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Love & Hip Hop Season 2, Episode 5: "Olivia's A Delusional Follower That Got A Man Crying & Is Emily Really Trying To Move On?"

Love & Hip Hop...

I'ma start this off with Olivia. She and her manager, Rich Dallas, had yet another heart-to-heart about her (lack of a) career. She cried... He cried... The Breakfast Club (of Power 105.1) titled him Donkey of the Day this morning... (lmao)

I mean... Dude breaking down like that was crazy. The cryface was CRAZY!! But this all just goes to show that "O" needs to give it the hell up! She keeps talking all this "Believe in me" bull. There ain't nothing to believe in. As I recently admitted, she does have a nice voice. But, she has nothing else. No good songs. No personality... NOTHING. Nothing that it takes to be a pop star or R&B star (or whatever type of star Olivia believes she should be).

And besides not having star quality and being a Grade-A HATER! We can add two-faced BITCH to her repertoire. I can't remember if I mentioned a couple weeks ago about her backstabbing lip jabbing against Chrissy or not, but it continued on this episode. (Let me back up to a couple weeks ago first..) Y'all remember when Yandy and Chrissy had their lil words. Then next day Olivia and Yandy met up for lunch and Yandy was venting about the issue with Chrissy and Olivia was sitting up there speaking against Chrissy to Yandy. It appeared as though (not knowing them personally, but from watching the show) that Chrissy and Olivia was pretty tight. So, that's crazy that Olivia would go behind her back and speak ill of her. That was then... And Olivia's still going on that bull.

On last night's episode Yandy, Olivia and Kimbella sat down to lunch. Kimbella told Yandy about her party for Emily (which Yandy missed). Of course, she brought up the fact that Chrissy showed up and did not deliver the apology that Kim feels as though she deserves. Yandy (who was on the outs with Chris at the moment) said that Chrissy was really rude to attend the girl's party and not at least apologize. Her advice to Kim was to contact Chrissy however she can and let her know exactly how she feels about their lil "beef". And here goes (old man face) Olivia with her two cents, talking about Chrissy should have been apologized. GURRRRLLL! Please Shut da hellz UP!!

I don't believe Chrissy owes the chick an apology at all. Kimbella's actions was disrespectful. Chrissy followed that up with disrespect. Sometimes people just get what they deserve. And that's what it was between Chrissy and Kim. However, Yandy's been saying from minute one (as soon as it went down) that Chrissy was wrong, in her eyes. So, I can live with her still saying that Chrissy was wrong and should apologize. She has even told Chrissy this to her face. So, I'm cool with Yandy sticking by her words all the way through. I'M NOT COOL WITH OLIVIA BEING THE WISHY WASHY TRICK THAT SHE IS!! When Chrissy vented on the Kimbella situation Olivia sits there and laughs and agrees with whatever the hell Chris says. But when Chrissy ain't around she wants to agree with everything Kim and Yandy says. Make up yo damn mind! Better yet, have a fuckin' mind of your own! How the hell you a grown ass woman, swaying in the breeze like a damn willow. Choose what you believe and stick to it! (That girl just irks me!)

And how about a day or so later Chrissy, Olivia and Teairra were helping Emily put her kid's bedroom set together and Chrissy got an email from Kimbella. When she announced that she got this email, Olivia was looking so unaware and innocent. "What's it say?.." I bet that bitch heart was racing a fucking mile a minute. She was praying it ain't mention that she was involved in coaxing Kim to contact Chrissy and demand an apology. LMAO!! I mean really... This chick sat there like she was surprised that Kim had the nerve to contact Chrissy about an apology (again). See why the fuck she burns me up?!! She sat right there at that table and told that girl to go get her apology!!! (I'm snapping my neck. Y'all can't see that though.) And then when she finds out that Kim did exactly as O and Yandy suggested, she's all like, "Whaaaaa?!!" *side-eye* Bitch, stop playin'! She be all up Chrissy ass, why she ain't tell Chrissy that she had lunch with Kim and the topic came up? This bitch ain't to be trusted.

