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"F*ck Da City Up" T.I. ft. Young Jeezy [Audio]

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It's A Wrap!: Russell Brand And Katy Perry

After a few days of back 'n forth from TMZ and other media outlets on whether Russell and Katy have called it quits on their short-lived marriage or not, TMZ confirms that Russell has, indeed filed them papers:

From TMZ:

"Russell Brand has filed for divorce from Katy Perry ... TMZ has learned. In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites "irreconcilable differences."The two were married Oct. 23, 2010 in India. They have no kids."

Wonder what happened... O.o

"Cream" (Remix) Maino ft. T.I. & Meek Mill [Audio]

My Source: Nah Right

After A LIFETIME Together, 99 Year Old Wants To Divorce His 96 Year Old Wife

Ninety-nine year old "Antonio C." of Italy has requested a divorce from his 96 year old wife over an affair she had in the '40's! o.O

Huffington Post reports:

According to The Telegraph, "Antonio C" (as he is referred to in court documents) confronted his wife of 77 years, 96-year-old "Rosa C," about the letters and demanded a divorce. She reportedly confessed but was unable to convince him to stay, though she has not contested the divorce, UPI reports.
Court papers indicate she wrote the letters during an affair in the 1940s.
According to Newser, the couple will become the world's oldest divorcees. That record was last set by British couple Bertie and Jessie Wood, who divorced in 2009 and age 98.
Antonio and Rosa have five kids, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Whaaaaaaaaat?! Obviously, this is a man of principal. I'm prideful as hell and betrayal does hurt, but I don't think that even I, would leave my partner of roughly 80 years over some mess from over 60 years ago. SMH 

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Red Light Special: Red Light Cams In Jersey Tell The Story of Why One Should NOT Run Red Lights

I stated (via Tumblr/Twitter/FB) that I would not be posting anything today, but here I am.. Found this lil vid on Newsweek's Tumblr feed:

Think twice before you pass that red light: American Traffic Solutions, a company that makes red-light traffic cameras, just threw up this video of car crashes and near-misses its traffic cameras caught in the past year — in New Jersey alone.

..Not to mention the tickets one can rack up. (Believe me. I know 'bout 'em all too well!)

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What You Won't Do For Them J's: Concord 11's Release Causes Madness Nationwide

I remember my days of missing morning classes or calling out from work to grab fresh J's. (Ahhhhh. The memories) I never experienced no madness like what folks are going through nationwide to get their hands on the Retro Jordan XI Concords that were released at 12 AM this morning, though. There are reports from all over of chaos at malls, folks standing in lines for days, fights, arrests and some mo'! o.O

Police were called to shopping centers in Indiana, Florida, Texas and Virginia among other states to control crowds of hundreds lining up for the shoes.

"I don't remember anything like this in the recent past at all, definitely not with the iPhone or anything like that," Linda Jackson, a spokeswoman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, told

Indiana police were called to three malls to help control "hectic" scenes of hundreds of shoppers, including many teenagers and children.

Frantic shoppers even tried to break down a door at one of the Indiana malls.

"There was a door that was damaged, but I don't believe they were able to gain access," Jackson said. "It sounded like these are the need-to-have item of the season, for some reason."

In Atlanta, at least four people were arrested in a mob scene at a suburban mall, according to the Associated Press. Twenty police cars responded and the crowd broke down a door to enter the mall before it opened.
Police had to smash the windows of a car to get two toddlers out after a woman had left them there to go buy the shoes. She was taken into custody when she returned, according to the AP.

Florida police used pepper spray on unruly shoe seekers and fights were reported in Kentucky; glass was shattered at stores in North Carolina.

Within hours, hundreds of pairs of the shoes were on sale on eBay, some for more than $500. Many of the pairs already had dozens of bidders.

I ain't gonna lie, I do wish I had a pair. *dreamy-eyed*

Jimmy Kimmel's Holiday Prank On Kids

My coworker sent me this link. I cracked up! Parents gave kids eff'd up Christmas gifts (early) and recorded it all go down. LOL

That lil kid at the end?.. LMAO

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4, Episode 7: "Not Worth Our Friendship"

(I'm keeping promises.)

