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Love And Hip Hop: Olivia's 2-Faced Ways Become More Apparent, As Well As Erica's Hateration

I missed the first 6 minutes of the show. So, therefore, I missed Olivia's meeting with Funkmaster Flex and whatever else the summary of the show (on Comcast) was talking about as far as things looking up for her music career. What I didn't miss was her wearing her two faces last night during chats with Yandy and Chrissy (separately).

I been tellin' y'all for forever that Olivia ass is as two-faced as a fake US coin!! (Ain't I?!) So, last night she meets up with Emily and Yandy and tells Yandy that she needs to stop apologizing to Chrissy and all this and that. Yandy asks Emily to say something to Chrissy to get their relationship back right. Emily declines the offer to stick her nose where it don't belong. Yandy then places the responsibility on Olivia's shoulders; which she accepts because she's a pressed ass like that.

Olivia and Emily then sit down with Chrissy, and Olivia (in her true fake ass fashion) tries to tell Chrissy that she's both their friend and don't wanna be involved and both Chrissy and Yandy need to work it out or whatever the hell. Emily blasts that ass and tells Chrissy that during the meeting with Yandy Olivia actually wasn't so meek about things. She actually asked Yandy "Why do you have to apologize? Why you always gotta be the bigger person?.." Chrissy was shocked by that revelation. Bet she never thought her lil 'Liv would turn on her like that!

But if you all can recall, 'Liv actually pulled this 2-sided talk earlier in the season after Kimbella and Chrissy's fight. Remember when she sat down with Yandy and Kim and said all this shit about Chrissy was wrong and encouraged Kim to contact Chrissy and demand an apology????... And if you can also recall that she sat down with Chrissy like the next day and ain't speak nothing of that meeting with Kim and even acted super surprised when Chrissy received an email from Kim demanding (WHAT?!!!) an apology. o.O I swear I cannot deal with Olivia's grandfather-faced ass! (A good-looking grandpa. Don't get me wrong, she's a cute girl. I just see the grandpa in her.)

Well, the wack ass mediator position continues for Olivia, as she then meets with Yandy again (after speaking with Chrissy) and tells her the outcome of her chat with Chris. Yandy senses that Olivia is telling both sides what they wanna hear. She tells Olivia to speak up and stop this, "Y'all both was wrong..." bullshit. Because when she first met Yandy it was all, "Chrissy was wrong." Then she meets with Chrissy and says, "Y'all both were wrong." Then she meets Yandy again and reports that she told Chrissy they were both at fault... WHOA!!! What the fuck do you really believe?! Chrissy nor Yandy believes anything coming from this girl at this point. And they shouldn't. She ain't no good. Not as a pop/R&B star and definitely not as a friend!

I understand that this "beef" is solely between Yandy and Chrissy and needs to stay that way, but I kinda feel bad for Yandy.  Here we have a set of grown women in a lil "circle", there's the head: (also known as something like a bully) Chrissy and no one wants to go up against her. No one wants to be her voice of reason. Not even her own man stands up to her to tell her when she's wrong!! So, here's po' Yandy, thinking that at least one person could come back her (because this is a circle of all friends, right?) and no one is there. Not even Jim (who she believes should have stronger ties to her as her "brother" than he should with his fiance). And then the fact that everyone is getting on her about this email.


'Cause even the lady Yandy says she considers as a mentor was telling Yandy that she was wrong in this situation. Supposedly the email contained a line (or two) about her work paying for Chrissy's shoes and thangs???... Her mentor told her the email should have simply stated that she resigns. No emotional talk. Nothing more than a professional email of resignation. And I'm sure we can all agree with her, but for some odd reason, Yandy is super emotional when it comes to Jim (my homey believes they either are or were fuckin').  I don't know... But she is super hung up on the ring Chrissy rockin'. "...on an installment plan." Sounds like a hater to me. If she supposedly ride for Jim like that (as a brother/sister) why would she even wanna put him out there like that to imply that he couldn't afford the ring flat-out?... I tell you why... She MAY be feeling a lil jealousy, envy, betrayal... (think about it..)

All I can say is, Poor Yands. She ain't got no one on her side. Maybe except, Mama Jones, who advised her follow her lead and fall back. Remember Mama and Chrissy stayed at it?! Mama realized that her son ain't going nowhere. To have Jim is to have Chrissy and that's just the way it is. No need to act a fool or try to talk him into seeing Chrissy's faults cause it ain't neva gonna happen! The only thing that nonsense would lead to is you being out of Jim's life (i.e the riff with his mom and now Yandy).

Anyways, email and all'a dat aside, the big commotion at the club in Miami ain't have to take place. Chrissy asking Yandy "You got something you wanna say to me?" and challenging, "Let's take this outside." ain't even have to happen! Chrissy is in her 40's (so the blogs say) she should be done with all this rowdy confrontation! I understand you don't like for your enemy to be checkin' yo man via email and poppin' all this shit about what her hard work has afforded you. I understand. No woman would go for that. But at the same time, offering to take shit outside and throwing blows ain't a good look for a mature lady such as Chrissy. Understandably, Yandy felt attacked and continued to pop that "I got my own dough...You just got a man's dough." smack. Who wouldn't pop back after the embarrassment of all Chrissy said before?

