Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Be Conscious!: Ex-Wrestler Popped For Knowingly Spreading HIV!! And Some Alarming Statistics!

In the cafe during lunch CNN was on, as it always is.  They ran a report today about HIV being outta hand. (I swear that there was a recent report saying that the numbers were getting better.. I don't know..) Do y'all know that of all the people infected, the CDC reports that 20% do not know they have it?!! To put that in perspective, that means that out of every 5 folks infected, 1 person does not know they are infected. Every 10 people infected, 2 people out of that group is unaware. Every... 100, 20 of them do not know. The CDC believes there are 1.2 million people infected with HIV in the United States. So, you know what that means?... 240,000 people are infected and either have absolutely no clue or are too scared or don't give a fuck enough to get a clue (by getting tested).


Three out of four people with HIV in the United States do not have their infection under control, even though anti-HIV drugs have been available for more than 15 years, according to a study released Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“That’s a very poor rate. We have to do much better than that,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Keeping HIV under control is crucial not only for the 1.2 million people in the United States who carry the infection, but also for their sexual partners. Suppressing the virus decreases the chances it will be transmitted to a sexual partner by more than 95%, Fauci said.
“Treatment is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of HIV infection."
There are many reasons why only 28% of people with HIV have the virus under control. According to the CDC, 20% of people with HIV don’t even know they have it, and among those who’ve been diagnosed, only half are receiving regular care for their disease.
Many can’t afford treatment for their HIV, which totals about $367,000 over a lifetime, according to the CDC.

That's wild. And scary as hell! This shit don't discriminate. Never has and never will. Each individual has to be accountable for their own well being. People, please make conscious decisions!

And take a look at another story that also hit today:

A former wrestler is facing charges in Ohio for knowingly sleeping with multiple women while infected. This creep knew of his status. Still he had unprotected sex with numerous women! He ain't give a fuck. He was already infected! He also ain't give a fuck about none of these women! That's the part where they should have given a fuck about themselves enough to not trust him with their lives. The quotes below from just blew my mind!

Former professional wrestler Andre Davis, who wrestled under the name "Gangsta Of Love" and "Sweet Sexy Sensation", has been convicted by a jury in Cincinnati, Ohio of charges that he had sex with women without telling them that he knew he had tested postive for the virus that causes AIDS.
Davis was convicted on 14 counts of felonious assault after he didn't tell 12 sex partners about his HIV status or lied to them.
According to the Associated Press, the women testified they had unprotected sex with Davis.
Defense attorneys challenged whether it was proved Davis was HIV-positive and suggested the women were promiscuous.
World Wrestling Entertainment told Davis in 2009 it wouldn't hire him because he failed a physical by testing positive for HIV.
Davis faces up to 120 years in prison and is facing more charges in two other Ohio counties.

This guy, honestly deserves 120 years, PLUS! Who does this kind of shit?! o.O

I know a lot of shit is much easier said then done. I ain't tryin' to play the position of a saint with clean hands, but stories like this and statistics like this are real eye openers! And should serve as reminders to us all to be careful in our actions.

Mixtape: Juicy J's Blue Dream & Lean

As I mentioned a few days ago, Juicy J of 3-6 Mafia is now down with Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang. It seems like a perfect match. This mixtape confirms that the dude "sippin' on some siz'zurp" many years ago still likes to get TRIPPY! 'kay.. (and we all know what Wiz is most famous for.)

I like this joint. A point does come where the songs begin to sound the same and I zoned out a bit. But, hey... Blue Dream & Lean is 28 tracks long! (Kinda to be expected) From the funny ass intro on down, I was entertained for the most part. I'll be playing this one for a while.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"The Motto (L.A. Remix)" Drake ft. Snoop Dogg, YG & Nipsey Hu$$le

Wooooooooooo!!!!! I LOVE "The Motto". And I seriously pop off this err'day! (LMAO--Cracking myself up!) This West Coast 'Mix is nice. The beat is so West anywayz. This was only right.

Motto Remix - Drake ft. Snoop Dogg, YG and Nipsey Hussle by NickyGeezy

Illinois Man Accidentally Donated A Suit To Goodwill That had $13k In The Pockets

DAMMMMMMMMMMMMNN!! This is a wild story.

An elderly Illinois man who accidentally donated a suit stuffed with $13,000 in bills to Goodwill appealed for the money’s return so that he can care for his cancer-stricken wife, WQAD reported. The 80 year old, from Moline, decided to keep his life savings in his closet rather than in a bank because he thought the money would be safer there.

But his plan backfired when he absentmindedly donated the cash-stuffed suit — leaving him unable to pay medical bills for his wife, a Stage 4 cancer sufferer.

A Goodwill spokesperson said the agency searched its Moline store but could not find the money. It is believed the suit may have been sold already. The man’s daughter offered a $1,000 reward for the suit’s new owner to “do the right thing” and come forward.

C'mon. Who's going to return $13,000 in exchange for $1,000?? o.O It would be awful nice and all, but... times is hard out ch'eah.

My Source:

"Baby I'm a Bad Girl" Bombshell Angie (BGC 7)

First Nastasia, now "Baby" aka Angie. They need to cut this shit out!!

The below vide/song is HORRIBLE to the nth degree!

