Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogging Ain't Been The Same For Me Lately

Since my beloved Evo 3d went bonkers on me late February/early March, I been kinda off kilter with my blogging. My personal internet connection is via Sprint Hotspot. So, the week or so that my phone was in a constant loop of restarting itself every 5 minutes or less, I had no internet connection and couldn't blog, (except for the few posts I threw together from my work PC). And please do know that was a very sad time for me. Made me realize that I shouldn't be so dependent upon a freakin' cell phone that it literally controls my happiness (or in this case, my sadness). Even after an early upgrade and securing the one thing I NEVER thought I'd be down with owing, (an iPhone), the first week in March; hopping on my computer and closely following the goings-ons online just wasn't coming to me as it once was.

Music is my passion. Not even following the known music blogs daily interested me as much. And I thought that within a week or so, I'd be back on it, but so far, that hasn't really happened. is a hodgepodge of info. Music, entertainment, an occasional piece on fashion, health, beauty, politics... Very eclectic. A true reflection of my persona. Whatever appeals to me or catches my eye, earns a post.

As of late, there hasn't been much that has sprung out at me. Unfortunately, I come across a lot of sad issues. Much more than I can ever recall since beginning this site in August of 2010. We have all sorts of tragic events: Teenager killed for "looking suspicious", the death of a young mother denied healthcare for "looking suspicious", soldiers still serving and dying or wounded daily...Soldiers losing their minds and killing civilians and innocent children...Political battles: Who lied about this or that or who's the lesser evil...Which one is the most likely to deceive you...

It's hit me hard that the world is real nasty. And we all know that's nothing new. The first lesson taught in Life 101, but these headlines are real and harsh and speak volumes for humanity. I'm no saint. Have never claimed to be and I'm sure never will make such a claim in my natural born life. However!!! All this negativity has weighed me down. (As if I don't have enough problems of my own.) I'm a jokester. I like to keep shit light. My specialty is taking a fucked up situation and flipping it on its head. Maybe it's a learned behavior to cope. *shrug** The saddest scenarios are those that have no punchline in site. And that's what's been dominating the media lately. Outside of that you have headlines about what celebrity (or celebutante o.O) was eating or shopping where or showing their underwear or hiding their kid from cams or driving around town... And that's never much been my thing. As a result, the blogging has been minimal.

This post is long overdue and although it's been on my mind for weeks, I've been trying to avoid it. Feels kinda good to get this off my chest, in writing, and share with those of you that give a shit about what's behind my the lack of activity of this site.  Besides, lazy Saturday has its way of bringing stuff out.

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