Man, look!... This entire situation shouldn't even be as big as it is right now. It's just... CRAZY!! And this is where at least one "friend" should step up and show Chrissy how insane her actions are. (ANYONE??.. All it takes is one.) But, of course that won't happen, because no one wants to chance Chrissy's wrath. (smh)

On to other drama: What the fuck is with Erica's ass?! This bitch started shit with Kimbella, got her face scratched up and shit, called one time, tryna press charges and shit... Apologized to Kim and partied with her out in Miami and THEN.... did an interview with Vibe talkin' cash money shit about Kim! o.O (Just how does that work, I wonder..)

So, during Erica's interview with Vibe, even the interviewer pointed out to her that she and Kim are basically the same damn person. They living the same life. (Yandy has pointed this out to Erica as well.) Erica continues to deny this, saying that they aren't on the same level and how Kimbella sucked the right d*ck to get to where she is and how she's so much greater than Kimbella... BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!! Really??! She even went as far as to say they have NOTHING in common! (Unbelievable!) Erica's a HATER!! And she lets it show. That's the worst. What else would cause this chick to deny that she and Kimbella are basically one in the same?! I mean, do come on. REALLY!!

The best part about that interview is when she said, "I decided to become a Bronx bitch and snuff her". That shit is so classic! Being that she's the one that immediately ran inside and screamed for someone to give her the phone to call the cops. That's what they doin' out in DA BRONX nowadays? Starting fights that you can't finish then calling the cops to come handle things? This bitch is all around dumb as hell!

And in comes Somaya for the first episode in about 3 weeks, talking with Kimbella about Erica's Vibe interview. They are both confused on how Erica apologizes and hangs out with Kim and acts all buddy-buddy, but goes back to slander Kimbella some more. So what do they do, but crash Erica's birthday party. Kimbella strolls right in and pulls Erica to the side. Erica tells her that she did say what was printed and that she really feels that way about Kim... Kim is whining for Erica to understand that she's not that way... Erica is calling Somaya a "monster" (cause she all big and whatnot)...Erica throws a glass or something... Kim throws her gum... Somaya and Kim leave. It was a sad scene. Kim seems a lil slow (mentally) and Erica's tits are ridiculous. They gotta account for like 25% of her total body weight. She needs to tone down in a lot of ways.

And of course no episode would be complete without Emily's constant internal fight: TO TAKE FAB BACK OR TO NOT TAKE FAB BACK? (This is the question.)

Fab's old assistant comes to talk to Emily and gives her some wild advice. She suggests that Emily should just stay with Fab because any other man she gets will also cheat and some shit just comes with the territory. So, in her mind, why leave Fab just to be with another nigga that will also cheat on you. Now see, I used to think that shit when it came to one relationship of mine when I was a lil spring chicken at the tender age of about 20..21... That kind of stupid logic is excusable at 21. But at Emily's age and the age of Fab's ex-assistant, that's a no-no. And that's just plain DUMB ass advice! Why would she sit up there and advise this girl, that is already on the damn edge, to take Fab and his blatant cheating back because she ain't gonna find no better?! Why the fuck would that be her one option?!

I do have to say, she is right that some things just come with the territory. A rap star, a hood star, a rock star, hustlers, entertainers... It's going to be females around. Lots of 'em. And that's just the way it is. Do these men HAVE TO step out on their woman at home?.. Absolutely not! But will they?... I want to say.. Yes! Let's face it, even the regular Joe Blow working man cheats and he has access to how many diff women?.. Probably only a good 2 from the office and the cashier at Giant. That's it. Ain't nobody else checkin' for his ass. But if you a star (or even something like a star) you got infinite options when it comes to the ladies and infinite time. Your "work" keeps you on the road and away from home a lot. Affairs are bound to happen. But, dude, would some fuckin' tact KILL YA?!

That's what Fab lacked and that's why Emily should not go back. Every time she thinks of tears and the words, "But, I love him!" She should also think of those 9 lonely, fucked up years of basically being the other woman multiple times. Yeah, she lived in the house and she had access to much more than the other ladies that have come and gone, but she never truly had her man, from the sound of it. And Fab just drug her along until the rope popped and now he wants her to come back. For what?! So, no one else can have the pleasure of playing her as second fiddle? He wants the sole rights to that or some shit? Sending his homey over there to talk to Em just might be his one-way ticket back in there. Emily will fall for any damn thang Fab say. (sheesh!)

This concludes my 2 cents on this weeks' episode. I know it was long, but I had some shit to say! Especially since I missed the last two weeks or so!

Season finale next week!

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