"Look At Her Go" T-Pain ft. Chris Brown [Audio]

This song sounds like a thousand others. I make this complaint a lot. SMH

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

There are three things that save this movie from the "Garbage Pile".

  • Bella's wedding Gown
  • The honeymoon location (beautiful!)
  • The makeup and effects on Bella as Lil Renesmee killed her ass

That's all. About 2 years ago I read all the novels. Twilight... New Moon.. Eclipse... Breaking Dawn. I read each novel. Took me a few months, but I read 'em. They're absolute page turners! Stephanie (Meyer, the author) is AWESOME! And she absolutely deserves for her writing to turn into major motion films! If you never read the series, you are definitely cheating yourself. Especially if you've viewed the movies, because they honestly do the novels no justice.

I first watched Twilight (the movie). From there I read the novel and then New Moon. By that time New Moon was already out in theaters. I went to see that. By the time Eclipse came to theaters I had read that novel as well as Breaking Dawn. Twilight and New Moon, the movies, I was okay with. You know when you read a nearly 400 page novel and get all the intricate details a 90 minutes (or less) movie cannot deliver.  Your mind will think the film just cannot add up to the book no matter what. But even given that, I feel as though the 1st two in the series made an okay transition over to the big screen. What did not make a smooth transition to the screen was ECLIPSE! I hated it! Hated it! Hated it! Hated it!

And I thought to myself there was NO WAY they could fuck up Breaking Dawn. It was epic! The vamp and the human produced an offspring, which was unheard of. Jake imprints on (the love of his life) Bella's daughter. The Valkyrie comes for a battle.. The Cullens recruit a posse. Everyone has powers, including the fast growing baby... And Bella's turned Vamp! (Sweet shit!) How could this be fucked up? No way to do it, right?! Even when served on a silver platter the production company still found a way to just about throw this thing in the toilet. Visuals saved it, in my opinion.

Bella's gown. Designed by Carolina Herrera**
As I listed above, (1) Bella's wedding gown. Gorgeous! (Replica pictured above) Y'all see that detail?!! (OMG! Worth a marriage, right there!)

Ali Lohan
(2) That private island honeymoon spot was beautiful!! The novel described the water as always warm. Seeing the beach gives you that feel. And the house! I just like fell in love!

(3) As Bella died from that halfbreed (vamp/human) seed, the makeup and effects folks got that look ON THE MONEY!! And we now see where Ali Lohan grabbed her inspiration for her new look.

So, you know the vampires are unnaturally beautiful beings. The very last scene was Bella coming back to life as a vampire. Complete with butterfly eyelashes and shimmery, opaque shadow and all. Everyone else was in a different room than her in the house. At that exact moment they all stood still and looked around. It was a very "Did you hear that?" moment. (although there was no sound) LOL

The one scene that I absolutely HATED in the movie was the meeting of the wolves on the shore, by all the timber, when Jake made Sam (the alpha) back, BACK!! It was too animated for me, I suppose. I just wasn't feelin' it.

Overall, I wish that they would have cut out a lot of the honeymoon and in the house waiting for Renesmee's birth scenes. Combined, those scenes were more than 50% of the movie. At least a good hour long. Had these been shortened a lot more of the novel could have gone down in this movie. Or possibly, they should have simply elongated the length of the movie. Show time was 6:10. About a good 20 minutes of previews played. That puts us at 6:30. The movie ended a few minutes after 8.That's about 1.5 hours of movie. They could have made this a 2 and a half hours movie. Or even a 2 and a quarter hours long movie. WHY DID THEY DRAW THE SHIT OUT?!!! The drawing out of the plot and story makes this movie very blah! It's like, "That's it?!" C'mon!!

*Sigh** I can't wait till Part II. That's going to be the real. Even though this is now 2 Twilight movies that have disappointed me, I still have faith that the latter half of the novel CANNOT be botched up! It's like they turned the 1st 3 chapters of a 20+ chapter book into a film. (Not fuckin' cool!) But, whatev.

If you are a fan of the Twilight series novels, I'd recommend that you see this. Just for comparison purposes. I like to do that. But, if you aren't really a fan, I'd miss it.

**Carolina Hererra designed the original. Designer Alfred Angelo makes the exact replica, pictured above. His item sales for $800. I don't even wanna know what Carolina was charging. (Life, perhaps..)

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Stoners Night Pt. II" Juicy J ft Wiz Khalifa

Juicy and Wiz hit us with a 2-for-1 by releasing this collabo and the news that J is officially part of Wiz's Taylor Gang.

"Bang Bang" Cam'ron [Video]

This nigga really just fake clap a broad though? o.O **p'yoom p'yoom** (My gun sounds--lol) This is one video that I hope ain't continued!

My Source:

"Off The Cuff" Swizz Beatz [Audio]

This song is actually okay. ('Cause we all know Mr. Keys is many thangs. A rapper ain't one of 'em though.)

Male Prostitution: "Real Hustlin' In Da South" [Video]

You know what?....

I been checking out again lately. Today I found the below vid. This vid is (what appears to be) a random interview of a dude from the streets-turned male prostitute that caters to men. Check out Freddy O's expressions! (LMAO) When dude said that actors come around to get it in the butt. Fred had the "What da fuck?!" face on like shit. I'ma replay this vid just for those expressions!