Here's my lil recap of this week's RHOA show:

On last week's show Phaedra represented Sheree in court with her case against her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. Bob filed some sort of contempt document that held the case up and Sheree was upset with Phaedra for not filing shit first. That brings us to this week: Sheree visited Phaedra's office to speak on how things went in court. And I have a lil question: Why is it that every damn time Sheree enters that office Phaedra compliments her on her look for the day?! (That shit is crazy.) Maybe that is all a part of her lawyer thing?? You know... Like compliment to sweeten your client up. Make them feel good... Make them not want to leave?? Or maybe the producers suggested that she do that mess?? I have no idea, but.. Uhhhhhh... o.o

Luckily, for my internal barf-o-meter. this episode will be the last time we are exposed to that cheesy compliment foolishness when Sheree enters Phaedra's office because the two have decided to not be involved in a business manner. Sheree told Phaedra that she doesn't believe ol' Phae represented her properly and that she was supposed to file some things weeks prior to Bob's filing. That wasn't done. Phaedra tells her that she ain't have her paper on time and don't work for free. So, NO. The papers that were talked about being filed were not filed. I don't blame Phaedra, none! I, myself, ain't working for nobody for free. Plus Phaedra said Sheree has a bad reputation for non-payment with lawyers in the past. She ain't wanna fall victim. So you know what she did? Told Sheree that she's bowing out of being her lawyer and gave her that check (that probably was gon' bounce any damn way) back. Sheree was all smiles as she took possession of that check again.

The two ended on a good note, saying they ain't want this mess to get in between their friendship. (So sweet) I wish I was a fly on da wall to hear what they said once they were out of each other's earshot. Because somewhere under those smiles and soft words were the truth. And I think the truth is looking like Phaedra ain't think Sheree could afford her time or a job well done.

Kim moved into her new house!!! And it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously! For unknown reasons, Kroy allowed her to throw her photos of herself all over their home. But besides that, the interior decorator had that thang on it!! And the house is just a bad house, period! I'd love to be in it! (Shoooooottttt!) Kroy's face was that of indifference throughout the entire tour of the house. When Kim asked him his thoughts, he said he liked it. Guess his face just wasn't giving nothing away that night. lol

The move from her old house was a trying time for her. The movers was tearing her shit apart right before her very eyes. Kim was frustrated as hell. All I can say is, you get what you pay for. She hired Two Guys & A Truck. I would have thought she would have gone a bit more high end on the moving budget. Especially since she is always hollerin' about how much this and that cost. *shrug* Maybe she got insurance. One thing she ain't need insurance on was her wigs! Kim took those wigs and strapped them (on the wig heads) each into a seat of its own in her SUV. She wasn't playin'.

And you know what, the folks that be putting these shows together is funny as hell! There was a scene in Peter's club/lounge on this episode and prior to the scene the cameras caught a crackhead stretching on the streets and police sirens in the background. LMAO!! Once they were done with the fucked up shots of that fucked up neighborhood Peter has his establishment in, the cameras focused on what was going on inside of Bar One. Inside, Cynthia was getting ready for a photo shoot. And while she was getting prepared she realized that the invitations for her modeling school's opening shindig had not yet been mailed and needed to go out like ASAP! While in the chair getting her makeup done, Peter is on the side basically telling her how stupid it was to wait until the late minute and how she'll get them out too late. So, she asked Peter to call her sis and ask her if she could mail them out. Peter gave her a hard time about it, but eventually he did call her sis, Mel, and left her a message telling her how she and Cynthia done fucked up again.

Now, that shit is kinda funny...but not really. What's with this guy?! Cynthia is his woman. Not only his woman, but his WIFE!! To sit on the side line and repeatedly remind her that she screwed up and then to tell her you ain't gonna help her out because that's her thing??? I'm just not understanding. He ain't even want to make the call to her sis for her! I mean.. is you against her or for her, Peter? That was a wild scene. And it makes me think ill of Peter all the more. He's 'bout da pettiest..

Even through Peter's "Tough Love" and not helping his wife out with "Her Thang", the modling school's opening party was a blast! Poor Cynthia was crying before making it out to the event because she only received 3 RSVP's and she thought that the invites were sent out too late and no one would show. No RSVP's ain't mean a thing! When Cynthia pulled up, that place was packed! The entire cast was there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The "socialite" Marlo came out to support. And Kandi was telling some of the ladies how she asked Marlo (on a previous show) how'd she make her money and Marlo answered, "God". They all got a laugh off that one. Kim said that Marlo sleeps with wealthy men for gifts and then she (OFF ALL PEOPLE) had the nerve to say, "Who does that?!" (Kim are you serious?...Are you really serious??.. YOU do that! And so does a couple of your castmates! Sheree and Nene come to mind. So, don't you go pointing no fingers, lil Miss Missy!)

When Marlo came upon the circle of women talking, Kandi told her that she told the other ladies about that question and Marlo's response and she put the pressure on Marlo once more to tell how she really gettin' it. Marlo, at first, stuck to her "God" story and said that anything she gets is a blessing from him, just like with anyone else. It's all a blessing from God. Kandi agreed with her there, but continued to ask her to cut the bull. It's like, "Where did you directly get your money from? Hmmmm??" Marlo finally breaks down and tells that she did get her money from men that have taken care of her. But she ain't stop there. She told Kandi that she heard shit about her too and wouldn't have asked about the rumors in front of the girls, because that's inappropriate. Rumors like what you may ask?... The rumor that Kandi is a Sugar mama and takes care of men. But, hold up, Marlo. I thought you said that you wouldn't ask Kandi nothing in front of the girls because it'd be inappropriate? o.O (But ya just did.)

