.... Sean, leak another (clear face) pic, please. We need absolute proof. (j/k--LOLOLOL LOL)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Preview of Tomorrow's BBW LA Episode


Is this like a nightmare inside of a nightmare of some shit?

Week after week these women make Draya the focal point. It's the saddest shit I've witnessed in a while.

Check out a sneak peek of the new episode that airs tomorrow night:

We Gots Ta Do Better!! "My EBT" Music Video & The Creators' Explanation

I saw a comment on this vid that reads: "I wish I could wipe my ass with this video". (Ain't dat tha motherfuckin' truth!!)

When this vid hit the 'net I never clicked on n'er link. WTF I wanna see/hear a group of black dudes glorifying the use of welfare for? o.O Yet another "confirmation" of "how us black folk are" for those that don't can't stand us. The type of bullshit I like to avoid at all costs.

Browsing through Bossip's posts I see that these fools sat down with Fox News (of all folks) to explain their dumb ass song/vid. This is the perfect foot in mouth situation when you should just let the dumb shit you said or did run out of steam on its own. Eventually it will be forgotten. Someone give this nigga some free PR advice to SHUT THE FUCK UP! (Or make that double ya sis food stamps on the worth of this advice deal---SMH)

Chek this bull out:

I wish he could buy a new jacket with his EBT card and throw that plastic ass, pleather burgundy shit away.

Here they are on Fox:



These niggas here.

I don't believe for one second that they made this song to shed light on the misuse of food stamps. Y'all believe it? o.O They tried to make a funny and failed. It happens sometimes.


sidenote: If anybody got dem stamps let me get $200 for 1. Hell, I'm willing to give $150 for 2. Whether I save 100 or 50, it's all good wit me. Shiiiiiiiiiiid

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Favors" Solange [Audio]

King B's baby sis is back behind the mic on "Favors". A cute lil track. Solange is nice on the songwriting (as well as fashion, dj'ing and partying... So I've heard on the last two), truthfully.

Take a listen:

HIV-Positive Houston Woman Raped A 12 Year Old Boy [Video]

U know what???!!


This old ass hag is triflin' to da max! Takin' advantage of the (super chunky) boy like that. Shit don't make no damn sense!

Watch the vid:

My Source: Bossip

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Ice Age" The Airplane Boys [Video]

I'd love to see these guys live. (Another one-person campaign on Twitter coming soon--lol)

Click HERE to Download their mixtape titled "Where've You Been"

"Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)" Jay-Z [Video]

Did I ever mention that I will be seeing Jay (and Kanye) Nov 3rd??? Well, I will. I started a one-person campaign (just myself) on Twitter in an attempt to get Jay to perform some of In My Lifetime Vol. 1 when he stops through to entertain us. I promised to tweet him everyday. That's been a FAIL. I think I got to 3 consecutive days. It's been about a week of no tweets. Believe that the tweets WILL resume!! (Oh, they will!)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jackie Christie's Eldest Daughter Blogs!

Ta'kari on the right. Her mother, Jackie Christie on the left.

Oooooohhhhh, FUCK YEAH!!

Y'all know I am all up on Basketball Wives LA. (Da bunch of messy ass, old ass broads!) So, I am always excited to get a lil behind the scenes info on these ladies that think they shit don't stink. Like, when I found out that Imani supposedly had a kid that she abandoned and denied so that she could snag her fiance of 9..10...11 or how ever many years. I was too happy about that one. Especially after she treated Draya the way she did talkin' bout how that girl raises her kid and whatnot. And lo' and behold she ain't a lick better. Not a LICK!!

So, yet another great pretender has been exposed: Jackie Christie.

Her oldest daughter has began a blog airing her mama out to dry, BayBAY! TO. DRY.!! She labels her a narcissist that disrespects her mama (the one she recently lost to cancer--RIP), abandoned her child (the blogger) to chase that ole mighty dolla'!

Shame. As I said, err'body got they skeletons. Jackie need to stop playin'!

CLICK HERE to check out her daughter's site (Ta'kari Lee Christie)

My Source: Miss Jia

"We Found Love" Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris [Audio]

Artists nowadays hop all over the genres, but I must say, someone was really feelin' that "Beautiful People" by Breezy. Inspired. Am I right?.. Am I right?.. LOL

Anyways, I loves some Rihanna.