And question: Why would a dude poke holes in a condom when he's with another dude? To purposely pass on a disease? With girls it's always that trapped pregnancy thing. But with dude-on-dude that move's like a trillion times crazier.

At any rate, at least we now know what's really good in da SOUF.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dooney & Bourke Has An Easy Pay Option!! [UPDATED!!]

I'm not a fan of Dooney & Bourke, particularly, (This brand and Coach falls into the same category for me. Really, anything with the logos all over that folks tend to buy thinking that it's a true reflection on how "well off" they are.--lmao. Spare me.) but their Florentine bag caught my eye months ago. It's a little stalking going on from my end. (lol) I put it on my Xmas list. So, we'll see what that day brings. (Fingers crossed for my bag!)

Tonight I visited the official Dooney & Bourke site and found that they are currently offering an Easy Pay option until December 4th! One-third today. One-third the following month and the last installment two months following the purchase. That's pretty sweet! With that deal, I'm feeling a little impatient. Mama likes financing, layaway and Easy Pay options. (I aint even lyin'!)

Check it out if you wish to grab a nice bag and make three small payments instead of one large one. $380 at once... or $126 over the next 3 months? I choose the latter. (Ballerette on a budget, baby.o.O)


Y U Mad" Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj [Video]

The vid buffered on me at this point. Funny, right? lol

Slick ride inside. (envy!!!)

Birdman is supposed to be releasing an album sometime in 2012. There's only one logical response to that: WHY?! o.O

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love & Hip Hop Season 2, Ep. 2 "After The Fight. Yandy, The Peacemaker AND Somaya. STOP IT!"

This is the follow up to the explosive premiere last week that gave us a FIGHT between Chrissy (Jim Jones' girl) and Kimbella (Juelz Santana's chick) for the final scene. (What a season premiere!)

Chrissy tells Jim about the fight the next morning and she's feeling a little weird because Kimbella is the baby mama/girl of one of Jim's closest friends. She didn't want to be the cause of no static between the two men. I can totally understand that. However, I believe that if Juelz has a problem with anyone in the situation it should be the chick he claimin' cause how you with Juelz but at a gathering proudly letting Fab's chick know you was dealing with him about the time their son was born?! o.O How's that making Juelz look? (Not good). I hope he checked her silly ass. And let me just say right now, in case y'all ain't pick up on it yet, I DO NOT CARE FOR KIMBELLA. She's a ditzy broad.

Jim's manager Yandy (for some reason) feels as though it is her place to smooth this whole Chrissy/Kim thing over. She sat down with Kimbella and apologized to her. Talking about she feels bad because she brought Kim in and Chrissy attacked her. What in the hell is she apologizing for?! And why on earth does she feel as though Chrissy was wrong?! (And see I liked Yandy, but her mindset ain't right.) In that situation, Kimbella was wrong. Ain't no two ways about it. She was wrong. She came to Emily's gathering adding insult to injury. And she ain't part of "The Circle". She was/is an outsider, coming in talking stupid in front of Emily's friends. It was no need for that. But for that move, everything would have been cool on that night and Kim wouldn't have got what the hell she got. Yandy believes that Kim was the victim in the situation. I just don't get that.

Later on in the show Yandy meets up with Chrissy at a nail shop and tells her that she should apologize. Of course, Chrissy's like "Fuck that!" That's exactly the response she should have given. Yandy's ass is crazy!! After her little suggestion she asks Chrissy if she'd spoken with Mama Jones lately and brings up the song she did directed towards Chrissy. Chrissy tells her that she hasn't seen or spoke to the lady. Yandy then gives her a Daughter-in-law handbook. (LMAO!! See.. Crazy.)

Kimbella asked Emily to meet with her to speak about her dumb ass revelation. Kimbella did apologize to her for bringing the news to her the way she did, at the time that she did. She even admitted one-on-one with the cam that the way she brought it was wrong. (Hindsight is a motha!) Emily says that she's over it, but she still asks Kim to clarify what "dating" means. I understand that. I'd want to know the same if I were Em. After a lot of stalling and trying to cover shit with sugar, Kim finally admits that "dating" means she was just a (random) fuck. Emily tells her that she was one of many. Kimbella's facial expressions read as though she doesn't believe so lowly of herself. Yeah.. I know... It sounds bad when someone speaks the truth about you to you. But, in this situation, it is wtf it is. Kim kept saying, "I was single...This was 3 years ago!" None of that changes the fact that you slept with a rap star on the random and was an obvious jumpoff. And this was obviously just what the hell she do. And poor lil Juelz. Done wifed this up and had a kid with it. (shame) Hope it isn't later revealed that she done been through the "whole of hip hop" (as Kanye once said of Amber--LOL).

Somaya's showcase happens on this episode. We see her putting the final touches on it. She argues with her manager and this ends in his quitting/firing. I don't care about Maurice, the manager, either way but I can agree with him that Ole Maya is feeling herself a bit too much. Guess you gotta fake it till ya make it sometimes. But, this chick like really believes she is sky-high with her career. I heard a few "I'm the star" references made by her. I mean... (???????)