Kandi was taken aback, like she couldn't believe the words Marlo had spoken. Buutttttt, neither did she deny the accusation. I hope Kandi ain't out there taking care of no niggas. That's just a sin, right there. So, Marlo continued to use the term "Big Papa" while standing right beside Kroy and Kim. (For those of you that do not know, Kim was seeing a wealthy, married man for a few years who was referred to as "Big Papa".) This Marlo lady is quite disrespectful. Kim quickly exited, saying that type of bullshit is why she don't even fuck around like that no more. Understandable.

Other than that lil sideline bull between Marlo and Kandi, it seems as though the party pulled off without a hitch until the very end of the night. Cynthia took to the stage and got on the mic for some shout outs. One was sent to her husband, Peter, who she then asked to join her on stage. That was cool. Except, Peter wasn't in the building. Bless Cynthia's lil heart! She called his name a few times, as if he'd magically come gliding across the room. Cynt, he ain't there, boo. :-(  That was embarrassing! How your husband going to leave your event without telling you?! Anyway, WHY would he want to leave your event? This was huge for Cynthia. He came through and showed the support of a loose associate. (Showed his face for a few and bounced) WTF is that about?!

The lil sneak peek for next week shows Cynthia and Peter talking about their marriage and I believe I heard Peter basically tell her that she must decide if she wants to stay or not. It appears as though, in the clip, that he's saying he don't really care. smh. Let me find out Peter married Cynthia for some publicity. He knew she was doing this show and that he'd get some camera time. As everyone knows, Peter's a hustler. You gotta use what you get to get what you want. Is Cynthia no longer needed? Has Peter accomplished what he needed? That tiny clip wasn't enough! I won't be missing the new episode for next week. I tell ya that!

"You Da One" Rihanna [Video]

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 4, Episodes 6 "Sheree Bust Out Crying Over Bob's Dumb Ass"

Can I just start this off by saying that I'm sooooo unenthused on reporting on this show. I don't like that feeling. I used to LIVE!! (You hear me?? I said LIVE!!!) for this show. And I used to LOVE giving my thoughts on the show, but lately I ain't been really caring if I catch it or not. And when I do catch it I be all like "Eh. Ugh." That's wild. I would say I don't have a clue as to why I'm feeling like this, but that would be kinda false. I think that Love & Hip Hop has overshadowed my old ATL crew. (That's a damn shame!)

I was going to make this one super-long post including both episodes 6 &7, but by the time I was done commenting on episode 6, I was DONE with this topic for the day. Ep. 7 should be coming from me tomorrow (maybe).

 So, Ep. #6: Sheree and this motherfuckin' Bob Whitfield.... SMH! We all know it takes both a man and a woman to create another human life. And it's not fair for only one of the involved parties to solely take on all or majority of the responsibilities. I'm a single parent. Have been since the beginning. Ain't shit cool about that. I'm all for a man doing what he's supposed to do for his kids. Butttttt.... I'm also pretty sure that Sheree ass ONLY messed with this silverback look-a-like for that bread! She thought here's a NFL player... I'm a cute lady... I'ma get with him, push out some financial security (them 2 kids) and keep it moving with the house, cars and big checks all in tow. (Um!) That was a big FAIL and kinda like a kick from karma. Ulterior motives ain't cool. Now look what she done got some innocent kids smack, dab in the middle of.

What Sheree really needs is a good manager. And a good acting coach (although that ain't work for Beyonce, even. And you know she can afford the best!). What i'm trying to say is, Sheree wants to be an actress. She's horrible at it, but maybe if she hooks up with a manager that can pull some strings, she can get herself some work and make a lil money on her own. That definitely wouldn't excuse Bob from his responsibilities, but it would give her the ability to take care of her home comfortably either way.

So, as the episode 5 revealed, Sheree approached Phaedra, asking that she represent her in a case against Bob to collect past due child support. Phaedra agrees to help her out. She was really eager to help her out, actually. But the help almost ain't go down because it looked like Sheree wasn't gonna be good on her money for a lil minute there. Someone from Phaedra's office went to meet Sheree at the hair salon and homegirl ain't have the money!! Phaedra was like, "C'mon, SON!!!" (She ain't say them words, but you know... lol) Phaedra was trying to understand how Sheree is carrying a $10k + bag and not have her retainer fee of $5,000 readily available. I'd like to know the same thing.