Decade Long AIDS Riddle Solved By Video Gamers

Recently a group of video gamers assisted scientsits in solving the structure of a retrovirus enzyme that could assist in the fight against AIDS, with an online game known as Foldit. 

After scientists repeatedly failed to piece together the structure of a protein-cutting enzyme from an AIDS-like virus, they called in the Foldit players. The scientists challenged the gamers to produce an accurate model of the enzyme. They did it in only three weeks.
This class of enzymes, called retroviral proteases, has a critical role in how the AIDS virus matures and proliferates. Intensive research is under way to try to find anti-AIDS drugs that can block these enzymes, but efforts were hampered by not knowing exactly what the retroviral protease molecule looks like.
Remarkably, the gamers generated models good enough for the researchers to refine and, within a few days, determine the enzyme's structure. Equally amazing, surfaces on the molecule stood out as likely targets for drugs to de-active the enzyme.
"These features provide exciting opportunities for the design of retroviral drugs, including AIDS drugs," wrote the authors of a paper appearing Sept. 18 in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. The scientists and gamers are listed as co-authors.
Figuring out the shape and misshape of proteins contributes to research on causes of and cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, immune deficiencies and a host of other disorders, as well as to environmental work on biofuels.
Dr. Seth Cooper, of the UW Department of Computing Science and Engineering, is a co-creator of Foldit and its lead designer and developer. He studies human-computer exploration methods and the co-evolution of games and players.
"People have spatial reasoning skills, something computers are not yet good at," Cooper said. "Games provide a framework for bringing together the strengths of computers and humans. The results in this week's paper show that gaming, science and computation can be combined to make advances that were not possible before."
Games like Foldit are evolving. To piece together the retrovirus enzyme structure, Cooper said, gamers used a new Alignment Tool for the first time to copy parts of know molecules and test their fit in an incomplete model.
Seems like there's been a lot of recent progress on this war against HIV/AIDS. In addition to this story I saw a post on another blog about another revelation. Something to do with the omission of cholesterol from cells or something like that. (I may have that all jumbled) But, it's  good to know that it's a steady forward march going on that front. 
And as the old saying goes: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You best believe that one!

My Source: Science Daily

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Footage Of The Infamous Ray J & Fabolous Fight Plus 50 Cent's Eyewitness Account

Pic found @
Third day that I done woke up to a new bit about this damn fight.

Ray says he snuffed Fab and Fab simply fell back (cause he ain't want it).

Fab says he did a son-son move on Ray by jacking him up by his red hoodie and that was that.

And now, the video says.....
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Although I can say that from the audio it corroborates Fab's story of Ray popping off at the lip while touching him and him telling Ray to not touch him. From that point Fab says that Ray shoved him in the chest and he then jacked Ray up. Unfortunately, the video doesn't confirm what happens after the words. Darn!!! We'll never know the truth.

But hold up!!... We've got 50's recount of the events. Click play below to hear his recent interview with Funkmaster Flex.

(7.44 mark for the Fab & Ray issue)

That Fif' is wild! Talkin' about he gave Floyd (Mayweather) "The Talk" before he stepped in the ring with Ortiz. Floyd was a professional boxer. WINNING! Long before 50 ass came along. He need to cut it!

But, Ray had on all red?? Hoodie, shorts and flip flops?!! o.O

So... Ray J did swing! But it ain't land. And that was that. "Fight" done. Ahhhhh!!! So, nobody was punched in the face or jacked up??!

Better vid clip, please!

My source: Miss Info

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Basketball Wives LA: 16th Wedding, Imani Started Hoe'N Early & Draya Throws Shade

Jackie and hubby

Yaaaassssss!!! 16th wedding. Jackie and her boo is so infinitely fuckin' fancy! I tells ya!

I can't front though, one fine day when I'm like... 40 I would like to have a cute lil wedding like that. Just a few of those that I give a fuck about. May just be a cuz or two, my sis, nephews, mama, son and my huuuuuuuussban' and I. (And whoever he invites that I approve of--lol) Kick major money for the suite. That's about it. Trash that motha when we done. (Life of a ROCKSTAR wife. mmm hmm)

Jackie's wedding was cute though. Her terminally ill mother was there via Skype (or something like that). That was sweet. Where would we be without technology?? But I'll tell you who wasn't there. DRAYA DRAYA DRAYA!!! And I blames her NONE! Jackie ain't want her there no damn how.