Somaya invites all the girls to her show. And Olivia, (another delusional "artist"), tells her that she will not be attending because she's not really on good terms with Somaya at the moment, plus she doesn't believe the girl is talented. Not surprisingly, she actually does attend the show. Not only does she attend, but she continues to talk shit! POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK! Olivia. Olivia. Olivia. YOU have no talent either. mm'kay! This girl's truths on Somaya is killin' meeeeee! (Folks can always see others' faults; can't they? o.O)

Somaya's gut bust up outta them lil black pants she had on during the second half of her set. Well, really, it wasn't so much a gut issue. The pants were just too small. Her hips made that fly pop. She should know better than to stretch cheap ass pants to the max. That shit never ends well. Yandy gave her her props on performing through her wardrobe malfunction. Yandy also danced off that Mama Jones track. Yandy then revealed that if there is money to be made, she'd manage whoever. This rubbed Chrissy the wrong way. Chrissy asked her if her relationship with "Jimmy" is all about a dollar. Yandy replied that if it were she would have been gone. (Whoa!!) What's that mean? Jimmy ain't pullin' in no money?? o.O Or does it mean that shit with Jimmy ain't worth the ends? I'd like to know! Whatever it means, Chrissy told her that she gots ta go!

The episode ends there and I seriously can't wait till next week!

I gotta go back and watch Season 1. I like this cast!!

Here's Monday night's full episode:

Real Housewives Season 4 Episode 3: Peter's Called Out At Kim & Kroy's Shower

This episode was such a boring blur. It's not really much to say. (I always say that and a novel follows, right?.)

Nene's estranged hubby, Greg gained mucho weight. He looks nasty. And that is sad. I know it's from all this stress "Ms. Rich Bitch" (Nene) has put him through. As soon as she started getting her own lil bit of change, she dropped that man like a bad habit! But, it's true "What goes around, comes around." Nene shall surely reap that foul shit. (And I cannot stress enough the disgust I feel towards that plastic ass cropped wig she wears!)

Kim plans this huge baby shower event. She wore an evening gown and Kroy was in a tux (or was it just a suit?... I don't really recall.) They were formal as hell, given the event.  All the ladies came out, except for Nene. Apparently, she was not on the Guest List. (hahahaha)

Cynthia and her hubby (who also looked better last season and has since gained a lil weight) Peter arrived at the (5 hour long) event 20 minutes prior to its end. As Kim and Phaedra questioned, "Why did they even come?!" The event was over and they brought no gift(s). Soooooooo...... What, exactly, was the point?

As soon as they approached the table that everyone from the cast was seated at, the tension began to buzz. Mr. Peter had done an interview bashing some of the ladies. Specifically, he said Sheree was ugly and that he can't stand Phaedra's ass! There were definite attitudes at the table already. After they rounded the table giving awkward hugs and greetings, Cynthia and Peter took a seat. No sooner than his butt hit the chair, Peter started in on Lawrence. "Lawrence, you wearing pumps?" Lawrence asked him what else would he have on. And I'm just wondering, where did that come from?! Everyone knows how this boy rolls. Why continually question it.

Peter then announces that he's opening up another bar/club/lounge thingy. (To veer off a tiny bit..) Cynthia's baby daddy, Leon's, response to this revelation while in Cynthia's kitchen earlier in the show was HI-larious!! He asked if Cynthia was an investor/partner and if not, then who was. LMAO!! It's no secret that Peter ain't doing so well on the financial side. And he seems like the type that uses other people's funds for a come-up on some "get rich quick" sorta tip and continually fails! For Leon to touch on that subject... FUNNY!

So, anyway, (getting back to the shower), when he announces the opening of this spot, Kandi said she'd be at the grand opening event. Phaedra says that she won't be there because she's not invited because Peter hates her. Peter says that's not true and that he actually loves Phaedra. When confronted about the things said in his interview, he says that was him simply lashing back, because Phaedra struck him first by saying that she wanted a "pure" man that doesn't have a whole rack'a kids (like Peter does). (Remember that time in the limo on the way to that horsing event last season?..Dwight was there looking like the drag version of the Mad Hatter. o.O) Phaedra hubby, Apollo, jumps in on the discussion and before you know it, he and Peter are going back and forth. He calls Peter old... Peter mentions 'Lo's recent arrest... It got ugly. Both men were standing in eachother's space... Peter tells dude to "Bring it!!" My WORD! This was the scene that everyone was waiting on since teased by the preview.

And what I have to say about the entire thing is this: CYNTHIA NEEDS TO CHECK HER MAN! She is too scared of this dude! I understand the whole thing about letting a man be a man (as well as a man letting his woman be a woman) but this dude is out of mother fuckin' control! NO WAY will I allow a dude (husband or not) talk reckless IN PRINT about some chicks. WHY??! One simple reason: Makes him look like a BITCH!! There are certain things MEN don't do. Talk shit and gossip in the motherfuckin' streets is one of 'em. Especially when the talk is about a woman! So, after this nigga done talked shit to a journalist (or whatever), it's placed in print for all to see and now I'm associated with this bitch ass nigga. (No s'ah!.. Not me!!)  And then look at the weird situation it put her in. She's at this baby shower. Late as ever. No gift. With her shit talkin', broke ass man and he gets called out. And not only does he get called out, but he causes this huge scene. Everyone's staring. Cops are standing near. It's ridiculous! And through it all, Cynthia ain't saying SHIT! Check yo motherfuckin' man, boo! If only to tap him and say "Let's go." DO SOMETHING! She looked so pitiful. And she later said that she was "Horrified. Mortified. Humiliated". Yes. You should have felt all these emotions and more. You cannot let this dude just run around doing whatever the fuck he wanna do. Especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable! (Geez Louise)

