Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Murder On Rick Ross' Front Lawn! (Updated)

Photo by Gregg Delman

Rappers talk a lot of (what I like to call) Tough Tony this and that in their lyrics, but it looks like some real -ish done popped off at Rozay's place this morning.

According to TMZ:

Cops are looking to speak with rapper Rick Ross ... after a 40-year-old man was shot to death in front of his Miami Gardens home this morning ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Ross was NOT home at the time of the shooting and at this point in the investigation, he's not considered a suspect.

We're told cops found the victim laying inside a gate at the home.

Sources tell us ... investigators don't know if the victim has any connection to Ross, but since he is listed as the owner of the property, cops want to ask him a few questions about the situation.



UPDATE: I must say, I had my suspicions about whether or not this incident took place at Ross' actual home. (The one he sleeps in, entertains at, etc...) The wording TMZ used, "..he is listed as the owner of the property..", made me think that maybe it was a house he owns but rents out or maybe fam lives there, something like that. Well, since I wrote this post, TMZ has added the below picture as an update to their story:

That is a fence. NOT A GATE, as TMZ described it. Reading that the body was found just inside the gate, I pictured a mansion in the background and an actual gate that one would have to be buzzed in, which would add so much more to this mystery. Sad story, nonetheless, but I had to update on it.

So, it's looking like a "technical" murder on a rapper's front lawn....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Consumer Review: Otterbox Defender Case (for HTC Evo 3D)

Anyone that is serious about their phone and its safety knows about the Otterbox brand. I feel as though I'm a tad late; obtaining one just last month, but still...

In December I had to trade my HTC Evo 4G for the Evo 3D, sadly. I've had two Evo 4G's. One I purchased new and the second I received as a refurbished replacement when the original took a nasty lil fall on the concrete. The refurbished one was kinda garbage from the jump. You could tell they superglued this thing back together. Tiny glue balls were all over the speaker at the top of the phone in the front. It was horrible, but sufficed until the thing took one fall too many and cracked the screen all up. The first fall was on a carpeted surface and the screen crack right down the middle. The second tiny, lil tumble onto my mom's kitchen table took that one crack into several tiny lil cracks (like a starburst o.O)....As I said, unstable from jump. So, in December I made my claim with Asurion. Luckily, they were all out of those sucky Evo 4G refurbs and I got a brand new Evo 3D.

My first thought when I took that baby out of the box was, "No way I'ma let what happened to my 4G, happen to this lil baby!" That Evo 4G insurance claim was some bullshit! I gave up a perfectly good Evo (internally) for this used Evo that was glued back together all stupid-lookin'. And I paid $100 for it. SMH. In that case I felt like a loser in the deal. IJS... Had I had a protective case from the beginning, I would probably still have my 4G. :(

So, I began a search for the best, least eyesore-ish protective case for my phone. It took days of Youtube video viewing and HTC Evo 3D case consumer forum readings, but I had finally come to a decision: Otterbox Defender case. This case has:

1. A built-in screen protector!! This is one of the most important feature that a lot of available cases lack. Screens get superficial lil scratches from anything...anywhere! One day you'll be using your phone and notice lil scratches like, "When that happen?!" Who knows. With this screen protector as part of the hard, plastic shell's body, you need not worry about these mystery blemishes.

2. A hard plastic shell snaps onto your phone with a death grip. Once that baby is on there, it ain't coming off easily. I've had to take my phone out of the case twice since snapping it on and it is hard! With the assistance of a butter knife and patience, it finally gave and freed my device. It's a pain when you need to get the phone out, but a GODSEND when you DON'T want the phone out, like when it falls to the ground, unintentionally.

3. A rubber piece that molds onto the hard, plastic shell (with your phone super secure inside). This piece is said to be a shock absorber. Once I was listening to my favorite morning show on iHeart Radio while curling my hair. The phone was on the back of the toilet. Before I knew it, the phone had crashed to the floor. The application remained open. The sound was never interrupted. Something absorbed the shock of that fall. I'm guessing it was the rubber outer piece.

4. Complete access to all ports! The usb/charger, headphone and the 2D/3D toggle switch all have flaps that close nicely when not in use. When accessories are plugged in, it's not awkward at all, as far as the shape of the case. And the flaps serve to keep dust out (so the maker says). I am not sure how much the dust protection is needed, but I like the flaps, as opposed to just cutouts in the case.

5. A piece that securely holds your phone with a clip, in case you're the type that likes to wear your phone on ya hip. (*cough*cough*) This piece doubles as a kickstand as well!! I miss that feature, which came on the Evo 4G. This case makes it all possible!!! (YAY!)

Overall this case is AWESOME! Besides that fall in the bathroom, the phone has taken a couple other little falls and never has it cut off or been effected in any way afterwards. And the case remains sturdy through it all.

Initially, the size of the case took some getting use to. Like many phones on the market currently, my device is fairly thin. The case definitely adds some bulk. It took less than a day for me to actually prefer the feel of the phone in my hand with the case on rather than without the case. Definitely provides for a better grip.

If you're shopping for a good protective case, go with Otterbox's Defender Series!

Friday, February 24, 2012

'Mango' Lebrons Hit Shelves March 2nd

I saw pics of the latest color scheme on those Bron-Brons and I had to post some pics here!

Watch out for 'em next Friday, March 2nd. $170

Alternate views:


"Young Hearts Run Free" Candi Staton [Video]

This is the latest song I purchased from iTunes. I think I first heard it on Carlito's Way (or some movie like that in the 90's). Hearing it recently on a video game made me go download it. It's just one of those songs... My mama was a lil girl when this one came out.

..I want hair like hers in the vid. I wanna wake up every day with fluffy curls. I'ma find it too.... In a weave...Possibly a wig...'s gonna get got.

"F*ck Da City Up" T.I. ft. Young Jeezy [Video]

"Niggas In Poorest" Yasiin Bey (Formerly Known As Mos Def) [Video]

This is a nice lil take on the flip side of Jay and 'Ye's "Niggas In Paris" and being wealthy. (A place the majority of us reside [on the flip]. Myself, included.) You can usually count on Mos (..Yasiin) for socially-conscience lyrics. This one's no exception:

Extremely Hairy 11 Year Old Girl In Thailand (It's Real)

Pic found @ MSN
"Nat", an 11-year old girl in Thailand suffers from a disease that causes extreme facial hair; resembling a "werewolf".

When I first saw these pictures I thought it to be some photoshopped nonsense, but the source is reputable and this kid was even recognized by The Guinness World Records as "The World's Hairiest Teenager" last year.

She and her parents just want the World to know she is a normal kid. From Today:

Supatra, an 11-year-old Thai girl who’s known as Nat, suffers from hypertrichosis, or Ambras syndrome, a genetic condition marked by excess hair on the face and body. It’s so unusual that there have been only 50 documented cases since the Middle Ages, when sufferers were feared as werewolves.
“It’s the way I am,” Nat said in an interview with TODAY. “I don’t even think about it.”
At first, she was teased at school, with other kids scared to look at her.
“She did have a hard time at the beginning,” says her teacher, Kuljira Posaeng. “But as time passed she proved that she was just like anybody else.”

It’s Nat’s quest to be a regular kid that makes those around her feel proud.
“She’s self-confident,” Sammrueng, her father, told TODAY. “She works and plays hard. We want people to understand she’s a normal little girl.”
Even in a world where people can be cruel to those who look different, Nat has big plans to help others by becoming a doctor.
“So I can help sick and injured people,” she told TODAY, “and treat my mum and dad and relatives.”

Dang! Even laser hair removal ain't help. Pobrecita. :(

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Thank You" (Remix) Estelle ft. Busta Rhymes & French Montana [Audio]

Chris Brown Snatched A Phone In Miami.. "Bitch, you're not gonna put that on the Internet!"

TMZ posted this story today about (my cute lil cuz) Chris Brown snatching a chick's phone outside of the Cameo nightclub in Miami and driving off with it last weekend. Reportedly he said, "Bitch, you're not gonna put that on the Internet.", before grabbing the iPhone through his car's window and peeling off. (I can't even begin to say how funny that shit is!)

So, of course the girl went to the cops and has accused Breezy of stealing her phone. I can't say that I blame her. She want her damn phone back! But, I must ask "Why?!" Why did she follow Brown and Tyga out of the club and proceed to snap shots like she some motherfuckin' paparazzi? O.o And what did she catch that made Breezy said, "Uh uh. Not ta'niiiiiite!"? In my mind he fell or he was leaving the club with a chick or he was just wasted outta his mind... (idk. Grasping at straws here.)

And of course everything Chris Brown-related goes back to his Rihanna incident a few years back as far as TMZ is concerned. They say that if charged with theft, (I suppose), Chris would be in violation of his probation and thrown in the slammer. Those folks over there sure know how to jump da gun. Even THEY reported that the Miami Beach PD has stated that no arrests have been made or warrants issued with this case that is still under investigation. For all we know this girl is just tryna get a free iPhone.

Stay tuned for more on this...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horrific Train Crash In Argentina Claims About 50 Lives!!

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — A packed train slammed into the end of the line in Buenos Aires' busy Once station Wednesday, killing 49 people and injuring hundreds of morning commuters in Argentina's worst train accident in decades.
Federal Police Commissioner Nestor Rodriguez says the dead include 48 adults and one child.
At least 550 people were injured, and emergency workers were slowly extracting dozens of people who were trapped inside the first car, said Alberto Crescenti, the city's emergency medical director. Rescuers carved open the roof and set up a pulley system to ease them out one by one.
The commuter train came in too fast and hit the barrier at the end of the platform at about 16 mph (26 kph), smashing the front of the engine and crunching the leading cars behind it; one car penetrated nearly 20 feet (six meters) into the next, Argentina's transportation secretary, J.P. Schiavi told reporters at the station.
The conductors' union chief, Omar Maturano, told Radio 10 that the train might have come in as fast as 18 mph (30 kph)
Most damaged was the first car, where passengers make space for bicycles. Survivors told the TeleNoticias channel that many people were injured in a jumble of metal and glass.
Passengers said windows exploded as the tops of train cars separated from their floors. The trains are usually packed with people standing between the seats, and many were thrown into each other and to the floor by the force of the hard stop.

Many passengers on Wednesday suffered bruises, and many with lesser injuries were waiting for attention on the station's platforms as helicopters and more than a dozen ambulances took the most seriously injured to nearby hospitals.
The death toll makes it Argentina's worst train accident since Feb. 1, 1970, when a train smashed into another at full speed in suburban Buenos Aires, killing 200 people.
There have been five serious train accidents in Argentina since Dec. 2010; the most deadly of these happened last Sept. 13, when a bus driver crossed the tracks in front of an oncoming train, killing 11.
"This machine left the shop yesterday and the brakes worked well. From what we know, it braked without problems at previous stations. At this point I don't want to speculate about the causes," Ruben Sobrero, train workers' union chief on the Sarmiento line, told Radio La Red.
The motorman has been hospitalized and the union hasn't been able to speak with him yet, Sobrero added.

I Don't Even Believe My Eyes: Watch Vid of Miraculous Hoop Shots Made

This is a neat lil vid:

Seriously!! I still don't know what "Beyond Pro" is... o.O

...But I do like the gyrating guy's style. LOL

My Source: The Daily What (Tumblr)

SWV's Back With A New Single "Co-Sign" (And I Stuck A Throwback In For Y'all) [Video]

I was like holding my breath waiting for (Aunt) Coko's part. They tried to hold us in suspense by letting another member start the song off. This song is nice. Really 90's-ish and all, but nice. 

I ever tell y'all about the time I spoke with Coko on Twitter?! It was during the season of Basketball Wives LA. I can't remember exactly what was said, but there was a couple tweets to one another about the episode that was on at the time. Inside I was like, "Coko.... Dat you?!!! Awwwww shizzzzz!!" But I kept my cyber cool, tho. (lol)

Anyways, check out their latest song and vid, "Co-Sign":

...And one of my favorite SWV songs of all-time: "Weak":

Hold up. Before the vid plays, I gotta let you in on my favorite parts. The 1st part is the opening of the song: "I don't know what it is that you done to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and then the bridge breakdown, "I tried hard to fight itttttt! No way could I deny it! Your love's so sweeeet!..." Wooo! I think I was in the 5th grade..Maybe 6th when this hit the radios. Couldn't tell me that I wasn't hittin' those Coko Notes! (Carry on with enjoying the vid.)

Rihanna's Performance of "We Found Love" @ The Brit Awards 2012 [Video]

Pic found @...This link

"Grew Up Fast" J. Cole [Audio]

My Source: Miss Info

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vanessa "Ms. Banks" Watson, Model & Mother of Three Killed By Her Boyfriend

pic found @ atlnightspots

I am not familiar with Vanessa, but she apparently was making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Sadly, her boyfriend took her life in his hands; ending it moments before ending his own as they sat in her SUV on a Philadelphia street recently.

This is sooooo uncalled for. In the news clip, the reporter says that Banks recently asked this guy to move out when he finally got a job. Why is it that the nice guy finishes last in a lot of cases?? After supporting this grown man; providing him shelter, food, rides and (from the looks of it) LIFE, he turns around and ends hers. Ripping her out of the worlds of her kids and fam. So senseless.

The sad thing is that you never know what anyone is capable of. A person whom you care for and love... Who'd ever think that one would do something like this to them after giving so much? Damn!


My Source: Bossip

Jennifer Williams on The Breakfast Club [Video]

Y'all know that I was kinda like PISSED to learn that I wasted a perfectly good hour watching those immature ass girls of Bad Girls Club season 8 last night when I coulda been watching a group of immature ass women?!! How the hell did I fail to remember Basketball Wives season premiere date?!! (Just, how?!)

This morning I turned to the Breakfast Club and there was Jennifer Williams, discussing last night's show and the absolute decline of her and Evelyn's friendship. Turns out that the rumor of Evelyn's assistant smacking her is a TRUTH! And the one about Evelyn boppin' her in the head with her clutch at Shaunie's recent B'day dinner is a TRUTH!

One almost feels sad for Jennifer. She admits that she's not a fighter and fighting on camera just ain't her thang. So, why then was she so comfortable causing a scene when she and Evelyn was on the outs with Suzie? o.O It's a lil something that goes, "What goes around, comes around." And it looks like Jen is up this time 'round. Let's see how she enjoys this ride....


Monday, February 20, 2012

"Turn Up The Music" (Remix) Chris Brown ft. Rihanna AND Rihanna ft. Chris on The "Birthday Cake" Remix [Audio]

Youtube Screenshot

There was a lot of talk of "The Powers That Be" (industry-wise) not allowing such rumored callabos, but Chris and Rihanna announced the release of these remixes on Twitter tonight:

"Turn Up The Music"

"Birthday Cake" fave of the two!

(Is this a reunion, of sorts?? If so, I'm rootin' for it!)

My Source: Twitter, Mechanical Dummy, Youtube

Friday, February 17, 2012

Throwback ATTACK: "Imaginary Player" "Jay-Z [Audio]

"Climax" Usher [Audio]

I listened to this song twice back-to-back. I wanted to give it a real chance. I don't like the track's build up to nothing. Take a listen:

...The track continues to do that lil techno buildup but it never explodes. *shrugs*

My Source: Miss Info

"If You Love Me" Lil Kim [Audio]

I'm late on this one. Kim released this on Valentine's Day. And all I can say is--Halfway through this song I hung my head and covered my eyes. Kim. WHY?!! C'mon now!

At this point, I think an intervention is called for.  Sit Ms. Jones down in a room with just her and a source for music. Play all her 90's hits and maybe even some of her early 2000's tidbits. Just let it saturate her mind. No matter how long it takes. She has to see the light!!

"My Favorite Song" Wiz Khalifa ft. Juicy J [Audio]

Customer Service Rep's Racism Shines Through Once His Company Gets Called Out

Now, what you're about to witness may leave you speechless, (which is okay 'cause I've got plenty to say).

An African-American woman residing in Texas paid for a service online, which she was NOT provided. She called the company and asked for her money to be returned to her. The "representative" wasn't having it without letting her know how he really felt...

Firstly, can I say that I WOULD NOT EVER trust a motherfuckin' site that looks like this any damn way! You see all them generic ass stock photos and font on that site?! And you think I would fork over my hard earned moolah and put trust in this company that don't even give two shits about its appearance to help secure a job for my unemployed husband?! (Somebody done lost dey mind!)

That's number one... 'Kay.

Then this guy calls himself a "representative". But, Fox News says that is the same voice on the company's answering service. Sounds like a one-man show over there to me! o.O This is some racist prick that had a tiny iota of an idea to get-rich-quick. Set up this sloppy ass website... (check)... Tell folks that are seeking employment during times of a tough ass economy that I can help them on the path to becoming employed (including overseas options)...(check)... Set a fee...Let's say.... $175.00... (check)... And let's sit back and watch the money come reeling in. (WRONG!!!)

I tell you what... If you a fake company that cares enough to trick folks with a legit ass site, I just may be the first taken down. You gotta look legit to get my biz. Recently I was shopping for a lower rate on auto insurance and came across so many play-play looking sites promising this and that... NO THANK YOU! I stayed put with Geico. You will not get me into your web of lies and deceit if your site ain't official. (And in the event it is official, best believe my next stop is or any other consumer review forum I can find mentioning your company.)

But let's get back to "Lies and deceit". Did that fucker say, "You people are famous for that. For stealing..Lying."?? (Rewind TIME!).... Yes, the fuck he did! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! And you know, just in general, when folks say shit like, "You people" and they are speakin' in terms of a skin tone, I think that is the most idiotic shit ever! Maybe that can said when referring to socio-economic groups or a group of friends or something. You know, when the breakdown is a bit more defined... These certain groups of people that may like the same things, shop at the same places, enjoy the same activities, etc... and even then there's always an exception to what one may believe is the rule. But to say that Black people are known for lying and stealing?! That shit is just absurd! We can all think up examples of folks from all races that have lied and/or stolen. Last time I checked, George W. Bush ain't Black. He constantly lied and stole his way into the office for two times 'round and dared a motherfucka to say sum'n!

What was the color of those that came over to America and strong-armed the Natives out of their land?....And captured Africans to sale for pennies of their worth (It's impossible to put a number on a human life, but if you really wanna look at the whole slave thing in a real business-like manner...). The truth is, cotton and tobacco made America its riches. This was before Hollywood and before the internet and all this techy shit. And who was out there tending to that shit? And it wasn't of free will neither! So, again.... when this ignorant bastard says, "You people are famous for...stealing, lying." What people is he talking 'bout? He can't be serious. Or did he think for a moment that Mrs. Jenkins was of a different race?

Whatever the case, after his threats of involving attorneys, looks like he's gonna get his wish. Doubt if it plays out like he would have wanted it to though.


And BTW visit if you'd like to put his "CONTACT US" link to use. Reading his "Learn About Our Company" page, I found it quite interesting that he's gone from producing and distributing adult entertainment crap to getting in close with all sorts of overseas companies and helping them employ folks. Oh... And he's a collector of Corvettes. Told y'all it was a one-man show over there. SMH.

My Source:

"Turn Up The Music" Chris Brown [Video]

My Return

It's been a lil minute since I  checked in to solely let y'all know what's been going on with me. Since I been absent ALL WEEK!!! (I know y'all noticed and missed a bishhhh. 'Kay!...) I had to hop on this morning to fill my fam in.

Monday, after work, a lil something known as STREP THROAT hit me like a brick fallin' from the sky! *BAM* Fever, nausea, aches... Couldn't eat nor drink and not to mention the nastiness which my tonsils became. I was a real mess.

Tuesday I went to the doc and got some antibiotics. I've had strep a time or two before in my life. I just knew I'd bounce right back and be at work and back it on Wednesday. Ain't happen! This thing like, had me down for da count! Guess I never encountered strep that went this hard (with the fever and achy body and all). SUPER strep, I suppose. :'(   It kept me in the bed for 3 nights and 2 days. Little communication with the outside world. Maaaaaan! Thursday morning when I stepped outside to go to work, I felt like skipping to the car. It's crazy as fuck to be holed up in a damn apartment, on the bed, in and out of sleep for two days straight!!! CRAZY!

Well, I am happy to report that I'm at about 80...85% (on my way to 100) today. And I'm biz'Zack! (Like I ain't n'err left!)

What better way to kick it off than a new Chris Brown vid?! <<<Coming soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Review: The Grey

One word: HORRIBLE!!

(And now I shall elaborate..)

On Friday a friend and I decided to go catch Denzel's latest: Safe House. We got to the theater around 10:30ish. The 10:40 show as well as the 11 (-something) show was Sold Out! Due to the lack of nothing else to do we decided to catch The Grey instead.

I had no idea what the hell this movie was about. The commercials ain't never give you shit! I thought it was about some supernatural force out in the snow or something. Y'all seen the previews: Men looking scared in the snow and running, right?

Well, I hate to tell you, but that ain't what the hell the movie is about at all. The movie is like the biggest waste of money EVER! And just how did they rope Liam into this bull?! He is too good of an actor for this mess. He played his role well, but the movie is just too damn shitty. So shitty in fact, that his level of talent seems ill-placed.

Let me tell you how the story goes. (And I'ma spoil it...Idc.) These guys are out in Alaska somewhere doing whatever the hell their job is out there. I don't know what the hell their job is. But the job is outside. Maybe they drill for oil or something. (who knows) Liam's job is to kill area wolves that try to attack the crew while working. So, throughout the entire movie he keeps having flashbacks of his wife and him laying in bed, her stroking his face and telling him to not be scared. He contemplates suicide like within the first 10 minutes of the movie. He doesn't go through with it. Instead, he boards a plane with the rest of his crew to go home. And I figured he was going home to his wife, but later in the movie it's suggested that she died?? The suggestion was so subtle... Just what was the aim with this damn movie?! (I have NO idea!) My friend says that he actually came out and said his wife had passed away. I musta been sleep. *shrug*

So anyways, the plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and the few surviving soon realizes that there are wild, territorial wolves in the area that want them out!! Soooooo.... that's basically it. The entire movie they are trying to escape these wolves. They (Liam and his people) are killed off one by one. In the end, only Liam is alive. He finds himself right smack dab in the middle of the wolves' den and the movie ends with him scrappin' up to battle like 10 wolves.

Seriously. He tapes some miniature liquor bottles between his fingers and breaks them on a rock and tapes something to the other hand...I think a knife. Then he says his lil line from is daddy's poem, something like: "To live and die on this day." And the movie ends. We all know how that scene will end. No need for it to be shown on the big screen. That's about the only thing I understand about that film.

I mean, really!!..An entire movie. In the snow. Men isolated. Just running from these wolves. And I mean, running! They covered lots of ground trying to get away from these beasts. And I just don't get it. There really wasn't no adventure. They just continued encountering wolves and being plucked off one by one. That's it. Dumb! Who decided to give this garbage a spot on the Big Screen??!

I'm probably too late to save anyone from wasting money on this because it was released last month and all, but if you were late (like me) and have thoughts of giving this a chance, SAVE YO MONEY!!

Two HUGE Thumbs DOWN!!

Ashanti Putting Her Mouth On Whitney's "I Have Nothing" Again...

Now, did I NOT just tweet about how RELIEVED I was that a "performer" such as Ashanti ain't get the go-ahead to try out one of Whitney's songs during The Grammys?... I JUST SAID THAT SHIT! The people over at GMA ain't as smart, which is evident by the clip below, which shows po' lil Ashanti pouring her entire "soul", life and tiny vocals into Whitney's "I Have Nothing"(once again).

CLICK HERE for the first time she tried this shit publicly (to my knowledge).

Maaaannnn, LOOK!..... (Somebody tell her to cut this shit out, please.)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

R.I.P: Whitney Houston Dead At 48

Ms. Whitney Houston, the legendary icon, was found by friends, unresponsive, in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel room yesterday afternoon just a bit prior to a scheduled appearance to host Clive Davis' Grammy party. Paramedics performed CPR. Unfortunately, the attempts were futile.

Despite her life publicly spiraling out of control, Whitney had it! All little girls born in the 80's looked up to this beautiful lady with the vocal pipes of an angel.

Whitney was 48 years old. Much too young. Much too talented.

Thursday night Whitney got on the mic with Kelly Price for about a minute at a Grammys party:

I declared it Whitney Houston Day on Tumblr the morning of January 20th (later in the day word of Etta James' passing hit the 'net). I was at work and just felt like creating and listening to a Whitney Houston playlist.

As I said, Whitney is an icon. Her catalog goes on for forever. And I have many favorites, but the below vid is one of my mother's favorites. When this album came out my mother and one of my aunties played this thing nonstop! Let me tell you.... NONSTOP!! I was pregnant at the time. I remember being physically sick from listening to this all the damn time! They played that thang in the ground. (lol) After school in the house.... In the car on the way to school... In the mornings on the weekend cleaning... (Went on for months!)

"My Love Is Your Love"

R.I.P Ms. Whitney!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jay And Bey Unveils Lil Miss Blue Ivy Carter!!!! [Photos]

I am pretty sure that everyone has already caught a glimpse of the Hip Hop Royalty that is Jay-Z and Beyonce's first born child, Blue Ivy Carter. She is sooooo cute! A lil Ashanti-lookin', with the most well developed features (look) of a lil newborn ever!

Jay posted the following pics on his Life and Times website yesterday:

Mama Bey and lil Blue
Ashanti, right?...
Proud Papa
Man!!! We all been waiting for a look at lil mama. I wonder what Media Takeout and all the other negative Nelson's of the blog'osphere got to say about that! She's a cutie. Nothing like those photoshopped baby bodies topped with a Jay face and afro puffs. o.O 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daddy Murders Daughter's Laptop

Now, the ending of this vid is pretty extreme, but sometimes it's so necessary.

Watch as a father reads his 15 year old daughter's Facebook post, disrespecting her parents, and his choice of "punishment":


Idk... A good ole ass whippin' or smack across her disrespectful lil head would have been much more effective, I'm sure. You know her ass just gonna go to her friends' or log on Facebook at school. (Duh!) So, killing her laptop ain't shit. Knocking her upside the head, however, would stick with that ass for fa'EVA! (Parents, think 'bout it!)

My Source: TheDailyWhat

"N*ggas In Paris" The Throne (Jay 'n 'Ye) [Video]

LMAO!!! It's really Jay and Yeezy this time. Not the nut on the train.
I think everybody just 'bout forgot about this duo dubbing themselves "The Throne" (or is it just me?..). Finally they give us a vid for their hit single, "N*ggas In Paris".

Upon Watch the Throne's release I DID NOT like this song. Y'all may remember. I hated that this was totally 'Ye's song. I wasn't feeling Jay's verse and that was KILLING ME as a diehard Jay fan! But, as radio does, the song was played to death and eventually I all but forgot how much I hated it. Rocked out to it at the show and all. (All like 5 performances of it o.o)

Oh, and look:

...Comes complete with a warning. After Kanye's "All of The Lights" had folks' health actin' up, guess they decided to let y'all n*ggaz know NOW!! If you got issues... Excuse yaself, please. 

The rest'a y'all enjoy:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mugger Killed In The Act

New Jersey State Department of C

Over the weekend, 30 year old Glen Davis was placed in a headlock and choked to death as he attempted to rob a college kid and his buddy:

Cops say Gian Davis, 30, approached two local college kids at around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday and asked them for change, NBC New York reported.

When the men said no, Davis then asked if he could use one of their cell phones to call a cab.
When one of the men replied that he'd call a cab for him, Davis asked to shake the man's hand but then tried to snatch the man's phone, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

Davis grabbed the man and began hitting him in the head, prompting his pal - who had wrestled in high school - to put Davis in a headlock.

Police sources told NBC the man's grip was so strong that Davis choked to death.

The two men stayed on the scene, and when police arrived, Davis was unconscious. He was pronounce dead less than an hour later at University Hospital.

The ex-wrestler and his friend have not been charged, and Essex County prosecutor assistant prosecutor Tom Fennelly told NBC they were cooperating with police.

Davis' rap sheet included arrests for assault and theft, and he was last released from prison on July 22.

When will these guys learn that muggin' and robbin' don't pay like it used to. Folks are fighting back nowadays.(smh)

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Romanian Model Has A 20 Inch Waist!!

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30 year old, Iona Spangenberg is known as "The Human Hourglass" with measurements: 32-20-32.

Supposedly, she has done nothing to alter her frame. Weird.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jay-Z Performs "Glory" At Carnegie Hall [Video]

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"It All Belongs To Me" Brandy & Monica [Audio]

Remember these photobooth-like snapshots of Brandy and Monica that popped up on MTV's Facebook (which I shared) about a month ago? I couldn't wait to hear their reunion! Finally, it's here!! (Yay!)

This is cute! Beautiful vocals (of course) and the Queen-y guitar is nice on the track. Check out this "Be gone and simply take what you came with" number from Monica and Brandy: