Monday, October 31, 2011

Drake's Take Care Tracklist

Aww, DAMN!!! Lookin' like I just may drop my first ever "In support of big head Drake" dollazz. Look at this tracklist:

..Minaj, Weezy, 3 STAXXX, Ri Ri... *sigh****

... I...Just..MIGHT..... Just. might.

"So Gone (What My Mind Says)" Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall

Jilly from Philly is lookin' HAWT!! "Slim Jim" Sir Wall ain't lookin' too bad either! This vid was shot well.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy Lady Gets Physical With Usher [VIDEO] reports that Usher parked in a handicap spot and this random lady with a teacher's 'fit from the 80's went NUTZ!! (Right in front of her husband and crying kid. o.O )

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Party" Beyonce ft. J. Cole [Video]

Is this why they waited so long release this video?? (The J. Cole feature) Wasn't his thing shot like 6 damn months ago?! Before "Countdown" and that other recent video... Does Andre not do videos anymore or something? He didn't appear in that recent Lloyd vid either. That sucks!!

However, the video is nice. (Even though J's verse is so uggghhh compared to 3 Thous').

Just A Lil Note: Why So Few Posts & More

I am sure someone out there has noticed that my posts have gotten more and more sporadic. And less thought out when I finally do post!! It's true. With so much going on in my life I had to drop something. I couldn't be either source of income, my household or (itty bitty) social life. And thus, the unconscious decision was made that this site... MY BABY... MY THERAPY... would have to falter a bit.

For the last 2 weeks or more, I wake up everyday and plan to blog. During my work day, I plan to squeeze in a post or two, but most days that never happens. At work (full-time) there was an electronic application due by September 30th. Along with that e-app is a paper form that must be completed and signed. Guess who has the pleasure of opening all those envelopes. You guessed right! MEEE! (and 2 of the 3 other people in my department. But let's focus on ME. Okay...) And I mean, these folks that submit these applications are a bit NUTS-o! Overkill shit like, an envelope inside of a plastic sleeve that's inside of envelope with a bubble wrapped lining. You'd think they were sending in some Top Secret shit or something. Come the hell on! Y'all aint' gotta open this mess. Be fuckin' considerate!

And then once all these forms are all nice and opened, we must stamp them with the post marked date (or date received if none is available). Then we sit down at our computers and log each form as being received, along with the date. THEEEEENNNNNN comes more manual labor... Sorting each form by state, then by institution's ID. At this point we are done with sorting them by state. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Thank you, Lord!) Did I mention that it's like 5,000 forms?? Did. I. Mention. THAT?! Whew!!

So, basically, two weeks prior to the September 30th deadline, the same 200-300 of these (5k) folks submitting, calls everyday, several times a day for assistance. Some questions are valid, while majority are NOT! It's an application and a report all-in-one. What's an application?... Everyone that fills out any type of app knows wtf it's for, right? Just answer the damn questions!!! When you are asked to report on some shit that YOU have been involved with all the prior year long.... JUST REPORT THE SHIT!! Why call every damn day with a new question?!!


Caller:  For Question number 6 on Part 5 of the application, what are you guys looking for?
ME: Okaaaaayyyyy... That question asks how much of the funds spent in that program, did your institution contribute....

(SILENCE)...I'm trying to give this caller the chance to understand the question. Maybe they read wrong or something.. The funds are comprised of gov't money and institution money.... (ya'll get it, right?)

Caller: Okaaaaaayyy, sooooo....

THIS IS THE PART WHERE I WANNA SCREAM!!!!! Instead I say something like...

ME: Ma'am, we do not have access to your books. Review your records. However much your institution actually spent on this program, is the number you should place on line 6 for Part 5.

<<40 minutes later.... Same caller....>>>

Caller: Hey. (laughs) I just spoke with you!... About question 6 on Part 5.... Well, I'm still on Part 5. Question 7....

ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!! And 100 other folks like this caller called about a 100,000 times within 2 weeks asking the most common sense questions ever!! I complain, but at the same time, a job is a blessing! Through it all, I remain mindful of this. Plus, the fact that we are so not busy for at least 10 months out of the year, keeps me grounded. I wasn't able to blog many days, but I'm still eating, ya know.

Many of my nights are spent at my part-time till 10pm or so... They still a random sack of hot messes. (ain't shit gonna change). My son is getting older and that's more of a scary thought than a welcoming one. Parenthood is hard. Especially when it's alone. But I ain't cryin'. Karma's real.

I have a 3 month old nephew that I got a chance to spend a weekend with for the 2nd time since he was a few weeks old, just last weekend. My mom and sis was in town. It was nice. Good to have love and familiarity around.

And recently two things just popped in my head. Things to continue to be mindful of throughout life.

  1. Don't Listen To Other Folks And Take What They Say As Truth. Form Your Own Opinions!!-- I listened to Wayne's The Carter IV for the first time this weekend. AND I LIKE IT!!! The first day it dropped the 'net was buzzing about how awful it is! There was even a TT on Twitter about it (Things better/worse than the carter IV). Y'all remember that?... Production was pretty nice as well as the flow from what I heard. Lyrically, I can't say. I only heard the album front to end once. I ain't really pick up on the lyrics. But I can say that I'm a bit mad that I been missing out on that album this whole time all because of some shit somebody else said. (And I pride myself on Not being that person. t'ha!) SHAME! smh
  2. I ain't sure if it's human nature or what, but It's So Easy To Focus on Flaws & The Negative--- And it ain't just me. Everybody does it. In many cases, that's pure bullshit!! For instance, grandma taught me and Donnie how to make grilled cheese sandwiches that time. And she taught me how to make pancakes from scratch. Just water, flour, egg and oil. See that shit. Ain't all bad. She favored some much more than others, (and her kids had issues with the lady), but what can ya do?? And my dad... A WHOLE LOT negative with that situation. Hard to even recall a good. That ain't make him no less my dad and I loved him. So, that's a good right there (I feel as though). Two people that are gone that I focused on all the wrong things about while they were here. I made up my mind today that that's silly.

Will I change now that I (have once again) recognized the err of my ways?? I'ma consciously try, although I can say that I have this thing for writing people off. I'm sure it's a defense mechanism. Probably for good reason, but I've been thinking that's not all what it's cracked up to be.

And that, ladies and gentlemen.. was a brief moment of... Idk... Just wtf been going on with me and in my mind lately....

Oh yeah... this lil nigga got me on an emotional roller coaster. It's always the ones you take for a complete joke that send yo ass for a loop. **le sigh**

Anyways, bear with me for another week or two while work busts my ass. (Employment is a blessing) And hopefully, posting will resume to a regular, daily thing at that time. If not... I don't know what to tell y'all.

Meanwhile here's a picture of.....


...In my favorite flannel!! A fall/winter staple. I'm working on a fall/winter fashion post. Booties, boots, jackets, scarves, gloves... As I said, bear with me.

Cat From BGC 5 & Drake???... (Who Knew? o.O)

...WaitDaMINUTE!!!! (I act like I'm 'posed to know err' damn thang under the sun.....) I DID NOT EVA know that Miss Cattaya and Drake were once an item!! o.O This may have everything to do with the fact that I'm nowhere close to being a Drake fan. Or.... It could just be because I DON'T know every damn thang, (as I once thought--lol).

So, he includes her in a song and she speaks about their relationship on the air with a Philly radio station.  And I hate to spoil shit, but she says that Drake got it going on behind closed doors.

Hmmmm... Drake, you want another fan, by chance? LMAO. Just joshin'.

"One Up For Love" Boyz II Men [Video]

I found this "One Up For Love" vid by Boyz II Men on the side of Monica's latest video on Youtube. I love(d) me some them!! Of course I clicked on it.... *SIGH***

I see what they tryna do here. I don't like it. Nice message and all, but uh.... Can we have a good ole ballad, pleeeeeassse??? (Thank youuu.)