After an entire episode last week of "Should I invite Draya"s and looking for everyone else's approval of the girl, Jackie was hella butthurt about Draya's blatant show of disrespect by NOT hopping her ass on a plane or in her car to make the trek to Vegas to witness the 16th Union of Jack and her hubby. I do mean Rah'HeeLAAAYYY!! Spare me! Jackie is too old for this shit. If a bitch is going around asking OTHER PEOPLE if she should invite me to her event or not, I'm not going. Obviously she don't want me there. If she did, she would make that decision on her own. No matter who don't like it. And if she ain't grown enough to make that decision on her own I ain't tryna be associated with her ass in no way shape or form anyway! Feel me. 

So, once the vows and crying was all said and done Jackie and the rest of the cast were in a room talkin' and suddenly she realizes that lil Ms. Draya ain't in attendance. "Where's Draya?!" a shocked Jackie asks. I'll tell you where Draya was. And noooooo she wasn't laid up drunk in the bed with 5 guys as Jackie said could have been a possibility. She was getting that bald eagle (lady wax) special with her real homies by her side. (LLS) I wish I could high-five Dray. That was the right move to make. F*ck dem old ass, bitter hoes. Wanna control every damn thang! Even the bitches they don't like. Uggh!

I thought I was gonna just die when I saw dude crimpin' Jackie's old Phony Pony(tail) on the morning of her wedding. Why don't she throw that thang out and let them damn edges breathe?! Luckily, she pulled it up into a bun. If she woulda rocked that ponytail onto the makeshift altar..!!!!! Um!

Lakesha (I refuse to call that girl Malaysia) actually was the one to let the cat out the bag to Draya that Jackie was really second-guessing her invite to the wedding. She went to see Draya on a photoshoot (probably for King magazine I'm guessing). Draya was talking about she was going to be a little more conservative or whatever in that shoot. Now, I fucks wit' lil Draya, but does she not know the meaning of conservative or classy or whatever the hell she described that shoot as?? The girl was in bra and panties and heels. Okay. She need to stop playin'. Talkin' about sometimes you have to change it up. Ain't about showing ya booty all the time. Hunn'ay chillllllle! That girl crazy.

And Ms. Imani. She met with Lakesha to enjoy a walk and gelatis. They got to know one another.<Pause> Oooh WOW! When you a grown ass woman, why the hell you want to get to know another grown ass woman?! You should already have your circle of friends (or lack thereof) on lock by then. Now, if you meet a chick and y'all vibe and can kick it like that, so be it. But they be talkin' like they going on dates and weeding through potential suitors and shit. Dang! But, anyways, Imani reveals that she left home when she was 14. This proves that this bitch has absolutely NO ROOM to talk about nobody! I know of a few folks that left home before the age of 17. Girls that do that shit... Turned out huzzies! And y'all know I ain't lyin' either! That's not to say that they don't mature and become a better woman than they were a girl. Cause everyone has their past, but I'm sayin'... Imani popped all that shit about what kind of girl Draya is and here she is trying to live the life of a grown up at the age of 14. I just want her to stop talkin' shit with all them skeletons in her closet.

(Moving on...)

Gloria was working with a group of youth girls on their basketball skills. Her fiance (Matt Barnes) and Jackie's hubby came out to help support and share some of their knowledge with the girls. Gloria was acting like a straight bitch! Hollerin' on them girls and shit. Going extremely overboard. Even Matt was like... WHOA! They were referring to her as some coach. That joke totally went over my head. I have no clue who they were talking about. 'Parently he must be a dick. She ain't have to talk to them girls like that. AT ALL! I hope somebody mama or big sister set her ass straight.

Laura Govan
Laura still look weird as fuck. Kimsha ain't been seen since Lakesha whipped Laura's ass at brunch. And Tonya ain't been spotted since the opening credits of the episode directly following that!! But that ole lispy ass, shit startin' Suzie found her way on this episode. What's going on, really??

