Friday, February 24, 2012

Extremely Hairy 11 Year Old Girl In Thailand (It's Real)

Pic found @ MSN
"Nat", an 11-year old girl in Thailand suffers from a disease that causes extreme facial hair; resembling a "werewolf".

When I first saw these pictures I thought it to be some photoshopped nonsense, but the source is reputable and this kid was even recognized by The Guinness World Records as "The World's Hairiest Teenager" last year.

She and her parents just want the World to know she is a normal kid. From Today:

Supatra, an 11-year-old Thai girl who’s known as Nat, suffers from hypertrichosis, or Ambras syndrome, a genetic condition marked by excess hair on the face and body. It’s so unusual that there have been only 50 documented cases since the Middle Ages, when sufferers were feared as werewolves.
“It’s the way I am,” Nat said in an interview with TODAY. “I don’t even think about it.”
At first, she was teased at school, with other kids scared to look at her.
“She did have a hard time at the beginning,” says her teacher, Kuljira Posaeng. “But as time passed she proved that she was just like anybody else.”

It’s Nat’s quest to be a regular kid that makes those around her feel proud.
“She’s self-confident,” Sammrueng, her father, told TODAY. “She works and plays hard. We want people to understand she’s a normal little girl.”
Even in a world where people can be cruel to those who look different, Nat has big plans to help others by becoming a doctor.
“So I can help sick and injured people,” she told TODAY, “and treat my mum and dad and relatives.”

Dang! Even laser hair removal ain't help. Pobrecita. :(

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