"Until It's Gone" Monica [Video]

It's always refreshing to hear from Miss Monica. She's one of the true talents left in this Pop World. I like the song and vid. Besides, she's giving us a lil young MJB (Mary J Blige) in one of the scenes:

"I'm On Fire" Ludacris ft. Big K.R.I.T [Audio]

Luda is set to drop a mixtape on November 15th. I like this track. Just last week I 'damn near lost all faith in Ludacris when I heard a song with him and Gucci Mane (that is also on this upcoming 'tape), called "Shake and Fries". I laughed so hard for the minute that I gave it. 

Click Here if you are interested in checking that out. (Don't say I didn't warn you though.)

My Source: Miss Info

"Lost Ones" J. Cole [Video]

J. Cole touches on the taboo topic of abortion with "Lost Ones; giving both a man and a woman's perspective. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Ghetto" Terius Nash (bka The Dream) ft. Big Sean [Video]

"What Dreams Are Made Of" Pusha T [Audio]

Starts off a bit Ricky Rozay-ish. A nice cut from Pusha. And as we ALLLL know, anytime I mention Push, (whom I've been a fan of since his Clipse days), I gotta mention the cornrows..... o.O

**quietly chants: Cut 'em off! Cut 'em off!! (Really)

Ashanti Performs Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" & "I Will Always Love You"

Look at what da fuck I found over on

This... (I ain't tryna call the girl out her name and shit so I'll say) GIRL!!! Ain't have no motherfreakin' biz tryin' that shit! Whitney Houston?? o.O Bitch try some Keyshia Cole covers or somethin'. That right there was horrible! And then her wack ass fans (had to be either that or some paid bitches) in the audience sicin' that ass up. Hollerin' and screamin' and shit. She ain't hittin' dem notes! She ain't even tappin' em. This shit is horrible and has fucked up my next 20 minutes of life. It gets that much because I love music and real talent too much to not allow this vid to do so..... 'KAY?!

And I was just starting to respect 'Shanti for her fashion and love for her man. Even though Nelly denied that girl till he was blue in the face, she still rode it out with him. Woop wOOp to all the down ass (silly ass) beyotches. But, I must say that lil bit of respect is about to be washed back out to sea by this wave of blatant disrespect for a real art and (my 80's auntie) Whitney "Crack is a cheap drug" Houston.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Party" (Remix) Beyonce ft. J. Cole

The replacement of Andre 3 Stacks with J. Cole. Not so much. I don't understand this remix. Not feeling it. Wasn't gonna post it, but y'all might wanna hear this mess. (smh)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love & Hip Hop Season 2: Fights, Fights, Fights!!

Season I Promo Pic.

I watched like an episode and a 1/4 of VH1's Love and Hip Hop,  Season I. That was only b/c of Somaya's uhhhh... lack of talent on the mic. LMAO!! That girl is horrible!!! (And funny as all hell!) I loves me some good ole comedy. (Who don't?!) However, the fact that all them ladies are delusional???... *side-eye*** I wasn't wastin' my time. I got enough bull that time's wasted on. ('kay.)

......That was last season's feelings. After watching this VH1 trailer of Season 2, I gotta say that I will be watching. These ladies are wizz'ziiiiillllld! Check this mess out:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One-Eyed Albino Shark Found!!

An Albino cyclops shark. That's what you're looking at. According to reports, this fetus was cut from a female dusky shark caught in the Gulf of California this summer. Creepy-lookin' lil thang, it is. A tad unreal, but proven to be authentic.

Direct from CBS News:

Shark researchers have examined the preserved creature and found that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue, they said last week. It's unlikely, however, that the malformed creature would have survived outside the womb.
"This is extremely rare," shark expert Felipe Galvan Magana of Mexico's Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar told the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog in July. "As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded."