Bad Girls Club Season 7: Nastasia Shows Her True (Eye) Colors And Creole Judi's Antics Writes A Check Dat Ass Can't Cash

If you watched Bad Girls Club last night you may have been pleasantly surprised by Nastasia's actions. (Not really so pleasantly, but you know what I'm sayin'.) For her to be the chick with the loudest and the most mouth she ain't 'bout shit. AT ALL!!

Shelly was still mad about the fact that her and Angie's beds were flipped and tossed all around when they got back in from their lil jail visit the last episode. She and Angie decided that it was most likely Nastasia that fucked with their shit and they wanted revenge. (Let the pranks begin)

Shelly got the grand idea to fuck with Nastasia's bleach. I guess that was so that 'Stasi couldn't use it to destroy any of their property (bleaching clothes and whatnot)?? (I don't know..) So, Angie got the bleach and tried to fill the container back up with water after Shelly poured it out. Because the bathroom sink was so small she wasn't able to get water into it  so she decided to put it in a little wicker box and close the lid on it.

Nastasia went berserk!! I'ma do this and I'm do that!! Who fucked with my bleach?! A bitch better return my bleach or I'm retaliating on err'body!! Same ole lame ass threats she been throwing since day one.

And the second prank: Shelly poured eye makeup remover in Nastasia's contact case. After telling Angie what she did, Angie told her to pour it out because it could fuck with Nastasia's eyes. Shelly poured it out and replaced it with water. Nastasia smelled the contacts upon opening the case and noticed that they ain't smell right. Boy, she went on a hollerin'/screamin' 'bout again! Hitting everything BUT a person. Talkin' to herself aloud saying shit like, "I'm bout to call my dad and ask him if he got bail money." Crying... Threatening... Getting laughed at. *Sigh**

Nastasia be the first bitch always making a statement like, "They know better." or "That couldn't be me." or "If they did that to me..." Okay. Now a bitch done tried ya. And now what? You ain't fighting like you've encouraged others to do on past episodes. You ain't doing nothing by crying and yelling. Please do stop that shit.

Shelly actually did admit that she was the one that poured her bleach out. 'Stasi did what???... Nothing! But wasn't she poppin' off at the lip talkin' bout what she was gonna do if her shit wasn't replaced? And what she'd do to the person that fucked with it? Yeah. I believe she was. And as Shelly pointed out, she is always hollerin' about "Be a woman and confess." Yet she ain't tell them that she was the one to fuck with their beds though. Even after Shelly (wo)manned up and confessed to the bleach thing.

I was already developing a dislike for her when she tried that ole lame shit with Angie, basically telling her to not be cool with the other chicks because she (Nastasia) didn't like 'em. After her bitchass shit last night..?? (It's a wrap)

And has she convinced anyone that she got them wack ass contacts that Shelly fucked up special-made? No?.. I ain't think so. Couple that with the fact that colored contacts is like soooooo 90's and we got the weakest motherfuckin' link! I really need her to sit down. Actin' like it was killing her to replace them with some shit from the beauty supply. I suspect that she got the first damn pair from the beauty supply. Wasn't a damn thing special about 'em. And question... If she really got them from the doc why she ain't have other pairs? Were they old ass hard contacts that last a damn lifetime or something? I wear contacts (no colors for me. I'm just extremely vision impaired). And in the box comes 8 lenses. That's per box. Each eye. If one pair gets fucked up, I got 7 mo' pair. Girrrrrrrlllll stooooooooooooooppp!

But seriuosly, it really hurts me to know that at one time Nastasia (and Tiara) was my fave. I thought 'Stasi was so real. SMH. NOT!!! And that's horrible.

The show wasn't entirely about 'Stasi though last night. Creole Judi got a lil beef going on with Priscilla. And I'm not really too sure where this stems from. But, she put that huge roach in Priscilla's bed last episode and this episode she was fuckin' with the girl while she was on the phone, telling her to "shut the fuck up" and calling her names and shit. In the foyer they got into a little shoving match. Tasha came from nowhere tryin' to get up on Judi and Nastasia was right there in the midst talkin' about they ain't going to jump CJ. Tasha (who should have never involved herself from jump) got a nail broken and she went crazy kicking at Judi and trying to hit the girl. That scene was chaotic but at the same time very slow. Some punches were thrown. If any landed... I have no idea.

