Thursday, February 9, 2012

"N*ggas In Paris" The Throne (Jay 'n 'Ye) [Video]

LMAO!!! It's really Jay and Yeezy this time. Not the nut on the train.
I think everybody just 'bout forgot about this duo dubbing themselves "The Throne" (or is it just me?..). Finally they give us a vid for their hit single, "N*ggas In Paris".

Upon Watch the Throne's release I DID NOT like this song. Y'all may remember. I hated that this was totally 'Ye's song. I wasn't feeling Jay's verse and that was KILLING ME as a diehard Jay fan! But, as radio does, the song was played to death and eventually I all but forgot how much I hated it. Rocked out to it at the show and all. (All like 5 performances of it o.o)

Oh, and look:

...Comes complete with a warning. After Kanye's "All of The Lights" had folks' health actin' up, guess they decided to let y'all n*ggaz know NOW!! If you got issues... Excuse yaself, please. 

The rest'a y'all enjoy:

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