"N*ggas In Paris" (Freestyle) Chris Brown ft. T-Pain [Video]

Seems like just yesterday (probably was for real) that Breezy tweeted about the coming of this video. And víola... Here it is:

Chris Brown FT. T-Pain - Niggas in Paris(freestyle) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

"We Found Love" Rihanna [Video]

This video is sooo HAWT!!! I dub it best vid of 2011. (Have I already given another video that title?... I think maybe "Otis"... Well, this trumps it.)

Rihanna on WhoSay

"Down For Whatever" Kelly Rowland [Video]

Check out Kelly's latest dance track "Down For Whatever":

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj Impersonates (Her Mentor??) Lil Wayne

The fake dreads are on it!! (Ain't dey?!)


Obviously, Lil Wayne do a lot of repeating and speaking of himself in 3rd person, huh? o.O LMAO

No, seriously.. I'm CTFU.

"Kill yoself, fool....Kill yoself."

"Criminal" Britney Spears [Video]

Can't we all just relate to these lyrics?? (Mama, I'm in love with a criminal..All reason aside, I love this guy) C'mon!! I know it ain't just me. o.O

Brit looks good! The video complements the song well. There is a robbery scene as well as a steamy, all-flesh shower scene. And Britney's fragrances and (not so great) acting make lil cameos. In all, I really like this vid. Check it out below:

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My Source: Too Fab via TMZ

Shia Labeouf Catches A Lil Beat Down In The Streets of Canada

After being kicked out of a Vancouver bar, Shia Labeouf is beaten to the ground by an overweight, shirtless dude. Why big boy had to do all that cuteness that-a-way?? 

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

My Source: TMZ

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Love On Top" Beyonce [Video]

Awwwwwwww! This is so cute! (Is it because I'm buzzed or because I know she's preggers that make me feel this way?? Who knows) Check out the full length "Love on Top" vid below from Mrs. Knowles-Carter:

"Princess of China" Coldplay ft. Rihanna [Audio]

I was skeptical before hearing the song, but Ri fits with 'em.

Coldplay-Princess Of China by KhaledMBadr

Look out for the new Coldplay album due October 24th, Mylo Xyloto.

My Source: Miss Info

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Focused" Wale ft. Kid Cudi (full song) [Audio]

When Keeping It "Real" Goes Wrong: 2 NY Women Beaten Down By A Man In McDonald's

Now see... I was just having a conversation with my mom about never knowing what be on other people's minds. Usually with fam and friends we can be pretty sure on how they may react to our words or actions, but when you are dealing with a complete stranger, you never know what the outcome may be if you jump out there on them.

Take this vid as an example and a WARNING!! I saw this at Two young women get out on the cashier at McDonald's (reportedly) because he told them he would have to scan the 50 dollar bill they gave him (to check for authenticity) before he'd give them their food. They start to curse him out and one smacked him, calling him "P*ssy" and all!! He showed them just how "p*ssy" he is when he came back with a metal rod and commenced to beating the hell out of both of them. See the vid below:

Shit like this is totally uncalled for! I know a lot of people may watch this vid and place all the blame on dude. I mean, yeah... He went berserk. But, you know what could have dodged the entire situation?... Them chicks letting that man do his job, grabbing their food and getting the fuck out of there without that whole "Tough Tone" act they put on.

They don't know that guy and he doesn't know them. What gave them the right to disrespect him like that? Did they feel as though because he's there to "serve" them, he's beneath them and can be called out of his name and smacked on? Did these women think they could take their "man"liness and beat his ass down if it came to that?? o.O Who knows what the hell they were thinking, but it was obviously THE WRONG FUCKIN' THOUGHT. And it involved the wrong mofo.

MTO reports that the women suffered cuts, a broken arm and head injuries behind this. And all for what??

"N*ggas In Paris" (Remix) The Throne ft. T.I.