So, a mortified Cynthia and shit-talkin' Peter left the building immediately. A disrespected Kroy stood on the side shaking his head. I felt bad for him. This was a special event for his first soon-to be-born son. And here goes these fools. Don't know how to act worth shit. (smh)

Oh, and how can I forget Sheree getting all defensive about the fact that Peter called her ugly. That hit a nerve, obviously. All I heard was her constant yapping, "I'm not ugly.. Blah. Blah. Blah." If you know this to be a fact, why are you so concerned about WTF this broke ass nigga got to say?! o.O Peter WOULD NOT... COULD NOT ever win an argument with me. My entire argument: "You broke. Living in Cynthia's house. Eating Cynthia's food." THE END. These ladies are crazy to even address what this dude said during one of his many lil bitch fits.

Well, till next week...

"Motivation" Cam'Ron [Audio]

Boss of All Bosses 3 (mixtape) coming December 16th

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kotex Recalls Tampons. Possible Bacteria Infections?!!

I haven't been able to leisurely peruse the web like I likes to lately. (Moving is some crazy shit) And I been missing out on all sorts of info. Info such as this:

Users of Kotex tampons, beware: Kimberly-Clark is recalling around 1,400 cartons of them, claiming the plastic tubing could contain a bacteria capable of causing "dangerous infections," MSNBC's Vitals reported.--

My mama told me about this case just this morning. I don't use Kotex, but to those of you who do, or that knows someone who does... (as Huffington Post says) BEWARE!!

The report goes on to say:

"Consumers should contact a physician immediately if they have used the impacted Kotex Natural Balance* Security Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency product and experience unusual vaginal discharge, rash, fever, headache, vomiting or abdominal pains, particularly if they are HIV positive, have AIDS, cancer, an existing serious illness or may be pregnant. If any consumer has the impacted Kotex Natural Balance Security Unscented Tampons Regular Absorbency in their possession, they should stop using the product immediately. They should also contact Kimberly-Clark’s Consumer Services Division at 1-800-335-6839 so the necessary information and arrangements can be made to retrieve the unused product."

As if us ladies ain't got enough to worry about and dodge. Now we can't even take care of Aunt Flo without havin' the heeby jeebeez. Sheesh! (smh)

List of products recalled:
click to enlarge

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Why Stop Now" Busta Rhymes ft. Chris Brown [Audio]

(And word has it that Busta Bust is now with the YMCMB camp.)

Bad Girls 7 Reunion Part II

Sorry it has taken me so long to speak on Part II of this reunion. And I actually had in mind to NOT speak on it at all because it was so weak!! But, my sis just reminded me of a point I wanted to BLAST (and failed to do so til now)....


Y'all peep that though? Priscilla got 'Stasie loudmouthed ass shook!!!! Nastasia sat up there and barked on Shelly, barked on Tasha... Fought Shelly... Attempted to fight Tasha. Removed her boots and all. But when it came to Perez pitting her against Priscilla what she do? NOTHING! Smile and laugh. Say, "okay"..., as Priscilla barked. P even joked on Nastasia's song/vid (which Perez aired a bit of ) called "I'm going Ham", saying it should be called "I'm eating ham"(or something like that). Nastasia ain't say shit! She was just like "I love hm." Where the hell is all that mouth at now?!

I'll tell ya where. Or rather what it's doing... Staying shut! If you ever see that Priscilla/Judi fight again, check out the expression on Nastasia's face: FEAR! And also notice how fast she scurried Judi away from the scene. FEAR!! I just cannot stand this chick. All she do is run her mouth and try to bully people. (I guess cause she is bigger than most in that house)

Other than that, ain't nothing go on for real. Priscilla and Angie threw some blows. Still not quite sure what that was all about. Angie said that Priscilla was talkin' shit about her or whatever??.. Who knows.

I'm done with that damn cast!

Every season I have a fave and my fave from Season 7 is: Ms. Boojie, Tiara!!! Click the link to check her out on Twitter.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Lotus Flower Bomb" Wale ft. Miguel [Video]

Love And Hip Hop Season 2 Premiere (Psssst..Draaaaammmaaaa!)

I've made my feelings about Love and Hip Hop as a total show and its cast during its first season. And that waaaasss... I ain't like it! I thought Jimmy's "wifey" to be a bit too EXTRA! I hate her decision to propose to him and I hated the way she would say so assuredly that Jim Jones don't cheat on her. o.O Now, don't get me wrong. I don't know Jim. I can't say with 100,000% certainty that he does (or does not) cheat, but c'mon now! Some things just come with the territory, ya know. This lady once told me you cannot swear by your man nor your kids. And thats some true shit. Unless you with someone every second of every day, you have no idea what they do or don't do!

Olivia. I'm not one to knock dreams, because I have dreams of my own, but, NO! I have a hard time seeing the talent. Maybe she can be a urban clothing model or something. But a singer??? In the same world as Monica, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston!!!!.... Not gonna happen. She has no stage presence. Very little of a personality. And most importantly, the voice ain't nowhere knockin' on great. Who would buy an Olivia album? I'm talking right now. Not after she reads my harsh words and recreates herself. LOL

Emily. She is the most delusional, bless her lil heart! Fab seemed to want nothing to do with her. He was publicly with diff women all the time. I hear he missed her family portrait date. He ain't want to be a part of that picture at all, I'm guessing. But still she stayed and pretended like everything was all good between them. Even denied that HE DENIED her ass. (I mean...Really.)