Security (or whoever) came out to break it up. The girls continued to holler at each other until Priscilla and Tasha went off to a hotel for the night.

But things were far from over for Creole Jude. She got this wild idea to pour cereal and milk on Priscilla. She told Nastasia and Tiara her plan. And here go 'Stasi (forever da SiceMaster™) "I'ma be laughin' all like AHHHHHHHH!!!" Right. Where was that laughter when they fucked with yo shit though? (This bitch is killin' me for realz!) And see, that's what I mean about her. She is always sicin' shit up and encouraging others to do shit but she doesn't do none of the shit she suggests to others when she is in the same situation. She did pull a Eric (Williams) on Shelly at dinner that one time. But that's one time out of how many??? C'mon now.

At the end of the episode Creole Judi poured milk and cereal in a pot and threw it on a sleeping Priscilla. Amazingly, Priscilla stayed in bed for like a super long time. Long enough for Judi to go back downstairs and eat and then come back up, all the while hollering for Priscilla to come do something about that "Breakfast in bed". And even more amazingly, P ain't come out swingin'. They did the little arguing thing in the hall and before you know it, they both got a hold of one another's hair and punches are being thrown. Looks like P had the upper hand there. Ain't nothing worse than fuckin' with a bitch first and gettin' yo ass WHIPPED! Especially if it all goes down on national tv!

That's basically where we are left. And I'm damn tired of these fuckin' cliffhanger episodes. Either save the entire fight for the following episode or show the entire fight on the current episode. NO MORE beginning of fight on current episode and mid and end of fight the next damn week. I'ma tune in regardless every Monday. (Along with hundreds of thousands of others) Why does Oxygen feel the need to string us along. I'm speaking for us all when I say: CUT THAT SHIT OUT!

Also on this episode Tiara and Angie made up and hugged it out. Creole Judi sort of got that back together. Nice. Especially after Angie admitted that she missed Tiara and the good times they'd shared prior to that fateful night in the limo. And didn't Judi tell Nastasia that the lil contact prank Shelly pulled was attempted murder? (I think I heard dat right) That girl.. SMH.

 I can't wait for the reunion! I will be sending Perez Hilton some questions via Twitter. LOL (I'm so dead serious)

Fabolous' Response To Ray J With DJ Clue

Now, we all heard Gangsta Baby Ray's side of the story yesterday on the Breakfast Club. Since then Fabolous spoke to "The only one that can squash this" (as Ray has said), DJ Clue. And I believe Fab's account of the situation so much more than I do Ray's. (Speaking of which I must sit down and analyze Ray's whole lil interview/call thingy. Put it on vid and slap it on Youtube. So much was said that was sooooo wrong!! lol)

Anyway, listen as Fab says Ray was "high..coked up or on pills." He says that Ray was even cool with the living room concerts joke, but somewhere between seeing him initially and their next lil run into each other, Ray had a change of heart and came at Fab while he was with "The Money Team". Fab was completely caught off guard and believes "that nigga was on that Whitney last night."

From that call we heard yesterday morning, I can't say that I'd disagree on that point.

And Fab keeps the jokes rollin', tellin' that boy to clean himself up. LOL

Click HERE for Ray's version of the events

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Finito" NORE ft Lil Wayne & Pharrell [Video]

The N-O-R-E and Neptunes collabo!!! Reminds me of '98...9-9. Kinda nice.

Ray J Gets Gully Gully On The Line With The Breakfast Club (Talks About Supposed Fight With Fabolous)

Told y'all I would be back with an update. Here is Ray J talkin' cash money SH*T on the Breakfast Club: (Click the play button at ya own risk. When I say he talkin' big Sh*t! ... He talkin' big sh*t!!)

Did that boy say he gonna get his homies that like niggas to rape dat nigga??? (Alrighty den!)

Fabolous And Ray J Got Ta SKrappin'??!

pic found at
This is all news to me. When and why was they even beefin' from the jump? WOW! All news.

Y'all know I faithfully tune in to The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 via iHeart Radio. And they mentioned a fight that supposedly went down between Ray J and Fabolous this weekend in Las Vegas. I had to research this one.