Some people are just horrible at a lil something called PRIORITIZING. And it's always been obvious that Sheree be worried bout the wrong things. Such as, how she in a new Porsche and her son playing a Playstation 2?!! And he ain't got no furniture in his bedroom!! And when it comes to her clothing she hollering "Chanel" this and "Louboutin" that but had that boy in them ran down Under Armour sneakers. o_O (Worried 'bout the wrong thangs.... The wrong thangs...!*Kanye voice*)

So, anyways, later that day Sheree got the funds over to Phaedra. And Phaedra appeared with her in court. Bob was there. *_* (I wish these lil faces could be animated. I want that face to the left to be a rapid blink face.) Phaedra said that Bob was smart to come to court looking a hot mess, because it supports his case that he can't afford the original amount Sheree had been awarded for monthly child support. And he was looking a mess. Not totally trashy, but definitely not like an ex-NFL player appearing before a judge. His look said, "I'm just running to the corner store real quick" LOL He pulled a fast one and got the proceedings postponed with a petition of contempt, stating that Sheree took some property that she should not have when they divorced. As they left the courtroom, Bob stuck his tongue out at Sheree and ran. o.o Yes. You read that right: BOB'S BIG, OVERGROWN ASS STUCK HIS TONGUE OUT OF HIS CROSS-EYED FACE AND USED HIS KNOCK-KNEED LEGS TO RUN AFTERWARDS. >>BLANK motherfuckin' STARE!<<

Sheree was pissed! And she blamed Phaedra for allowing Bob to get the upperhand on the case. Phaedra assured her that the stunt was simply something to postpone the ultimate ruling, which she was certain will be in Sheree's favor. But that ain't stop Sheree from bashing Phaedra to her face at lunch with Kandi. The three met up for lunch. Sheree said that she ain't understand how he beat Phaedra to the punch with filing shit. Phaedra was tight! But, surprisingly, kept her composure. Kandi cried with Sheree about knowing how it feels when the father isn't doing his part in the child's life and she advised Sheree to just do her thing and get her paper up so that she can provide for her kids and not even have to worry about Bob's (lack of) contributions. I agree with that. He's playing games. Eventually, the system (hopefully) will make him cough up the bucks. But meanwhile they gotta eat. Sheree got to get out there and hold it down.

Kandi's internet show Kandi Koated nights stepped it up on the set. It's cute!! I wish I had a freakin' show. :( (One fine day.... AMEN! I pray!!) Anyway, her guests for the night was that lady named Marlo and her NFL player boo Charles Grant (who was rumored to be an ex-lover of Ms Nene Leakes). Apparently, Marlo is something like a big deal out there in Atlanta. She was initially introduced as a "socialite". I thought maybe she had some sort of business down there or something. (idk..) Kandi asked her how'd she get her money. She replied, "God". This lady is wild, ain't she?! Kandi says that rumor has it she slept with an old (white) man for her duckettes. And I am leaning towards truth with those rumors. Why else would she say some dumb mess like "God gave her, her money." ? She would have been better off saying the real, direct truth: "Sponsors". As my mom says, "Don't do shit you ashamed of." (smh)

When her man, Charles was asked about his past relationship with Nene, he once again denies that there ever was a relationship and says that he'd rather have a woman that has her own, such as Marlo. *shrug**

Cynthia, the ultimate NENE ASS KISSER, went right back to Nene and told her that Charles was once again asked about his past relationship with Nene and told her his response. Nene agrees with him, saying they never had anything going. And she also wonders why the other cast members are so caught up on whether on not she fucked with the man. She says he'll never get none of her twat. (Good for you Ne! *sarcasm*) During the same conversation, Cynthia suggests that Nene should meet Charles' lady, Marlo. (Why??..)

I hate the side of Cynthia's personality that makes her a total Ass LICK... Kisser!! We've seen her lick all up Nene's ass. Especially this season now that she believes Nene is "a rich bitch", since her appearance on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice". And now we see her giving this Marlo chick hella praise. When Marlo came to that runway thingy Cynthia fucked all up a couple weeks ago, Cynthia was all like, "It's a big deal to have Marlo come!" Really??... Calm the fuck down. (Sheesh!)

Moving along to something a bit more 'lax: KIM AND HER BABY CAME HOME!! (That's where the 'lax ends and bull begins.) Kim kept hollering about how her "lady spot" hurts and how a kid just came out of it and blah, blah, blah.... I wanted to scream at the tv "Get the fuck over it!!! You vaginally delivered a baby! It's your 3rd go 'round! This shit still surprises you?!!" The lil kid is precious (as most babies are).

Stay tuned. Episode 7 will probably pop up tomorrow afternoon.

"The Motto" Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga [Video]

Awwwwwww shiiiiiiiittttt!!! My Twerk Anthem got a mothaluvin' vid!! (I'm goin' crazy over here!)