Anyways, Kim's email to Chrissy demanded an apology, or else Chrissy better be prepared for a battle every time they cross paths. (No one believes the 2nd half of that ultimatum, by the way.) Chrissy does agree to meet with her to talk. And didn't this bitch, Chrissy show up with a "Jesus Saves" tee on though?! This girl is wild! I found that so ironic. The meeting went a little like this:

Kim: You owe me an apology.
Chrissy: I'm not sorry. No!
Kim: We have to respect each other.
Chrissy: Ain't that what I just said the other day?! You be over there and I'll be over here.
Kim: *blank stare*
Kim: Well, I guess that's that.

And then Chrissy walks away, leaving Kimbella looking confused as a motha!!

And this, folks, is why Kim shouldn't be taking no advice from Olivia. See... Olivia's persistent. Even when she's been told for 12 years that she ain't got it and won't make it, she still keeps coming back. Persistence ain't paid off for her yet and it won't pay off for Kimbella with this Chrissy situation. It's a done deal. Chrissy doesn't like her and she shouldn't like Chrissy. Just keep it pushin' already. SHEESH!

Teairra Marie tried to hook Emily up with a friend of a friend. They went on a double date to a bowling alley. Emily didn't want to refer to it as a date but that's exactly what it was. Dude has a sense of humor. He was cute. Had a lil height to him. He seemed easy on the convo.... Emily was like "NO!" And you wanna know why? Because, although she doesn't say this: She's patiently awaiting Fab's return. I can dig it a lil bit. For years I was caught up on a dude. Wouldn't even touch on anything resembling a relationship because in my young lil mind I thought my ex boo boo could and would come back at any given moment and I had to be freed up for his arrival. Needless to say, that day never came for me. And from the sounds of her past, it may never come for Emily either.

This poor girl is strung and sprung. The unfortunate reality is that Fab did her dirty for many, many years. She endured through it all for many, many years. And while she sat back and thought herself to be that downass bitch that stuck by her man through it all, (Yes. She said this last night.), and was to be appreciated, her man saw something else. I'm sure what he saw was a desperate ass bitch that would let whatever ride as long as he came home every now and then and took care of things financially. Relationships need communication. IF this was the thoughts of the parties involved, their relationship was a huge miscommunication. We all know that as years go on, folks adapt to their surroundings. Habits are formed. Letting Fab run wild as a loose dog is now what that man is. That's not to say he wouldn't be who he is (woman-wise) without Em. We'd never know. But that is to say that she set the tone for their relationship. It would be hard for him to scale things back and live as she'd like for them to live. It's possible. But it would be hella hard.

At the end of the show she revealed that she has been dating Fab and she'd go back to him if he proposed to her. Bad move. Right now, this guy is (number one) in shock that she actually got a backbone from somewhere and took the initiative to move out his place and (number two) probably feeling that feeling that we all feel when we stop using something and the thought hits us that somebody else just may try to use it. C'mon now. You think this man wanna chance running into Em and her new man around the city or on blog sites?! Nooooooo. You think he'll even sleep good at night knowing that it's a possibility that she could be somewhere with another dude now that she has moved out, when he used to always rest well knowing that her ass was home with them kids and under his thumb? Noooooo. Fab don't want that. No man would.

So of course he's going to treat her nice and do all the things he should have done NOW THAT SHE'S LEFT! But I guarantee that if they get back together he'd continue with the same shit that made her leave in the first damn place! OR things can totally go left and she get him back and realize she don't want him after all. (Don't you dare laugh. That shit happens.)

Did you see that look and smile on her face when she spotted Fab in the audience at that fashion show she worked on? That's some real love she got for him. I could see the butterflies in her stomach. If talks of their past weren't so shitty, I'd give a big AWWWWWWWW right here.

I think she should move on. Because as they say, one woman's trash is another's treasure. FAB, CALL ME! ;^) (lol) 

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