Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jay-Z Performs At AMEX Sync Show [Video]

Pic found @ Lavalizard.com

SXSW(South by Southwest) kicked off proper yesterday with none other than Jigga, Jay-Z performing over an hour of his hits at the AMEX Sync Show, presented by American Express (of course). Luckily, for myself, (and all others like me that remain at home and not in Austin, TX for this week of pure musical bliss), the event was live streamed online. I missed that. o.O But, here again, is another saving grace: Folks that recorded it! #jackpot!

Enjoy Jay's show:

Jigga SXSW Part 1 by YardieGoals

When I see Jay I just get so excited! Too damn excited!...Like my head's gonna explode. (Normal?..)

My Source: Mr. World Premiere

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