(Miss Info said Wayne had on some green Uggs. I ain't wanna believe it. SMH. Now he losing me. I want that sweatshirt though. lol)

"Keep It Gee" Big Sean ft. 2 Chainz [Audio]

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Young Jeezy Interview With The Breakfast Club Pt. I & II 12/20/11

Jeezy's latest album, TM: 103, Hustler's Ambition, hit shelves yesterday. Early in the morning he went to sit down with DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Angela Yee.

Love & Hip Hop Season 2, Episode 5: "Olivia's A Delusional Follower That Got A Man Crying & Is Emily Really Trying To Move On?"

Love & Hip Hop...

I'ma start this off with Olivia. She and her manager, Rich Dallas, had yet another heart-to-heart about her (lack of a) career. She cried... He cried... The Breakfast Club (of Power 105.1) titled him Donkey of the Day this morning... (lmao)

I mean... Dude breaking down like that was crazy. The cryface was CRAZY!! But this all just goes to show that "O" needs to give it the hell up! She keeps talking all this "Believe in me" bull. There ain't nothing to believe in. As I recently admitted, she does have a nice voice. But, she has nothing else. No good songs. No personality... NOTHING. Nothing that it takes to be a pop star or R&B star (or whatever type of star Olivia believes she should be).

And besides not having star quality and being a Grade-A HATER! We can add two-faced BITCH to her repertoire. I can't remember if I mentioned a couple weeks ago about her backstabbing lip jabbing against Chrissy or not, but it continued on this episode. (Let me back up to a couple weeks ago first..) Y'all remember when Yandy and Chrissy had their lil words. Then next day Olivia and Yandy met up for lunch and Yandy was venting about the issue with Chrissy and Olivia was sitting up there speaking against Chrissy to Yandy. It appeared as though (not knowing them personally, but from watching the show) that Chrissy and Olivia was pretty tight. So, that's crazy that Olivia would go behind her back and speak ill of her. That was then... And Olivia's still going on that bull.

On last night's episode Yandy, Olivia and Kimbella sat down to lunch. Kimbella told Yandy about her party for Emily (which Yandy missed). Of course, she brought up the fact that Chrissy showed up and did not deliver the apology that Kim feels as though she deserves. Yandy (who was on the outs with Chris at the moment) said that Chrissy was really rude to attend the girl's party and not at least apologize. Her advice to Kim was to contact Chrissy however she can and let her know exactly how she feels about their lil "beef". And here goes (old man face) Olivia with her two cents, talking about Chrissy should have been apologized. GURRRRLLL! Please Shut da hellz UP!!

I don't believe Chrissy owes the chick an apology at all. Kimbella's actions was disrespectful. Chrissy followed that up with disrespect. Sometimes people just get what they deserve. And that's what it was between Chrissy and Kim. However, Yandy's been saying from minute one (as soon as it went down) that Chrissy was wrong, in her eyes. So, I can live with her still saying that Chrissy was wrong and should apologize. She has even told Chrissy this to her face. So, I'm cool with Yandy sticking by her words all the way through. I'M NOT COOL WITH OLIVIA BEING THE WISHY WASHY TRICK THAT SHE IS!! When Chrissy vented on the Kimbella situation Olivia sits there and laughs and agrees with whatever the hell Chris says. But when Chrissy ain't around she wants to agree with everything Kim and Yandy says. Make up yo damn mind! Better yet, have a fuckin' mind of your own! How the hell you a grown ass woman, swaying in the breeze like a damn willow. Choose what you believe and stick to it! (That girl just irks me!)

And how about a day or so later Chrissy, Olivia and Teairra were helping Emily put her kid's bedroom set together and Chrissy got an email from Kimbella. When she announced that she got this email, Olivia was looking so unaware and innocent. "What's it say?.." I bet that bitch heart was racing a fucking mile a minute. She was praying it ain't mention that she was involved in coaxing Kim to contact Chrissy and demand an apology. LMAO!! I mean really... This chick sat there like she was surprised that Kim had the nerve to contact Chrissy about an apology (again). See why the fuck she burns me up?!! She sat right there at that table and told that girl to go get her apology!!! (I'm snapping my neck. Y'all can't see that though.) And then when she finds out that Kim did exactly as O and Yandy suggested, she's all like, "Whaaaaa?!!" *side-eye* Bitch, stop playin'! She be all up Chrissy ass, why she ain't tell Chrissy that she had lunch with Kim and the topic came up? This bitch ain't to be trusted.

Anyways, Kim's email to Chrissy demanded an apology, or else Chrissy better be prepared for a battle every time they cross paths. (No one believes the 2nd half of that ultimatum, by the way.) Chrissy does agree to meet with her to talk. And didn't this bitch, Chrissy show up with a "Jesus Saves" tee on though?! This girl is wild! I found that so ironic. The meeting went a little like this:

Kim: You owe me an apology.
Chrissy: I'm not sorry. No!
Kim: We have to respect each other.
Chrissy: Ain't that what I just said the other day?! You be over there and I'll be over here.
Kim: *blank stare*
Kim: Well, I guess that's that.