I found this over on Necole Bitchie's site:

The hear say first started on Twitter after a fan wrote: "Just saw Ray J and Fabolous throw blows backstage at theconcert in Vegas," while another tweets, "So @RayJ just punched @myfabolouslife about some dumb stuff but Fab whooped his a** backstage."

Unlike the Mayweather bout, fans won’t get to see the alleged fight on 
video. Reports have it that security guards forced all onlookers to delete any footage.

The beef between Ray J and Fab spiked a few days ago after Fab made Ray J the blunt of his jokes on Twitter.

"N**ga Ray J doin a concert in his living room," wrote Fab, adding, "Nah but Floyd [Mayweather] saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing "One Wish" on the piano had me in tears." 

Apparently Ray J’s camp didn’t find the jokes funny and a compadre retaliated for the R&B crooner, firing threats at Fab and any other naysayers.


Well, DAMN! Ray J will be on The Breakfast Club at 9:30 this morning with his side of this story. I'll be back with an update!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Mr. Nice Watch" J. Cole ft. Jay-Z [Audio]

Pic Found at

What In Tha F*ck?!: Louis Vuitton Condom??? has a post today about this supposed Louis Vuitton condom that's going for $68 a pop. And as with EVERYTHING I come across on that page, I had to do my own lil research on this. I went to the source: Searched "condom". NOTHING!! As I suspected.

Really. Who the fuck is going to pay $68 for a motherfuckin' condom??!! No one that I know. Half of y'all reading this shit won't even spring $12 on an entire box! So, I know good and well...

IF these condoms ever see the light of day, I predict that those purchasing them will be: RAPPERS and those that like to pretend that they have the cash to try to live a life like a multi-platinum rapper. I can just imagine Tony from the block now, showing everybody his Louis Vuitton condom (still in the package) and meanwhile his mama lights are about to be cut off and his kid needs some shoes.

SMH. I wish all this broke fuckery would cease!

"Thinking About You" Frank Ocean [Video]

'Bout time we get a vid to accompany my fave lil ballad of the time (Well, this and "1+1" are neck and neck). Sometimes I put this on repeat just 'cause.

Ummm....... Okay.

That Frank (playing the doctor/nurse) sure 'nuff is a lil cutie!

And I should be a video director. They get to put together the concepts, right?.. Whatever position has that duty... Thats what I should be. I had a totally different visual in mind for this one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Private Garden" Idris Elba--Music [Video]

Mr. Elba... Mr. Elba...


Idris is about to single-handedly erase his sex appeal from my memory! This song is like something from the mid-90's (the vid too. Think Fugees "Ready or Not") Neo-Soulish kinda thing going on. My man looks awkward in the vid and the lyrics are so basic and I'm really just.... having difficulty even taking this seriously.

I'm sure that Idris has no plans on attempting a career in the music field. This is most likely just something he did in his spare time. Playing around in a field that he has love for. I admire that. I just don't think we (the public) should have ever gotten a glimpse of this right here though:

Private Garden from Crystle Clear Roberson on Vimeo.

My Source: Bossip

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Hair Laid LIIIIIKKKEE... (Videos For a Good Laugh)

....Basketball Wives LA!

OMG! I love this boy! He is hilarious and oh, so truthful!! Subscribe to his channel (Funky Dineva)!!!

Basketball Wives LA has left a bad taste in err'body's mouth! Them grown ass ladies are a real mess!

...A White Woman!!

Did he say "Don't nobody want no hot coochie you done walked on all day!"??? LMAO I'm too through with that one. SMH

And the introductory singing!!! LOLz

"Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)" Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000 [Video]

Lloyd gets all Bruno (Mars)-y on us with this one. (Wonder if Bruno wrote this.) It's a cute lil song. 3 Thou' nor Weezy appears in the vid though (that kinda sucks). Buuuutttttttt, Wayne Brady makes a cameo and Lloyd pulls out some James Brown fancy footwork and splits.

My Source: Miss Info

Basketball Wives LA: Welcome To The Draya Show!!

