Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad Girls Club, Season 8: Them Twins Finally 'Bout To Get Theirs!!

Don't think I wrote about this season of BGC at all. That's largely to do with the fact that I believe this is the dumbest, most boring crew since I began watching this show a few years ago. This group of girls are just a "NO!!" They began really slow and petty from the very 1st episode. Currently, they are still very petty for the most part, but the action has picked up a tiny bit.

So, these twins: Gabi and Dani. THE ABSOLUTE WORST!! We've all seen the way they go around ganging up on the other girls in the house. ('Specially that shit they pulled with Elease. Uncalled for! It's still beyond me as to why Elease and her sis ain't dig in dey ass when they had the chance!!) Last night I was overly elated to see the fear in 'em as they explained to the producers that they wanted to go home because of  well-deserved, pending ass whippin's.

The show began with Dani's makeup missing. She felt as though Erica was the culprit and went in her drawers to claim her shit back. Because the two can never stand on their own, they BOTH went and retrieved Dani's eye shadow from Erica's belongings. Elease told Erica what they did and when Erica saw Gabi she asked her why'd they go through her things and Gabi says because someone told them Erica took Dani's makeup. Erica asks her did Dani find her makeup in her things and Gabi says, "No.", all timid. And then she tells Erica to go ask Dani and to not have an attitude with her about it. o.O What kind of shit is that?! Bitch, that is your twin! When y'all are physically together, you all for taking up for her. Once she turns her back to go wash her ass (she was in the shower at the time) you wanna distance yourself from her bullshit, huh? This scared ass bitch! (Ugggggggghhhh!)

When Dani gets out of the shower, Erica asks her who told her that she had taken her makeup. She says, "Probably the same person that told you we went through your things looking for it." (something like that) And Erica had to have known that shit ain't make a bit of sense because Elease (the twins' sworn enemy) told her they went through her shit. Elease doesn't even talk to the twins!! Dani tried to make it seem as though someone in the house was trying to stir some shit up between them by running shit back to both parties, when in actuality Dani made it up all on her own, the idea that Erica stole her makeup. But, once again, because she (and her sis) are such PUNKS she tried to throw Erica off by lying instead of telling her straight up that her shit was missing and she just figured it was Erica that took it and she went through her shit and got it back!! Speaking of which, since she never mentioned, (at least not on the edited portion of the show we saw), that she claimed eye shadow from Erica's drawer, I wonder if, in fact, that really was her makeup that she "took back" or not. Um.

And since she totally let Erica make her ass back down on her actions, Dani was feeling a bit salty and decided that she was going to tell Mimi that she, Gia and Erica broke her "MARS" chain. She believes that this would be some sort of hurtful action against these girls because she doesn't like them. REALLY?!! (Oooooh!... Not the wrath of Mimi... Oh Nooooooo! *scared face*) BITCH, PLEASE!!

Dani telling Mimi that LIE wouldn't have been hurtful in the least, I am sure. She told Erica of her plans and Erica was just like, "Okay.", and runs to tell Gia what she said. Once again, she shows her PUNK side. How she gonna let a bitch sit up and tell her this bogus ass plan to involve her ass in some shit she ain't have a thing to do with and just leave talking 'bout, "Okay.." o.O She said it sarcastically, but still... Where's all that hardcore shit she be talkin' all the damn time?! That would have been an opportune moment to pull that shit out. (Just sayin')

While the twins and Amy were at a club, trying to enjoy a lil Las Vegas nightlife, Elease placed X's over their pictures. Mimi agreed with her that she should do it. And then what does Mimi do?? ..Go slam upstairs and announce to Gia and Erica that if the twins come in trippin' about the X's on their faces, Elease did it. (Do y'all see why I am so fuckin' fed up with this lame ass crew?! Somebody always tellin' some shit! And everybody scare of every damn body. Shit is stupid!)

Of course the twins came home and went crazy about X's on some dumb ass pics. Dani hollered at Mimi, telling her that she was the one that broke her chain since Mimi ain't want to tell her who wrote on their pics. Mimi said, "I don't care!" After she sat there and threatened to fuck up belongings of whoever broke her chain when she found out who did it. *eyeroll**

The twins then went on to wake up everyone in the house and promised to make all their lives a living hell since no one wanted to own up the offense. *Yawn*** Once again, ain't nobody scared of that shit. What I need is for just one person in that damn house to not be scared and not just say it in the confessional, alone, but to let that be known at the moments that it really matters!! Even if they are really scared, call a motherfuckers bluff! Sheesh!

The girls got word that they were to pack up for a few days in Los Cabos, Mexico and all needed to bring their passports along. Mimi remembers that she left hers at home and decides to take her funny built ass home to be with it. She was all crying and shit, talking about she just ready to go home and is tired of Vegas and blah blah blah!!! Girl, Stoooooooop!! You crying and ready to go because your silly ass the only one that ain't think to have that passport secure and bring it along to the house and ain't wanna live with these chicks coming back home talking about how much fun they had. Let's keep it all the way real, shall we. I am GLAD her crybaby ass went home! She ain't work my nerves as bad as most on this show, but her crying and constant whining was annoying as hell. GOOD RIDDANCE!

In Cabos, the twins made the division of them against the House (vice versa) very clear by checking into their own room and declining any offers of activities the other girl were involved in while there. If the other girls weren't worried about their dumb asses before, this snub definitely pushed attitudes towards the twins to that of hate. Even, Amy, that remained neutral through it all, felt disrespected and changed her position from indifference to complete dislike.

And speaking of my favorite Bad Girl of the season: AMY, her weave is atrocious! I wear clip-in weave, too. You gots to make it blend!! With any kind of weave, it must blend with your hair color, if your hair is exposed!! Her natural hair is like a super bleached blonde. The clip-in tracks are a dirty, dark blonde. It's very obvious that she is wearing pieces. The texture isn't even the same! As much as I like this girl, I just can't stand to look at that hair! Otherwise, I love that she handles herself and doesn't care about grouping up with the girls. Amy is always on the side of FUN. Never an individual. And she's quick to pounce on an ass if she has to.

Once back home from Cabos, all the girls, except Erica went out to a club. At the club the twins got their own table while Gia, Elease and Amy sat at one of their own. The other girls were one the twins' minds as they faked their way through a night of fun. They ain't even wanna drink because they felt like something was gonna go down. They were right and Amy even predicted it before leaving out for the night.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Erica decided to spend her time alone wisely, and called her mom for some fighting advice. (LMAO) She told her mom about her beef with the twins and how she wanted to get at them but was scared of getting jumped by them. Her mom told her to not be no PUNK! and to go 'head and fight. She suggested that if a twin tries to jump in the fight, to just turn the twin that she's already fighting around so the twin that joined the fight last would be hitting her own sis. O.O I must say... That SOUNDS nice, but I'm sure the execution would be nowhere near how it was imagined in her head. I laughed soooo fuckin' hard over that advice, I ain't know what they hell to do! LLS! (wooo)

Okay. So, the limo ride home for the other girls:  Gia starts talking random shit and the twins begin to mock her and laugh. This pisses Amy off. Amy asks them why do they always talk shit about everyone else. AND THAT'S WHEN THE LAUGHTER CEASED from the twins. They know Amy ain't about all that talking and bullshit. Suddenly, the mood is really serious and they try to explain, "We never talk shit about you, Amy.." Amy don't care about that at this point and it ain't no talking. Amy goes crazy, hollering and banging on the side of the limo, knocking down a string of lights on the twins and all. What was the twins doing??? Looking scared-er than a motha! Silent. Eyes wide. Staring straight ahead. Suppose they didn't wanna agitate Amy any further? (Too fuckin' LATE!)

When the limo pulled up to the house, Amy, Gia and Elease ran upstairs, super hyped, relaying the limo ride's events to Erica. The twins were M.I.A. No. Not really....They were behind closed doors with the producers explaining that they don't feel safe and it's an "unhealthy situation" and they want to go home. "It's not fair. It's 4 girls against 2.", one whined. The producer reminded her that she and her sis are merely getting back what the hell they dished; a fact that she and her twin disagreed with. (Haha!) Ultimately, they were sent to a hotel for the night.

..They gonna get it next week. Don't you just love when Karma is served?!! :^)

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