And then Chrissy walks away, leaving Kimbella looking confused as a motha!!

And this, folks, is why Kim shouldn't be taking no advice from Olivia. See... Olivia's persistent. Even when she's been told for 12 years that she ain't got it and won't make it, she still keeps coming back. Persistence ain't paid off for her yet and it won't pay off for Kimbella with this Chrissy situation. It's a done deal. Chrissy doesn't like her and she shouldn't like Chrissy. Just keep it pushin' already. SHEESH!

Teairra Marie tried to hook Emily up with a friend of a friend. They went on a double date to a bowling alley. Emily didn't want to refer to it as a date but that's exactly what it was. Dude has a sense of humor. He was cute. Had a lil height to him. He seemed easy on the convo.... Emily was like "NO!" And you wanna know why? Because, although she doesn't say this: She's patiently awaiting Fab's return. I can dig it a lil bit. For years I was caught up on a dude. Wouldn't even touch on anything resembling a relationship because in my young lil mind I thought my ex boo boo could and would come back at any given moment and I had to be freed up for his arrival. Needless to say, that day never came for me. And from the sounds of her past, it may never come for Emily either.

This poor girl is strung and sprung. The unfortunate reality is that Fab did her dirty for many, many years. She endured through it all for many, many years. And while she sat back and thought herself to be that downass bitch that stuck by her man through it all, (Yes. She said this last night.), and was to be appreciated, her man saw something else. I'm sure what he saw was a desperate ass bitch that would let whatever ride as long as he came home every now and then and took care of things financially. Relationships need communication. IF this was the thoughts of the parties involved, their relationship was a huge miscommunication. We all know that as years go on, folks adapt to their surroundings. Habits are formed. Letting Fab run wild as a loose dog is now what that man is. That's not to say he wouldn't be who he is (woman-wise) without Em. We'd never know. But that is to say that she set the tone for their relationship. It would be hard for him to scale things back and live as she'd like for them to live. It's possible. But it would be hella hard.

At the end of the show she revealed that she has been dating Fab and she'd go back to him if he proposed to her. Bad move. Right now, this guy is (number one) in shock that she actually got a backbone from somewhere and took the initiative to move out his place and (number two) probably feeling that feeling that we all feel when we stop using something and the thought hits us that somebody else just may try to use it. C'mon now. You think this man wanna chance running into Em and her new man around the city or on blog sites?! Nooooooo. You think he'll even sleep good at night knowing that it's a possibility that she could be somewhere with another dude now that she has moved out, when he used to always rest well knowing that her ass was home with them kids and under his thumb? Noooooo. Fab don't want that. No man would.

So of course he's going to treat her nice and do all the things he should have done NOW THAT SHE'S LEFT! But I guarantee that if they get back together he'd continue with the same shit that made her leave in the first damn place! OR things can totally go left and she get him back and realize she don't want him after all. (Don't you dare laugh. That shit happens.)

Did you see that look and smile on her face when she spotted Fab in the audience at that fashion show she worked on? That's some real love she got for him. I could see the butterflies in her stomach. If talks of their past weren't so shitty, I'd give a big AWWWWWWWW right here.

I think she should move on. Because as they say, one woman's trash is another's treasure. FAB, CALL ME! ;^) (lol) 

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"Ride 4 U" Far East Movement ft. Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper

"Niggas In Paris" Harlem Nigga In A Purple Pleather Edition

This shit CRAY!!! Dude is performing like shit on the train! Oddly, I LOVE ITTTTT! lol

And how do I know he's from Harlem??... Idk... The jacket?? o.O

A Kardashian Christmas [2011 Picture]

The Kardashian clan is just a beautiful bunch. I don't care much for their antics, but when it comes to Xmas cards/photos.... They got it!! 

My favorite! This is so cute!

Another fave..

"Stupid Hoe" Nicky Minaj [Audio]

Huh?? Nick catering to kids, obviously. Sounds like something hood 19 and unders would chant. *_O

(Next PLEASE!!!)

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"Yao Ming" David Banner ft. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne [Audio]

Is it just me.... Or...... Does Dave got a lil Chris Breezy flow on that opening? o.O

2 Chainz... Can't get enough of his appearances.

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An Elevator Fall Claims A Life In NYC

Huffington Post has some breaking news this morning:

One person is reported dead and two others injured after an elevator fall in Midtown Manhattan.
The Times reports that the elevator fall occurred at 285 Madison Ave, home to communications company Young and Rubicam.
@NYScanner says that three people 'fell' down an elevator shaft.
Fire officials say the accident happened at 10 a.m.Wednesday morning.

