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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 4, Episodes 6 "Sheree Bust Out Crying Over Bob's Dumb Ass"

Can I just start this off by saying that I'm sooooo unenthused on reporting on this show. I don't like that feeling. I used to LIVE!! (You hear me?? I said LIVE!!!) for this show. And I used to LOVE giving my thoughts on the show, but lately I ain't been really caring if I catch it or not. And when I do catch it I be all like "Eh. Ugh." That's wild. I would say I don't have a clue as to why I'm feeling like this, but that would be kinda false. I think that Love & Hip Hop has overshadowed my old ATL crew. (That's a damn shame!)

I was going to make this one super-long post including both episodes 6 &7, but by the time I was done commenting on episode 6, I was DONE with this topic for the day. Ep. 7 should be coming from me tomorrow (maybe).

 So, Ep. #6: Sheree and this motherfuckin' Bob Whitfield.... SMH! We all know it takes both a man and a woman to create another human life. And it's not fair for only one of the involved parties to solely take on all or majority of the responsibilities. I'm a single parent. Have been since the beginning. Ain't shit cool about that. I'm all for a man doing what he's supposed to do for his kids. Butttttt.... I'm also pretty sure that Sheree ass ONLY messed with this silverback look-a-like for that bread! She thought here's a NFL player... I'm a cute lady... I'ma get with him, push out some financial security (them 2 kids) and keep it moving with the house, cars and big checks all in tow. (Um!) That was a big FAIL and kinda like a kick from karma. Ulterior motives ain't cool. Now look what she done got some innocent kids smack, dab in the middle of.

What Sheree really needs is a good manager. And a good acting coach (although that ain't work for Beyonce, even. And you know she can afford the best!). What i'm trying to say is, Sheree wants to be an actress. She's horrible at it, but maybe if she hooks up with a manager that can pull some strings, she can get herself some work and make a lil money on her own. That definitely wouldn't excuse Bob from his responsibilities, but it would give her the ability to take care of her home comfortably either way.

So, as the episode 5 revealed, Sheree approached Phaedra, asking that she represent her in a case against Bob to collect past due child support. Phaedra agrees to help her out. She was really eager to help her out, actually. But the help almost ain't go down because it looked like Sheree wasn't gonna be good on her money for a lil minute there. Someone from Phaedra's office went to meet Sheree at the hair salon and homegirl ain't have the money!! Phaedra was like, "C'mon, SON!!!" (She ain't say them words, but you know... lol) Phaedra was trying to understand how Sheree is carrying a $10k + bag and not have her retainer fee of $5,000 readily available. I'd like to know the same thing.

Some people are just horrible at a lil something called PRIORITIZING. And it's always been obvious that Sheree be worried bout the wrong things. Such as, how she in a new Porsche and her son playing a Playstation 2?!! And he ain't got no furniture in his bedroom!! And when it comes to her clothing she hollering "Chanel" this and "Louboutin" that but had that boy in them ran down Under Armour sneakers. o_O (Worried 'bout the wrong thangs.... The wrong thangs...!*Kanye voice*)

So, anyways, later that day Sheree got the funds over to Phaedra. And Phaedra appeared with her in court. Bob was there. *_* (I wish these lil faces could be animated. I want that face to the left to be a rapid blink face.) Phaedra said that Bob was smart to come to court looking a hot mess, because it supports his case that he can't afford the original amount Sheree had been awarded for monthly child support. And he was looking a mess. Not totally trashy, but definitely not like an ex-NFL player appearing before a judge. His look said, "I'm just running to the corner store real quick" LOL He pulled a fast one and got the proceedings postponed with a petition of contempt, stating that Sheree took some property that she should not have when they divorced. As they left the courtroom, Bob stuck his tongue out at Sheree and ran. o.o Yes. You read that right: BOB'S BIG, OVERGROWN ASS STUCK HIS TONGUE OUT OF HIS CROSS-EYED FACE AND USED HIS KNOCK-KNEED LEGS TO RUN AFTERWARDS. >>BLANK motherfuckin' STARE!<<

Sheree was pissed! And she blamed Phaedra for allowing Bob to get the upperhand on the case. Phaedra assured her that the stunt was simply something to postpone the ultimate ruling, which she was certain will be in Sheree's favor. But that ain't stop Sheree from bashing Phaedra to her face at lunch with Kandi. The three met up for lunch. Sheree said that she ain't understand how he beat Phaedra to the punch with filing shit. Phaedra was tight! But, surprisingly, kept her composure. Kandi cried with Sheree about knowing how it feels when the father isn't doing his part in the child's life and she advised Sheree to just do her thing and get her paper up so that she can provide for her kids and not even have to worry about Bob's (lack of) contributions. I agree with that. He's playing games. Eventually, the system (hopefully) will make him cough up the bucks. But meanwhile they gotta eat. Sheree got to get out there and hold it down.

Kandi's internet show Kandi Koated nights stepped it up on the set. It's cute!! I wish I had a freakin' show. :( (One fine day.... AMEN! I pray!!) Anyway, her guests for the night was that lady named Marlo and her NFL player boo Charles Grant (who was rumored to be an ex-lover of Ms Nene Leakes). Apparently, Marlo is something like a big deal out there in Atlanta. She was initially introduced as a "socialite". I thought maybe she had some sort of business down there or something. (idk..) Kandi asked her how'd she get her money. She replied, "God". This lady is wild, ain't she?! Kandi says that rumor has it she slept with an old (white) man for her duckettes. And I am leaning towards truth with those rumors. Why else would she say some dumb mess like "God gave her, her money." ? She would have been better off saying the real, direct truth: "Sponsors". As my mom says, "Don't do shit you ashamed of." (smh)

When her man, Charles was asked about his past relationship with Nene, he once again denies that there ever was a relationship and says that he'd rather have a woman that has her own, such as Marlo. *shrug**

Cynthia, the ultimate NENE ASS KISSER, went right back to Nene and told her that Charles was once again asked about his past relationship with Nene and told her his response. Nene agrees with him, saying they never had anything going. And she also wonders why the other cast members are so caught up on whether on not she fucked with the man. She says he'll never get none of her twat. (Good for you Ne! *sarcasm*) During the same conversation, Cynthia suggests that Nene should meet Charles' lady, Marlo. (Why??..)

I hate the side of Cynthia's personality that makes her a total Ass LICK... Kisser!! We've seen her lick all up Nene's ass. Especially this season now that she believes Nene is "a rich bitch", since her appearance on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice". And now we see her giving this Marlo chick hella praise. When Marlo came to that runway thingy Cynthia fucked all up a couple weeks ago, Cynthia was all like, "It's a big deal to have Marlo come!" Really??... Calm the fuck down. (Sheesh!)

Moving along to something a bit more 'lax: KIM AND HER BABY CAME HOME!! (That's where the 'lax ends and bull begins.) Kim kept hollering about how her "lady spot" hurts and how a kid just came out of it and blah, blah, blah.... I wanted to scream at the tv "Get the fuck over it!!! You vaginally delivered a baby! It's your 3rd go 'round! This shit still surprises you?!!" The lil kid is precious (as most babies are).

Stay tuned. Episode 7 will probably pop up tomorrow afternoon.

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