Goodnessssssss!!! I really would like a count of how many times "Draya" was said on last night's episode of Basketball Wives LA! I ain't lyin'. If the episode ain't annoy me so much, I'd watch it again and tally mark the shit my damn self! I know it was well over 30 times! That shit is just so stupid! These ladies need a life! (Which says a lot for me because I'm wasting my precious time watching them do a whole lot of No-Life shit---Whhhyyyyy??? And I won't stop. lol)

All the ladies were really rubbed the wrong way by Draya at the BET Awards party that she hosted. They were saying that she was talking crazy and shaking her ass all around them. What the hell?!! It's a fuckin' party! You supposed to shake ya ass! It appears that Draya was enjoying herself and trying to make the best of the stank ass 'tudes that she was surrounded by. I saw nothing wrong with her behavior.

Imani, Ms. Pot (calling the kettle black), got her chance to sit Draya down to pry into Draya's business. She did apologize to Draya for calling her "worthless" at the Passion Party. That was nice, I suppose, but it was only right. She was so far outta line with that one. After apologies were all said and done she got right down to business asking the girl about her son being taken away from her and reports that her home was dirty and the kid was feeding himself and this that and tha 3rd... Draya told her that the stories weren't true and she felt as though the media was trying to pick at her because she was dating Chris Brown at the time and the media's hate for him (beating Rihanna) spilled over to her.

Now, that, I don't know about. I understand how they may try to pick on you, but if your shit is in order, there would be nothing to find. Obviously, there was something awry as far as her household goes and her son is concerned, but WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, IMANI, to sit there as if you're the damn judge of all judges talkin' 'bout she didn't answer the questions straight and you're still not convinced and you gotta go home and think some things over?!!! What is there to think over?! Worry 'bout the kid that you hid from your lifelong fiance. Think that shit over. It takes a special kind of woman to deny her child. A real speacial, trash type of bitch to do that kind of shit. And that's Imani.  CLICK HERE for the post with Imani's laundry aired out!!!

Then we got Jackie with this sick ass, frail ponytail planning her next wedding to her husband (of 16 years, I think she said). The entire episode, "Should I invite Draya?... "You think I should invite Draya?" Everybody she spoke to got asked that question. "Draya. Draya. Draya!!!!" Got damn! Hop the fuck off already! It seems to me like the entire damn wedding is dependent upon Draya's attendance. Sheesh! Oddly enough, Imani, tries to back out of her hateration a bit and tells Imani that she should give Draya a chance. I was surprised by that. And she even told Jackie that she felt as though Draya was cool at the lil bachelorette party. And last night Imani even tweeted that she and Draya has become friends over the course of the past few months. (How sweet. Found out y'all more alike than not, huh?)

Speaking of that damn bachelorette party: That male stripper needs to get the hellz on some damn where! Not appealing AT ALL!! Appears that he focused a bit too much on the arms and not enough on the chest and gut. **BARFFFF* So not cute! And I don't like the fact that Jackie was cool with everyone else's gifts, which included edible g-strings, vibrator, panties equipped with a vibrator, etc. But, before she even opened Draya's gift she was all like "Ohhhhh... What's this??" Side-eyein' and all. Draya gave her a pocket vajayjay and some sort of lube. She says that it was a gift more so for the husband's pleasure. Jackie was all like, "That's going in the garbage.. It's inappropriate." Really?? Inappropriate?? But it's cool to lick some shit from between somebody's cheeks (edible g-string) though?! o.O I mean.. Are you into this shit or aren't you. Whichever way the answer sways is cool, but treat all the gifts and givers the same. It's annoying as hell that these grown ass women continue to single Draya out!

Ain't see none of Ms. Tonya on this episode.

Bad Girls Club Season 7: How Many Times Can Two Bad Girls Fight In 24 Hours???!

I'll tell ya. Many. Many fuckin' many.  (Sheesh!)

That damn Tiara and Angie.... Woooo! T was feelin' froggy as hell last night. Was jumping on that girl every damn chance she got. The shit was wild. I mean... It was all good just a week ago. (Well, it actually started going sour a week ago, but y'all know what I'm sayin'.)

