Monday, January 23, 2012

Jim Carrey's Daughter Makes It On American Idol 2012

Aww. Nice. I think it's good that this girl seems to be making her own way. She's a waitress and an American idol contestant. Jim Carrey is her father. (Let that sink in.) She could have easily been a lil brat that gets daddy to pay her way through everything. Quite a few celebutantes come to mind with that being said. *eye roll*

I haven't really watched AI since the season of Chris Daughtry. I may tune in to follow lil Carrey's progress. Maybe it was her nerves, but I've seen others with much more talent not make it to the next phase on this show. Did she get a pass due to her father??... This is the question I need answered. Pretty sure I'll be watching to see if the talent gets better as the show goes on.

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