Idk what that "3 people fell down an elevator shaft" means. Where they inside of an elevator car or were they like workers that got too close to the edge and fell? Which scenario makes more sense? (I think inside the car does. But why then would the report's words read that way?) I'll update this one when more info becomes available.

Just one more thing to add to my fears. SMH

"Original" Mystikal ft. Birdman& Lil Wayne [Audio]

I ain't heard from Mystikal since.... (damn)... Early 2000's?? And that late was probably due to that rape accusation that girl brought against him and his crew. (Y'all 'memba dat?)

Anyway, when Mystikal began on the track all hollerin' and hype like his good ole No Limit Soldier days my initial thought was "What in dee FUCK?!"! As the song went on and I gave the delivery and lyrics a chance, I decided that I like this song. I'd like for him to tone it down a bit. The 90's are like outta here. But, that's his style, I suppose.

Seems like Cash Money ain't losin'. Mystikal got picked up by a good team. Hopefully, his career takes off again. I think this single's a good start.

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Cam'Ron Ad Libs All Over Rihanna's "We Found Love" [Audio]

There's a few bars in there.. (lol)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

True or False: Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Got Pha..Pha..Pha...PHYSICAL!

Ever now and then I scroll through my Twitter timeline and find a nice lil nugget. Earlier today was one such time. @MzGossipGirl, (formerly of TMZ), tweeted a lil something about old bosom buddies Evelyn and Jennifer of Basketball Wives (Miami) fighting????

Reportedly, at the celebration of Ms. Shaunie Oneal's 37th b-day at Philiipe this past Friday, Jen and Eve exchanged some heated words. And the scene ended with Evelyn boppin' Jen on the head with her clutch!! o.O

Luckily for us, (if this really did take place at all),VH1 cameras got it all! Let's keep tuned this upcoming season for that lil "brawl". I definitely will be tuned in, me, myself... It's just funny how "friends" break apart like that. SMH

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Strange Clouds" B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne [Video]

About a week late. (ENJOY ANWAYSSSSSS! ;^P )

"Supafreak" Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz [Audio]

Library Janitor Discovers Coins Worth Millions!!

Tanja Hols, a janitor of a German library, found ancient coins and medals worth millions! Here's Huffington Post's report:

So, they say she will be "rewarded". What's a fair reward for handing over this treasure worth millions? I hope she gets AT LEAST a third. That's fair. She didn't have to tell anybody about what she found. Could have kept it all for herself. Went to one of those antique shows, got a nice estimate and went on about her biz selling this stuff off; keeping 100% of the profits. Let's hope they treat this janitor right.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Love & Hip Hop Season 2, Episode 4: "You Didn't Set The Stage For Mutual Respect"

Anybody else realize that I included some of this episode in last week's writeup? (Well, I did.) The whole Emily and Kimbella meet in the parking, I told it. And ain't even realize the shit! (smh) However, I posted the sneak peek for y'all last week in that post, so it's all good. I'm sure you followed.

Let me begin with lil Miss (Former G-Unit member) Olivia. That girl's 'tude is pissy, ain't it?! I know it's frustrating, being told what you can't do when your heart is really set on it, but, DAMN!!! Her attitude is crazy when she's receiving constructive criticism.  Professionals try to give her their opinion and in the words of her own, she gets all "defensive" when she should be receptive. If she really wants to progress, she has to take advice from those that can help her along in her journey. Not block it out because she feels as though she's being "picked on". (Once again, her words. Not mine.)

The truth is, O, can sing. I said in the past that she was talentless. That was an incorrect statement. She's not talentless. She simply lacks something that doesn't make her star worthy. It's not vocals. She sang for an A&R on last night's episode. A Capella. Her voice was real crisp and neat. She has range and all. Maybe it's just the lack of personality. (Idk... I'm scratching my head.) I just know she ain't an artist that no one is going to break (or even crane) their neck to support. That "December" song. I hated it!! And they keep referring to it as their "hit". o.O

Her manager, Rich Dallas, he keeps it on the one with her all the time! I love that! 'Cause you know a lot of times when there is an artist, their managers, friends, etc. kiss ass and will tell the "talent" anything they wanna hear. Rich ain't like that. He told her they running out of steam on this one. He even said "9-5's are callin'..." LMAO!!! He ain't lyin'!! Maybe O should try to bust on the scene as a songwriter. Or possibly try her hand at managing. Or maybe she should try to host some shit. Like a video show or something. Or even get a spinoff show.. Or even host some parties... Or become a DJ.... I mean, the list goes on for all the other opportunities this girl has available. I, personally, thinks she should let it burn. At the same time though, I know what it is when the heart wants what it wants. (So sad.)