This week's episode began with fighting. Right where last week left off. All the girls were in the limo on their way home from a night at the club. Judi annoys Shelly by talking. Shelly throws a full cup of drink on Judi. ***And this is where I pause for a moment*** Shelly. Throws a drink. On. Judi. **And back it up again*** SHELLY THROWS A DRINK... Shelly. The same bitch that called Nastasia classless because she threw a drink on Shelly. The same bitch that sat there after the drink was thrown on her and did absolutely NOTHING. Yes. This is the same Shelly. So what??...Throwing drinks is classy this week or something? Or does this mean that you realized you have no class either?? (oop!)

...Judi throws a drink back on her and I guess that drink splashed on Angie too. Angie then throws her drink back on Judi and then hops up and tries to hit Judi??? I guess that's what she was aiming to do. It was such a chaotic scene I have no idea what the hell went on after Angie hopped up out her seat. I do know all the girls got out the limo. Nastasia and Angie were fussing. I guess somewhere in there Tiara and 'Stasia tried to jump on Angie in the limo??.. It was a pure mess.

Cops came on the scene and ordered the girls that had went back into the limo out. Cops tried to pull Angie out and here goes Shelly tryna be Captain SAVE A HO, grabbing all on the cops. They threw her ass down to the ground and slapped cuffs on her. Then Angie was slapped in cuffs. Shelly starts crying and shit. Angie told her to stop cryin'. LMAO Shelly, the big, badass. Crying. That was funny. She went home and whined about her night in jail to her stepmom. Her stepmama patiently waited for her to finish her story and then told her she had to get off the phone. THAT WAS FUNNY!! I am sure they are used to Shelly and her PITY PARTY bullshit! It's only been a few weeks and I'm used to it. That shit's annoying.

Once home from their night in jail, Angie and Shelly saw the mess that Tiara and Nastasia made of their beds. Angie threw on the sweats and went in search of the culprits. Her and T gets ta sKrappin' in Tiara's bedroom. The fight is broken up. The fight resumes in the hall. Then that is broken up. And the final fight was while enjoying (I guess) some male strippers. Let me first say that them strippers were....?? Uhhhhhh... Not okay. At all. (What was with the male strippers on these reality shows last night? Basketball Wives stripper was bad too. o.O)

So, as I mentioned, Tiara was just ready to pounce on the poor girl since the morning of her release from the local precinct. Angie was telling Shelly and Tasha that she felt like she she needed a straight jacket. Here comes Tiara: "You don't need a straight jacket!!"... Just messin' with the girl.  Tiara had already gotten the best of her at least twice before. There's nothing left to prove. Just let it go already!!! But nooooooo. Couldn't let it go. They get fighting AGAIN!! This time Angie is left with scratches on her face. Shelly is all like, "You don't mess with a girl's face." Shelly shut the hell up. Just the fact that they are getting physical with each other at all is fucked up! Scratches on the face don't make the situation any worse. It's a fuckin' fight!! She coulda got a bloody nose or black eye. It comes with the fuckin' territory! AGAIN: It's a fight! Not a damn tea party! (This bitches... I tell ya. SMH)

It's just wild how they even got to this point.Angie thinks that Nastasia and Tiara were mad at the fact that she was cool with the other girls (Priscilla, Tasha and Shelly) and that's why they came at her like that. All super mad over a drink accidentally getting on them when she threw that drink at Judi. I'm feelin' her on that point. If I am friends with someone it's going to take more than liquid intended for someone else to get me to the point of wanting to fight my friend. I'm just sayin'. Look at Snooki and Deena. They accidentally started fighting each other during the chaos in the club the other night. But they are true friends. They understood that hair was accidentally pulled and punches were accidentally thrown. They kissed and hugged. See. True friends. Providing good ass entertainment. LOL

Fashion week was going on in New Orleans. Priscilla, Tasha and Angie walked in a lingerie fashion show for a local boutique. Bless their hearts. Ain't none of 'em know how to work a catwalk. They were walking like they was starring in an Old Navy commercial or some shit. It was just HORRIBLE!! (Believe me.)

Just two more points before I leave this post:

1. Shelly pops shit from afar too much for me. Wants to holler out shit from her room to people all the way down the hall and shit. And all that shit she talked about having somebody damn back, she ain't once step up for lil Angie when Tiara jumped on that ass.


Tiara is vicious with that damn makeup, ain't she??! She goes from a 3 to about a 7 JUST LIKE DAT! *snaps** Get it gurrrrlll!