I would have never chose this song as a single. (Maybe that's why I'm not in that profession, although I'd like to be.) Y'all know I gave Jay and Ye's Watch The Throne a harsh review. (What??? I expected so much more! :-( IT'S JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!) This song caught my attention with the hook a lil but the fact that Kanye left Jay in the dust with delivery on this one (IMO) left "N*ggas In Paris" totally off my radar. Then all the sudden it's a single.... And I'm blaring it...Bouncin'.... I LOVE IT!

Anyway, The Kang of the South has added himself to the beginning. I love it more! 

Check it out:

My Source: Miss Info

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Let's Kill Tonight" Panic At The Disco [Video]

Letting Bygones Be Bygones: "Focused" Wale ft. Kid Cudi (Audio Snippet)

Y'all remember the lil "beef" going on between Kudi and Wale a few months ago? I can't even remember what started it, but I do remember Cudi talkin' some crazy stuff about being down with Ye and them not allowing Wale to work with them?? o.O (Whatever that was about)

Well, here's like 15 seconds of a musical reunion!!!! (So sweeeeeeet)

Woman Sues (Adult) TOY Company

You know when I saw a similar worded headline at I HAD to click on it. (I mean.. really) So, a Northern California resident was using a vibrator (wiht her boo's assistance) and began to bleed to the point of losing conciosuness. o.O

Here's a bit from the Huffington post:

After horrific experience with a sex toy sent her to the hospital, a Northern California woman is a suing a Southern California "marital aid" manufacturer for personal injury and emotional duress.
Yreka resident April Bonjour states in her suit that, late last year, she and her boyfriend were using a vibrator made by Pipedream Products when she suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

"During usage I felt a sharp pain inside my vagina," she wrote. "My boyfriend quickly removed the toy, it was covered with blood."

Bonjour initially thought she might have just started her period, but she realized something else was definitely happening when she continued to lose blood to the point where she began slipping in and out of consciousness.

"My son was woken up so we could go to the hospital," she wrote. "He thought it I was dying...[and] quite frankly so did I."

Once at the hospital, Bonjour's condition stabilized after she was administered several pints of blood.
After the incident, Bonjour attempted to get some compensation from the Pipedreams, but the company refused and she filed suit.

So, what cut her cooch up?? She mentions nothing about something sharp sticking out of the thing or nothing. I'm pretty sure she's going to take this to court and not get a cent. (What all was they really getting into in that bedroom on that night of injury?...*raised eyebrows**)

"Shut Up" Trick Daddy ft. Trina (and other dudes??) [Video]

Pic from a diff vid... LOLz
"Uh huh. Okay. What's up...SHUT UP!"

"It's A Tower Heist" Nas ft. Rick Ross [Audio]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Since It Ain't ISH To Blog 'Bout Today...

.. I bring to you a random post: (Well, more-so a NONSENSE post)

1st: Basketball Wives LA. I haven't posted a thing about them in the last couple weeks AND I WON'T!! Them raggedy, old ass heifers are just too damn much for me! Compton Keisha (Malyasia) and Draya are the only two that I understand and have a lil respect for.

Jackie???... FUCK NO!! She the oldest bird out the motherfuckin' flock and she needs to work on acting like it. Every which way ya turn, here she go asking another bitch for her 2 cents and talking about Draya this 'n Draya that!! When her and that Monster Mash Faced BITCH Laura had a lil date over at Jackie house to research Draya online, I was too fuckin' through! Why they had to set a date? Laura bum, kept ass can't afford internet service of her own or some shit? And even more important than that, WHY THE FUCK IS THEY RESEARCHING LIL DRAY IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE?!! I could see if she was rumored to be a murderer or some shit. Yeah. Might wanna check up on that. Never know when a murderer will use their skills on you. (Ya know)