And my girl, Chris. My feelings towards her are all over the place. She has a good heart and good intentions, but she is extreme! And Jimmy?? He just lets her do what the fuck she do! Don't get me wrong, I love their love. It's real sweet and all, but why does he not see that HIS LADY is the common denominator when it comes to these issues involving her and others in his life?!! Last week we saw him advise his longtime manager, Yandy, to "make it right with Chrissy." after Chris blew up on the poor chick about some miscellaneous bull. Yandy did that. Chris walked out on it.

So now this week we see him in an emotional sit down with his mother, talking about her and CHRISSY's beef. And can I just say, I hate to see a man cry!! Especially a dude like Jim. He must really be hurting inside to let them tears roll on cam. My eyes got all watery. It was almost a flood. ALMOST! I had to pull it together in front of the screen. I feel his pain. But as he said, everyone loves his mother. But, for some reason, Chrissy don't. He says his mom gets along with everyone but for some reason, just not the love of his life! What is it?! And once again we hear  Jim say, (the 2nd time in 2 weeks), something like: "You and Chrissy need to get together and talk."

Now, in this scenario with Mama Jones, both sides are probably to blame, but at that same time, when does Jim realize that he can't be telling everyone they got to go make it right with Chrissy?! Maybe Chrissy should be the one trying to make it right with those that she pops off on. Not the other way around!! I really love that Jim is by her side to the extent that he is 'cause even when she's wrong, she's right with him. Again, that's really sweet, but that ain't the way shit goes in the real world! And I think his kid glove treatment of her has a lot to do with the way she treats people outside of their home. She's used to Jimmy standing by her wrongs, so she thinks that she can say and do whatever she wants and no one will challenge that. That ain't the way to be.

And y'all see their lil Moroccan rooftop dinner date? That was real cute! I'd love a lil date like that. Chrissy loved it too, but she just couldn't coast on that feeling of euphoria and let it be. She told Jim that he ain't put the setup together alone and pressured him to tell her who helped him pull it off. (It was Yandy) Chrissy. DON'T LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN DA MOUF! mmm'kay! Can your man not treat you and you just be good with it?! DANG! o.O

Kimbella went out on a limb this week and threw Emily another Independence Party. I think that was nice of her. And I think that Kim is just a tiny bit airheaded. She really didn't think her revelation (that she was bonking with Fab while he and Em were very much together) was a problem at all. We call that mental retardation. (At least I do)... When an adult lacks the common sense to identify the difference between wrong and right. So, in her mind, she was being a friend and she was helping Emily. Not hurting her.

Emily accepts the invite to this party and it's super cute! Kim hired male and female strippers. Emily wasn't feeling neither. She seems so sheltered. (That's actually a good thing, depending on how you wanna look at it.) Somaya and Teairra were there smacking asses and shit. T even told a story about a stripper in Detroit all in a girl face and a crab popping the chick in the eye. LMAO!! Please tell me that's just a crazy ass rumor! That shit is too far out, right there! And I guess T has a recurring role this season?? I saw on some blog that she did. I didn't believe it because, you know... I figured she was seen on last week's episode and some blogger just thought she was gonna be a permanent cast member. After 2 weeks, that's exactly my thoughts. But, we'll see, I suppose.

Chrissy also attended the party and Kimbella pulled her to the side to get an apology. She seemed surprised when she didn't get one. Chris explained to her that she doesn't feel comfy being chummy with her after the beatin' she put on the girl. She told Kim that they can just continue to do how they been doing: Kim stay over there and Chris stay over here. No animosity. But no friendship, either. I can understand that. Chrissy feels as though she took it to the point of no return. Ehhh... I def. see her point. Like Kim and Emily decided amongst themselves, Agree to Disagree and keep it movin'.

Oh.. And Kim's hair caught on fire at the party, while enjoying the lady dancers. (Dem damn candles!! O_O)

Jay-Z Says A Jay Solo, Ye Solo And WTT 2 Collabo Is Possible For 2012

Jay-Z tells MTV that both he and Kanye are currently in a "Good zone" creatively and there is a good possibility they may both give solo albums in 2012, in addition to another collaborative album. See the vid:

Get More: Music News

MAN!! 2 solos and another collab?! That would be sooooooo awesome! And yet another reason for me to begin saving NOW! (3 albums means at least one concert. Probably too rich for my blodd, but hey..) I gots to see them again!

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"Queens, NY" 50 Cent ft. Paris & "Wait Until Tonight" [Audio]--Updated

Remy Ma and Nicki comes to mind, hearing Fif's new artist, Paris. Idk why I always look for similarities in old and new. Must be the accent??.. ??

And I still get the biggest laugh off the fact that 50 stole JaRule's hook singing after blastin' the lil poor soul for his style. LMAO!!! (Only 50)

UPDATE: "Wait Until Tonight"