Friday, February 17, 2012

Customer Service Rep's Racism Shines Through Once His Company Gets Called Out

Now, what you're about to witness may leave you speechless, (which is okay 'cause I've got plenty to say).

An African-American woman residing in Texas paid for a service online, which she was NOT provided. She called the company and asked for her money to be returned to her. The "representative" wasn't having it without letting her know how he really felt...

Firstly, can I say that I WOULD NOT EVER trust a motherfuckin' site that looks like this any damn way! You see all them generic ass stock photos and font on that site?! And you think I would fork over my hard earned moolah and put trust in this company that don't even give two shits about its appearance to help secure a job for my unemployed husband?! (Somebody done lost dey mind!)

That's number one... 'Kay.

Then this guy calls himself a "representative". But, Fox News says that is the same voice on the company's answering service. Sounds like a one-man show over there to me! o.O This is some racist prick that had a tiny iota of an idea to get-rich-quick. Set up this sloppy ass website... (check)... Tell folks that are seeking employment during times of a tough ass economy that I can help them on the path to becoming employed (including overseas options)...(check)... Set a fee...Let's say.... $175.00... (check)... And let's sit back and watch the money come reeling in. (WRONG!!!)

I tell you what... If you a fake company that cares enough to trick folks with a legit ass site, I just may be the first taken down. You gotta look legit to get my biz. Recently I was shopping for a lower rate on auto insurance and came across so many play-play looking sites promising this and that... NO THANK YOU! I stayed put with Geico. You will not get me into your web of lies and deceit if your site ain't official. (And in the event it is official, best believe my next stop is or any other consumer review forum I can find mentioning your company.)

But let's get back to "Lies and deceit". Did that fucker say, "You people are famous for that. For stealing..Lying."?? (Rewind TIME!).... Yes, the fuck he did! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! And you know, just in general, when folks say shit like, "You people" and they are speakin' in terms of a skin tone, I think that is the most idiotic shit ever! Maybe that can said when referring to socio-economic groups or a group of friends or something. You know, when the breakdown is a bit more defined... These certain groups of people that may like the same things, shop at the same places, enjoy the same activities, etc... and even then there's always an exception to what one may believe is the rule. But to say that Black people are known for lying and stealing?! That shit is just absurd! We can all think up examples of folks from all races that have lied and/or stolen. Last time I checked, George W. Bush ain't Black. He constantly lied and stole his way into the office for two times 'round and dared a motherfucka to say sum'n!

What was the color of those that came over to America and strong-armed the Natives out of their land?....And captured Africans to sale for pennies of their worth (It's impossible to put a number on a human life, but if you really wanna look at the whole slave thing in a real business-like manner...). The truth is, cotton and tobacco made America its riches. This was before Hollywood and before the internet and all this techy shit. And who was out there tending to that shit? And it wasn't of free will neither! So, again.... when this ignorant bastard says, "You people are famous for...stealing, lying." What people is he talking 'bout? He can't be serious. Or did he think for a moment that Mrs. Jenkins was of a different race?

Whatever the case, after his threats of involving attorneys, looks like he's gonna get his wish. Doubt if it plays out like he would have wanted it to though.


And BTW visit if you'd like to put his "CONTACT US" link to use. Reading his "Learn About Our Company" page, I found it quite interesting that he's gone from producing and distributing adult entertainment crap to getting in close with all sorts of overseas companies and helping them employ folks. Oh... And he's a collector of Corvettes. Told y'all it was a one-man show over there. SMH.

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