These bitches just wanted a reason. Any reason would do. If it wasn't this kid thing it would have been something else. (Feel me) When she first stepped on the scene the issue was that she was a stripper and jumpoff. They had to get over that shit cause they all were jumpoffs at one point too and some of 'em probably still is. So, they moved along to dig up another reason to hate her. "Oh, we got it, you neglect your kid. We don't want you around." BITCHES, PUH'LEEZZZ!! The real, underlying reason y'all don't like her is because she got a nice frame, natural soft hurr and a cute face. And let's not forget them tatas.... That's where the dislike really derives from. If she was a busted ass bitch they'd all love her. She could still have the child neglect rumors, be a sKrippa and a jumpoff and fuck other bitches hubbies and all'a dat. I guarantee that if she was ugly as sin with a fucked up body like a couple of them, it'd be all good. One thing I hate is underserved HATE!!

Laura??? FUCK NO!! She's a hurtpiece. And she light at that. (As I always remind folks: LIGHT DON'T MAKE IT RIGHT. mm'kaaaaayyy) And as I stated above she was pressed to research another bitch on some shit that ain't have shit to do with her!

Imani???... NAH! She's another one that wants to stir somebody else pot. *smacks that chubby hand** BITCH!! Stir ya own!

Gloria???.... NOPE! I used to like her on the Miami series. That was only because they pretty much treated her as the outcast and she stood her ground. Similar to what she's joined these LA bitches in doing to Draya. Where's the sympathy?? She was Draya just a couple years ago. Shunned by Shaunie and her crew because her hurt-faced sis (Laura) let Shaq get his smash on. (I mean.. how quickly bitches forget where/what the fuck they came from.)

Y'all peep the way Malaysia still tried to deny telling Draya that Jackie was going around asking the other girls if she should invite Draya to the wedding or not? I'm really curious as to why she's trying to back out on that. I'm sure she don't need these bitches as friends. But there is definitely some sort of fear that keeps her from 'fessing up to that lil convo she had with Draya on the day of Dray's photoshoot.

Besides that, I love me some Compton Keesh. After them Angry birds jumped all over Draya about their "findings"  and had the girl boo-freakin'-hoo'n, Malaysia consoled her and even walked out of the meeting hand-in-hand with her. That's nice. It don't make no sense for these grown bitches to be acting like schoolyard bullies!

And basically, I'm done with 'em. As I tweeted last week, I vow NOT to watch another damn episode. If Draya gets out on one of them bitches, I'll tune in. Otherwise.... NO!

Then Bad Girls Club... They are beginning to bore me. However, I'll continue to tune in. Last night was a repeat of last week. (WHY?!) Maybe the season finale is coming soon??

And in REAL LIFE (for me). I have begun to take losing weight seriously (for the 50-11th time in as many years). Last week I decided to drink only water, unless I'm drinking alcohol. And I lost 3 pounds since last month!! (Yayyyy!) Last night, with no reality tv to watch I did a whole lotta lunges and some other shit that made me sweat like a hoe in church. And besides being sore, I woke up feeling so good about my sudden initiative. But, around 10 AM I started to feel kinda bad. I think this nigga done fucked up my sinuses!! o.O No motherfuckin' bueno! I need a nap and some tea. And some sinus meds. I plan to be feeling at 100 tomorrow morning. And hopefully, the 'net feels better too. It must be sick, 'cause it ain't shit out there worth bloggin' 'bout!

Monday, October 10, 2011

T.O (Terrell Owens) Hospitalized In LA Last Week is reporting that football and reality tv star, Terrell Owens (aka T.O.) was hospitalized in LA last week after he was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance.

Currently T.O is home.

I hate to spread rumors, but I saw something on my Twitter timeline about an overdose?? I never watched his reality show, but I saw previews of him crying on the state of his finances. And I heard a radio show elaborate on that scene one morning, saying that Terrell revealed that a "friend" of his stole money from him. Folks can be so foul!