Somaya Reese (sp?) another delusional chick. Dreams of becoming a rapper. Again...No talent. She does have ass and tits though. Much like Olivia, maybe she should do some urban modeling. Be a video vixen or something. But, rapping?? In the same world as Lil Kim, Nicky Minaj, Salt & Pepa, Eve... Not gonna happen.

That was last season. After seeing that supertrailer, (which I posted here a week or so ago), I was super hyped to see Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop. Little did I know, the juiciest scene on that trailer was to appear on the premiere, which aired last night on VH1. So, let me tell y'all about that.

Somaya Reese is still chasing her dreams. She's found an investor that ain't seeing nothing back on his investment and he's starting to lose patience. She decides that she's going to do a showcase for him to check her out and see where his money has been going. She turns to Emily for help on her image as far as the attire. Emily's pretty fashionable. She had on a rather nice black shirt (or possibly dress) with gold studs on the shoulders last night. I'm in love with that piece! My online search for that shall begin when I wrap this up. But, anyway, from next week's preview it appears as though the attire was a fail. Her pants where unbuttoned and unzipped. On. Stage. (That's embarrassing)

Look at that bling.
Chrissy. She is still very much in love with the Capo (Jim Jones). They've been going strong for 6 years she says. (so sweet) Ole Jimmy lost the engagement ring she got him. (If that ain't some disrespectful shit.) They went and replaced it. She's still waiting for her ring (at the time of that taping, but she recently appeared somewhere with a huge rock on the 3rd finger of the left hand...). Unfortunately, the war between Jim's mom (known as Mama Jones) and Chrissy continues. Mama made a vid and rap song directed towards Chrissy. Basically, calling the lady a "BITCH"! and telling her to back off and respect her as Jim's mother. In other words, she wants Chrissy either OUTTA THERE or kissing her ass.

Olivia. She was forced to face reality by her manager (I think that dude is). She was up there talkin' about she wants a record deal with these high numbers. Dude told her that she can't be trying to hold out for big numbers with a big company because chances are that type of deal will never come. She's had a chance with Clive Davis and with G-Unit. Both failed. She's at a "Take what you can get" point right now. She reluctantly agreed. (She better.)

Jim Jones' manager, Yandy, is also on this season. As I said, I ain't watch the 1st season (like that) so I'm not sure is she is new to this or what, but she introduces Juelz Santana's baby mama, Kimbella, to the crew (it appears as though). Yandy seems cool. Kimbella SEEMED cool until she started pullin' stunts (and paid for it).

Emily, Fab's baby mama, has made the decision to leave him. Good for her. Ain't nothing worse than being loyal to a nigga that ain't loyal to you. Especially if he acts as if he hardly even knows you. I mean, there was no acknowledgement of this girl from what I can see. She rented a suite and threw a lil Girls Only event to celebrate her new independence and hopefully the beginning of a better life for herself. Olivia, Somaya and Chrissy came. Yandy attended and brought along Kimbella. As Emily makes this speech of how she is moving on from Fab after 9 years and glad to put that foul past behind her, Kimmy is across from her rolling her eyes and sighing and making lil faces. At this point, she has already revealed to Yandy that she dated Fab 3 years ago. Her reason for attending this event, I cannot understand. However, this is reality tv and drama is needed, I suppose.

So, after Emily's speech, Kimbella reveals that she dated Fab three years ago. (Bitch really?!! In front of this girl's friends?!! After she gives this emotional speech about the last 9 years of her life with this man that she loves that showed no appreciation for her??! You jus' gon' talk about, "Good for you, cuuuuuzzzzz..." BIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCCHHHHH!!!) Emily is stunned. As well as everyone else in the damn room. Somaya was seated in between them. After that revelation she got her big ass up and sat on another couch. She ain't wanna be in the midst of none'a dat. LMAO

Chrissy was heated! Kimbella was trying to tell Emily to not pay attention to her friends' reactions and to just listen to what she said, like "woman to woman". As if she did Emily some kind of favor or something. I agree that she should have told Emily about her past relationship with Fab. Absolutely. But NOT at Emily's Independence gathering and definitely NOT in front of a lil crowd of people. That was something for just Kimbella and Emily. Period. No one else. I felt so bad for Emily. Who the fuck is this girl to come to Em's event and throw salt like that?!

Emily's not a fighter, but Chrissy is. And Chrissy whipped that ass! The first time Chris tried to get at Kimbella, Yandy stepped in between them and Chris knocked her ass down onto Kim. Once they got Chrissy to sit back down, Chrissy pulled that classic, "I'm cool" move, excused herself, got up and snuck on Kimbella. Yes. It was a sucker punch, but Kimbella should have known that shit was coming. So, it was like a semi-sucker punch. I am sure Kim has heard of Chrissy and that temper. Shit was heated to the max at that point. Kimbella should have been out her damn seat. I guess she thought with all the people in the room, no one would let it get to a real physical point. Boy, was she wrong if that was her thoughts. Chrissy whipped all on that silly ass bitch. Kicked her and all. Kim gonna go in the bathroom talkin' bout "Still pretty" as she pins her hair back up. That bitch is silly. You don't do no shit like that. Chrissy's boop bop will hopefully serve as a reminder for her for the rest of her life.

