Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RHOA's Kandi Is Dating A Camerman From The Show?!!

*Sidenote: And she supposedly "stole" him from his girlfriend**

...This, according to Media Takeout. *eye roll** (I know...I know..) But check out their proof:

Peep Leslie's last comment. o.O

Usually I don't pay anything (not one single thing) on this site any attention. (Good for laughs but not truths) But y'all see the Facebook posts and comments. It's some truth in there somewhere.

As successful as Kandi is why can she not find a man just as successful?! o.O This is some baffling shit. 

And then for the (ex-) girlfriend's FB friend "Leslie" to mention that the ATL circle is "gay"...?? I mean, this dude was, at one point, your homegirl's man, right? LMAO. Leslie took the opportunity to say some shit she been wanting to say since she first met that nigga, probably. *Dyin' laughin' at this point**
Judging by the pic (if MTO is pointing out the correct guy) Leslie is definitely on to something.

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