Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jackie Christie's Eldest Daughter Blogs!

Ta'kari on the right. Her mother, Jackie Christie on the left.

Oooooohhhhh, FUCK YEAH!!

Y'all know I am all up on Basketball Wives LA. (Da bunch of messy ass, old ass broads!) So, I am always excited to get a lil behind the scenes info on these ladies that think they shit don't stink. Like, when I found out that Imani supposedly had a kid that she abandoned and denied so that she could snag her fiance of 9..10...11 or how ever many years. I was too happy about that one. Especially after she treated Draya the way she did talkin' bout how that girl raises her kid and whatnot. And lo' and behold she ain't a lick better. Not a LICK!!

So, yet another great pretender has been exposed: Jackie Christie.

Her oldest daughter has began a blog airing her mama out to dry, BayBAY! TO. DRY.!! She labels her a narcissist that disrespects her mama (the one she recently lost to cancer--RIP), abandoned her child (the blogger) to chase that ole mighty dolla'!

Shame. As I said, err'body got they skeletons. Jackie need to stop playin'!

CLICK HERE to check out her daughter's site (Ta'kari Lee Christie)

My Source: Miss Jia

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