Its unfortunate that as humans, many of us crumble under certain pressures. Whatever the cause for his trip to the hospital, I hope he got (or gets) the treatment he needs.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Killer Whale Mimics Sound of A Motor Boat

This is some fascinating stuff right here! Peep the intelligence:

My Source: Huffington Post

"Dart School" Raekwon [Video]

My Source: Miss Info

Another Beyonce Sneak Peek: "Love On Top" [Video]

MTV gives us the latest from King Bey, "Love On Top" sneak peek. And in case you missed the obvious homage to New Edition, the video idea is also taken directly from the R&B group of yesteryear. (right down to the choreography) Check it out below:

Sacrificial Lamb, I Am. Employee Liftin' & Mo'.

A hand got caught in the cookie jar.

It's been awhile since I gave y'all a story about this part-time job of mine. Not because it ain't no crazy shit to report either. I think it's because if I reported on every lil thing that pisses me off or that's funny, I'd be posting weekly 'bout that place. And some things I just want to forget. It keeps my stress levels in check when I pretend like shit ain't even happen. Let it roll right off me, ya know..But, after last night, I gotta let y'all in on a few things.

Let's start with the juiciest: A bitch got caught stealing. She works there. This ain't all that surprising. Quite a few bitches work at retail stores for this purpose. They think they know the inner goings-ons of the place and believe they can lift shit without getting popped. I understands it. But, this chick is the quietest ever! Lil young girl. Bout 19..20. And I really like her. Whenever we work together we laugh and converse and have a good ole time. Who would have known all the while that this chick is stealing??! So, she gets popped last night and one of the other lil chicks that works there was like "I told her to stop that shit." I'm looking at her like "What?!! So, you knew the bitch was stealing and y'all ain't let me know?! I likes free shit too!" (lol)

Maybe security was on to her. She should have known from the jump that shit wasn't gonna work out. Security in that bitch stay on the employees! And meanwhile I'm finding all sorts of tags and sensors in the fitting rooms from customers jackin' shit. But, y'all (security) want to use all those monitors to check on us. At the end of the night our bags are subject to a search. Whatever we buy we have to take it by security to check our receipts and the items in the bag. It's just too much. We, the employees, ain't the biggest threat. It's them damn sticky fingered customers! But, they got one last night. (smh) Baby girl was escorted out by the po'-po'.

Next issue: It's a new chick working there. Dark girl. She got THE WORST fucked up ass, (weirdest shade) green contacts I ever did see! I joked on Nastasia (Bad Girls Club) for wearing those damn colored contacts from the beauty supply. After seeing this chick here, I gotta lay off 'Stasie. These contacts looks super weird. Besides the fact that the colored shit is played... Besides the fact that the color isn't natural (for anyone).... Besides the fact that Crayola obviously created this color... The texture of the contacts are weird. Something in me wants to touch one of them thangs soooo bad! They must be hard contacts. I've never personally seen a hard contact. I thought they were all soft lenses now'days. But, this chick's lenses must be hard. It's crazy. Drives me crazy. Eye contact comes with my conversation. I can't help but notice this fucked up shit.

So, in addition to the eyes, the body is fucked up and she doesn't know how to dress it. No one can help what body(shape) they are born with. That's genetics. I blame the parents. This girl got a gut and no ass really, but what lil bit there is, is shaped like a damn school cafeteria lil carton of milk. And what does she wear??? (lé sigh) TIGHT SHIT. All tight shit all the time!! I had to double take last week when I noticed she wore a catsuit to work. Not only do you not have the shape for this mess, but to work though?? o.O AND her feet point towards each other. PIGEON TOED!!! (I can't even...)

So, last night she comes to me asking if I can ring up her peoples because she just clocked out. I ain't have a prob with that. At the time I was closing out a register. I told her to give me a minute. She asks me if I know how to give her aunt her associate discount. I have no idea what the hell her ass was talking about. Our discount works like this: Purchase on your store credit card. Discount is credited on your statement. There is nothing for the person ringing you up to do. She goes on to tell me that I don't know how to do it and she'll show me. DO WHAT???!! o.O She jokes about me closing the register an hour before the store closes. Yes. I am closing this register. It's another one open. And it is an hour before closing. But, this is what I'm doing and you and yo peeps gotta wait. Just is what it is.

So, as I'm doing what I gotta do, she to my side huffin' and puffin' with impatience. Okay. And now I'm really taking my time. Did she THINK I was 'bout to jump? Hope not 'cause that would have been THE WRONGEST idea. So, after a few huffs she asks me what is my associate number. My exact words, " Hol'.... I ain't even sure 'bout what all you tryna do with this discount thing. Give me a minute." I continue to do what I do. She continues to shift around and huff and puff to my right. She then says she can go upstairs and get one of her lil homies to ring it up for her. I agreed. But, yet she still sat there waiting on me. Eventually she told her folks to follow her upstairs. PEACE, bitch!!!! I was cordial with the hoe. Ain't let that appearance effect me none. (Hahahahaha-- I crack myself up) But, that lil incident was the 1st and last strike. (Sorry. Just the way I operate.)

To cap off my night I got a customer searching for a bra (that the store only had one of) at exactly 9:30!!! The damn store closes at 9:30!! Luckily, it only took about 4 minutes to find the bra. Cool. But, she wants to exchange and return and purchase some mo' shit! I ain't get done with her till about 9:40. I'm supposed to be clocking out at 9:45. (Feel me) Then a manager comes through, checks the fitting room and brings out about 3 armloads of shit. (What in da...!!!!???!!!) I hung up what I could, left the rest in a lil pile on the floor and closed the last register. By this time it's beyond 9:50. I'm kinda heated. I wanted to watch that 48 hours episode about Amanda Knox last night! It began at 10. I could have just SCREAMED!!! Uggh!

And besides all'a dat, the department managers bug on the regular. I wrote the STORE manager a nice, long email about my issue with them mofo's week before last. Speaking directly to them wasn't working.  How many times and how many ways can I tell this group of people to "Lay the fuck off!!"?!! When they ask me to do some extraordinary shit I always challenge it. Either they fall back or they come at me a tad nicer and I relent. But, unlike soooo many other folks employed there, I don't let those department managers have the run of me. Not because I consider myself some badass. Simply because their approach be all fucked up. How you gonna come to me and let shit like "Where are you supposed to be tonight?" or "What are you doing?" or "Go to...." fly out yo mouth?! o.O I never could and never will be able to let that type of shit fly. Who the fuck are you?!! All those department managers know I loathe that shit! After telling them their approach is lacking on several different occasions and ignoring them on many subsequent occasions (I mean, literally walking away from them without saying a word), I went to the head and asked nicely that he call his dogs off.

I've noticed a difference. Seems as if I've been handled with kid gloves over the past week. But, the change isn't needed for only me. Those managers need to know how to speak to everyone. It's women working in that store that's well over 50 years old. The managers talk to them any ole kinda way. That shit's just disrespectful and annoying. Anyway, I predict that the change will be short-lived. That's the way them peoples is wired. It'll take more than one lil complaint for them to do any long-term adjustments. The people that plan to be there long term better learn how to use their mouth and speak up for themselves.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tom Cruise Got Them Moves Like Jagger [Video]

Tom Cruise recently hit up a friend's wedding an accepted a tiny lil Dance-off invite. TMZ's got the vid of it (and now we do too). Click below to see just about a full minute of "What The Fuck?"-ery. (lol)

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The transition into that split was semi-impressive. o.O

Over At MTO..... [Picture]

Gives a bad name to all men aspiring to be women. And big mama??.... 

I ain't visit all week. Good to know I ain't missin' shit.


"Undercover" DJ Drama ft. J. Cole & Chris Brown [Audio]

Pic found @

"Countdown" Beyonce [Video]

Glad I waited for the full-length vid to give my official thoughts. No "No Bueno". This is a cute vid. Check it out: