Sunday, February 26, 2012

Consumer Review: Otterbox Defender Case (for HTC Evo 3D)

Anyone that is serious about their phone and its safety knows about the Otterbox brand. I feel as though I'm a tad late; obtaining one just last month, but still...

In December I had to trade my HTC Evo 4G for the Evo 3D, sadly. I've had two Evo 4G's. One I purchased new and the second I received as a refurbished replacement when the original took a nasty lil fall on the concrete. The refurbished one was kinda garbage from the jump. You could tell they superglued this thing back together. Tiny glue balls were all over the speaker at the top of the phone in the front. It was horrible, but sufficed until the thing took one fall too many and cracked the screen all up. The first fall was on a carpeted surface and the screen crack right down the middle. The second tiny, lil tumble onto my mom's kitchen table took that one crack into several tiny lil cracks (like a starburst o.O)....As I said, unstable from jump. So, in December I made my claim with Asurion. Luckily, they were all out of those sucky Evo 4G refurbs and I got a brand new Evo 3D.

My first thought when I took that baby out of the box was, "No way I'ma let what happened to my 4G, happen to this lil baby!" That Evo 4G insurance claim was some bullshit! I gave up a perfectly good Evo (internally) for this used Evo that was glued back together all stupid-lookin'. And I paid $100 for it. SMH. In that case I felt like a loser in the deal. IJS... Had I had a protective case from the beginning, I would probably still have my 4G. :(

So, I began a search for the best, least eyesore-ish protective case for my phone. It took days of Youtube video viewing and HTC Evo 3D case consumer forum readings, but I had finally come to a decision: Otterbox Defender case. This case has:

1. A built-in screen protector!! This is one of the most important feature that a lot of available cases lack. Screens get superficial lil scratches from anything...anywhere! One day you'll be using your phone and notice lil scratches like, "When that happen?!" Who knows. With this screen protector as part of the hard, plastic shell's body, you need not worry about these mystery blemishes.

2. A hard plastic shell snaps onto your phone with a death grip. Once that baby is on there, it ain't coming off easily. I've had to take my phone out of the case twice since snapping it on and it is hard! With the assistance of a butter knife and patience, it finally gave and freed my device. It's a pain when you need to get the phone out, but a GODSEND when you DON'T want the phone out, like when it falls to the ground, unintentionally.

3. A rubber piece that molds onto the hard, plastic shell (with your phone super secure inside). This piece is said to be a shock absorber. Once I was listening to my favorite morning show on iHeart Radio while curling my hair. The phone was on the back of the toilet. Before I knew it, the phone had crashed to the floor. The application remained open. The sound was never interrupted. Something absorbed the shock of that fall. I'm guessing it was the rubber outer piece.

4. Complete access to all ports! The usb/charger, headphone and the 2D/3D toggle switch all have flaps that close nicely when not in use. When accessories are plugged in, it's not awkward at all, as far as the shape of the case. And the flaps serve to keep dust out (so the maker says). I am not sure how much the dust protection is needed, but I like the flaps, as opposed to just cutouts in the case.

5. A piece that securely holds your phone with a clip, in case you're the type that likes to wear your phone on ya hip. (*cough*cough*) This piece doubles as a kickstand as well!! I miss that feature, which came on the Evo 4G. This case makes it all possible!!! (YAY!)

Overall this case is AWESOME! Besides that fall in the bathroom, the phone has taken a couple other little falls and never has it cut off or been effected in any way afterwards. And the case remains sturdy through it all.

Initially, the size of the case took some getting use to. Like many phones on the market currently, my device is fairly thin. The case definitely adds some bulk. It took less than a day for me to actually prefer the feel of the phone in my hand with the case on rather than without the case. Definitely provides for a better grip.

If you're shopping for a good protective case, go with Otterbox's Defender Series!

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