"Countdown" Live Performance By Beyonce & The Roots On Jimmy Fallon

This performance was recorded in July 2011. And explains why the baby bump ain't make an appearance.

And what was going on this particular night?? Johnny Gill..Bey...Chris Martin... Was it a damn music fest or some shit on Fallon? I never watch this show. I gots to put it on my calendar. It's always good acts on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Body 2 Body (Remix)" Ace Hood ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Wale & DJ Khaled [Audio]

pic found at

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 4, Episode 2

Yes. Another installment has come. Episode 2, y'all! Much like the premiere for this season, this episode ain't really give much drama. Not the explosive kind like the promising argument between Peter (Cynthia's hubby) and Apollo (Phaedra's hub) that is to come next week, at least. However, it has its moments. So here's a lil recap for those of you that may have missed it:

Big Ball'ah, Shot Call'ah, Ms. Nene Leakes invites Kandi and Cynthia to join here for a few days in Miami. Her choice in picking Kandi to accompany her is a little odd, given their history. Nene was hatin' on Kandi from the jump (probably because she actually is "A RICH BITCH!", unlike Nene). Remember when Kandi first came to the show? Nene was on her every second she got! The jealousy was very obvious. And Kandi ain't back down none. So, the two haven't had too good of a past together, but as is the lonelys' fashion, Nene began to grasp at anyone she could during her kazillionth time of falling out with the majority of the cast. Even Kandi voiced that Nene's invite was odd. She seemed to appreciate it though. (Sort of..)

As soon as they got into the hotel Nene began on Kandi by asking her if she been giving up her goods lately. Kandi threw it right back at her. "Have you?!" o.O I mean... damn! Nene and Kandi ain't like that. What kind of question is that?! Then Nene tells Kandi they are going out to find Kandi a man. Once again, Kandi throws it right back at her, "Find yourself a man!" I LOVES me some Kandi! Unlike the rest of 'em, she ain't no pushover. Whatever they dish up, she serving it right back!

While in Miami they chilled on the beach and Nene seemed disgusted by Kandi's thighs. She said they were huge (or something like that). Uh... 'Scuse me, but Kandi is proportioned very well. UNLIKE Ms. "Rich Bitch" that is built like an Amazon (male) with the face of a.... mule?? Okay. Nene loves to holler about people are hating on her but she is THE BIGGEST HATER on the damn show!

(And y'all gonna love this...) Nene went to view a house worth 9 Million dollars.

<Let that sink in for a moment>>>>>


Biiiiiitttttttttttttccccchhhhhhh!! Stop fakin' the motherfuckin' FUNK! Nene cannot afford no $9 Million home! And boy, that bitch was niiiiicccce! I mean...NICE! Once back inside their ride Kandi asked her if she was sure about jumping out there with that kind of purchase. She assured Kandi that she would put thought into it before making any decisions. (I am sure she will. The biggest deciding factor is: MY MONEY AIN'T THAT LONG.) Point this Great Pretender to a $500,000 home, please. Nene is just too damn old for all this fakin' shit. She like 50 +. What you have is what you have. No need for embellishments. She got much more than many, I'm sure, but she ain't in the "Gettin' it..Gettin' it.." Club. For example, I am sure she ain't on Kandi's level.... Or even on Ms. Phaedra's level. Positive of that. As Kandi said, "When people get that new money..." (Shame)

Kandi asked her about that argument she had with Sheree and if it were true that Nene said "Bitch! I'm rich!". When Kandi ass said that I was flat on my back, cracking the fuck up!! Nene admitted to saying it. Her reasoning: "Because I am [rich]." Kandi's facial expression: PRICELESS! She had that amused "Okay.." look. And before you know it, Nene is on the defense and she says she doesn't want Sheree nor Kim brought up to her again because they are hating on her because she is doing better than them and blah blah blah.

Nene... Darling... (How do you advise an oldie like her that should know better? o.O)

In thsi episode Cynthia is like Nene's biggest cheerleader ever! She was all like "Nene is doing well for herself." Honey child, PLEASE! How do you know that?! Because she told you so? Kinda like how Peter probably told you so before you moved him into your place and married him and THEN found out he was as busted as a popped plastic bag? O.O

Cynthia was all over Nene during that 9 million dollar home tour. Talking about she needs Nene to get the place so that she'd have somewhere to vacation. She's just as delusional as Nene. Did she not peep that Nene purchased her kid a $13,500 vehicle and she thought that was ballin'?? Ole C Mama musta missed that. (Once again: SHAME)

And her ass is a stick in the mud! Kandi and Nene was talking about sex and toys, etc. and Cynthia said she can't talk about those kind of things because she is married. Lady, BYE! What's marriage got to do with having a discussion with your girlfriends? Peter seems too aggressive for this mom mom. Does she at least let the man at least see the goods unwrapped. Sheesh!

Phaedra continues with her funeral home vision. She met with the guy that put together Coretta Scott King's funeral (Willie Watkins) and asked him to mentor her. He hesitated and even told her "We are getting busy around here." In other words: Hell NAH! LOL But, somehow he did agree to mentor her?? (That was weird. His words and his expression led to "Hell Nah!" But they shook and Phaedra said she was excited... Did I miss when he said that he would? Must have been brief as hell.) So, she asks her huuuuuuussban', Apollo, to join her on this venture and he does say "HELL NO!" She seems surprised that he ain't with it. She also reveals that Apollo does asset recovery for a living (sounds like repos). And the face she gave while talking about "what he does" was as screwed as you can get! That damn Phaedra is wild! How she gonna sit up there and put down her husband, that she chose, career?! She knew he wasn't bringing much to the table from the start. Yet, she still let him impregnate her AND she moved him in AND she married him! All of that right there gives her NO RIGHT to talk shit about that man... What he does or what he don't do!

Kim, continues with her lies, talkin' bout she turned 33 years old. It was her birthday on this episode. And she is about to burst, it appears. I can say that she looks better in the face while pregnant. Her wigs still look sick as a motha! But you know..

Her assistant Sweetie, who looks a heck of a lot better this season, and her baby dady, Kroy threw her a surprise b'day party with all invited except Cynthia and Nene. Phaedra put Kroy on the spot by asking him when he was going to marry Kim. Ah hemmmmmmm... Phae. Just cause you got knocked up and married right away, don't mean that's what EVERYONE's plans should be. Let them people live their lives! However, on What Happens Live, Andy did reveal that they recently got married over the weekend. Congrats to Kim and "Tight Buns" Kroy!! (Wish I had some confetti)

And speaking of Andy, his ass is FUNNY!! Nene and Tatiana Ali were on the show with him last night. He asked Nene about the "I am very rich!" statement. She says that "Only ignorant people" would think that when she said she's rich she was speaking about money. She says that she is in fact rich because she is rich in spirit and love and whatever the fuck other bullshit she was trying to list. Andy hit her with it again, saying that she seemed to be just referring to finances when she was in that argument with Sheree. As she always does, she cut him off and assured him that was not what she was speaking of.

Nene won the little poll they took of who the viewers' fave Housewife is.

This is a joke, right?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"You Da One" Rihanna [Audio]

Second single from the upcoming album Talk That Talk

Biggie Calms This Lil Baby Girl

This vid is so cute! (Flow infinitely like the memory of my nigga Biggie--Jay Hov) 

Jay-Z's "Occupy ALL StreetS" Tee Is Pulled From

Talk about CRAZY!!

I saw this pic on Twitter just a few days ago. I think the shirt (..its message) is BRILLIANT! My interpretation: Many families have struggled for many generations. Now that the "recession/depression" is reaching further and effecting folks that are experiencing their first brush with the "Have Not" Club it's cool to speak up and be seen, huh? Get all the way da fuck outta here wit dat BULLSHIT! I'm with the shirt: OCCUPY ALL STREETS!! Come by my motherfuckin' street while you at it. Shiiiiiitttt.

I don't know if this is Jay's thoughts (or whoever created the shirt). Maybe the creator is thinking to literally OCCUPY ALL STREETS with that Jay brand. (That's pretty much been established long ago, but who knows... It's possible.)

But, whatever the meaning of the message, the "Real" #OccupywallStreet folks took offense and the shirt has since been pulled from (BULLShiT!)


TMZ spoke with Grim, one of the leaders of the Occupy movement, who told us, "Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility of a hood rat and is a scrotum. To attempt to profit off of the first important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as #occupywallstreet." 

Wish I could laugh at this, but Grim's ass is as disrespectful as it gets. (and IDGAF who disagrees with me on that.) "Hoodrat"?! "Scrotum"?!!... Oh, hell nah! This dude's a DICK! And he shows just how much class he lacks (and obviously likes to pretend he has) by calling someone he doesn't know such names. (Fuckin' idiot!) Maybe he should be excused because he simply wanted a piece of the pie, huh? TMZ reports that these guys thought Jay should have donated to their cause from the profits off the shirt. (Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! PLEASE!)

And yes. Im pissed!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"You Ain't Gotta Wait Until I'm Gone" Busta Rhymes

The recent passing of Heavy D has Busta Bus' reflecting on fallen rappers of the past and how he wants to be celebrated/acknowledged while living.

My Source: Diverse Hiphop

"Warning" Lil Kim (Freestyle)

She says "This bitch still throwing shots?!" Who??.. Nicky?? I, personally, have not heard any Kim shots in quite sometime. Sooooo....??? And then she says that she [paraphrasing] Saw bitch on the awards and she looked stupid. **Sigh**** SMH... Kim!!! You just kinda proved a point. That BITCH was ON an award stage. And you were (where)???... 'Xactly!!

When Kim had it... KIM HAD IT! And that was a long ass run. This shit here is not helping her (late) greatness in the least!

However, it's no telling when this was recorded. Could have been quite sometime ago. Hopefully it's some trash that someone thought it would be cute to leak all in the name of keeping this Kim/Nick beef relevant.


And "You already SNOW!"?? That a shoutout to her fellow cokeheads or some shit? o.O

"Talk That Talk" Rihanna ft. Jay-Z (Snippet)

Here's a snippet of "Talk That Talk" featuring Jay off Rihanna's upcoming album Talk That Talk. Without even hearing the entire song, I can say that this one will be on my playlist!